Dream of the devil is a distorted our conscience accuses us of some fault reflection that torments us. If it’s a scary devil this dream reveals to us that we tied to children’s fears and guilt complexes. If the devil is tempting reflects confidence in ourselves and fear our weaknesses. Conciliatory and friendly -the devil reveals our tendency or desire to lessen our guilt of our sins….


(See DEMON). 99 – Devil – A lucky number sleep devil – 99…


See a devil in a dream means that it will bring a very difficult time, many difficulties, sadness and melancholy, financial problems….


Stalking what dreams may mean sometimes, short separation of two lovers or temporary absence of the population where they live. Others change how to proceed in the particular matters. To dream that is lurking in the house is a harbinger of coming joys or pleasures….


You dream of hell beings generally interpreted as being against irrational terrors or guilt gnawing us internally. It is as if the dream were distorted our consciousness, with their real or imaginary fears reflection. It may also reflect the fear we have towards our own weaknesses….


 If we are the haunted is that their interests will be jeopardized. If the other person is waylaid this dream indicates fears and anxieties about a situation that can not control….


 Dream of the devil is a distorted our conscience accuses us of some fault reflection that torments us. If it’s a scary devil this dream reveals to us that we tied to children’s fears and guilt complexes. If the devil is tempting reflects confidence in ourselves and fear our weaknesses. Conciliatory and friendly -the devil reveals our tendency or desire to lessen our guilt of our sins….


Dream demon first is not pleasant and secondly not announce anything good | this indicates that what you have in mind the dreamer is not good. Dreamed of fighting and killing the devil suggests that attempts to do something impossible will produce disorders and loss. Dream about the devil is smiling and friendly warning that engage in dishonest and dangerous affairs or business. If the devil is presented rich and powerful, is poverty announcement | if presented as a musician, is ad vice and degeneration. Dreamed front of a ghost image of devil insinuates that is taking an abnormal life, such immoral time. A woman who dreams this indicates that he is losing the appreciation of their friends for their bad reputation. It also indicates insidious gossip….


It is laughing dream that this indicates that will have a pleasant situation and your problems will disappear. Laughing is also a sign of your emotional state and happy life pass without major concerns. On the other hand laughing may indicate your insecurities and fears. Hear the children laughing splendid denotes joy and vital health. See a devil laughing wrong in your dream represents feelings of humiliation, or helplessness….

Boatman, ferryman, waterman, bargeman, bargee

This dream is related within the mythic archetypes with death, and therefore some authors suggest it as ominous dream. However it can be interpreted as our role in sleep, in relation to the boat. From Verla, speaks of distances, goodbyes and see it reach may be reflecting this issue we look so excited. And if we are the boatman rowed with a lot of momentum sleep you will be talking about all we have to do our part to come to fruition….


It means that we are facing a problem, almost a dilemma. The ease with which we can open it, or if we have to force it, we will be talking about our unconscious perspective to the problem….

B letter

If it appears clearly in the dream this letter may be talking of the feminine force in its entirety. It can be interpreted as a prediction of changes and transformations….


…ambition, passion, evil instincts. That one sucks the blood, we must guard against stalking Enmig; unexpected expenses. 4 – Vampire – A lucky number sleep vampire – 4…

All the rage

The dream you are talking about a period of nervousness and you have to be careful with the lack of control and the faintness that can lead you to want to bite off more than you can….


If you who takes another person in sleep, may your unconscious you are talking about a lack of meaning in your life, and if you’re the one adopted, can translate the dream by a notice of lack of affection or need for protection and support. It can also mean responsibilities that are affecting those who do not correspond….


The dream you can be talking about your desire for harmony and spirituality. Also a stage of good health as when you look at the clear sky and you breathe deeply, you feel full of energy. However, some authors, if the dreamer is a materialistic person consider that a dream in blue tones predominate may be warning of a danger or threat to their hopes of economic stability. He is considered the color of devotion….


 -To Dream that we beat them means that in real life are determined to beat them. Talking to them indicates a desire to peacefully resolve our differences….


 We talk about the funeral as the religious ceremony accompanying the funeral, therefore, we are talking about the soul of the deceased. If the funeral is announced by someone known marriage of this person. If it is for a child announces his baptism. If we do not know who officiated the funeral or if it is a very close relative, it means that we want to eliminate complex situations and personal problems or guilt….


