Dreams of sex are frequent and most often not sufficiently reflect real needs met. Dreamed of having sex is generally an indication that there are unmet, repressed, or at least wants to get easy adventures sexual needs. Others dream of having sex usually means that someone will soon indecent propositions, though not exactly sex. When a woman dreams of having sex with an unknown man, indicates desire, desire for illicit relations, perhaps as a result of frequent inappropriate friendships. A married woman who dreams of having sex with a person outside his family suggests that want to have sex outside of marriage. If a woman dreams of having sex with an ugly man indicates disease, if on the other hand is handsome, he indicates disappointment. For a man, dreamed of having sex with an ugly woman means death. Having sex with a beautiful woman indicates betrayal. Having relationships during sleep with her absent spouse portends bad news. If you have sex with his consort he indicates rejoicing. Sleep with one’s mother indicates security business. Sex with own daughter means scandal. Having sex with a prostitute in a dream portends permanent fortune. Sometimes dreams of carnal relations acquire connotations of a morbid sexuality should not be taken at face value, in general, it is usually an indicator of fatigue and boredom monotonous and desire for greater novelty and excitement in her sexual life and subconscious exaggerates the situation hacérnosla more palpable….


Dreamed bleeding but without pain, and although not identify where mana, suggests that the dreamer longs to break free of any annoying situation that prevents you from achieving what has been proposed for a long time. When blood is abundant means what he craves is very close, ie, the near success. Dreamed with bloodstained clothes announces the presence of enemies that try to prevent succeed in the affairs or business that is driving | therefore, the dreamer must be careful with your new friends and watch today. Dreamed with blood on his hands announces a streak of bad luck if you are not careful with himself in matters being handled. Dreamed with a wound from which flows blood, pain and suffering, it may mean that you will receive bad news of various kinds, including some concerning complicated and difficult to control businesses. It can also mean disease either themselves or family members. Dream to another person bleeding may mean that the dreamer intended to harm someone, if only moral. Dreaming blood resulting from a wound or bite another person or the dreamer himself indicates that their health is not good, so be careful. To dream that participates in a blood transfusion as a donor, it is a sign that it is willing to provide help and support to a needy person. If the dreamer himself who receives blood, it is always a harbinger of important issues that will undermine the resources importantly, however, the severity of the situation can be alleviated through the intervention of an influential and devoted person. Dreamed with dirty or injured fingers and blood suggests that many sufferings are approaching. To dream that you are decapitating someone who warns that blood trickles take care of your behavior to avoid reprisals. Dream a stained ax, perhaps even blood is not very safe, it is unfortunate announcement, it indicates that it is in imminent danger of falling into trouble as a result of the character itself and irascible behavior. Dreaming blood resulting from a wound or bite another person or the dreamer himself indicates that their health is not good, so be careful….


Repressed desires, sexual dissatisfactions. Change sex: frustration, helplessness and unhappiness with what you have and what you are. 87 – sex – A lucky number sleep sex – 87…


Lose: loss of property, separation from a loved one. See alien blood: premeditated evil, disease and grievances. 86 – Blood – A lucky number of sleep blood – 86…


If in the dream, the appearance of blood comes attached to an unpleasant sensation, it indicates the fear of physical misery, or suffering abuse by some think being committed against you. But if the blood in the dream, is not unpleasantly, some authors interpret with prediction of prosperity, even after passing through stages of any violence….


Dream about sex is very common and most often reflect actual needs or desires in this area. But there may be dreams in which scenes of perversion or sex with people who are unknown to us appear. In such cases, often it treated the unconscious, to make more perceptible some shortcomings, shows extreme scenes. We may be willing innovation or novelty, or may be repressing some desires that emerge in the dream….

Sex parties

(See reproductive organs) 6 – sexual parts – a lucky number sleep sexual parts – 6…


 It symbolizes life and reveals the lofty sentiments but fear of disease and accidents. If blood appears red and live without arousing material prosperity portends unpleasant feelings accompanied by disputes, fights and violence….


 ’Most of the time reflect not sufficiently met real needs. If the dream becomes morbid connotations fatigue indicates a monotonous sex life. If this kind of dreams do not have never indicated a lack of interest in these issues to advise consultation with our own conscience….


