Chair, armchair

Sit in a chair that will be attended prayers. Setarse in a Sillos: friendship or deals with an important person. Follow the advice of experienced people. 64 – chair, chair – A lucky number chair, armchair dream – 64…


He insinuates chairs dream breach of obligations and wasted opportunities. Dreaming a friend sitting in a chair and remains there quietly, it can mean bad news will come soon. To dream that someone is doing or repairing a chair may mean that soon there will be problems at work or in business. A swivel chair dream suggests that covets a seat of important executive or expected to excel in society. Dream a ringmaster sitting quietly in front of large audiences timely hints that fair compensation to the effort will be received. Dreamed as emcee in front of a large audience may mean that they are already taking into consideration the merits and values ​​of the dreamer….

Armchair of wheels

See a wheelchair suggests that needs to stop its activities. Perhaps you feel helpless. On the other hand it indicates that immediately let other people push them around. You need to start standing up for himself. If someone is healthy in real life but dreams that he is in a wheelchair he suggests that you need help….


If we are during sleep resting in a chair, I often presage a job that will meet and exceed you will receive our expectations. If the dreamer is a person of a certain age, the chair is usually a symbol of peace and tranquility, as long as decide away from any vice….

Lounge Chair

 Indicates misery and misfortune….


Symbolizes security and the arrival of a stage of stability, especially if the dream you look at it sitting….


Listening to a lecture dreamed hints that has not been analyzed thoroughly thought out and decided what to do….