Dreaming happy faces means sincere friendships and disinterested. Dreaming nasty, ugly, disfigured faces, it can mean trying to do some damage to the dreamer. Especially if a young person is a woman, who dreams of happy faces, may mean that loving relationships are on track | however, if the faces are ugly and unpleasant, it may mean that there is falsity around him and his relationships do not thrive or will lead to unhappiness, with frequent disappointments. Dreamed of looking at his own face in a mirror means discontent, disgust with himself (a) for not having achieved their purposes and have had material losses or at least enmities….


…Dreaming falling into a hole or an opening stumbles is indication that despite the setbacks and difficulties for which he is going, will soon have a hope that will help you get ahead. 0 – hole – A lucky number Hole dream – 0…


Dreaming of a young face indicates prosperity and good news. If the face is ugly it means unfounded fears and gossip. Dream of a beautiful face indicates confidence and optimism….


Maybe it is opening a new space in your life, or you’re trying to get to the bottom of an issue that still do not see very clear, especially if in your dream you see yourself doing that hole. But if you suddenly stumble with a hole or you fall into it, you will think that you who are putting obstacles to any progress in your life….


(See CARA) 8 – face – A lucky number sleep face – 8…


…Young, prosperity and good news. Fea, fears and unfounded gossip. Bella, a sign of confidence and optimism that they will overcome difficulties. 17 – face – a lucky number sleep face – 17…


Dreaming of a hole or simply stumbles upon an opening means that, despite the problems and difficulties at the time, should be filled with hope and faith, they will help you get ahead….


 If we see a big mouth symbolizes that we talk too much. -a Strain in the mouth warns us of a possible disease itself. -The Swollen face refers to selfishness. With his head turned upside down indicates preconceived ideas, prejudices….


 If we see a big mouth symbolizes that we talk too much. -a Strain in the mouth warns us of a possible disease itself. -The Swollen face refers to selfishness. With his head turned upside down indicates preconceived ideas, prejudices….

Black hole

 Announces disease….


 He indicates danger to his reputation. If from the edge you want to consider the merits improve their situation. If the bottom falls will have great difficulty….

Water trough

Dream a watering hole is a sign of peace and rest, and if we see also in the same quench their thirst horses or other animals is an indication that we will receive good noticas, a small inheritance or donation. If the watering hole we dream empty and dry forecast minor losses. But a waterhole is not the best place to turn our shiny be, for limpid that they are its waters must not forget that has been created for animals, not for hombres.Asi, if you dream about is you drink of the watch , you are mistaking the caaino of happiness: Meditate on this and seeks other best sources that quench the thirst of your spirit or the need for love….

Cliff – abyss

Dreaming enormous depth, abyss or precipice is always a warning of nearby hazards. The best thing you can do after one of these dreams is to stay alert, watchful | but always serene, waiting for what the dream has wanted to announce. Usually these dreams, when premonitory, they soon reveal more than two weeks. Dreamed at the edge of a precipice or abyss usually warning that some enemies try to hurt him. Dream depths or depths also it suggests that the dreamer is in an altered mental state, such depressed once, and if left untreated could suffer serious psychological shock or panic almost any reason. The following interpretations are for the case that the dreamer, male or female, enjoy reasonably good health and that is not affected by serious concerns: Dreaming falling off a cliff is ad has neglected something and that it can be easy victim of fraud or suffer serious illnesses. Warns of danger of accidents, run over by vehicles, it surprises attacks such as assaults. When a woman dreams of looking at the bottom of a cliff may mean that is worrying too much about herself and her affairs, which actually can be very trivial and in this case the gap is the counterpart. If to be looking down at depth, it can mean trouble soon suffer and feel disappointed in certain friends or lovers. If instead of falling surrounding the hole or leaves, it may mean that will be well rid of all the worries, which eventually will seem absurd. When a man dreams of looking at the bottom of a cliff may mean that you are thinking about taking something that does not belong and that I lose face for the rest of his life. It is a dream of warning….