Love itself involves suffering, without ceasing to be beautiful. Consequently, I dreamed loved by an intense love insinuates that will have a smiling and promising future, no matter what the other person will reject the moment, of course, seen that in the same dream. However, if the other person accepts, he suggests that there is a dangerous opponent, so you must stay alert. Dreamed very loving with a person of the opposite sex suggests that there are unmet, repressed, or at least wants to get easy adventures that you sink into disrepute, especially if the dreamer is a woman’s sexual needs. Dreaming to other overly loving people insinuates that someone will soon indecent propositions, though not exactly sex. When a woman dreams very loving with a man without being her husband, she indicates desire, desire for illicit relations, perhaps as a result of frequent inappropriate friendships. A married woman who dreams very loving with his family outsider implies that want to have sex outside of marriage. When a man dreams honestly loving a girl or a young woman is announcement of future prosperity and joy, but also suffering and setbacks. If it appears as an old woman in the dream (among older, worse) it indicates that overwhelm the penalties, sorrows and can be up to misery. Dreamed of looking for a loved one, although not identify any particular person or hints that dreamer yearning to love and be loved, perhaps because the family itself does not receive affection. In the case of a young maiden, usually a yearning for marriage, though not expect any prospect. In the case of a married woman, it can be frustrating because the husband or children or relatives are not giving enough love. Dreamed in failed love affairs is usually the result of failures already experienced or fear to suffer frustrations in the future. This dream is usually announcement of despair or divorce, or failure in society, for example, business or political relations. Usually, this dream implies that the dreamer usually seeks success for their benefit without thinking of the spiritual, in the ideal or true love….

Lying is

This dream usually have different meanings depending on who you dream lying down. To dream that lies with a person of the opposite sex can mean an obstacle to their designs. If sleep is sleeping with another person of the same sex may indicate contrariness. If you lie down with whom the dream is an ugly man indicates disease, if on the other hand is a handsome indicates disappointment. Go to bed with an ugly woman it means death. With a beautiful woman indicates betrayal. Lying down with your spouse absent portends bad news. If his consort indicates rejoicing. Sleep with one’s mother indicates security business. Sex with own daughter means scandal. If your sister can indicate a close trip. Sex with a prostitute portends permanent fortune….


 If they are of the same sex and age unknown it is a reflection of ourselves. Not as we are but how we wish to be. -if Our age and sex but becoming violent adversities indicates that await us and fights. If it’s the other sex and we are attracted to this person it reflects unfulfilled sexual desires. If we do not feel attracted announces that meet a person who lend us help and friendship. When the unknown, regardless of sex, middle age is accompanied aid symbolizes protection and success in our companies….


 Dream clothes reflect desires of elegance, fame and success with the opposite sex. If a garment strongly draws our attention arousing a feeling we will have to analyze it with the color of the garment. If we dream underwear opposite sex certainly it has sexual connotations. If undies are of the same sex = * In men reveals timidity or fear of the consequences of auto-eroticism. * In women the same can be taken as a pledge more dressy, as reflect timidity, fear of sex or desire or fear of motherhood….


Snakes or snakes dream is not only unpleasant, but usually harbinger of problems caused by lies, deceit, betrayal and sex, depending on how they dream. To dream that a snake attacks and becomes entangled in the body of the dreamer can mean being the victim of intrigues and soon suffer attacks of enemies, all of which can end up in prison for the dreamer (many of these problems are their own fault). To dream that a snake is hit in the head and kills him, it may mean that the problems have overcome and triumph over enemies or their own and close relatives diseases. To dream that a snake attacks a seemingly asleep and it jumps person gets up to then both disappear from the scene, can mean that the dreamer will soon receive an unpleasant news of a very sick person at risk of death, which will cause losses and discomfort. Dream about a snake that wraps itself or fleeing may mean problems or enemies decide to withdraw temporarily, but is sure to strike back. Dream about a snake that moves smoothly, gracefully and without threat of attack, usually a sign of unfulfilled sexual desire, which requires an examination of their own relationships with the opposite sex. When a woman dreams to one or more snakes it means that soon disappointments and suffer various problems. If the snake attacks, the meaning worsens. If he manages to escape the problems will be less. One or more snakes dream is always a bad dream that announces betrayal, slander, depression, despair, etc. Snakes dream that fall on others hints that complicated situations that somehow affect the dreamer will be presented. Dreamed of killing a serpent insinuates that has already resorted to all means to avoid the disaster itself. If the dream does kill the snake, it is a symbol of success against nearby enemies both visible and hidden. Walking dreamed about snakes that are moving on the ground is a sign that will live in fear of attack or disease. A dead snake dream means that after fights, insults, etc., all will end in rancor and hatred unsolvable. Dreamed of driving without attacking snakes suggests that the dreamer will be a victim of unpleasant but inconsequential banter. A young woman who dreams snakes or other reptiles hints that will have various problems. If bitten by a snake, it may mean that your romantic rival has a chance to succeed. If sleep is coiled snake appears next signal mishaps and illnesses. In general, snakes dreams are a sign of treacheries and betrayals. If we kill her during sleep, we can get rid of all dangers….


