Dreaming one or more angels occasionally is usually a good omen because it indicates joy, happiness, constant protection and help in all your affairs. This dream equates to see the guardian angel, whose symbol acts long term, ie throughout the life of the dreamer. When the angel appears bright and flying, but even so, it suggests that the dreamer is destined to enjoy success and fortune in the course of his life. When a close, severe and static angel appears in the dream, it is a reproach for the misconduct of the dreamer, and if it appears with a sword, is a condemnation with threat of serious punishment. When discussing several angels sleep, and worse if they enter fight, he suggests that issues the dreamer march very bad, and if they are already in the judicial field indicates the risk of losing the lawsuit appear. The dreams of angels have some variants | for example, if they are exaggerated dreams often and in diverse and poorly defined activities, often reveal that there are mental disorders that the same can be their own fault or by an external action. When angels dream frequently and enjoys sleep (it is received with joy and want to repeat) it indicates that the dreamer tends toward mysticism. Instead, when sleep produces an unpleasant feeling ill health often refers to relatives or friends….


Dream a piano suggests attend a party. If he listens to upbeat music it is a symbol of success nearby. If the notes are discordant, he suggests that their affairs are not going well. sad music announces sadness and frustration in the immediate future. Dream a broken or unusable piano announces losses. An old piano dream suggests that are driving their businesses with outdated methods, reason lost opportunities and profits….


…Dreaming angels or saints is indicative of a period of tranquility and wellness. You will get favorable news. 28 – angel – A lucky number dream angel – 28…


 If you dream of an erupting volcano, indicating lack of control of your potential, your energy. You are living beyond your psychic possibilities and, from one moment to another, you can break out. You should take precautions; your health and your body are in danger if you do not submit to certain controls. Your goals are good, but the way that you hold is not right, it is really explosive. Control your aggression. If the volcano is off, it indicates that you are in full regression. Let out your inner what you wear too hiding for fear of failure, that others will not take you seriously or your intentions scoff time, they are all the same emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas or projects. You have immense power that must channel properly. And now is the time to put it up, you do use it you think most appropriate….


…Touch him or hear him play indicates a great love, unrequited and sweet. I learn to play means satisfied desires and pleasures. 54 – piano – A lucky number sleep piano – 54…


See in dreams presages a volcano that any situation, good or bad, that was brewing for some time will explode. It is quite possible that particularly violent events that are contrary to our economic interests avecinen. It is also a warning that the emotional aspect we will be subjected by the passions, which will not let us see coolly what lies ahead. If during sleep the volcano goes off, we go gradually turning towards a more peaceful climate and businesses can expect times of peace and stability….


 Dreaming of angels or other celestial beings is one of the best dream you can have. Foretell the end of all the problems that currently plague the dreamer. Spiritually the dream reflects our commitment to the highest. If angels are sad, angry or threatening change is bad and spiritually reflect our fears and insecurities….


You should avoid discussions of any kind. Unfounded fears. 81 – anger – A lucky number sleep anger – 81…


More than the piano in this dream is music important to be heard is always a good sign. It is a harbinger of happiness and consideration, and if it occurs in people with spiritual aspirations is a sign of piety and elevation….


…Erupting, tormeto and many sorrows, disappointments, lawsuits, passion. Off, next trip, a love or a forgotten affection, indifference, sadness. 1 – volcan – A lucky number sleep volcano – 1…


Dreamed in a state of anxiety is usually caused by persistent desires and hopes lawful and logical (natural likely to be performed), in which case this dream announces that soon will succeed in their claims. Dreamed distressed when in real life is proceeding unlawfully and in bad faith in their activities he indicates that runs serious risks and is playing with fire, which will easily lead to failures. Dreamed in a state of anguish too often without the true causes in everyday life are distinguished, you may have a pathological origin, so you should consult your doctor….


 -bed Indicates a desire to change their living conditions. -Objects Not normally hang, various disorders. -a Picture, will be betrayed….

Anger, wrath, rage, ire, temper

I dreamed in wrathful state, dominated (a) by anger, it indicates that soon will face serious problems with risk of major losses. This dream is a warning to the dreamer review your affairs to be prepared for that time, act with maximum sanity and self-control. Dreamed attacked by irate relatives or friends indicates that the dreamer will soon have to intervene as a conciliator judge others rifts that could somehow affect….

Angels, saints

Dreaming of angels or saints is a sign of a period of peace and great prosperity. Haunt you good news that will make you jump for joy….


Dream a dream means anger should be avoided for some unpleasant discussions….


 If we hear the Angelus dreams indicates peace and comfort….


Most authors agree that angels dream can be interpreted as the possibilities that lie ahead, whether referring to projects, businesses, etc … or our spiritual development. It is important to distinguish whether the celestial beings that appear in the dream are sad or happy because this nuance indicate the positive or negative process initiated character….


Psychologically represents the repressed passions, but not tamed, they can explode causing our downfall. But sublimated tamed and are a source of spiritual energy that is symbolized by the extraordinary fertility of the volcanic soils….


 It symbolizes growth, fertility and maturity. If are full and ripe it symbolizes the maximum wealth. -Vacías And dry, high poverty….

Walk, go, go around, go about, hang around

Dreaming that walks with firm step denotes an instruction that will be helpful. Walking between stones is indicative of pain and suffering. Dream that goes back often harbinger of loss and trouble. Dream that goes to and fro aimlessly means it will be the victim of a hoax. Walking on water is a sign of triumph, success. Walking night’s announcement of annoyance and sadness….


 Your friends will surprise betrayal….


 Announces success….


Angered dreamed suggests that is temperamental and you should be careful because that hurts the matters being handled regardless of what type they are. To dream that other people are angered suggests that caution should be exercised in matters being handled to avoid failures and setbacks. A woman who dreams that her lover is angry, suggests that there are problems with your friends or lover….


