The house symbolizes the physical body of the person | therefore, depending on the conditions that the house appears, so you feel physically. When the dreamer sees his own home in this time and looks beautiful and cheerful, joy indicates success in business affairs and are driving. When they appear foster homes, particularly children and new (newly built), in the dream indicates tranquility and a pleasant home life and work. When they are small, old and neglected houses in the dream indicates that it is in process, a deterioration in health and business, work, etc., will go from bad to worse if they are not given immediate and effective attention. To dream that leaves the house itself indicates that there is an internal concern about venturing into new activities in search of fortune. Dream that is visiting the old home of the time of childhood or when a lot of youth indicates that receive good and welcome news. Entering into this house indicates great satisfaction with the success achieved in its activities. When the old home appears abandoned, neglected and half-destroyed indicates that the dreamer will suffer painful disease if not treated in time. It may also indicate illness and even death of a relative or very close friendship. When the dreamer is a very young woman, she indicates deep sadness because they lose a dear friend. Dreamed with the intention of moving house indicates the desire for a change of life, maybe it will occur soon. Depending on the conditions in which the house appears, this change will be good or bad (to prosperity or deterioration in both health and economic terms)….


 This dream is a call to family togetherness, to return to traditional customs and feelings, increased communication among all family members….


Dreamed broken any part of the body or injury is a warning that self-blame is running the risk of serious setbacks and losses to matters being handled. This dream, especially if repeated several times, warns that there are problems at home or mental instability who dreams (hesitations, changes of opinion, etc.). Breaking dreamed own or other furniture, it may mean that there are constant fights at home, caused by jealousy. Dreamed of breaking glass objects, especially cups or glasses, it is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Breaking dreamed clothing can mean complaints and lawsuits in the home and family that may end very badly….


Cups in dreams usually symbolize the pleasures of home. View a cup in a dream is a sign of mutual understanding and happy relationships and family. However, if the cup is broken or are broken cups it is always a bad omen for emotional relationships, home and family during sleep….


Small children or babies dream is always a good symbol that suggests good things for the dreamer in the immediate future. Dreamed of playing with children is good symbol because it may mean that all matters unfold satisfactorily dreamer. View on the floor happy children playing or studying means success in many ways in the immediate future. Dreaming children crying after suffering a punishment can mean that the dreamer will soon receive disappointments of friends who believed sincere. A mother dreams that her children are sick without you are in real life, it may mean that is concerned about several issues herself and her home. To dream that a small child is ill or dead or suggests that the dreamer is very concerned (a) because they fear bad news. Dreamed of leaving children to their fate may mean that the risk of losing all won by committing follies and errors run. Dream girls or very young, healthy and happy women, suggests that home queen joy, health and prosperity. If these young girls appear sick or in sleep (weak, thin and sad) then the meaning is the opposite. The man who sounds like girl or young woman, suggests that it has intimate inclination to homosexuality….


View during sleep tiles in good condition means that we are protected against the hazards of daily life. Usually a sign that we will use our advantages to provide greater comfort to our home and that we will achieve happiness in the family. The dream becomes an opposite meaning if the tiles are broken or damaged and depending on the seriousness of his condition. In general, a roof or a roof symbolize the protection of your possessions and property and the safety of your family and home relief….


 Joy at home pleasure of being at home. emotional intimacy….


Dream many large containers filled with milk indicates a good run and good business, beneficial partnerships, etc., all in the immediate future. But if the recipients have little milk, and worse if they are empty, it indicates the opposite. Dreamed loading a container with milk indicates that the dreamer works serving others and who is not comfortable, why aspiring to something better. Drinking milk dreamed is a favorable dream that announces abundance in the home, leisure and good business and social relationships. Milk dreamed negotiating with hints that soon improve their business. Throwing down milk dreamed warns that opportunities are being wasted again not present. Milk broken dream announces that serious problems are coming. Dreamed trying to get hints drink milk without being at risk of material losses or friends. Bathing in milk dreamed indicates desire for amusement, pleasures, luxuries, etc. This dream is more common among women who spend hardship and want to live in abundance. Milking a cow dreamed or any other animal insinuates that you will soon be presented good opportunities that should not be missed. If being milked milk falls outside the bucket it indicates that doubt take those opportunities. Sour milk dream indicates own discomfort, restlessness, fear of getting sick. When you dream you are taking it with other foods, especially if they are sea it indicates that fears that require you to perform unpleasant tasks, therefore indicates intimate dream rebellion against something that does not happen. Dreamed in a dairy and milk in sight is a good sign that hints coming successes in what is being done and happiness in the home and family….


 -New Or good aspect indicates that positive changes will occur. It will improve your home. -Carcomido Or burned, financial problems that affect your home….