Dreaming stockings or socks of any kind seems to be related to sexual and in some cases may involve inhibition, repression or sexual impotence, although with some variations: A woman dreaming her black stockings and poor quality is nearby announcement hardship. But if they are white they provide dislikes, bickering and misunderstandings for sentimental reasons. A woman who dreams her stockings without further details, hints are looking for fun with friends unsavory disreputable, or careless or weakness fall into compromising situations. If the means are fine and luxurious class implies that the dreamer is vain and seeks to attract the attention of men. Dreamed weaving or trying to make their own stockings or socks, suggests that soon will have negative results in their activities, perhaps misunderstanding, almost always with the opposite sex….


Dreamed chatting amiably with a doctor is a good sign, because it indicates that at the moment is in good health and there are prosperous business in sight. A young woman visiting a doctor dream is a sign that their romantic relationships go astray. Dreamed of visiting a doctor because they feel sick (a) hints that sonante or any of your family requires immediate medical attention. Dreamed operated on by a doctor announces various risks in your life. If blood is not seen in the dream, the risks are minor and can be controlled | but if you see flowing blood, then the losses will be substantial and imminent….


To dream that participates in a blood transfusion as a donor, it is a sign that it is willing to provide help and support to a needy person. If the dreamer himself who receives blood, it is always a harbinger of important issues that will undermine the resources importantly, however, the severity of the situation can be alleviated through the intervention of an influential and devoted person….


 It is the color of blood, fire, passion, war, feelings and sexuality. When dominates our dreams in red it is that the soul is ready for action….


See a penis in your dream, it signifies sexual energy and fertility. View a large suggests doubts and anxieties about your sexual impulses and libido penis….

Lying, sleeping

To dream that you are lying alone, then this indicates family and professional problems. To dream that you have slept with a family means you have economic security, stability and happiness. If you have sex with your partner, you will have disappointments. If you lie down with an ugly person, means death or illness. When dreaming about lying with a person of the same sex, then means that there will be problems….


If in the dream you see yourself showing your genitals you may have some fear of your sexuality, and if you hide, perhaps even have doubts about his sexual identity. If in the dream you see a castration, are feelings of guilt and remorse for your behavior in sexual relations….


To dream that is entered through a door may mean that there will be calumnies from enemies of those who tried to flee. If the door is the house of his childhood days, then it means joy in the immediate future. An open door dream suggests triumph in love. If the door of a mansion suggests economic successes. If a garden, announces parties and outings. To dream that someone tries to lock the door where the dreamer is going and that it is clear from its hinges and falls suggests that someone needs your help, but you can not give you even looking forward to it. Dreamed of opening a door suggests that soon new activities will be undertaken successfully. Dreamed of painting an old door partially destroyed it suggests that yearns for a life change aimed to amass a fortune on the basis of effort and work. To dream that other people cross a door without difficulty means frustrations because the issues themselves are not going well. If it is a politician who dreams means unfavorable changes. For an artist, inventor or writer may mean that your work will not be accepted, which advised to check what all that has been done. When a door appears closed and the dreamer can not open, it suggests that is probably not on the right track, causing difficulties both in family and in business and with friends. When the dream is the dreamer collapses or breaks a door, suggests that soon will have several problems, including with authorities. Dreaming is heard behind a door what happens on the other side, it suggests that certain enemies are conspiring against the dreamer, or that he, meanwhile, is thinking of doing something wrong. To dream that is trying to cross a door and it is clear from its hinges hurting someone, it may mean that their advice and recommendations can seriously hurt who receive them, so you should think very carefully before handing them. If a woman dreams that during a rainy night passing through a door may mean that at least intends to experience objectionable adventures. If a man dreams above, it means vices and reprehensible conduct. According to Freud, when a man dreams of a door is a sexual symbol, ie not satisfied impulses and sexual desires. Dreamed of going through a door, no matter what shape or size suggests that soon receive news, perhaps unpleasant, relating to matters being handled. Dreamed swinging on an open door suggests lack of seriousness and honesty in their activities. Dreaming a closed and difficult to open can mean that opportunities have been wasted can no longer recover door. Dreamed of seeing a broken door, and worse if it appears fall, suggesting no chance of getting what you want, so it is better to look for other options. Dreamed of trying to force a locked door to go through it may mean that there is no probability of success in what you want….


