Indication of health problems….


Dream books always indicates intense work. Dreamed of studying in a book insinuates that soon receive great satisfaction and eventually money. An author who dreams that his work is about to be printed indicates that the job should review before delivering it, because the author doubts that is accepted by the reading public. Dreamed of studying in a book, but with great effort to answer questions and difficult problems, indicates that eventually will be compensated with honors and awards. Dreamed surrounded by old, abused and neglected books it suggests that the dreamer is surrounded by lies and evil. However, if the books are in good condition and well accommodated, it indicates that there will be a long and peaceful life. Dreaming children studying with books in hands happiness at home indicates the dreamer….


Death, since ancient times, has been interpreted and understood only as a change of life | perhaps a difficult life, test and intensive work to one of peace and tranquility. Whether true or not, that is precisely one of the symbols of death in dreams: the change of life. For example, the disappearance of earthly ambitions and egos to be prosecuted to the spiritual. Dreaming death somehow suggests a major life change longs, for example, economically, at home, in employment, business occupations | finally, a renewal of life. Dreaming of death may also be a consequence of extreme fatigue and physical exhaustion, which among other things produces melancholy and disappointment over little things in everyday life. This dream also usually happens after living with great enthusiasm by false optimism and high hopes, but all failed | therefore symbolizes death only fleeting pessimism and depression that will lead to new illusions and hopes. Dreamed in agony he implies that suffering and effort in your life will allow you to enjoy a better life in the future. To dream that someone is dying at the moment suggests that some relatives or friends are going through a streak of bad luck, which can affect the dreamer. Dreamed about to die, not exactly dying, he warns that its affairs are worse, including health. Wild animals dying dream suggests that the evils that are somehow affecting the dreamer soon end. If that is a pet dies, then it indicates that the problems will worsen, which is a warning….


Dreamed of studying is going on a state of anxiety and fear. 48 – study – A lucky number studying sleep – 48…


See a long tongue in a dream it indicates propositions will be accepted. View a short tongue indicates unexpected news. See an infected tongue portends bad instincts and betrayal. To dream that you are studying a language exstanjera denotes that has difficulty expressing your thoughts. Dreaming a filthy language in a dream means that you will soon find a very tough situation. Hear or speak a foreign language in a dream indicates a situation that you do not understand is clarified soon….


Map dream means that in real life is carried away by a path that will bring satisfaction and that will help you realize your wishes. If it sounds consulting a map may ally themselves will suffer some small problems with money. Dreaming studying a map means that it will run on a road and along achieve its goals….


Dream a zodiac is concerned indicates that (a) for the immediate future, which is uncertain, when the dreamer just wants to live in peace and tranquility. Dream a tangled, messy zodiac, it suggests that the issues themselves do not walk well in the future and it will be difficult to improve them. Dreamed of studying a large zodiac suggests that it will succeed in business at the expense of the losses of others. Dreaming of any of the zodiac signs usually means welfare, happiness and success in school, work or business….


If you dream you are dying it is a sign that despite enjoying very good health, you feel a deep fear of death and pain. You will receive unexpected money. If the agony is a stranger, they will provide an unusual joy. 95 – Agony – A lucky number sleep Agony – 95…


Dream of studying means he wants to know a secret, a secret things….


 You must tidying family matters….


 If we are in dreams studying mathematics announces a forthcoming meeting with a person of great knowledge….

I am a student

 Verse augurs studying new possibilities in his career….


 -A Ceremony portends a favorable change. -A Reception, family joy. -A Sick, setbacks in their projects. -A A dying, we finished one stage and started another with new possibilities….


Dreaming a pyramid of any ancient culture announces major changes in the life of the dreamer. Dreamed up a pyramid, with or without stairs, announces that he will work hard and travel before achieving what you want. Archaeologically dreamed of studying a pyramid shows that it is fond of archeology or history….


If we dream that agonize, the dream can be interpreted as something important in our life will change, and we fear the suffering that transformation can bring us. If in the dream we see someone dying, we can interpret it as our relationship with that person will suffer a crisis….


