Fishing and dreamed of making at least one piece, meaning success in business affairs and, perhaps reflected in the form of money or securities, all in the immediate future | so it’s announcement of good luck. To dream that already has the fish but it escapes falling back into the water, is warning businesses that have between hands can fail. Network and dreamed fishing with other people doing the same thing may mean that there is very strong competition and risk in their business and affairs | in the case of love | warns of dangerous rivals, and in the case of businesses, there are competitors ready to fight. To dream that was caught plenty of network announces major successes and profits. Dreamed of eating delicious fish can mean that the dreamer everything is going well and will continue for a long time. Dream fish swimming in clear water is favorable for the immediate future ad | but if the fish turn up dead may mean that your affairs are bad and worse, causing losses. Dreamed angling, impatient because it has elapsed long time and can not catch anything, it suggests that in this situation are the business and affairs of the dreamer | maybe they are not really bad, but should not expect to improve in the short term. To catch fish swimming dreamed he reveals that enjoys good health and has the ability to succeed in what he undertakes. Dream fish in crystal clear, clean running water, suggests that if you have ability to approach wealthy people, the dreamer receive benefits. A woman who dreams this is announcement that will be courted by a distinguished man. Dreaming announces losses dead fish health or suffer some other calamity. Dream fishermen working in the water announces good times for the dreamer. Dreamed inside a fish even if you are not buying, it may mean having productive business and good social relations | but if the fish are in a state of decay, then it suggests various problems, among others, health….

Fish, fishing

…Sign of peace and harmony in the home, peace of mind. Catch big fish indicates that you fall into a lie or secret. Minnows means lawsuits and coming dangers. Invitation to a wedding. 43 and 11 – fish, fish – A lucky number of fish, fish dream – 43 and 11…


 If we are eaten by a big fish it indicates that we are in a process of perfection and purification. In other occasions we devour a fish indicates a real danger that can cause us moral and material losses. -The Small fish that tried to fish with our hands and scurry reflect the memory or fear of sentimental disappointments. -The Solitary fish dead or indicate bitterness, despair and loneliness. -the Solitary fish hiding among the rocks reveals the desire to hide where we can evade responsibilities and sorrows….


Dreaming of a fish means energy and economy. See a fish in clear water expresses freedom related to your feelings….


If we dream that we are out of hand when trying out the sea, they reflect sentimental frustrations. See fish swimming between rocks or hiding in the underwater landscape tell us about the desire to evade the responsibilities that beset us….


Fishing dream means wealth, gain and happiness….


See a jellyfish in a dream represents some painful memories. It can also mean a hidden to a certain person or an unpleasant situation aggression….


 Whatever it is what we fish must detach the hook to get rid of its existence if it is bad or to use it if it’s worth….


 Inconveniences and disappointments and if we pica indicates that be deceived….


Dreamed of eating in the company of gastronomes suggests that want to excel in some way to achieve awards and honors. This dream also symbolizes that in real life is lived among selfish people who will try to prevent the triumph. Dreamed as a gourmet indicates that it is conceited, selfish absorbent and tax, all of which may make you successful to some extent. A married woman who dream of feeding a gourmet indicates that she is unhappy with her husband, which he considers an inconsiderate and selfish tyrant….


 -Debatirse Within a network means to feel trapped and helpless in a difficult situation by an emotional bond or a vice or habit which you want to exit. If it not out of it indicates that we have resigned. If we are fishing we are trying to retain are the memories and feelings. -also The fish may indicate the desire to delve into ourselves to discover our innermost being and seek to improve it. If we break the network letting out everything we’ve captured reveals the fear of losing what we had achieved. -To Dream that we repair a network is the craving to prevent or remedy an error, negligence or misconduct that could be a danger to the continuity of such affection. -there dreams in which we try to hunt birds and the atmosphere and the feelings they arouse in us leave no doubt that this is a mystic dream….


 -Debatirse Within a mesh means to feel trapped and helpless in a difficult situation by an emotional bond or a vice or habit which you want to exit. If it not out of it indicates that we have resigned. If we are fishing we are trying to retain are the memories and feelings. -also The fish may indicate the desire to delve into ourselves to discover our innermost being and seek to improve it. If we break the mesh letting out everything we’ve captured reveals the fear of losing what we had achieved. -To Dream that mesh repair is the craving to prevent or remedy an error, negligence or misconduct that could be a danger to the continuity of such affection. -there dreams in which we try to hunt birds and atmos is a mystic dream….