When a person, man or woman, dreams of using blush on her face suggests that by lies intended to get what you want. Dreaming others with rouge on her face is a sign that someone wants to deceive the dreamer. Dreaming blush own hands or stains on clothing warns same being at risk of being embarrassed and criticism. To dream that someone says leading blusher on her face is warning that suffer humiliation and lose the estimate of friends….


Beep any lock, suggests that they are neglecting issues that require urgent attention. Dreaming some kind of lock hints that the dreamer feels or is confused, disoriented, not knowing what to do or say. Dreamed of opening or at least moving a lock, it suggests that through effort will overcome or eliminate the wiles of malicious people who seek to harm the dreamer, the same as in business relationships. To dream that you can not operate a lock to open hints that will be very difficult to overcome obstacles that arise in their daily lives. Dreaming a lock or damaged or broken plate hints that are neglecting their health or that of their loved ones. Lock keys dream announces surprises and changes in your life. Dreamed of looking for the keys to a door lock indicates that it is not yet time to achieve what you want. But if you find the keys will soon be successful in business and in family, social relationships, etc. Dreaming keys battered, broken locks or the dreamer the lost is negative, it implies that soon have family or business problems. A woman who dreams have lost the keys of small objects such as chests, jewelry boxes, etc., announces upcoming difficulties at home or sentimental. A woman who dreams of a key attached to lock your door and it appears open, suggests that want the presence of someone. Dreamed of looking through the keyhole and undue indicates own indiscretion which can lead to unpleasant situations. Dreaming people who are peering through the keyhole suggests that there are about you hypocrites and dishonest people who can hurt you….


Dreaming own face fierce attitude suggests that it is not properly acting particularly with women, which will prevent achieving the desired success. This is very evident in the case of professional jealousy artists that create emotional conflicts. Dream a fierce, ugly or just unpleasant and angry face, he hints that his sentimental and amorous fail, or that the hopes of improving their affairs of any kind will not be made happily….


Dreaming water tanks of any type or size, for example laundry sinks, trays or basins for washing objects, suggests that problems or new interests that somehow affect the dreamer and others come close. Dreamed washing hands and face with clean water suggests that longs relate to new issues, business, etc. Dreamed washing hands and face with dirty water insinuates that you want to have illicit and dangerous liaisons either sentimental or business. To dream that someone is washing hints that something is coming to a stage, maybe dirty, problems and will soon begin another with hopes and new grounds. Dreaming of a laundress at work implies infidelity and illicit adventures of their own or of someone close (partners, friends, family, etc.). When a woman dreams as a laundress insinuates itself infidelity to her husband, lover or people you work with. Washing clothes dreamed own hints that will require great effort before achieving what you want. Dreaming young women washing clothes next joys insinuates due to new relationships. Dreamed washing clothes in a laundry indicates that a disease that has not been properly addressed will worsen….


When a woman dreams of freckles on his face suggests that soon suffer small problems that tarnish their happiness. A woman who sees her freckled face in a mirror suggests that there is a dangerous opponent that will alter your peace and your home….


To dream that carry a bundle means that we face a situation that weighs us in the mood. Of course, if in the dream we see that others loaded with our burden, our desire not face any problems will be reflected….


 -The Razor involves the desire to put greater willingness and sincerity in the way we face the facts and problems we face. -The Knife and stab always presages violent ruptures and separations problems related to passion, jealousy, revenge and love deceptions….


