Find or enter one: you are a religious person attached to the strictest laws of morality, although it appears to be liberal. Bode well. 9 – seminar – A lucky number sleep seminar – 9…


 It is our own life that is represented and everything depends on us. Which is a cargo vehicle indicates that we do not start with empty hands. -The Gasoline represents our energy capacity. -The Body, our external appearance. -The Steering wheel control capability. -The Brakes will. -The Electrical circuit, intelligence. -The Headlights, our ability view of the facts. If the truck is in good condition it is that we have confidence in ourselves. If is in bad condition represents our fears. If we are alone driving the truck indicates desire for independence. If we travel accompanied the actions of the passengers, including us, we will reveal what our attitude to those around us. If you drive another person means that we are not masters of our destiny….


Dreamed hit by something or someone who expresses anger he indicates discord and dislikes of various kinds, but almost always caused by the dreamer. Dreamed of hitting a child or a weak and defenseless person indicates that the dreamer has taken too many liberties and advantages over others and probably plans to continue this for personal gain. To dream that blows are heard, for example on a door, hints that will soon reach the expected news. In some cases typically it involves someone who wishes to apologize for something that hurt the dreamer. To dream that knock on the door, the wall, the floor, etc. are heard, suggests that pleasant surprises will be received soon, maybe even dangerous….


Or dream you see oneself in a seminar is usually a warning about lies and betrayals that will soon arise and that will come from those who least expected, usually their own relatives or close friends….


 If we give or receive we represent problems and passing sentences. If we receive them without knowing where they come from, after the problems we reach prosperity. If we win we will succeed in the challenges that await us. If we lose fail. If we hit something solid predicts quarrels and conflicts….


Hitting dreams against something solid is forecast quarrels and conflicts. Also the blows we receive in dreams represent problems or penalties for insights that will emotionally prepare….


Dream symbolizes someone hitting your violence or anger he feels, but does not know how to express it, has a tendency to keep your negative feelings inside….


View or driving a station wagon in a dream refers to your family and issues surrounding your family….


…(See AUTOMOVIL) 0 – Cart – A lucky number of dream car – 0…


See a car in a dream it symbolizes difficulties. It can also mean economic resources and not wanting to risk. View an empty and abandoned trolley means loss and discontent….


 It is our own life that is represented and everything depends on us. If the car is in good condition it is that we have confidence in ourselves. If is in bad condition represents our fears. If we are alone driving the car indicates desire for independence. If we travel accompanied the actions of the passengers, including us, we will reveal what our attitude to those around us. If you drive another person means that we are not masters of our destiny….


 It indicates need for help….


Dreamed of driving a vehicle, such as a car, with which it hits something, it indicates constant uncontrolled aggression and therefore dangerous. It is the constant obsession with something that always leads to unnecessary problems. To dream that hits something and own imprudence almost hit someone or being hit by another vehicle indicates that, due to their misconduct, their activities are complicated and failing. When sleep is injured in a crash or run over soon face serious indicates that multiple failures and problems if not promptly corrected their conduct. When the dreamer is saved by its own crash or run over, it indicates that through his skill and behavior change, your affairs will work out. Dreamed of witnessing a vehicle collision or otherwise, and even worse if it is part of the crash, warns that caution should be exercised because it is at risk of an accident or at least a very unpleasant at work surprise, business, family or emotional issues. A young woman who dreams see a clash of any kind, must take immediate and firm in their feelings decisions, because it can cause squabbles between two hombrees or between families….


Firefighters dream indicates that intensive work has good friends. Dream a fire truck is a sign that there are deep concerns that it will overcome. Dream a fire truck and they put out a fire is a sign that all problems will be solved | but if firefighters fail to control the fire, or the car appears destroyed or broken and useless to work, existing problems will be exacerbated. A young man who dreams of a fire truck’s announcement that their romantic desires fail. A young woman who dreams firefighters at rest, inactive, hints that are at risk of having an accident, or some of his relatives or friends….