Dreaming that are fishing sardine unsuccessfully, announced failures in various fields. Dreamed sardines with fishing net and others doing the same thing may mean that there is very strong competition and risk in their business and affairs | in the case of love | warns of dangerous rivals, and in the case of businesses, there are competitors ready to fight. To dream that was caught plenty of network announces major successes and profits. If the dreamer is married or has a permanent relationship, sardines are usually an indication that there are unjustified jealousy by the dreamer….


Dreaming one or more fishing nets suggests that soon enjoy small pleasures and profits. If appears hung or rolled, it means mishaps and dislikes. Dream fishing nets announces various problems requiring immediate attention to avoid complications. Covering dreamed something with a suggests that he is acting improperly, hurting others network. Dream an old and dilapidated network suggests that own affairs and business go from bad to worse and that can not be remedied in the short term. Dreamed of walking on networks without any difficulty announcement prosperity is due to win over the enmities | but if there are setbacks for example tangling feet on the network, then it means the opposite. A young woman who dreams of walking in networks, announces that it will have several suitors without her knowing which one to accept. Dreamed entangled in a network of any kind suggests that envious competitors or enemies are trying to harm the dreamer. A young woman caught in a web dream, suggests that as a result of their conduct will suffer loss of prestige among his friends, as well as frequent trouble with their families….


 This fish means ignorance, discretion and longevity. If we dream in the previous period to be sincere with someone warns us not to do it. If we dream of the fish and do not want to be sincere with someone portends health and long life….


Dream a very friendly dog ​​may mean that has good friends and get new friends. If the dog is white and about amiably may mean that soon reach the success you are looking for, either sentimental, in business or at work. In a young means odds of coming marriage. If instead the dog is black it suggests that there are hidden enemies who try to harm the dreamer. Dreamed of an intelligent dog owner who knows to thank (like thinking about himself), it may mean that certain approaches prosperity in your life that could become economic boom. To dream that a hunting dog or hound (police) chases can mean that the dreamer is related illicit very dangerous (it is equivalent to saying that the law is watching). Dreaming several small and playful dogs may mean that it is acting frivolously, without seriousness and constancy. Skinny dogs dream and unsightly it may mean that there will be problems in business, family and even diseases, particularly children. Dogs barking dream may mean that soon there will be many problems, including loss. (Care should be taken with this type of sleep, because it could well be that actually a dog in the neighborhood was barking.) Dream that some dogs bite or are about to bite may mean that soon will have serious problems in matters that are driving, with friends or family, all caused by his selfish attitude, which means that you should review their behavior. Dreaming dogs chasing a fox or other hunting good luck and happiness announced in the near future. When a woman dreams of owning a cute dog may mean that is selfish and possessive. If this woman has a lover or at least one suitor, it may mean that it is a fop, a fool, a liar and vain type. To dream that scared in front of a huge fierce-looking dog may mean that there are internal questions concerning business to receive much higher offers that already had. A woman of marriageable age who dreams this may mean that seeks to marry a distinguished man of high society and perhaps very rich | however, she feels afraid not to do it. To dream that some dogs may growl menacingly mean that others will criticize and are disrupting family relationships. Dreaming listening the howl of a dog announced the possibility of death or only the disappearance of very dear people, relatives or friends. To dream that several ferocious dogs snarl and fight warns of the risk that the dreamer is under attack by their enemies that seek to humiliate him. To dream that dogs and cats live in peace but suddenly start fighting, it can mean that the dreamer is about to be sentimental breakups because of misunderstandings. Dream a dog with several heads means insufficient mental concentration and futile effort of trying to simultaneously handle various affairs and business, all with overspending of energy that exposes him to illness. Dream an angry dog ​​trying to attack, but did not get, it may mean that your work effort and do not produce the expected benefits, and is also exposed to a serious illness. Dream that is bitten by a mad dog it means employment problems, bad relationships, business and disadvantages likelihood of any unfortunate event. To dream that is followed everywhere by a dog may mean you have protection superior forces, with good friends and you will succeed in matters which are driving. To dream that the dog that follows is swimming in the water means further success, fortune and happiness. A sleeping dog dream suggests internal peace in the dreamer to have a clear conscience. Dream an angry dog ​​that kills a cat announces pleasant surprises. Dream of a dog that kills a snake announced good luck in your future. Announces an angry dog ​​dream activity enemies who try to harm the dreamer | but if you sleep dominates the dog, and better if it kills, it can mean that the dreamer solve their problems overcoming their enemies or competitors. Dreaming hounds during a hunt soon very favorable suggests that changes will occur. When a woman dreams of hunting dogs suggests that it is or will soon be in love with a man socially inferior to her. When a woman dreams chased by hounds suggests that besiege several admirers, though not all with good intentions….