 -To Dream with a church augurs the realization of hopes and desires. If we see in the distance and we do not approach it announces disappointments. If we are in the church talking to other people without paying attention to what happens there warns us that our attitude to life is neglected and we can commit some imprudence….


 -To Dream with a monastery au approached the announced disappointments. If we are in the monastery talking with others without paying attention to what happens there warns us that our attitude to life is neglected and we can commit some imprudence….


…Wash them, indicating concerns at work, setbacks. If you cut or amputate her foot means that it will suffer losses, misfortunes or separation. dirty feet or infected are a sign of disgrace and stalking enemies. sick or ulcerated feet represent ingratitude, fights or lawsuits. 26 – feet – lucky number sleep feet – 26…


It may not be amiss to have caution with everything related to fire and hot surfaces. But the dream may be talking from a wound in your love life that should heal and cure….


Whatever the zoological class they belong to us are talking in our dreams of repressed instincts either to ourselves or to others. Perhaps we are fearing judgment and backbiting others, or we are afraid to unleash pulsiones who disagree with our moral judgment….

N letter

If this letter clearly in your dream is talking to you of successes and failures finally get over it if you do not lose the courage and tenacity….


Worms that appear in dreams within fruit may be talking about hidden corruptions in situations that have a good and proper appearance. It may also represent the appearance of intruders or strangers in emotional relationships that can create problems….


See a woman in a dream represents passivity, nature and love. The woman relates her own feminine aspects, it can also represent her mother. Alternatively indicates the temptation and guilt. If you know this woman, she symbolizes the concerns and feelings you have about it. See an old woman in a dream indicates old situations will cercer. See a group of women talking in a dream refers some gossip. See pregnant women in a dream symbolizes abundance….


Dreamed of witnessing a murder or crime is a bad dream and at the same time warning that can get to know in which dangerous secrets should not intervene. To dream that you see someone talking to a murderer and one or both have clothes stained with blood, he suggests that the dreamer is in danger of suffering hardships because of their own recklessness. Dreamed of committing a murder indicates that there is a feeling of guilt for having done something wrong, and it may be affection of trouble with family and friends or romantic disappointments….


Dream his mother, already dead, in their natural personality it indicates superior protection that will help you succeed. Dreamed talking with her mother insinuates that are coming good news about their jobs, businesses, etc. Dream his dead mother’s announcement of sorrows, frustrations, failures, etc. Dream the call from his mother indicates that the behavior of the dreamer is not entirely correct and will bring trouble. Dream his mother crying at home indicates that something is very wrong and no risk of shortages, disease and other ailments….


A woman especially if you’re young, you dream of beautiful plumage birds singing, it is always a good omen, as announced joys, a wealthy and perhaps riches life. Dream birds approach can mean that receive news. If the birds are singing, the news will be good | if you stand still, the news will be inconsequential, and if the birds are dark, the news will be bad. Dream birds dark, silent color, meaning sadness and bad economic situation in the immediate future. It can also mean that he is the victim of perhaps other powerful people. Dream a bird wounded and bleeding suggests that in the near future the dreamer will live days of misery. You dream flocks of birds in flight is announcement that the downswing that will soon pass through to make way for the prosperity of the dreamer. Dream that pursues and captures one or more birds means desires and ambitions of prosperity, which is a long time coming. Dreamed of killing a bird means business disaster in themselves, particularly if the dreamer is a farmer or business related to the field. Dreaming talking birds suggests the dreamer lack of skill and ability to manage their affairs. Birdsong dream is of good omen, since announces peace, joy, awards, sympathy and success. This applies particularly in the case of those working in the artistic and intellectual milieu. He dreamed of a singing bird died in the hands, is a symbol of failures nearby what more longs, and even more so if the artist. Dream that frees a songbird, it is a symbol that they are wasting opportunities. To dream that a songbird wing room comes the dreamer suggests is to come the long-awaited success that will allow you to lead a comfortable and distinguished life, what ultimately be detrimental to the dreamer. This is a dream warning, particularly for women, in the sense that no illusions or chimeras should be exhorbitant….


Dreamed of sitting on a bench in a public place and talking to strangers it indicates to avoid indiscretions and not easily trust strangers. This is a warning that normally receive indiscreet people….

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