Boy, girl

…One or more child (a) s playing, indicates that receive good news, successes, harmony at home. The death of a child, portends mortifications, difficulties, pessimistic ideas that will not let him act freely. If a pregnant woman dreams of the birth of a child, a sign that the baby will bear enjoy good health. 18 – boy and girl – number of lucky boy sleeping girl – 18…


Dream a beautiful and clean baby is a sign of happiness in the soul and suggests that the dreamer is willing to give and receive affection with family and friends. Dreaming clean and healthy babies always indicates next rejoicing. If sleep is shown next fall and hurt failures in their affairs. Dreaming one or more babies crying insinuates that have very unpleasant problems that continue to rise for some time. Dream a little boy (baby) walking alone, with no one around to protect him, he suggests that the dreamer longs for independence. When a woman dreams that are caring for a sick baby indicates that he trusts the disappointed, particularly if the man has loving relationships. Dreaming one or more babies sick with a fever is negative, it indicates many concerns that affect you in your immediate future. Dream a newborn hints that soon will be received welcome news baby. A young single mother who dreams of being a newborn suggests that someone is plotting a slander that hurt. To dream that a baby is on the water hitting her with hands and legs happily hints that dreamer or soon will be released from the undesirable compromises that affect them….


Dream shoes generally means your attitude toward life and convictions. also it suggests that you should put your feet on the ground. Dreaming changing shoes means they will change your behavior to new events or people. To dream that you forget the shoes indicates that tries to leave old prejudices. Dreaming losing your shoes means you’ll find what you want. Dreaming means not wearing shoes means you have lack of confidence and self-assurance. Dreaming of new shoes mean you should not be so sure of its success. Dream of wearing a new shoe indicates the approach of life. See old or worn shoes in a dream means that through diligence and hard work, you will achieve success. To dream that you are wearing the wrong shoes for the current activity indicates that your progress and path will be laborious. It may also indicate that targets the wrong direction and need to consider your goals. See baby shoes in a dream symbolizes purity, innocence, vulnerability, tenderness and desire for love. If you plan to have or already have a baby suggests that the baby puts your feet on the ground. On the other hand, a baby shoes indicate that most of the time on a site is rooted without possibility of leaving. See a wooden shoe in a dream means loneliness and sadness. View or wear sneakers in a dream suggests that goes through life with ease having small obstacles. It also denotes comfort and satisfaction of himself. Moreover, the dream indicates that you have an active life and is always moving….

Boyfriend, girlfriend

…If you are single and dreams of your boyfriend or girlfriend, it means you will receive satisfaction in the emotional level. The person of your dreams enjoy long life. 38 – boyfriend, girlfriend – A lucky number of groom, wedding dream – 38…

Boy, girl

…(See TEENAGER) 18 – boy, girl – number of lucky boy, dream girl – 18…


 It is a sign of happiness at home. If we are converted into baby she indicates that the dreamer felt very loved and cared for….


Unless bulla in your mind the desire to have children and I worry so much about the idea that the desire made in your dream, marking an otherwise dream is as much as babies start creativity. It might soon put up a new business, or your skills will be recognized….


 It indicates that the coarseness of their behavior will not influence in any way the validity of decisions taken in favor of their interests….

Oboe, hautboy

 discrete confidence. Moments of tender emotion….


Dreaming of one or more water-carriers indicates annoyance, tiredness, fatigue, whether their own dreamer or someone close depending on context….


Dreaming of jeans is usually an indicator that coarseness in behavior will not influence in any way the validity of decisions made or actions taken to promote their own interests….


Exchanging dreamed something, whether objects, animals or money, means good business in the present and better in the near future. A young woman who dreams exchanging boyfriends or pretenders hints that does not meet any of the men who have approached him and want to find someone to their liking….


One or more cots dream is always joy promise. If the crib is occupied by a beautiful baby, then it is success announcement to be achieved through hard work. Dreamed cradling a baby in her crib symbolizes work and happiness. This dream woman is a serious warning of what to expect when she married, why should remain alert to their immediate future….


Dreaming an empty stroller, it ie no baby, suggests that a friendship give the dreamer pleasant surprises. You will receive a major surprise if there’s a baby in the stroller….


Leeches in dreams usually advertise various difficulties to be found soon and disrupt daily life, possibly radically changing the mode or living conditions. Dreaming that have leeches on the body and not able to remove them is usually a sign that someone trying to take advantage of us but we will not cause further damage exists….