Unripe peaches dreamed cutting is a symptom of decay, various pains and sorrows, particularly memories of old times and and missing persons. Green dream that peaches are cut and eat them hints illness in the family and other problems. To dream that the tree itself eats one of ripe and juicy peaches indicates joy of living, reasonable profits in business or work that will result in peace, harmony and home health. To dream that only peaches are on the tree announces diseases of relatives or discomfort by having to handle business matters or unpleasant prevent you enjoy rides and amusements. When peaches are in the tree with a lot of foliage indicates that, with effort, you will achieve your goals. Dreaming peaches in the beginning of its growth in the tree indicates that the achievement of its objectives is still very distant and mediate even work, problems and sadness. Dreamed of eating unripe peaches indicates that penalties approaching from ahead of events. Others dream of eating peaches indicates that some family members or friends suffer setbacks and hardships. Dreaming a person known eating peaches that are not yet mature hints that person is acting wrongly and wasting their time in trying to achieve forcedly. Dream peach or apricot trees with their beautiful and mature fruit is a good sign, although there will be some problems indicates that before reaching the desired success. Dreamed tasty and ripe peaches contend indicates that the success you want is very close….


Dreamed with unshaven indicates that their affairs successfully walk. Dreamed with well-groomed beard and that he combs or stroke, is a clear sign of male vanity that annoys other producing negative effects | but if it is cutting or shaving, it is warning that the dreamer feels hurt, wounded in his vanity. Dreaming someone with a beautiful blonde and very long beard in the manner of the prophets, it suggests that the dreamer is not acting properly and must seek and accept advice. To dream that someone is shaving suggests that the health of someone close to deteriorate. If sleep is a woman being shaved indicates another person mourning disease and even possible, if the woman is pregnant, she suggests that the unborn child is male. Dreaming a person known black or red beard announces setbacks, if it appears white indicates disappointments, particularly amorous, if the beard is graying she suggests brawls. Dreaming known someone with a vulgar and unkempt beard indicates that should not have dealings with that person and avoid business because they can not get along because that person will always try to impose their will and their personal interest. Dreamed that someone with a beard and pulls it insinuates that are running serious risks with likely material losses. A young, unwed you dream admiring a man’s beard suggests that she has the desire to get married soon, but for the hastiness risk an unfortunate marriage….


Dreamed of a fig tree indicates abundance in many ways, especially with regard to food. Dream a beautiful green forest is a good omen, and whether plentiful or few colors white birds is much better because it indicates successful close in matters being handled. But if dark or black birds abound it indicates that someone envies the good fortune of the dreamer. Dreamed admiring the beautiful foliage of a forest indicates deep satisfaction and appreciation for what has been achieved in life, which is like giving thanks to God, but in this case directly with the soul and without expressing empty words. Among artists or intellectuals dream of a beautiful forest indicates additional to those already received awards. Dreaming one green, leafy tree and flowering indicates health and wellness. But if the tree appears alone, with the sad, wilted or dry foliage as usually happens in winter, then insinuates that their business or businesses are not prosperous nor will in some time. Dreamed in the shade of a beautiful tree it indicates that extensive protection features (top) that should not disappoint, because eventually it will lead to success, even if it takes some time. Dreamed stuck in a tree insinuates that is achieving self-improvement, self-fulfillment both material and spiritual. Dream a tree with ripe fruit and some are already on the floor, where it chooses and eats one insinuates that receive significant benefits, including economic, such as in business, lotteries, etc. Dream a somewhat isolated tree with small and immature fruit indicates that the business and affairs of the dreamer not going well. If you start one of these fruits in the dream, it represents serious risks ahead of events. Dreamed cutting and felling a tree of any kind indicates that he is acting against their own interests, ie, that it is acting contrary to right. Dreaming trees cut and thrown on the floor suggests losses in business or relationships as well as family or personal misfortunes. Dreamed lost in a forest indicates the loss of orientation, confusion, which if not corrected will end in failure. If to be lost in a forest is treading on dry and crisp leaves, the above meaning is accentuated significantly….


 If they are planted in the garden find indicates that opposition to our plans. Presages have been collected if we’re wrong. If the peeling or cutting are irritating to the eyes and we must work and strive to avoid failure….


Dream you see only the tail of some animal hints that surprises can be pleasant or unpleasant will be received. Dreamed cutting the tail of an animal announces that any fault of their own suffer hardships and failures….


Dreamed cutting sugar cane before harvest time is a symbol of precipitation and consequently of failures and losses. Sugar cane plantation dream a ready for harvest hints that soon enjoy the fruits of their efforts in all its activities….