Dream a very friendly dog ​​may mean that has good friends and get new friends. If the dog is white and about amiably may mean that soon reach the success you are looking for, either sentimental, in business or at work. In a young means odds of coming marriage. If instead the dog is black it suggests that there are hidden enemies who try to harm the dreamer. Dreamed of an intelligent dog owner who knows to thank (like thinking about himself), it may mean that certain approaches prosperity in your life that could become economic boom. To dream that a hunting dog or hound (police) chases can mean that the dreamer is related illicit very dangerous (it is equivalent to saying that the law is watching). Dreaming several small and playful dogs may mean that it is acting frivolously, without seriousness and constancy. Skinny dogs dream and unsightly it may mean that there will be problems in business, family and even diseases, particularly children. Dogs barking dream may mean that soon there will be many problems, including loss. (Care should be taken with this type of sleep, because it could well be that actually a dog in the neighborhood was barking.) Dream that some dogs bite or are about to bite may mean that soon will have serious problems in matters that are driving, with friends or family, all caused by his selfish attitude, which means that you should review their behavior. Dreaming dogs chasing a fox or other hunting good luck and happiness announced in the near future. When a woman dreams of owning a cute dog may mean that is selfish and possessive. If this woman has a lover or at least one suitor, it may mean that it is a fop, a fool, a liar and vain type. To dream that scared in front of a huge fierce-looking dog may mean that there are internal questions concerning business to receive much higher offers that already had. A woman of marriageable age who dreams this may mean that seeks to marry a distinguished man of high society and perhaps very rich | however, she feels afraid not to do it. To dream that some dogs may growl menacingly mean that others will criticize and are disrupting family relationships. Dreaming listening the howl of a dog announced the possibility of death or only the disappearance of very dear people, relatives or friends. To dream that several ferocious dogs snarl and fight warns of the risk that the dreamer is under attack by their enemies that seek to humiliate him. To dream that dogs and cats live in peace but suddenly start fighting, it can mean that the dreamer is about to be sentimental breakups because of misunderstandings. Dream a dog with several heads means insufficient mental concentration and futile effort of trying to simultaneously handle various affairs and business, all with overspending of energy that exposes him to illness. Dream an angry dog ​​trying to attack, but did not get, it may mean that your work effort and do not produce the expected benefits, and is also exposed to a serious illness. Dream that is bitten by a mad dog it means employment problems, bad relationships, business and disadvantages likelihood of any unfortunate event. To dream that is followed everywhere by a dog may mean you have protection superior forces, with good friends and you will succeed in matters which are driving. To dream that the dog that follows is swimming in the water means further success, fortune and happiness. A sleeping dog dream suggests internal peace in the dreamer to have a clear conscience. Dream an angry dog ​​that kills a cat announces pleasant surprises. Dream of a dog that kills a snake announced good luck in your future. Announces an angry dog ​​dream activity enemies who try to harm the dreamer | but if you sleep dominates the dog, and better if it kills, it can mean that the dreamer solve their problems overcoming their enemies or competitors. Dreaming hounds during a hunt soon very favorable suggests that changes will occur. When a woman dreams of hunting dogs suggests that it is or will soon be in love with a man socially inferior to her. When a woman dreams chased by hounds suggests that besiege several admirers, though not all with good intentions….


Dreaming announcement cards is close discomfort. If you are urgent or telegrams suggests that economic hardship or bad health news in the family or approach the dreamer himself. Dreamed receiving anonymous letters suggests unfounded jealousy or envy at the success of others. Dreamed with a letter in hand, but can not read it suggests that the dreamer is no mental confusion that prevents you from solving your problems. Dreamed of receiving a letter from a loved one, to which he is not paying attention, he suggests that in everyday life is acting improperly by giving preference to trivialities. Dreamed of receiving a letter about mourning announcement is bad news or illness in the immediate future. Anonymous dream of any kind and in any form is notice of fears and problems that can be serious. A woman who dreams of a letter or urgent telegram announces the presence of a rival in their romantic relationships, work or business. This dream honeymoon in the case indicates mutual suspicion of cheating and infidelity….


See one, misfortune, loss or illness. 94 – huerfano – A lucky number huerfano sleep – 94…


Murders dream is that soon will be forced to take a trip. It will be intermixed in trouble and some that another difficulty. To dream that you have committed a murder, it indicates that you end an old habit and to your previous ways of thinking. This could also mean an end to an attachment. Alternatively, you may have some aggression or anger is repressed or others. To dream that you witness a murder, it indicates deep-seated anger toward someone. Consider how the victim represents aspects of yourself that you want to destroy or remove. To dream that you kill, he suggests that has separated some important and meaningful relationship and you are trying to disconnect from your emotions. It also represents your unusual talents. Note also that the dreams of murder often occur during periods of depression….


…Injuring nose, signfica possibility of gossip and backbiting. Big Nose sugnifica anger, anger, envy. small nose, small signal problems and dislikes. blocked nose, presages obstacles in daily work. 30 – nose – A lucky number sleep nose – 30…


 Dreaming of angels or other celestial beings is one of the best dream you can have. Foretell the end of all the problems that currently plague the dreamer. Spiritually the dream reflects our commitment to the highest. If angels are sad, angry or threatening change is bad and spiritually reflect our fears and insecurities….


To dream that kills someone means that you may feel very stressed lately, can sometimes lose your self-control. It is interesting to remember who has killed and what are your feelings this person. Do you feel angry for some reason toward that person and has not been realized until now? Sometimes we do things that annoy others, but it costs us to recognize our anger and our pain. On the contrary, a dream in which a person is killed can be a part of your own who do not like and you want to remove….