Cows are a very ancient symbol in dreams. Suffice it to recall the biblical passage about the seven fat cows and seven lean cows, dream of an Egyptian pharaoh played by Joseph, one of the sons of Jacob. Thus this ancient symbol and today is considered traditional bode well. Fat kine dream and the dreamer suggests that all is well and will continue at least in the immediate future. This dream a woman can mean that your wishes are carried out. Dreaming milking cows healthy and fat suggests that their affairs are going well. Dreaming lean on poor pasture fields symbolizes the opposite. Dream a stampeding cows ato suggests that their affairs will go from bad to worse due to the lack of control and threatening to cause significant losses. Dreamed milking cows means longing for profit, get rich quick, fun and pleasures | but if the cow in any way or strip wasted milk and milked, means imminent risk of failures in its activities. An artist or intellectual who dreams of young cows means a promise of significant improvement in their affairs (in society or economic successes in the near future) | but if the cows despite being young, are skinny and sick, the meaning is the opposite. Dreaming black, dirty, skinny and sickly cows not bode well. White and healthy cows dream is always promise of prosperity for the immediate future. When you see one or more calves in a dream it is a warning that a cruel disappointment by a person who is very estimated will be received….


In dreams a docile and productive cow indicates prosperity in all your projects, but watch your personal affairs. Cows mean the realization of hopes and desires….


Watering losses caused by theft or fraud. Milked, profits, thriving businesses, good news. 7 – Cow – A lucky number of sleep cow – 7…


 It symbolizes the rich and generous, goodness, patience and soil fertility. Normally when they appear in our dreams it indicates that we are missing some of their qualities, although other meanings = If the cows are fat and shiny portend wealth and prosperity. If they’re thin and impoverished indicate poverty. -A Pregnant cow usually announce an upcoming birth in the family or in our mind is brewing an idea, a project that will be profitable….


According to the symbolic tradition this animal represents patience and generosity associated with nutrition. So it appears dreams are telling us about our need for these qualities. Some authors specify in dreams that a pregnant cow is harbinger of that new ideas are brewing in our minds will be profitable….


 It indicates the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. What happens on the trip it will be deducted which is the message of the dream. It indicates a change in our lives, but we do not alone but surrounded by all that we know. -Upload A barge full of people reflects the need for relationships with others. If the barge is empty he indicates our timidity. If when the barge arrives, before they let us go up to it, descend passengers it means that this life change is not definitive. If we only see the scow indicates that receive a proposition that can change our lives although we have not yet decided whether to accept it or not….


 It indicates that the coarseness of their behavior will not influence in any way the validity of decisions taken in favor of their interests….


 You will find hostile and malevolent attitudes toward you….

Cow dung

 Sign luck and prosperity….


…Tribulations, misunderstandings, sorrows and problems around them. 21 – cobardia – A lucky number cobardia sleep – 21…


Dreaming of jeans is usually an indicator that coarseness in behavior will not influence in any way the validity of decisions made or actions taken to promote their own interests….


 If an animal degollamos predicts a happy event. If we are the ones slaughtered or person of our sex portends violence or problems. If it is a person of the opposite sex reveals the desire to maintain relationships with the same guilty….


 It indicates that happen painful moments. Conflicts with family, friends or coworkers….


 -of Bull and cow symbolize strength, fertility and patience. -of Ram, aggressiveness. If we see the horns on the head of someone means loving spoiled betrayal….


 It indicates that happen painful moments. Conflicts with family, friends or coworkers….


 It indicates that happen painful moments. Conflicts with family, friends or coworkers….


Among friends, difficulties and entanglements. Among men, cowardice. Among women, rivalry. Between man and woman, marriage. 43 – complaint – A lucky number sleep complaint – 43…


 It represents the baser passions and cowardice. Symbolizes the fear of betrayals and ground maneuvers. If in the dream we beat hyenas or we do is that we will escape unscathed from all these betrayals….


