Boyfriend, girlfriend

…If you are single and dreams of your boyfriend or girlfriend, it means you will receive satisfaction in the emotional level. The person of your dreams enjoy long life. 38 – boyfriend, girlfriend – A lucky number of groom, wedding dream – 38…


 If it’s wool we suffer for gossip. If it’s a mattress it indicates anything serious love affairs….


 -Sign Of malevolent purposes against us. -Golpearla Means you end up with the slanderers….

Beat is

 difficult and uncertain situation….


It indicates that intuit the capacity to achieve your goals. The message of the dream can be interpreted as the need to strive knowing that you have the strength to overcome any difficulties….


 -To Dream that we beat them means that in real life are determined to beat them. Talking to them indicates a desire to peacefully resolve our differences….


Dreaming of a mare of good stamp, usually an indication that the spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend are good and grateful people. If a skinny, gangly horse in the dream is usually an indication that a woman will appear in the life of the dreamer causing serious trouble, especially if the dreamer is a man. If the Cocca sleep mare, is a symbol of gossips and betrayals….


Announces poisoned dreamed warns that negative influences or try to harm you. Dreamed of trying to poison others warned that it is misjudging and unjustly to others, causing them harm. A young man who dreams of poisoning a rival warns that should clarify the situation with her boyfriend to avoid greater evils. Dreamed pulling down a poison announced that plans must be abandoned. Dreaming poison other people driving suggests that it is surrounded by (a) dishonest people trying to hurt him. Dream that relatives themselves are poisoned warns that damage strangers suffer. To dream that an enemy, rival or competitor’s ad poisoned serious problems for the dreamer. Dreamed poisoned, but achieving relief, it may mean that triumph over the problems, however serious. Taking poison dreamed medical description suggests that will go through hardships and failures before reaching the success….


Exchanging dreamed something, whether objects, animals or money, means good business in the present and better in the near future. A young woman who dreams exchanging boyfriends or pretenders hints that does not meet any of the men who have approached him and want to find someone to their liking….


Dreamed of eating alone and warns that should be more careful with the matters being handled, because it is at risk of loss through carelessness, selfishness, vanity or otherwise. When a woman dreams of eating, silent in the presence of her husband or boyfriend is coming announcement difficulties, lawsuits, etc., even if they seem inconsequential may reach the total break in relations. But if there is joy, conversation, etc. during the meal, it indicates that romantic relationships are going well and will remain so. Dreamed of eating as a guest in the presence of several people it indicates social recognition in the immediate future. Dreamed of eating at a party in the field is coming announcement successes and joys. This dream is especially happy in young people, but if food during feast and it rains heavily, and worse if a storm breaks out, then the young people will suffer some disruption in your life, and in the elderly indicates tripping and inconsequential problems….


Dreaming pins suggests that there is and will remain for some time discomfort, friction, brawls | in short, all sorts of problems, including family and sentimental but nothing transcendent. When a woman dreams pins, he is warning that their behavior is not right with her boyfriend or husband or lover. A pin is gobbling dreamed announcement of an accident. Looking for a lost pin dreamed hints that inadvertently lose something of little value, but important to the dreamer. Dreaming pins rusty hints that are being neglected or abandoned important and probably dangerous matters. To dream that someone sticks a pin in the body indicates that suffer calumnies and intrigues irritating helplessly….


Dreamed consoling someone to relieve their hints that have the appropriate character to endear suffering. A woman who has this dream receive the sincere affection of the husband or boyfriend and family. Others dreamed reassuring hints that you have enough energy to reach your goals….


If a young woman dreams that you are leaving your home or your family, or your job or business, symbolizes that is uncomfortable in the environment in which it lives, so longs for a change. It also suggests various problems, including love life. The abandoned (a) dreamed indicates that there will be difficulties in planning a successful future, due to certain mistrust of others. Others dreamed of leaving insinuates that is facing difficult conditions and limitations to overcome. Dreamed leaving home indicates that family or money woes approach and be exposed (a) to suffer losses due to the involvement of people of bad faith. Dreamed of leaving girlfriend, boyfriend or lover it indicates that economic and various values ​​as personal affections, friendships, businesses suffer losses, etc. Dreamed of leaving the spouse suggests that surprise news such as an inheritance will be received, although this does not always mean having money or wealth, they may also be inherited debts or liabilities. If what is left is the religion that professes himself indicates disloyalty (a) for which there will be suffering and remorse for having insulted the faith of others who may be in a position to exert revenge. Dreamed of leaving children indicates that there will be setbacks and losses due to lack of serenity in judging matters are being handled and make decisions without meditate. Dreamed of abandoning the businesses themselves indicates that calamities and problems that can lead to lawsuits approaching misery. Dreaming a family member or friend on board an abandoned ship anchored indicates that complications in business or social relations approach. In the event that the person on the boat escape any way and finally reach the mainland, it indicates that despite the problems that arise, go free, and if there are losses, they will not be significant. Dreamed abandoned somewhere or unknown location indicates that moral punishment for ingratitude or resentments, grudges will be presented, etc….


Religious theme dreams are often related to facts and thoughts of daily life, so its explanation lies in the problems of conscience, same can discern only the dreamer. A young woman who dreams very attached to religion, so has frequent discussions, it may mean that soon have trouble with her boyfriend, lover or husband. A religious young man who dreams overly attached to religion is a sign basically vanity, it may mean that craves admiration, love and respect of others, which makes taking a forced behavior, which in view of the profane result unpleasant. It is a warning that should be moderated. Dream that religion itself is already in decline can mean that we are experiencing an emotional and psychological imbalance and the need to harmonize the conduct and reason over prejudice. Dreamed of abandoning one’s religion may mean that friends and co-workers and businesses are not agree with the thinking of the dreamer, and thus make a social vacuum around. Dream monks, nuns or religious reasons, especially when they are going through difficult moments, it may mean that soon receive some help, perhaps unexpected, at least moral. Dreamed discussing religious issues may mean that behavior is damaging his own personality, which will result in problems at work or in business….


