Dream a balloon rises into space to get lost in the distance is an announcement that your wishes are frustrated because the failures are close in their activities. Dreamed of traveling in a balloon hints that he is living with illusions unfounded, so it does not have the feet on the ground, and if you make a trip can be disastrous in many ways. When a woman dreams floating like a balloon hints that are pregnant or soon will be or want to be. Dream a glass globe for divination is warning that soon there will be doubts loves and perhaps disappointments. Dream our world floating like a balloon hints that does not have firmness of character or conduct in matters being handled….


Balloons dream indicates that your hopes for love can suffer a setback. On the other hand balloons are a symbol of celebrations and joys, maybe you should recognize the wishes of its interior. Balloons in a dream can also represent arrogance, perhaps you have too much opinion believed about himself. Dreaming of black balloons symbolizing depression especially if balloons come down. If a balloon explodes in a dream symbolizes an object or a desire not done. Dreaming a balloon flying is possible that the time has come to overcome your depression….


favorable changes in your life. 5 – balloon – A lucky number sleep globe – 5…


 The globe symbolizes the whole. -The Dreams in which a globe appears can reveal the lust for power and domination or announce a long journey. -The Hot air balloon and toy reveals the inconstancy and versatility of our thoughts and desires that are the main cause of our failures and frustrations. We can include as globe crystal ball of fortune tellers. In this dream, the desire to receive news or visit the person we miss is revealed….


 His triumphs are conditioned to prudence and sacrifice….


Dreamed of floating in clean water is a sign that the current problems are favorably overcome. Dreamed of floating in dirty or muddy waters indicates that the problems have in real life continue to worsen….


Ice dream indicates that opponents try to harm the dreamer. Dream ice floating in clean water, suggests that envy and hypocrisy surrounding the dreamer what hurt if you do not take precautions. Dreamed of walking on ice suggests that they are taking risks by putting stability and tranquility itself in trivial matters at stake. When a woman dreams of walking on ice, he suggests that because of their behavior is exposing serious disrepute. Ice dream hanging in homes, suggests the risk of falling into poverty and even misery and disease….


Dreamed hosted at a banquet and uncorking bottles to serve diners hints that soon enjoy benefits that will improve the economic and social conditions of the dreamer. Uncorking bottles or bottles dreamed of drugs suggests that they are losing energy, which bodes ill. Dream fishing rod cork floating in water indicates clean and quiet successes nearby. When the water is dirty and worse if agitated, it indicates that some unscrupulous people will produce different ailments and dislikes, perhaps through blackmail. Corking bottles dreamed indicates that it is handling well all his affairs. A young woman who dreams uncorking bottles of champagne hints that will soon bring you a lover of good economic position, but will question the reputation of the dreamer. This dream is a warning. Dream a corkscrew it implies being dissatisfied with what surrounds him, or that nothing pleases nor satisfied, which is creating her social or family problems. If the corkscrew is broken when used, it is a warning that, or change their way of being the dreamer, or their problems will worsen….