Dreamed wrapped in a mystery, she suggests that unknown people will come to him for help or at least advice, which will involve new obligations unintended or unwanted or businesses that can be dangerous. Dreamed of studying something enigmatic and mysterious, no matter what question implies a desire for self-improvement in their knowledge….


Dreamed aboard a boat in calm waters hints coming successes, happy moments and satisfactions, if instead the waters are murky and choppy, choppy and threatening, indicates that soon there will be problems against which must be alert. Dream away a boat out to sea hints that there are too many illusions that the dreamer must control. To dream that a ship sailing towards a storm suggests that the dreamer is wrong in its affairs, business, work, family and soon will increase the problems due to intrigues and slander. Dream boats anchored in the harbor and stevedores loading is the announcement of personal gain, prosperity, change of life, etc. If boats are still without moving around, indicating the same in the affairs and business of the dreamer. To dream that some people shipwrecked without the dreamer can help hints that the dreamer will soon have to help someone who is in disgrace, and they are losing faith in one’s ability to correct errors. Dreamed of leaving a ship sinking and attempt to reach land by swimming, suggests a serious confusion in the dreamer concerning matters that are driving, which involves risks, but if the dream fails to reach solid ground indicates that although difficulties soon will resolve satisfactorily their affairs, business, romantic relationships, etc. To dream that other people talk about the clash between two boats or a shipwreck suggests that the issues themselves are bad because of neglect, and perhaps by the intervention of women (when the dreamer is a man) or men (in the case of women soñante). Dreamed of dying in a boat anchored in the port it indicates that damage due to intrigues and slander | but if the boat is in motion, all problems will be solved and the future will be less uncertain. Dreamed aboard a boat in a storm and hints that it is intervening in dangerous issues that end up with negative results. Dreamed in a boat sailing in calm waters is the announcement of important achievements at work, business or sentimental issues. Dreaming several large ships sailing in convoy formation or hints that soon there will be major changes in your life can also indicate news of international conflicts….


Dreamed of attending the funeral and burial of a very dear person or a family member suggests that all is well in the family and that soon there will be a wedding. In some cases this dream reveals the deep desire of the dreamer of someone dying. If it rains indicates tears during the funeral, in which case it is expected to happen something bad, such as illness, bad business or an unfortunate accident. Dreaming an epitaph suggests that bad news will be received soon, or at least very unpleasant. Dreamed alone in front of a tomb epitaph reading the announcement is very close disease. Dreamed of writing an epitaph indicates loss of a friend that he has great esteem. Dreaming burial oneself sometimes implies that in real life is giving much self-gratification, self tolerance, self-pity, without trying to correct their mistakes, but hide them. This dream is usually a warning that they are making serious mistakes that will eventually bring problems including legal type. If sleep time is taken from the grave and the coffin, he suggests that serious penalties will suffer, but ultimately all will be well and recover its prestige dreamer and tranquility. Dreamed of witnessing a funeral is unfortunate announcement marriage or disease in the dreamer. Dream the funeral of an unknown person close announces concerns. If the funeral is for a child, or parent, usually it indicates serious problems of various kinds that affect the whole family, without involving death. Black dress dreamed of attending a funeral of a relative insinuates widowhood or at least conditions of the nervous system, reason why fear death….


When a man dreams that someone of his affection is absent it indicates outstanding issues that need your attention, and if it is older, insinuates that has accumulated around too many issues unaddressed. Anyone who dreams of grief for the absence of someone, announces sudden and annoying situations with friends who have been long | that produces joy the absence of someone (friend or relative) announces upcoming release of enemies that are bothering | someone is traveling and will soon return, suggests that apparently resolved various issues are to return | joy due to the absence of someone, indicates the desire to get rid of enemies and difficult situations | someone who is dying away, suggests the likelihood of an upcoming wedding. Any young person who dreams of absent love affairs announces difficulties due to frivolities and lack of seriousness in their behavior….


Dreamed at any time of disaster is warning that the risk of serious losses, either material or health values, prestige, credit, runs etc. A young, unwed that dream suffering the consequences of a disaster of any kind, suggests that it is at risk of dying or being abandoned by her lover or you die a very close and dear relative. Dream of a disaster at sea indicates a serious danger if performed soon a trip on any transport, but especially if traveling by boat. This type of dream is particularly indicative for marine or people somehow live in the sea. Dreamed in a marine disaster, but being rescued, it indicates that despite all the problems will eventually triumph. As a spectator dreamed of a railway accident hints that something very unpleasant will happen to your family or friends. Blowing in or affected by a disaster suggests that rail is in imminent risk of loss in business or matters being handled….


