Upload: fame, good health, spiritual strength and long life. Bring it down: Decay, sadness and frustration. 99 – rocks – A lucky number sleep rocks – 99…


When a man dreams of committing bigamy indicates that he has psychic and mental problems and do not know how to solve them. When a woman dreams of committing bigamy implies that his honor is in danger because of their indecent behavior and the intervention of intrigue and slander….


 Small things that appear in dreams when in reality they are not reflect our ignorance and smallness. Fighting this may mean one of the means to attain true wisdom….


See a rock in a dream means permanence and stability as expressed in the familiar phrase ” as solid as a rock. ” It may also indicate that it will make a recognition for your life and change some ways to put more solid foundation. Moreover rocks can also symbolize obstinacy, discord and unhappiness. To dream that you are climbing a steep rock means struggles, obstacles and disappointments….


Dreaming of smallpox disease is a symbol of unexpected but necessary financial gain. If the dreamer himself who suffers, it will mean that their behavior towards others is not beyond reproach and could therefore suffer some penalties….


 If we are eaten by a big fish it indicates that we are in a process of perfection and purification. In other occasions we devour a fish indicates a real danger that can cause us moral and material losses. -The Small fish that tried to fish with our hands and scurry reflect the memory or fear of sentimental disappointments. -The Solitary fish dead or indicate bitterness, despair and loneliness. -the Solitary fish hiding among the rocks reveals the desire to hide where we can evade responsibilities and sorrows….


 Wedded bliss….


…Injuring nose, signfica possibility of gossip and backbiting. Big Nose sugnifica anger, anger, envy. small nose, small signal problems and dislikes. blocked nose, presages obstacles in daily work. 30 – nose – A lucky number sleep nose – 30…


 -To Dream that we are sick indicates concern for our health and reveals emotional problems. If the patient is our father there is the possibility of getting sick in the head. If it’s the mother’s womb. A son / a, the heart. -A Brother / sister, arms or legs….


 It symbolizes the strength, tenacity and perseverance. If it is a volcanic rock amounts to petrification or hardening of the senses. If falls from the sky like meteors becomes sacred. If it becomes small stones or sand symbolizes the dismemberment, disintegration, disease, defeat and death. -To Dream with a stony extension warns us about our inner strength and sterility. If water or rain make their appearance will be softened and dissolved. If the land is covered with rocks expresses our resistance to change and if we decided to walk over them indicates that life will be difficult and painful to us. -To Dream with a cloven rock portends illness or family division, and if it is already breaking portends the death of something, family, business or personality….


 It symbolizes our means of action. The right hand corresponds to the rational, conscious, logical and virile. Left, irrational, illogical, unconscious and passive. big, strong and well structured Handed indicates success and progress. -small, Weak and ugly indicates recklessness, insecurity, dissatisfaction and failure. Handed white and clean, easy success. -Negras And hard, drudgery and hard success. (Unless we are black) Handed hairy, sordid imagination. Handed together, emotional stress. -Mirarse Hands, perplexity….


See a mouth in a dream means need to express or talk about an uncomfortable situation. On the other hand, maybe he talked too much and should keep your mouth shut. Dreaming mouth washes that indicates you will have to readjust your personal or professional life, if they really want to achieve specific goals. If the mouth is very small it is that they are talking badly about you. If the mouth is big they laud him for some work to be done. If you dream you have bad breath is that it has or will upset passengers….


Dreamed facing a huge and hideous spider it indicates the end of a losing streak and the beginning of better times. However, if the spider manages to bite the dreamer losing streak will continue. Dreamed of running away from a big spider suggests that there will be losses and discomfort as a result of lack of energy and character to address their problems. Dreamed of killing a spider involves chance of success | but if the spider revives and attacks, although not to itch, announces the presence of dangerous enemies. One or more spiders dream indicates that if you have sufficient care in its activities, will achieve significant benefits. Weaving its web spiders dream indicates that you are safe and happy in their environment. Dreamed of killing one or more indicates spiders family or with friends or business associates rifts. Dreamed bitten by a spider announces the risk of being a victim of intrigues and slander and leak. Many spiders hanging from the ceiling around the dreamer is a symbol of favorable conditions in their affairs, although there are opponents waiting for an opportunity to harm. just dreaming a spider involves the probability of entering business dealings or relationships or when you must exercise caution. A large spider and a small one to walk towards the dreamer is coming announcement and notable successes | but if one of the two bites the dreamer, then it will be quite the opposite. Dreaming is a poisonous spider announcement that adversaries or friends hypocrites seek to harm the dreamer, but if he kills her, triumph over enemies….


Dream firearms (the bigger and powerful worst is indicated) alteration of the nervous system suggests that the dreamer fears that a new war or an attack occurs personally. This dream is most common in young men who do not wish to participate in any war. Dreaming commonly used small arms indicates fear of being assaulted or attacked his enemies by surprise. When a woman dreams weapons, particularly firearms, he suggests that somehow it is relating to military. Weapons in general, and particularly the fire, indicate violence, brawls, quarrels, plots, unfair competition in the case of trade, envy, jealousy and betrayal. Dreamed wounded by a knife indicates that someone is betraying the trust of the dreamer. If firearm, the case can be severe and announce that someone close will die. Dreamed injuring someone with a gun warns that soon have problems of various kinds, including legal or judicial. Dreamed wounded by a firearm suggests that discomfort caused by rash, unpleasant or acting in bad faith, or people, that diseases that are already in the body, though not yet manifest will soon suffer will suffer. Dreamed owner of a gun, whatever, insinuates that has a bad temper, which can lead to complicated situations. Dreamed of shooting a firearm suggests that the conduct of (the) dreamer is leading to dangerous situations in many ways. Weapons dream is always negative….


