-Upload Nimbly portends that our ambitions will be fulfilled. If we are at the top it is that we have our goal in sight. If we are lying on the hillside it means that we will rely on someone whose influence will be decisive and beneficial. If slip and fall we not manage to carry out our goals….


 near danger. Threatened with difficulties….


Dreamed of running downhill cycling indicates that the dreamer is headed for a disaster in their affairs or business. Dreamed of running uphill cycling suggests that, although with difficulty, the affairs or business of (the) dreamer come to fruition. A woman who has one of these dreams, especially if they are young, in the first case will succeed in love and the second will fail….


…Stairs, hill, mountain, etc .: promotion at work, triumphs over his enemies, recognition of people around him, happy prognosis. 13 – up – A lucky number climbing dream – 13…


 -Ancha, Outright it indicates good progress of their business. -Estrecha And winding, with steep slope, numerous setbacks. -Unfinished, Loss of money….


See a rock in a dream means permanence and stability as expressed in the familiar phrase ” as solid as a rock. ” It may also indicate that it will make a recognition for your life and change some ways to put more solid foundation. Moreover rocks can also symbolize obstinacy, discord and unhappiness. To dream that you are climbing a steep rock means struggles, obstacles and disappointments….


Dreaming of a cliff means that difficulties lie ahead (or existing) whose importance will be reflected by the steepness of the cliff, and its proximity so close or so we see each foot of it. If in our dream we are climbing the cliff, despite all the difficulties that may arise, success is sure….


Dreamed of flying, especially at high altitudes, he suggests, for married people, problems at home, trying to evade them. Dreamed of flying very low and distressed by obstacles to flight, it means disease, instability in the affairs themselves, which the dreamer will recover. Dreamed of flying over muddy water is a warning to remain vigilant regarding the matters themselves, that is, to not rely much on others, because their enemies are waiting for their chance to hurt you. Dreamed of flying over a rocky, steep and difficult terrain suggests that it is going through bad times. Dreamed of flying over a green forest suggests that soon realize their wishes. Dreamed of flying towards the sun as a goal suggests that not satisfied with the achievements you have in your life, and you want more. Dreamed of flying in the cosmos to other planets may mean that he is fleeing serious problems that can not solve. Dreamed of flying with large black wings means complications own affairs. If in the dream feels that falls to the ground, it means next failures that could be dangerous. If in the fall awake, it may mean that all your problems will have, although not immediately satisfactory solution. often dreamed of flying but with white wings, and better if it happens on a green forest, it means success in their objectives, business profits and satisfaction in love. When a woman dreams of flying to distant sites suggests that receive false propositions, perhaps business or love. This dream warns the dreamer to be cautious in order to avoid problems in their family and social relationships and about their health. When a woman gunshot wound or otherwise while flying dreams can mean that opponents are attentive and ready to hurt her as they present the opportunity | therefore, you must be very careful in their daily behavior….