Dreamed of studying an almanac symbolizes that there will be discomfort and ups and downs in their own affairs. It is a dream that warns of various dangers for some time, but then there will be a change. The warning is not to fall into despair and start blaming mistakes that prevent success. Reviewing an almanac in dreams is like checking one’s life looking for the causes and effects of the evils that are living….


Healing a wound or dreamed of an animal bite indicates that some people who have done them favors are scheming to harm the dreamer. Dreamed injured or bitten is always a symbol of envy, resentment and sometimes warns about possible attacks by disaffected. Dreamed wounding or biting someone’s behavior suggests that the environment in which it operates is not correct, which could cause problems in relationships and even material losses. This dream is a warning to correct. Dreaming blood resulting from a wound or bite another person or the dreamer himself indicates that their health is not good, so be careful. Dreamed bullet wound or other weapon and dying is a notice that unpleasant surprises such as treason or infidelity of family or friends will be received. But if the dream is saved from wounds indicates that all problems will be resolved satisfactorily….


Dreamed of studying or hearing something about history suggests the desire to achieve cultural self-improvement or traveling to visit interesting historical sites….


Small children or babies dream is always a good symbol that suggests good things for the dreamer in the immediate future. Dreamed of playing with children is good symbol because it may mean that all matters unfold satisfactorily dreamer. View on the floor happy children playing or studying means success in many ways in the immediate future. Dreaming children crying after suffering a punishment can mean that the dreamer will soon receive disappointments of friends who believed sincere. A mother dreams that her children are sick without you are in real life, it may mean that is concerned about several issues herself and her home. To dream that a small child is ill or dead or suggests that the dreamer is very concerned (a) because they fear bad news. Dreamed of leaving children to their fate may mean that the risk of losing all won by committing follies and errors run. Dream girls or very young, healthy and happy women, suggests that home queen joy, health and prosperity. If these young girls appear sick or in sleep (weak, thin and sad) then the meaning is the opposite. The man who sounds like girl or young woman, suggests that it has intimate inclination to homosexuality….


Dreamed studying a map any hints that there will be major changes in life and perhaps some trips, after having gone through failures, frustrations and setbacks, which ultimately will benefit the dreamer. Looking dreamed map hints that suffers confusion when looking for solutions to their problems. This dream at a young indicates high ambitions and intent to stabilize their lives through an advantageous marriage….


Dream voices call by name, it is an alert to better monitor their business otherwise you will have setbacks. Listen in dreams the voice of a family member or friend who utters the name of the dreamer indicates that someone needs or need your help. There have been cases where the call is from someone dying or already dead. This type of dream occurs frequently in people living very isolated, as in the villages or far to the north, when during the winter are completely isolated and cut off due to heavy snow. It also occurs among young lovers who want to be together, especially if they have had a disappointment. Voice of someone dream it, either directly or by phone, knowing that that person is already dead, it is a warning for the dreamer care of your health, your work or business. On this issue of the voices, either in dreams or awake, many serious authors say that the dead can themselves be heard and they usually do when people, especially relatives, are asleep….


Dreaming young people suggests that family difficulties will soon disappear, allowing you to make new plans. Feel young when it is no longer indicates a self-reproach for not properly seized opportunities presented at another time as well as the desire to correct mistakes. A mother who dreams of her son (who is an adult) as a child, generally indicates that about success and prosperity to the dreamer and child. A mother who dreams his young son dying indicates that its affairs are wrong and that she is in delicate health….


Dreamed in a very serious danger at risk of dying but escaping it, he suggests that it is acting or at least thinking very big, causing envy and attacks on their aspirations to conquer distinctions, honors and power, if only economic. Dreamed injured or killed in dangerous situations likely fail announces that all outstanding wealth and power to conquer attempts. This dream in the case of romantic relationships Announces disappointments and failures….