View a porter in a dream means many problems in your business. View a busy goalkeeper provides a pleasant news….


 The disorder will be detrimental….

Top scorer

 If the kick is given the ball is energetic and reach the finish bodes well. If you do not hit the ball bad omen….


It can be interpreted as the intuition of obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals. The dream invites you to seek alternative routes that reach your goals. If the dreamer who is within a fenced plot can be interpreted as the need to protect against interference from outsiders….


Dreaming of a football game means that you will feel very satisfied in your work and will gradually realizing its objectives ( ” goals ”). The game of football can refer to your behavior and your ability to achieve your goals, integration, strengths and weaknesses….


Dreaming one or more lions hints that a higher power is protecting the dreamer, therefore, it will succeed in what is proposed. Dressage or dream that dominates a lion suggests that the dreamer has enough character, energy and ability to achieve their goals. But if the lion is enraged and attacks it, then he hints that the enemies are too strong, threatening his victory. Caged lions dream suggests that doubts his ability to accomplish what you want. Dream a tamer facing a lion in a cage involves an example of how they can achieve what others proposed by reason and willpower. Dreaming lion cubs suggests that soon there will be new tasks, work, business or social relationships that need to be addressed. A young single mother who dreams lion cubs will approach indicates that new fans and some of them will woo. Listen in dreams the roar of a lion suggests new romantic relationships, not always convenient. Dreaming skin of a lion Announces relative successes. Dreamed of riding on a lion, like a horse, it insinuates that has enough energy to reach your goals….

Sheet music

If you see in the dream a musical score perhaps is that in real life’re trying to understand something without success and that concern is reflected in the dream. If you see yourself making it is a desire to plan harmonically issues….


…Strangling another person, overcome the difficulties and willpower rule with attempts to separate him from his goal. 11 – strangling – A lucky number strangling dream – 11…


…Inhabited, its major goals the can perform. Uninhabited, frustrations, deceptions and lies. That is being built, hard labor and sorrow, but the fine craved success. 4 – building – A lucky number of dream building – 4…


…Have one, your goals are well defined; satisfaction at the family level. Build, promises made soon. 27 – home – lucky number dream home – 27…


On a cliff, canyon, etc. It indicates lack of security and self-confidence. If it falls and rises several times, you will achieve your goals not without having gone through many difficulties. If you are falling objects or furniture, problems at work. 82 – fall – A lucky number falling asleep – 82…

Musical instruments

…Touching any or hear, unexpected encounter. favorable news, you get help and means to achieve their goals. Signing documents or writing. Attending a concert, harmony in relationships. Wind, nearby wedding, party, joy and health. 30 – Musical instruments – A lucky number of musical instruments dream – 30…

I paralytic

…It means that a certain person impede the achievement of its goals. Obstacles at work. 3 – Paralytic – A lucky number sleep paralyzed – 3…


…Play ball indicates entanglements, conflicts, business difficulties, lack of concrete goals. 1 – ball – A lucky number sleep ball – 1…


It means that life will go through numerous tests, dangers and obstacles, which can overcome firmly, cunning and perseverance. be persistent and not gave in on your goals. 82 – Forest – A lucky number sleep forest – 82…


Inhabit means vain fantasy and failure to achieve certain goals. 80 – Palace – A lucky number dream palace – 80…


…Work it indicates strong family ties, strong goals; willingness of things. 18 – Wood – A lucky number sleep wood – 18…


…Losing one or more keys, possibility of losing their jobs. confused attitudes are clarified. Screening of new goals. 4 – Key – A lucky number key sleep – 4…


Dream shot a gun means you have ambition and generally know what your life goals. your plans to achieve them are successful. If in your dream you shoot against another person represents your aggression or anger toward that person. To dream that someone shoots you can mean that in real life is experiencing a situation of confrontation and perhaps feel a victim of this situation….


To dream that goes something (a ladder or a rope …) means that aims to overcome a big fight, or has already overcome some aspects of your life. It also means that your goals are achievable. Down a cliff dream that means you should consider your subconscious. Experience reserves and difficulties when seeking to enter your deepest feelings. Perhaps you feel depressed or exhausted….


Jumping dream means you are willing to risk in real life to achieve your. It represents a decisive capacity to help you succeed. To dream that will make a jump, but is unable to do so indicates that is afraid of uncertainty. To dream that you are jumping on an object means to achieve your desires and goals after some efforts. Dreaming jumping over a rope means that too manisesta your emotions to friends. Dreaming with children jumping on a rope means is selfish and arrogant….


See a ruin in a dream represents obstacles and barriers to your goals….


See a wheel in a dream means difficult or impossible to solve situations. On the other hand a wheel means a continuation of situations and the ability to proceed toward goals. Losing a wheel of a vehicle shows losses, obstacles and mistakes. See a treadmill represents your feelings not go anywhere despite your hard work and effort. You feel stuck in a rut….


Dreaming of being in a theater means that much will result with new fellowships. It may also indicate that it will acquire a new role. To dream that laughs and applauds at a theater indicates you should choose a good way to achieve immediate gratification for future goals. To dream that the theater is on fire means that any new project that you take will defeat….


To dream that has a certain temptation in a dream represents a conflict between himself and your desires. It may also indicate an immediate satisfaction, or long-term goals. You will try to weigh decisions in your life variables….


Dream shoes generally means your attitude toward life and convictions. also it suggests that you should put your feet on the ground. Dreaming changing shoes means they will change your behavior to new events or people. To dream that you forget the shoes indicates that tries to leave old prejudices. Dreaming losing your shoes means you’ll find what you want. Dreaming means not wearing shoes means you have lack of confidence and self-assurance. Dreaming of new shoes mean you should not be so sure of its success. Dream of wearing a new shoe indicates the approach of life. See old or worn shoes in a dream means that through diligence and hard work, you will achieve success. To dream that you are wearing the wrong shoes for the current activity indicates that your progress and path will be laborious. It may also indicate that targets the wrong direction and need to consider your goals. See baby shoes in a dream symbolizes purity, innocence, vulnerability, tenderness and desire for love. If you plan to have or already have a baby suggests that the baby puts your feet on the ground. On the other hand, a baby shoes indicate that most of the time on a site is rooted without possibility of leaving. See a wooden shoe in a dream means loneliness and sadness. View or wear sneakers in a dream suggests that goes through life with ease having small obstacles. It also denotes comfort and satisfaction of himself. Moreover, the dream indicates that you have an active life and is always moving….


To dream that you are traveling represents a path toward personal goals. It also symbolizes your daily routine and way forward. To dream that a journey is going to end is a symbol that some activities will end….


See a field of wheat in a dream it means success in your goals. See large grains of wheat symbolizes prosperity and open in your efforts….


…It will reach (s) goal (s) proposals, good luck and happiness. 40 – port – A lucky number sleep harbor – 40…


…To dream that others admire indicates that is going through many difficulties to achieve the goal that has so desired and therefore needs to be admired in dreams. If you admire then you must overcome some selfishness and envy. 40 – admiration – A lucky number admiration sleep – 40…