To dream that a handful of hair turns gray and falls, it indicates trouble and even problems and diseases. To dream that will start to get gray hair, it indicates taste, joy, pleasure and even fortune for all of your future life. To dream that sees tangled, messy, uncombed hair, it indicates upcoming marriage difficulties or with family and friends. To dream that hair itself is envaneciendo indicates the death of someone close, whether relative or friend. To dream that her hair grows soft, supple and rich, announces significant success and happiness, but should not be interpreted in a strictly economic sense. Sonar that the hair is cut close to the scalp, it indicates excessive generosity towards a friendship that can end up with a bad result. Dream that someone cuts your hair, involves various problems and difficulties in the immediate future. Dreamed flowers as if they were his hair suggests problems and difficulties that disturbed his mind, but when they occur, will not seem as severe as they were considered. To dream that beautiful hair, well maintained and groomed, announces next improvement in their affairs is. Dreaming that your hair turns white in one night, although his face is still young, he announces upcoming calamities, pains and various sufferings. When a woman dreams that indicates serious risk of losing the loved mainly due to a sudden illness, which may well have originated indiscretions of the woman herself. If you are a young student who looks gray or brown hair, either their own or another head, indicating hesitation to choose a career or trade. When a woman dreams which compares a white hair (graying) with black hair taking his head, he insinuates that will be torn between two offers of probable fortune and eventually take the option that suits you less, indicating losses. which has difficulty combing, she suggests that for their bad manners (disdain, arrogance or misconduct) may lose the friendship and favors a man of good social and economic position. which he is dropping his hair and is balding, it announces to be prepared, because its future portends poverty and hardship. which your hair turns white and shaped like flowers, it indicates various problems that affect, but it will be less difficult to resolve if she faces energy, patience and intelligence. which he has a beautiful hair and is combing, states that nature is careless in their personal affairs, which puts her at risk for losses due to negligence and distraction. – (If young woman) who sees several women with gray hair, announces the presence of rivals in interests and loves. When a man dreams which the bride has red hair, it indicates infidelity and that will be discovered by the woman he loves. Red hair usually indicates movement, changes, etc. which she caresses the hair of a woman | He insinuates that enjoy the affection and trust of an important woman in your life even if it produces social criticism. which sees a woman with golden blond hair suggests the likelihood to engage in an affair with the wife of a friend, which involves various dangers. He has curly hair which indicates that disappoint people who visit his home, and every woman to trust him. This same dream indicates that a woman is exposed to seduction. which it is covered with hair preaches indulgence in vices to end away from society and all decent attitude. This same dream in a woman (or she discover their own long hair) indicates desire for independence to satisfy their impulses away from the rules of morality. which is covered with hair she suggests that due to an excess of generosity end up poor, both in material goods and health, which will produce distressing concerns….


When we dream we are acclaimed and we can not distinguish the faces of those who cheer us (or their faces mean nothing to us) it is warning sign, and almost always due to get carried away by our passions….


To dream that her face is ugly announces sentimental trouble at risk of breaking or separation. A young man who dreams of ugly face indicates he knows his conduct is reprehensible, and perhaps even offensive, which removes the estimation of his friends and causing trouble to her lover….


Dreamed challenging duel or any vulgar lawsuit suggests that the dreamer is getting involved in matters that will make you lose face. Dreamed accepting challenges of any kind suggests that the problems are already known and is ready to face them….


See or hear a phone in a dream it means a message from your unconscious or some kind of telecommunication. You can force or face the issues that tries to avoid. Alternatively a phone can represent your communication and relationship with others. To dream that will not talk on the phone indicates a situation or a relationship that you want to end. Dreaming talking on the phone with someone means an issue you want to face that person….


A woman who dreams that are shaving can mean that because of its nature, behavior and character are too masculine, which annoys men with whom about. When a woman dreams to a man shaving off, it may mean that by its very nature sexy easily fall into illicit pleasures. When a man dreams that someone is shaving, warns that disappoint dishonest people try to somehow morally or materially. Shaving off dreamed indicates its commitment to manage their own affairs at work and home, although a woman of bad character will create difficulties. The man who dreams of skin soft, smooth and without shaving face, may mean that soon have moments of joy and that his conduct has been blameless before his family and friends. When a man dreams of rough skin, wrinkled and damaged face means close setbacks and misunderstandings in marriage. When a man dreams shaving off, but the razor hurt him due to lack of edge or other defect, it may mean that because of his bad behavior to others and in their private lives receive criticism from his friends. When a man dreams of a graying beard and means self-criticism for its lack of justice to judge others….