 If the crab we dream situated between us and another person of the opposite sex = ‘If you walk to the other person he indicates that we must continue the momentum of our feelings. If walks toward us, we must backtrack and proceed with caution. If the crab we dream situated between us and another person of the same sex, what it says is the existence of people trying to delay or prevent what we want….


Dream white goats suggests that soon succeed in your goals and you will receive good news. Dreamed attacked by an angry goat he suggests that there are nearby enemies who seek to hurt in some way, such as theft, slander, espionage, forgery of documents, etc. Dreamed dominated by the horns to a goat or goat insinuates that is near full success in their business, as well as enemies or competitors will be defeated | but if you sleep goat or goat defeats in the struggle with the dreamer, it indicates that it should take maximum precautions regarding their enemies, they are known or not. Dream a herd of goats grazing quietly insinuates that reach achievements and economic and health benefits. When the field is barren or very poor pasture in this dream and therefore the herd is thin, suggests that poverty is about the dreamer. Dreaming black goats indicates that there will soon be suffering, sorrows, misfortunes, losses, etc. This dream is a bad omen. Dream a dead goat, and if black worse, suggests that the dreamer feels unable for many activities and who is sexually impotent mentality that naturally leads to failure in everything it undertakes. This phenomenon is usually only subconscious, that appears in dreams. A woman who dreams drinking goat milk indicates wants to marry a wealthy man, not caring neither love nor the future. A woman especially if you’re young, you dream of riding a goat suggests unfulfilled sexual desires. This dream is a warning that, if not repressed, suffer public disrepute….


 Silk dreams have obvious erotic connotations. If the dream garment is intimate and belongs to the same sex as the dreamer indicates our narcissism. If the garment is of the opposite sex tells us we are fetishists. If the silk is white he speaks of marriage hopes. -The Black, morbid eroticism. -The Gaudy tell us that at the same symbolism of color we must add the desire to attract the attention of others….


Kissing in the dream to a person of the opposite sex and is not our partner, means harbinger of infidelity, but kiss your partner on the other hand, it indicates that good times are coming. Kiss the ground, it is a sign of feeling humiliated or scared to arrive penalties. Some authors add that seeing us in a dream kissing a dead, is harbinger of inheritance. Also in this dream must take into account that can estarse showing sexual tendencies repressed….


See testicles in a dream it symbolizes energy, fertility and sex drive. Sleep can refer an anxiety about your sexual prowess. Alternatively, it indicates that you need a lot of force to achieve a certain task….


To dream that has orgasm represents an emotional end of something. Alternatively it means missing sex and need to get your sexual tensions….


Watching pornography dream indicates your issues with intimacy, power, control, and efficiency. You may have concerns about your sex life. Dreaming of a porn film suggests your desire to be sexual….


 First we see if there are sexual implications in which case its meaning can not be more evident. Otherwise = -Vernos naked amounts to be free from all hypocrisy. If we are happy it reflects the fatigue that causes us continuous pretend that society imposes on us. In extreme cases it can reveal the desire to leave all kinds of social life. If the dream we find uncomfortable nudity reflects the helplessness, powerlessness we experience social or professionally. It can also represent that we are ashamed of our own body. If we see other people naked sexual desires may be, or desire to know the intentions and thoughts of others about us….