Murders dream is that soon will be forced to take a trip. It will be intermixed in trouble and some that another difficulty. To dream that you have committed a murder, it indicates that you end an old habit and to your previous ways of thinking. This could also mean an end to an attachment. Alternatively, you may have some aggression or anger is repressed or others. To dream that you witness a murder, it indicates deep-seated anger toward someone. Consider how the victim represents aspects of yourself that you want to destroy or remove. To dream that you kill, he suggests that has separated some important and meaningful relationship and you are trying to disconnect from your emotions. It also represents your unusual talents. Note also that the dreams of murder often occur during periods of depression….


Murderers and murder dream is a premonition that will soon have to make a short trip. It will be intermixed in brawls and difficulties. 63 – murder – A lucky number sleep murder – 63…


Assassinating dreamed someone insinuates that soon anxieties and concerns resulting from various causes will suffer own faults. To dream that a known person is killed or commits suicide insinuates problems due to hesitations and doubts. To dream that someone commits a murder suggests that as a result of her own behavior will fall suspicions and doubts concerning the affairs, business and social relations that is developing. It also tends to announce the death of someone you know. Dreamed of a murder victim he implies that opponents are trying to hurt you. See murderers indicates that quite possibly there will soon be a meeting with the most beloved relatives….

Hiding place

Dreamed preparing or building a hiding to save some hints that feared enemies or failures, why he decides to hide. If in the dream finished constructing the hideout and keep something in it, indicates that triumph over adversity. Looking anxiously dreamed a hiding place suggests that the dreamer knows guilty of something wrong….


 It indicates that we have serious internal conflicts. an analysis is necessary. We must let off steam by for example sport….


Dreamed of witnessing a murder or crime is a bad dream and at the same time warning that can get to know in which dangerous secrets should not intervene. To dream that you see someone talking to a murderer and one or both have clothes stained with blood, he suggests that the dreamer is in danger of suffering hardships because of their own recklessness. Dreamed of committing a murder indicates that there is a feeling of guilt for having done something wrong, and it may be affection of trouble with family and friends or romantic disappointments….


 Evidence of threats against his intimate life….


 If the road is straight, wide, empty and lost in the horizon evidence desires for improvement, success, reasonable expectations….


 It symbolizes sexuality. Evidence of sexual desires. Beware spending and lust….


 It symbolizes sexuality. Evidence of sexual desires. Beware spending and lust….


 This is a notice to be honest with ourselves and recognize the evidence of what happens in our lives….

Wash, wash

 -To Dream with exaggerated evidence cleaning the desire to free ourselves from something that can be unpleasant or objectionable. If we wash our hands or body reveals the desire to get rid of any actual or alleged guilt. If we wash bedding reveals the concern to keep hidden facts about our sex life….


 Evidence that we let ourselves be influenced by readings or truculent and unreal films….


…See evidence that you are a shy person, sometimes unsociable and likes solitude. Being attacked by a bear, a sign that will have serious problems. 24 – Bear – A lucky number sleeping bear – 24…


 Evidence that a partner is brewing a bad action against us….


It represents evidence of new companies or successful projects. 66 – Camel – A lucky number of sleep camel – 66…


Sonar with a firearm is sickness and death. Be injured with a weapon dagger-is a sign of envy, jealousy and dislikes. Having a gun in your hand is a sign that you need material things to feel fully satisfied. View or to hold a weapon in your dream, it indicates a need to defend and protect themselves emotionally and / or physically. You are experiencing some conflict in your waking life. Alternatively, the dream may also indicate a desire to hurt someone or hiding something. your dream provides a safe place to express these desires asylum. Others are rich dream, suggests that you have to look and draw the help of those around you….


Mustaches dream indicates that your life, in general, is cheerful and carefree. If the whiskers are white means that your old age will be completely happy. If the color is black mustaches is that live afflictions and torments. If shaves whiskers is to be extremely prudent in all your actions and words. If a woman with a mustache appears in the dream it is a sign of distrust and jealousy. If a woman has a mustache and dreams that indicates that expresses energy in words. To dream that has a mustache when you do not have means hiding some aspect of your personality. a costume or show only some aspect of your personality sets. To dream that denotes shaves off your mustache showing your true personality. no longer you have to hide under a costume or some protection. On the other hand it will try to get in a position of honor and abandon bad companions….


Dreamed with an umbrella or parasol in hand is announcement of problems and unpleasant situations for which to prepare. Dreaming others who carry umbrellas in hand suggests that someone will approach for help. Dreamed borrowing an umbrella announces negative and unpleasant moments that orillarán him to seek help. Providing an umbrella dreamed suggests that soon receive samples of ingratitude. To dream that lost a lawsuit umbrella means someone always trusted and believed. Dream a broken, useless umbrella, it suggests that surprise will be hurt (a) in their employment, business, etc. Dreamed a pretty umbrella or umbrella during a rain is announcement of prosperity and good luck. Dreamed hiding an umbrella generally refers to illicit love affairs or business unmentionable. This dream is a self-reproach. A young woman who dreams an umbrella or parasol is a warning that, because of their suspicious behavior soon suffer vilification and rejection of friends….


Dream a coat of any kind implies that setbacks and humiliations by my enemies will suffer. Using a borrowed coat dreamed announces that outsiders will hurt by intrigue and slander. Dreamed of wearing a new coat, though not luxurious, it suggests that all is well in their affairs and that soon the results will be good. You wear a coat dream may mean that is hiding the true personality under a protective layer of appearances. If another person who wears the coat is there around you someone who hides under pleasant appearances selfish intentions….


…Not good hiding and away from others. Nurture your friendships and be more open. 20 – Snail – a lucky number sleep snail – 20…


If we dream that we are out of hand when trying out the sea, they reflect sentimental frustrations. See fish swimming between rocks or hiding in the underwater landscape tell us about the desire to evade the responsibilities that beset us….


 If you dream of an erupting volcano, indicating lack of control of your potential, your energy. You are living beyond your psychic possibilities and, from one moment to another, you can break out. You should take precautions; your health and your body are in danger if you do not submit to certain controls. Your goals are good, but the way that you hold is not right, it is really explosive. Control your aggression. If the volcano is off, it indicates that you are in full regression. Let out your inner what you wear too hiding for fear of failure, that others will not take you seriously or your intentions scoff time, they are all the same emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas or projects. You have immense power that must channel properly. And now is the time to put it up, you do use it you think most appropriate….


 If we are eaten by a big fish it indicates that we are in a process of perfection and purification. In other occasions we devour a fish indicates a real danger that can cause us moral and material losses. -The Small fish that tried to fish with our hands and scurry reflect the memory or fear of sentimental disappointments. -The Solitary fish dead or indicate bitterness, despair and loneliness. -the Solitary fish hiding among the rocks reveals the desire to hide where we can evade responsibilities and sorrows….


 -To Dream that we disguised reveals the intention of hiding our feelings, emotions and desires to deceive others. If we see other people masquerading try to remember who they were and distrust them because they want to deceive….


It means we are hiding our personality and depend on the type of coat, the interpretation to be given to sleep. We will also consider if in sleep we are protected under the shelter of the cold, rain, etc. | and also if the coat gives us a sense of weight or comfort. In any case, this dream will be telling us about some aspect of our personality that has to do with how to show others….