It contemplates a dream that simply suggests building high ambitions, but not always fulfilled the commitments, which would entail various problems. Dream a building in detail noting that it is beautiful, he hints that he is acting well in relation to what you are doing. Dream of an old building in the destruction process itself implies carelessness, negligence in their affairs | therefore, it is best to check whether it is aware of its debts and commitments. To dream that has an elegant house, like a real building, it indicates that soon there will be significant favorable changes in its business that may force him to change his home. Dream big and stately buildings surrounded by green and flowery gardens indicates a long and pleasant life, with fun and travel. Dreamed of building a building or a house implies changes in the affairs themselves. If it is a building, the changes are important, and if a house be small. Dream many houses of any size, old and destroyed, it indicates deterioration of one’s health and risk for a disease that somehow affect your whole family. It is also an indication that there will be material losses of importance….

Stone (s)

Dreamed hurt by a stone or other projectile without knowing the origin, it suggests that soon will be stumbles and setbacks in their activities. When you know who hit him and the dreamer successfully defended the attack, it may mean that their problems will not be of importance. Someone suggests stoning dreamed concubinage, love affairs, various adventures, usually lacking morals and good customs. Dreaming stumbling stones is announced in advance of its business and affairs. Dreamed of walking between rocks or climbing over rocks suggests that require great effort to partially solve their problems….


Dreamed maneuvering or trading with gasoline or lubricating oils suggests the desire to achieve a position in exercising power, for example in politics or business environment. Dream big volumes of gasoline or insinuates that you are thinking of big business oils. These dreams in a young indicate the desire to marry a rich man, regardless of his true personality. All matters relating to oil indicates strength, wealth and power….


 It symbolizes the difficult problems or important or tasty things that is difficult to access. Maybe indicate number of small problems and difficulties without the benefit less. -You Can also be potential targets to get even before they must overcome numerous difficulties. If we’re gathering nuts portends a happy love life, although many small problems behave….


Small children or babies dream is always a good symbol that suggests good things for the dreamer in the immediate future. Dreamed of playing with children is good symbol because it may mean that all matters unfold satisfactorily dreamer. View on the floor happy children playing or studying means success in many ways in the immediate future. Dreaming children crying after suffering a punishment can mean that the dreamer will soon receive disappointments of friends who believed sincere. A mother dreams that her children are sick without you are in real life, it may mean that is concerned about several issues herself and her home. To dream that a small child is ill or dead or suggests that the dreamer is very concerned (a) because they fear bad news. Dreamed of leaving children to their fate may mean that the risk of losing all won by committing follies and errors run. Dream girls or very young, healthy and happy women, suggests that home queen joy, health and prosperity. If these young girls appear sick or in sleep (weak, thin and sad) then the meaning is the opposite. The man who sounds like girl or young woman, suggests that it has intimate inclination to homosexuality….


 If the dream group or its pen means gossip, backbiting and gossip. If he’s laying eggs Announces profits. If he’s brooding eggs and white predicts multiple benefits though small. If it is black it announces small problems….


 If innocent people appear as small symbolize the manifestations of the unconscious. The words and behavior of these beings contain a rewarding and revealing message. If the dwarves are misshapen and ugly reflect our ignorance and smallness. Fighting this may mean one of the means to attain true wisdom….


If we dream that we are out of hand when trying out the sea, they reflect sentimental frustrations. See fish swimming between rocks or hiding in the underwater landscape tell us about the desire to evade the responsibilities that beset us….


We expect a big disappointment….

Abrogate, repeal

 We face a big disappointment….


That sounds insistently and does not answer: anxious state, afraid to face certain problems of life. That speaks for him: you receive a phone call that will give you a big surprise. 78 – telephone – a lucky number dream phone – 78…


…Bad news and marital woes. If it curls and includes: a big problem will be fixed soon. Kill her: honor and triumph. 32 – Snake – A lucky number sleep snake – 32…


His house, bad omen, danger, illness or death. A commercial establishment, economic losses. Burn any part of your body, infornutio signal and inability to engage in work. That a piece of furniture or part of your house burns down, portends affray and family conflicts. That burns a building, big problems ahead. Burning simmering, instability in their relationships. 75 – burn – A lucky number of burning dream – 75…


 If we wave a flag portends wealth and honor. ‘If we behave recognition of our value. If we lose or we removed indicates the loss of power and command. If our country is to be recognized our merits. -being A foreign country indicates that it will only recognized our worth in another country. If is an imaginary country is that our dreams of greatness will not be met. If the flag is black we will be fighting against the disease. If it’s red fight to defend feelings. If it is purple, for freedom. -yellow, By intelligence. -brown, By our material interests. -How much more broken flag will be the biggest recognitions to our merits and our value….


 This dream reveals that women play a big role in our destiny. Thanks to a woman get love, friendship and benefits….


 If we see a big mouth symbolizes that we talk too much. -a Strain in the mouth warns us of a possible disease itself. -The Swollen face refers to selfishness. With his head turned upside down indicates preconceived ideas, prejudices….