Dream turtles suggests that the issues themselves are moving very slowly, but the speed producing something unexpected benefits. Dreamed of eating a turtle stew hints that engage in intrigues of competitors but without suffering damage. Although East the turtle is given a cosmological symbolism of extraordinary wealth and is elevated to sacred animal among Western, turtles symbolize longevity and protection for their long life and their ability to fall back within herself and fleeing from all dangers….

Tortoise, turtle

unsuccessful business, long and cumbersome procedures, laziness and stubbornness. 89 – turtle, turtles – A lucky number tortoise, turtles sleep – 89…


Dreamed in a relationship with the Bible, even in cases where it is antireligious announced next joys, even if only temporary, if the dreamer appears rejecting the Bible indicates that is dishonest temptations no matter if it harms others….


Turtles dream may mean that it will progress in life slowly but surely. Another interpretation suggests turtles sleep with protection and security….


 -Leerla Or possess indicates need for solitude and reflection. -Perderla, Family difficulties….


 Symbolizes longevity and protection….


Dreaming of apples in a dream is a symbol of fertility, growth and prosperity. If you eat an apple in a dream it means he is enjoying life and will have a success in love or at work. According to the Bible on the other hand it means forbidden love, suppressed desires and sweet temptations….


 Symbolizing the most primitive, the most voracious and most groveling that may exist in us, ie, low instincts. The cold-blooded reptile symbolizes a lack of warm and lofty sentiments. If we are eaten by a reptile it reveals that the instinctual life is taking over our will becoming victims of baser instincts. If we fight and overcome the reptile reveal the struggle we are holding to master our baser instincts. (Case apart are the ” snake ” and ” turtle ”.)…


Dreaming of turtledoves usually predicts a perfect harmony between spouses and between singles, this bird portends fair promises to be carried out soon….