Dreaming of an accident of which is passive witness, it is a sign of cowardice, which will be helpful to the dreamer. If the victim is assisted, it is a harbinger of the betrayal of a friend….


Sweeping in dreams is a symbol of cleanliness in search of self-satisfaction and pleasure to others, because the sweep is to remove the unpleasant sight | therefore sweep equivalent to eliminating the subconscious what displeases us. Dreamed of sweeping a floor suggests that wants to please people around the dreamer. Dreamed sweeping his room indicates that it is making an effort to get their affairs have the expected success, and soon there will be good news, and also that the dreamer is nice for those around you (bosses, employees, friends, coworkers, etc. .). Dreamed of sweeping an overly dirty, a neighborhood street floor for example, indicates that the dreamer will embarrassments by criticism that will make. Criticizing dreamed that a floor is dirty because it was not properly swept, he hinted that soon will be trouble in the family for trifles, being the dreamer the main culprit. A humble person who dreams of sweeping any given floor, indicates that it is not consistent with the medium in which it lives, which are ashamed, or craving a change to a higher setting….


In the interpretation of dreams, the difference between the bull and the bull is the ox appears meek, docile, slow and sometimes old, while the bull is brave, agile and fast. When a woman haunted by dreams of an ox (meek) probably implies an unmet sexuality that supports hard, why you want to relate to any man. Oxen and cows dream malnourished because the pasture is very poor, he hints that bad times are coming: loss, damage, etc. This is a warning dream to be properly prepared. Dream oxen in the field, some fighting and other grazing peacefully, suggests that the dreamer will be involved in various problems because of nosy people, but also at fault due to negligence in their actions….


Dreamed of extorting a person he implies that, by associating with other individuals soon have failures and frustrations in matters being handled, which will produce losses. This dream is a warning that the association is not convenient. Dreamed of being extorted hints that are uncomfortable with certain friends, coworkers or neighbors distrust them….


Dream many large containers filled with milk indicates a good run and good business, beneficial partnerships, etc., all in the immediate future. But if the recipients have little milk, and worse if they are empty, it indicates the opposite. Dreamed loading a container with milk indicates that the dreamer works serving others and who is not comfortable, why aspiring to something better. Drinking milk dreamed is a favorable dream that announces abundance in the home, leisure and good business and social relationships. Milk dreamed negotiating with hints that soon improve their business. Throwing down milk dreamed warns that opportunities are being wasted again not present. Milk broken dream announces that serious problems are coming. Dreamed trying to get hints drink milk without being at risk of material losses or friends. Bathing in milk dreamed indicates desire for amusement, pleasures, luxuries, etc. This dream is more common among women who spend hardship and want to live in abundance. Milking a cow dreamed or any other animal insinuates that you will soon be presented good opportunities that should not be missed. If being milked milk falls outside the bucket it indicates that doubt take those opportunities. Sour milk dream indicates own discomfort, restlessness, fear of getting sick. When you dream you are taking it with other foods, especially if they are sea it indicates that fears that require you to perform unpleasant tasks, therefore indicates intimate dream rebellion against something that does not happen. Dreamed in a dairy and milk in sight is a good sign that hints coming successes in what is being done and happiness in the home and family….


View during sleep udders, whether cow or other domestic mammals, is a sign of abundance and prosperity, depending on the state of the same, if the udders have a sickly appearance or were exhausted mean lack of work and money….


Dreamed with a mask on the face, he suggests that it is acting hypocritically or at least lies that hurt. Dream other people wearing masks opponents expected. Dreamed of attending a masquerade suggests that the dreamer is fond of the trivial, the false and ostentatious fun, the vulgar pleasures and that is irresponsible. The masks in dreams are always a coward notice that people try to harm the dreamer | therefore, the dream of a mask if only is hung or thrown anywhere is a warning. When a woman dreams of a masquerade mask or using sign that is like infidelity….


Dream quarrel between friends indicates difficulties and entanglements. Dream quarrel between men she indicates cowardice. Dreaming of complaint among women indicates rivalry. Dream quarrel between a man and a woman presiga a wedding….