See or hear a phone in a dream it means a message from your unconscious or some kind of telecommunication. You can force or face the issues that tries to avoid. Alternatively a phone can represent your communication and relationship with others. To dream that will not talk on the phone indicates a situation or a relationship that you want to end. Dreaming talking on the phone with someone means an issue you want to face that person….


That sounds insistently and does not answer: anxious state, afraid to face certain problems of life. That speaks for him: you receive a phone call that will give you a big surprise. 78 – telephone – a lucky number dream phone – 78…


Dream a phone is negative, then it announces dangerous liaisons with strangers or foreign people who only seek personal gain. When a woman talking on the phone dreams insinuates that is jealous because you suspect a rival….


View a screen in a dream indicates the need for some form of protection. You can try to hide your emotions….


View a microphone in a dream suggests that you should do something to be more assertive. You must strongly express your opinions….


Using a megaphone dream indicates that you should be more expressive….


To dream that during our sleep we hear the melody of this musical instrument is usually a sign that someone wants to discredit us by hearsay that could come to affect our business negatively. In general, as long as it will not be accompanied by other symbols, saxophone represents the futile gossip, gossip and rumors of all kinds that probably hinder our affairs and relations with others….


 It symbolizes the sentimental and romantic relationships. If it is impossible to establish telephone communication we fear reveals the impossibility of such emotional relationship or it may break. If the communication is perfect equally good is the sentimental or romantic relationship….

Folding screen

Insecurity and feelings of shame. Perhaps your mind seduction live your desires someone who was expecting a flat refusal….

Folding screen

 It indicates that there are hidden truths….


 Disputes, disappointments and sadness….

Telephone booth

 You risk your intentions be used against them….


 Portends danger for us or for someone of ours….


A woman who dreams his hot red hot oven and baking bread or meat, for example, suggests that enjoys the sincere affection of his family and the sympathy of friends. To dream that burns what is baking is a warning that soon there will be problems at home. If the oven is broken or cracked, it indicates that soon receive humiliations, slander, etc….


If you see happen, your dream tells you about the youth who feel escaping. If you ride on the bike it were desire for liberation. Screen: Insecurity and feelings of shame. Perhaps your mind seduction live your desires someone who was expecting a flat refusal….


Losing one or more keys, possibility of losing their jobs. confused attitudes are clarified. Screening of new goals. 4 – Key – A lucky number key sleep – 4…


 Symbolically screening is to choose, select and perfect. -See A sieve reveals that we do a job selection. If we are tossed inside we will be subject to a selection….


Generally speaking, dream about the tarot, is a clear sign that you have many concerns about destiny, which we would like to solve. There is no prediction in most cases and is only a phone call not despair, do things right and have patience. Dreaming of a specific tarot card usually gives no indication unless the dreamer is not profane in these matters, in this case, the meaning of the letter in dreams usually the same usual meaning to that letter in a tarot reading either….


Dream voices call by name, it is an alert to better monitor their business otherwise you will have setbacks. Listen in dreams the voice of a family member or friend who utters the name of the dreamer indicates that someone needs or need your help. There have been cases where the call is from someone dying or already dead. This type of dream occurs frequently in people living very isolated, as in the villages or far to the north, when during the winter are completely isolated and cut off due to heavy snow. It also occurs among young lovers who want to be together, especially if they have had a disappointment. Voice of someone dream it, either directly or by phone, knowing that that person is already dead, it is a warning for the dreamer care of your health, your work or business. On this issue of the voices, either in dreams or awake, many serious authors say that the dead can themselves be heard and they usually do when people, especially relatives, are asleep….