 If we are spiritually evolved veil symbolizes the separation of secular life. The separation between the outer and inner life, material over and dedicated to the deity each other. If we are normal people dream someone with the veiled face indicates that it is not sincere, it has something to hide and try to do even when you do not get totally. ‘Sometimes if we are a woman, dream of a veiled face indicates that it is an ad either wedding or a duel….


Dreamed denounced or accused of something he implies that the jealousies and feuds around them in reality are unable to make any real damage but should take precautions. Dreamed accused by a woman suggests that there will be bad news. Dreamed denouncing or accusing someone before authorities suggests that due to his indiscretion, will soon have to face various problems that can easily reach squabbling or worse than he who dreamed lose face. Dream about someone making a complaint or accusation, although not related to the dreamer, announces that it is about to suffer serious prejudice that may be due to illness, theft or any other reason, even by accident….


Children playing dream mounted on donkeys suggests that all is well. Dream that somehow acquired a donkey property indicates that solve their problems. Dreamed of trying to kill a donkey but it repairs and thrown to the ground indicates that their affairs are going from bad to worse and soon will increase the difficulties. Dreamed kicked by a donkey is mistakenly indicates that managing their affairs or are shady and illegal, which naturally produce very bad results, this is a dream of warning. Dream one more donkeys indicates problems resulting from mistakes, perhaps being deceived or pretend merely illusory, chimerical objectives, all of which in some cases can lead to legal problems if in sleep the donkey is very dark or black | however, when it appears white it suggests that problems resolved favorably because white symbolizes intelligence and equanimity. Dreamed that a donkey licks her face or her braying very near the face indicates that the hypocrisy of who his friends say he is creating disrepute for libel. Dreamed abruptly guiding a donkey, for example blows or harsh words, he suggests that they are spending energy and time uselessly trying to avoid the insidious attacks of opponents. A lover who dream of pulling a stubborn donkey not want to walk, indicates that unconsciously knows that the reason for his passion will cause serious problems, but if the donkey obeys without difficulty, hints that the dreamer is properly managing their affairs of all kinds and ultimately it will succeed in what is proposed, including the sentimental. Burros dream suggests that businesses, awards and news with anxiety still expected soon arrive. The donkey is a symbol of patience, which can be related to the dreamer himself, or maybe be exaggerating in his own patience with problems that require dynamism. In women this dream is usually a warning that should not exhaust the patience of those around her. Dream to one or more donkeys loaded with food suggests that, even if it takes the news and expected recognition, will eventually come. Dreamed chased by a donkey that he was afraid announces that the dreamer will soon be the victim of defamation. Dreamed of riding a donkey suggests that soon there will be lawsuits This is a warning to avoid them. Falling off a donkey indicates losses in business. Dream a donkey running for no reason suggests that soon there will be failures, if the dreamer tries to stop it indicates slander, if the braying animal is ad slurs and problems, when the donkey is white, announces good news, if black, are bad news and dislikes, if greyed indicates infidelity and betrayal by friends, when it appears red indicates hidden evil. Dreaming one or more dead donkeys suggests an environment or atmosphere where vice and degeneration in which probably moves or attempts to move the dreamer or fighting against what is practiced. It is a warning against negative practices. Dreaming people like mounted biblical prophets on donkeys suggests that the dreamer, undue and unfair is forming judgments about others, which will entail problems, in the case of those who ride on donkeys are people present age, suggests that a friend the dreamer is in trouble and seek help. To dream that the very distant braying of a donkey suggests that someone in the family is about to die and that likely inheritors will take strong suits is heard. Dreamed cheerful riding a docile donkey suggests that soon there will be fun and short pleasure trips This same dream in a woman suggests that their desire to excel in society will be a reality soon. Dreamed drinking donkey milk indicates rare whims and eccentricities that are preferred above right and reasonable, which lead to costly failures….


To dream of an abbess of a convent looking straight face sometimes indicates pride and malice of that victim will be. If the face is smiling or kind abbess is indicative of encouragement and good hope….