Dreamed of eating ham suggests a desire for pleasant walks, parties and a comfortable life. When a woman dreams guisando ham, it symbolizes a happy, quiet, carefree and pleasant social relationships with home. Dream abundance of hams, and worse if they are in the process of corruption, it hints that someone tries to swindle the dreamer. Dreamed cutting slices of ham good rule it indicates that all resistance and obstacles you are facing. Ham dreamed preparing to serve your guests pleasant hints that attentions of others will be received. Dreamed trading or selling hams close intimates prosperity in good health for the dreamer and his family. Dreaming the smell of ham while cooking hints that soon receive rewards due to the intervention of others….

Neglect, abandon

It is a fairly common and countless sleep matices.En must first distinguish ourselves from leaving us abandoned and someone or something. When the left’s self, is typically a bad dream, unless we see abandoned by powerful people, indicating the possibility of freeing their domain, which gives hope for a better life. Also when we abandons dreams or lover may mean such a release. In other cases always portends problems and dificultades.Asi if who leaves us is the mother, it will be difucultades materials, | if it is the father who lack the will to undertake and carry out what you want | if the spouse, are difñiciles material circumstances that are occurring because of our own actions. When we ourselves who give up something or someone, it means that we are living tied to principles or habits and periclitados, or maybe we live trapped by the environment, family or friends who are cutting our best possibilities. Quie abandon him in this dream we will clarify which of these causes holds us prisoners, and therefore what debmeos oliberarnos or at least significantly change. What dreams of abandonment can also be a warning that our health leaves something to be desired in some aspect, so the first thing to be done before such a dream is a medical examination that will clarify if that fails is health or our attitude to lifetime….


Since ancient times is a symbol of power and strength, but currently there is usually interpreted, when this symbol appears in our dreams, as synonymous with violence, but according to their characteristic cutting a clean and forcefully. That is, that dream can easily be referring to a situation on which we must pay attention to cut their losses with the problem it represents. Our unconscious is telling us that we must act with authority and without hesitation. Other authors interpret as our inner desire to terminate a relationship….


Dreaming roses is happiness and entertainment announcement and sincere love. wilted roses in dreams announce disappointments and false love. White roses announce inner peace, but weak health. A young woman who dreams of cutting or gathering roses for a bouquet, may mean that you will have moments of joy and some successes….


When a woman dreams of harvesting cobs, or baby corn, indicates that soon come to the position that longs if continues to work with enthusiasm. Cobs dream is positive, it announces good times, good news and plenty of food. Dreamed in a field corn field and seeing how it has germinated, ie, the green plants and rise above the ground, indicating firm hope that what you are doing in daily life will produce good results at a not very long term. Instead, seeing wilted plants indicates bad news. Dreamed of shaking the reeds they already have ears suggests that the dreamer is too eager to see the results of their work, which is not good. This dream is a prevention against exaggerated impatience. Starting dreamed floor maize plants indicates that it is applying a wrong criterion and work in their affairs, which will produce bad results. Cutting dreamed cobs directly from the reeds and field announces success in the very near future. Dreamed removing the leaves to the ears indicates that you are on the right track to achieve success. To dream that others defoliate cobs hints that have or will soon have a social or family relationship with important and successful people. A farmer who dream in a corn before the harvest, but in which beautiful ears abound, indicates good year in the field and good harvests. In city people and business, this same dream indicates favorable business and prosperity in the near future. Young people who dream of a field of ears, they announced a pleasing future. When wilted pods are little grown or destroyed for some reason in a dream, it indicates losses, illnesses and in some cases real disaster. Dreamed shelling corn cobs for hints that what you are doing in daily life is wrong and soon suffer the consequences. Dreamed eating stewed tender or ears indicates satisfaction and self-confidence, which will give back good results….


Dreaming beautiful apples usually bodes well. See apples among green foliage, but close at hand and ready to eat, it’s next long-awaited announcement successes. Dreamed of cutting the tree and eating apples it indicates that both craved what is about to be made. By contrast, dream apples on top of a tree and therefore beyond the reach of hands indicates that your goals will still take to complete, so in the meantime, you must work hard. Dreaming apples on the ground, and worse if they are unripe or rotten, it indicates that what he craved no longer likely to realization and therefore must think and work on other plans or projects. In some dreams of this type it indicates losses, either through their own fault or by the intervention of enemies or competitors | this dream also indicates decay and depression….


 It indicates that we are well prepared to face the coming events. If you’re the one that you saw hide your true personality. If the wearer is another hidden selfish motives….


 -Use A bait to fish announces financial success in their businesses. If it is used by others, disappointment and failure….