Bedroom (s)

Dreamed inside a luxurious bedroom and advantageous announces upcoming life changes and long leisure trips to beautiful places, thanks to a stroke of luck that will provide money, favors or services. A young, unwed that dream in a luxurious bedroom, symbolizes that longs to marry a rich man who might happen to meet a foreigner. Dreaming a chambermaid at work, changing the bed linen and grooming the room, suggests that soon there will be unpleasant changes to the dreamer. The man who dreams falling to a chambermaid suggests that their actions and mentality are not honest, and that will bring various problems….


Dreaming wild ducks swim peacefully in clear and calm waters suggests that the dreamer is at peace with itself, and can also mean that it is preparing a long journey that will find it pleasant and productive. Dreaming wild ducks flying in a quiet and sunny sky can mean that your affairs require time to reach fruition. Blowing on a duck hunting suggests that you are considering changing occupations, business, etc. If during sleep other people shoot and kill ducks in flight, then it means failure of their plans due to the intervention of outside interests….


Dream to one or more traders in action suggests that nature is very restless, maybe dynamic, but changing thinking, you need a constant exchange of ideas and plans with others | but none of that has been able to fully realize because it carries a life too sedentary or live in an unpleasant environment, all of which are demanding changes. Dreamed of acting in trade or finance or economic speculation it suggests that the dreamer feels capable and with enough self-confidence to perform various activities successfully, no matter what type they are….


Mosquitoes dream suggests that you have enemies because of their own behavior and character. Dreamed of killing mosquitoes suggests that easily eliminate your enemies by simply changing behavior….


 -can Be the desire to discover new horizons, life changing. -also Omen that embark on a new project or business….


 It symbolizes problems and difficulties often created for ourselves and for our behavior. If we see the ditch in time indicates that we are still able to avoid the looming danger. If we jump over all the difficulties we succeed save. If we fall into fail in our company. If the trench is inscribed headstone and carries our name or our company indicates that we should give up the fight and take a new direction, changing our attitude so far wrong….


 -From A housing indicates sad news. -From A local professional use portends changing situation. -From A ship announces financial debts….


See larks flying in a dream symbolizes high aspirations. If they fall during flight, then it indicates that appear desperation among your pleasure and joy. Larks singing heard in a dream it indicates foresees success in business. You will find happiness in a changing environment. See a wound or dead lark in a dream denotes sadness and gloom. To dream that kills a lark means loss of innocence….

Fossa, I pit

 It symbolizes problems and difficulties often created for ourselves and for our behavior. If we see the pit in time it indicates that we are still able to avoid the looming danger. If we jump over all the difficulties we succeed save. If we fall into fail in our company. If the grave is inscribed headstone and carries our name or our company indicates that we should give up the fight and take a new direction, changing our attitude so far wrong….


 It symbolizes everything superior, light, knowledge, wealth, perfection and irradiation. Also the permanent and unchanging value of the goods and the supreme spiritual enlightenment. -To Dream we seek gold digging in the ground tells us that our desires were not implemented. If we look for the sands of a river it is that we are not sure of the goodness of our feelings. -To Dream that manufacture gold indicates that in life we ​​are wasting time in false utopias and ambitions rather than use it in things out. -Gastarlo Or lose announces that be cheated or robbed of our goods. -The Gold only bodes well when we find it, especially if it is in the form of a treasure….


…A baby means that new events will fill you with joy. favorable news. You will meet a nice person. 10 – Birth – A lucky number sleep birth – 10…


…Falling into one, sentimental disappointments. Draw, joy and gaiety of spirit. Clear water, foretells the birth of a baby under a lucky star. Of turbi water, adversities and afflictions. 1 – well – A lucky number sleep well – 1…


There are many kinds of willow branches but always are thin emotions. If the sauce is our dream “ringlet” symbolizes the emotional conflicts that prevent us from finding serenity. It will be very important to analyze the other elements of the dream to find the reasons for the conflict that afflicts us. If the sauce is “crybaby” by association with the name symbolizes sadness….


…Moving house, it means changes in your life. News of an upcoming wedding or birth of a baby. 35 – moving – A lucky number sleep moving – 35…


Dream a bird nest empty affairs and suggests that businesses themselves are not going well and that currently is not possible to improve. Dream a nest with eggs it suggests that the business and affairs own promise good dividends in the short term, but should not take from the rooftops, but wait patiently. Dreaming newborn baby birds in their nest and suggests that the dreamer will make a trip as a result of successes that lead to prosperity. It may also mean that the family will soon increase. Dream cast into adult birds nest with sickly looking announces the dreamer coming setbacks and perhaps material losses, or at least deterioration of their health or that of a family member. If birds are black, it can mean mourning. To dream that clearly is a swallow’s nest warns that you should not leave out or dominate by memories. Dream a nest of snakes is clear warning that the enemies seek the opportunity to harm you and who friends say could betray him. Dreaming rude welcome news announced pigeon and wish-fulfillment….

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