A young to dream a beautiful bracelet placed on his arm suggests yearning for marriage, likely to be realized. A woman who has lost her dream bracelet, indicates that soon will have serious trouble with her boyfriend. A man or woman who dreams of finding a bracelet, indicates that soon improve their business of all kinds | but if the bracelet appears broken, damaged, old, etc., it indicates that what craves, no matter what the case, it will take a long time to complete. To dream that a bracelet is received, no matter why or how, indicates that some of his friends to help if needed, however, if the bracelet is a gift, but appears broken or badly treated, it is hypocritical friendships nothing will help….


Soap dream indicates that a straight life takes, what motivates the estimation of others. A driving dream Young soap is sinful announcement that reject insinuations of her boyfriend or other malicious person….


Dreaming a family member or friend or just known to be hanged, it suggests that the dreamer can fall into difficult situations to resolve, affecting family and friends. A young woman who dreams that are strangling her boyfriend shows that her suitor’s promises are not sincere. Next to be hanged dreamed hints that damages for intrigues, lies and slander will suffer. Dreamed of saving someone from the gallows hints that will succeed in matters which are driving. Dreamed of strangling a known enemy insinuates that triumph over adversity or their enemies….


Dreaming a portal, and the bigger the better, it suggests somewhat hidden deals or business that may be illegal and unpredictable. When a woman dreams of her lover in a doorway suggests that will not have a happy future, because her boyfriend is cheating on her….


Lemons dream resentfully envy indicates the dreamer against others. This indicated is more definitive when unripe lemons on a tree appear not owned by the dreamer. Dreamed sucking a lemon hints that the dreamer feels humiliated for a cause that may well be unjustified. In married people, dreaming that somehow suggests lemons involved immature rifts likely to worsen. This same between boyfriends usually indicates breaking of relationships….


Dream age, no matter who it is, it suggests that problems will arise soon. Dream age itself indicates that the slanders of wicked people will create problems even with one’s family. When a woman dreams that indicated older than it actually is, shows that has negative and hypocritical friendships that will eventually damage it. When a woman dreams older than it actually is insinuates that soon suffer an illness, or if you are young, you will have difficulties with her boyfriend, lover or husband. A woman who dreams his older than it actually indicates that he is at risk of losing lover. Trying dreamed kindly elderly is a sign of good feelings, which pay off in a sincere affection from others. Dreamed of lying about it indicates falsehood and loss of prestige in business, employment age itself, affection, etc….


Dreamed in a fight may mean that you will have difficulties with partners or competitors or colleagues at work. Dreamed defeated in a fight risking too warns that if their interests and properties at risk of suffering serious losses. To dream that presence a fight suggests that he is wasting money and energy. A woman who dreams of witnessing a fight between men suggests that it is at risk of being maligned, especially if your boyfriend, lover or husband appears in the fight. They fight dream that men with guns announces dangerous difficulties in the immediate future….


Dreamed of sailing on a calm sea suggests that soon enjoy modest but satisfactory joys and triumphs. Dream sailors working on the ship traveling suggests that long journeys by sea or land will be made. A woman who has this dream may mean that their relationship can undergo a final separation either your husband, boyfriend or lover….


When a woman dreams of a military field indicates that soon will have problems and even breaking up with a boyfriend or husband, if any. Dreaming of a military lieutenant graduation usually announces an upcoming trip that will be beneficial and fruitful for or dreamer. However, should I be careful with gossip that could harm you….


 It means someone will stand in our way and try to stop us realize our projects. If we can get jump across it is that we will achieve our goals. If we fail to pass we will not get beat our opponents or competitors….


 If we beat other competitors promises material benefits and personal success. If our competitor in our career is an animal means victory, but we have to see the meaning of the animal to know about that we win. If we take a person portends unforeseen events. If several people are disputes and quarrels portends. If they are armed announces insurrections, riots or wars….


 If we who we beat in duel announces argument with spouse or friends. If we witness one will be our friends or relatives who will play each other….


 Symbolizes the victory and immortality. -To Dream with laurel and even better if we are crowned with it portends a victory or success will be rewarded with some honorable or academic distinction. -also Predicts that we will be able to beat our lower instincts achieving victory and highest immortality….


If a whole pumpkin in the dream, you can be heralding the possibility of unexpected benefits in the form of inheritance or prizes in the game. But if it appears dry or empty, it portends a painful moment of life, hard to beat….


 It is a symbol of the father, teacher, judge and ruler. Symbolizes success and maximum success. The Lion in dreams can represent an admirable being or to an unbearable tyrant who must be feared. The dream is good or bad depending accompanying feelings and behavior of the lion. -To Dream with a family of lions portends joy and family togetherness in which each of its members knows his place and fully assumed. -To Dream with a lion symbolizes a powerful protector or a fearsome enemy, depending on their attitude towards us. -Godlike Grandeur -Mastering, domesticate or beat a lion foreshadows our superiority over our opponents and reach the desired position….


 It represents the baser passions and cowardice. Symbolizes the fear of betrayals and ground maneuvers. If in the dream we beat hyenas or we do is that we will escape unscathed from all these betrayals….

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