View a tank full of water in a dream it means prosperity and satisfaction of the current state in life. See a tank truck in a dream suggests that you are willing to find protection in destructive situations….


 Omen of conflict. -Usarlo With suitable projectiles hit the target is victory. -In Otherwise, disappointment and humiliation. -Being Hurt, danger….


You’re at a stage where you want to hit bottom to get rid of your load but you have to pay attention to your health and your mind to not come down….


 If someone strikes us indicates professional or family concerns. If we hit someone indicates that we do not take the proper precautions to achieve our goals….


 If we see a buggy hitched to horses predicts that the situation will be envied….


 Irrational symbol of power and domination. If we use it warns us that we made an arbitrary action. If got hit with a stick it is that we will be humiliated….


Usually it interpreted as a symbol of a physical or spiritual malaise that is going to hit, or it will manifest from within, like an infection. If when you dream of them, is not the time when they are in season, it can also be interpreted as a secret passion that can not confess….

Snow thrower

 unexpected solutions enable you to reactivate projects doomed to inertia. Hope next hit….


 If we avoid a danger in a dream portends an improvement. renewed and luck next hit….

Top scorer

 If the kick is given the ball is energetic and reach the finish bodes well. If you do not hit the ball bad omen….

Riding crop

 -Usarla Indicates that we are arrogant and misleading others. -Be Hit augurs that suffer outrages, shame and humiliation….


Dreaming of a railing means a chance to get an object, or get a hit….


Dreaming iron or steel, and worse if it is old, rusty or dirty, it indicates Unfortunately, anguish, grief, loss, etc. Dreamed of feeling on the body weight of an iron announces a mental confusion that will produce losses. Dreamed of hitting something with an iron object insinuates own selfishness and cruelty against those around the dreamer. Dreamed of working in iron objects suggests that the subject uses tricks to earn money. Dreamed trading with objects or materials is iron announcement that will not succeed in their activities, primarily because their friends are not recommended. If in the dream discovers that the low price iron, is a warning that there will be significant losses….

Sea Ocean

Dreaming calm sea, quiet, good sleep is hinting that there will soon be traveling for pleasure or business. This dream between young lovers often suggested upcoming wedding and honeymoon. Dreamed facing the sea and listening to the sound of waves hitting against a ship, it is warning there will be problems in the family, business or employment. Dreamed to the shore watching the waves crashing is to be found nearby announcement difficulties difficult to resolve. Dreamed of listening to the ocean waves but without seeing it, insinuates that has been wasting time on trivialities. A young single mother who is dreaming or near the sea, suggests that longs for true love. just dreaming waves foam indicates demoralization due to recent frustrations or outright failures in its activities, perhaps because it has not been given due attention….


Dreamed in a music room or listening to a classical music concert nearby and provides leisure and success and recognition in their activity. If you are a young person, then he refers to enjoy the delights of love. Dreamed in a vulgar vulgar music listening site, it indicates that friendships and social environment they live in are not recommended, or that their business partners are not reliable. Dreamed listening beautiful music insinuates that will soon reach the expected successes. Dreaming pleasant music and loud hints that bad times are coming in many ways, such as family disputes, illnesses, sentimental disappointments, etc. Musical instruments dream suggests that soon receive pleasant surprises (entertainment, parties, field trips, etc.). Dream broken, old or unusable musical instruments, is announcement of various difficulties, bad luck, presence of enmities and unfair competition. This dream of a woman expects a difficult future in their marriage or family. Dream the birdsong or soft but lively music, it is a favorable dream that hits close expected in business, employment, sentimental and familiar….


Hail dream indicates failure of the affairs, business, employment, etc. Hail falling dream with full sun suggests that the problems will soon pass away. A woman who dreams this hints that will have complications in their love life, but ultimately triumph. To dream that a hailstorm hit the house where he lives suggests that the present problems and those arising in the near future will continue for a short time and then be resolved….

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