Have one, your goals are well defined; satisfaction at the family level. Build, promises made soon. 27 – home – lucky number dream home – 27…


If a young woman dreams that you are leaving your home or your family, or your job or business, symbolizes that is uncomfortable in the environment in which it lives, so longs for a change. It also suggests various problems, including love life. The abandoned (a) dreamed indicates that there will be difficulties in planning a successful future, due to certain mistrust of others. Others dreamed of leaving insinuates that is facing difficult conditions and limitations to overcome. Dreamed leaving home indicates that family or money woes approach and be exposed (a) to suffer losses due to the involvement of people of bad faith. Dreamed of leaving girlfriend, boyfriend or lover it indicates that economic and various values ​​as personal affections, friendships, businesses suffer losses, etc. Dreamed of leaving the spouse suggests that surprise news such as an inheritance will be received, although this does not always mean having money or wealth, they may also be inherited debts or liabilities. If what is left is the religion that professes himself indicates disloyalty (a) for which there will be suffering and remorse for having insulted the faith of others who may be in a position to exert revenge. Dreamed of leaving children indicates that there will be setbacks and losses due to lack of serenity in judging matters are being handled and make decisions without meditate. Dreamed of abandoning the businesses themselves indicates that calamities and problems that can lead to lawsuits approaching misery. Dreaming a family member or friend on board an abandoned ship anchored indicates that complications in business or social relations approach. In the event that the person on the boat escape any way and finally reach the mainland, it indicates that despite the problems that arise, go free, and if there are losses, they will not be significant. Dreamed abandoned somewhere or unknown location indicates that moral punishment for ingratitude or resentments, grudges will be presented, etc….


To dream that crosses a garden in bloom accompanied by a loved one (girlfriend (o), spouse, mother, children) indicates that beautiful dreams and desires are, always have and they are reasonable and feasible be made. To dream that in this garden abounds ripe fruit, indicates gratification by faith in what has become a reward for the foreseeable future, with peace and happiness in the home. To dream that is in an orchard and animals arise eating the fruit fall to the ground indicates that lose in disputes and conflicts that have or are about to happen, because it claimed not belong. To dream that a ripe fruit of any kind, is caught is a sign of prosperity and various successes. An infested orchard dream indicates worms trials and tribulations of all kinds in matters being handled. To dream that is caught in an orchard outside indicates jealousy and selfishness of rivals in love or business competitors. It also implies that there is or there will be problems at home and marriage. To dream that a barren garden, ie, without fruit and with very little foliage, indicates that they are becoming scarce opportunities for success that yearns contemplated. To dream that the garden appears covered with foliage and greenery in midwinter indicates that, for the pleasures and amusements of this, is not attending or thinking about the future, which will create difficult situations to resolve. To dream that winds ravage the plants and trees in an orchard indicates that visits will have unpleasant or undesirable jobs will be imposed….


When a woman dreams that her husband beats her, suggests that family relationships will be affected by bad faith intrigues and slander. A man who dreams his wife in their normal behavior indicates that the dreamer understands what is life in all its facets, which gives peace and tranquility. Dream the kindest wife and understandable than normal suggests that the dreamer will soon receive benefits in employment or business you are driving. The dream man arguing bitterly with his wife, suggests that there are misunderstandings at home, in the family or in business. To dream that the wife is unfaithful suggests that soon there will be difficulties at home, work or business | it is a warning to avoid such problems blowing time leaving the wife or concubine suggests that the dreamer seeks to achieve easy money (eg buried treasure or illegal merchandise that will produce a lot of money)….


Dreaming rabbits announces favorable changes in life. For who handles business, this dream indicates lawful earnings. White rabbits, for singles, indicate next satisfactions, and for women promises of love. For married people indicates peace at home. Dreamed surrounded by rabbits scurry cheerful indicates that children, themselves or others, will contribute to happiness in the home. A rabbit fleeing dream suggests that you run the risk of losing valuables, mysterious and surprisingly, but that will get it all back. Dreamed of making an amulet with the leg of a rabbit reveals naivety or superstition in the dreamer. Dreaming people chasing a rabbit indicates that you have or have difficulties with their friends, which somehow affect the dreamer. Dreamed of shooting or beating a rabbit hints that should be applied all the energy against those who are creating problems….


Blowing at a party is usually a good sign, especially if people dancing happily and dressed in decent or elegant way, as this implies prosperity for the dreamer. Dreamed sad at a party indicates that soon receive bad news, including the probable death of a loved one. Blowing at a party where there servitude implies infidelity in marriage losses in business or lawsuits jealousy between lovers. Dreamed drunk at a party with scandalizing indicates that the hypocrisy of some friendships will cause losses and other damages. Dreamed as a host at a party where there is disorder caused by wine, he indicates that will soon be the victim of ingratitude and calumny. At a party dreamed of healthy and happy children it indicates that you want to start a family and a happy home. When (the) dreamer is young and single (a) implies that want to enjoy entertainment, parties, field trips, etc. A cheerful holiday dream elderly, for example in a nursing home, suggests that business is good at the moment, but I think what conditions will reach that age. Dreamed of dancing at a party hints that expects good results in their activities. A woman who dreams of a party implies that awaits the return of a friend who was a rival, but not confident that this is done. Blowing at a party usually announces joys and benefits, but also indicates that it is indifferent to the reality of life | ie it is leaning for the fleeting pleasures, which give negative results. Blowing at a party where there is turmoil, discussions and lawsuits suggests that soon the dreamer or his family sick. Dreamed of coming late to a party hints that suffer humiliations and humiliations. also it indicates that the dreamer evades its responsibilities, preferring to rely on other wills….


When a woman dreams that her husband abandons her without explanation, hints that approach him serious trouble but then come the reconciliation. A woman who dreams that the jealous husband unjustly accused of infidelity, indicates that the dreamer has been indiscreet and insinuating in his dealings with other men. A woman who dreams of her dead husband, hints that will soon have problems with his family. A woman who dreams her husband gaunt with sickly appearance, warns that he or his family actually is prone to a disease. When a woman dreams a cheerful, festive husband, it indicates that all is well at home and that projected or desired realization is feasible. A woman who dreams that her husband is unfaithful, hints that he actually crooked paths, causing problems at home. A woman who dreams her husband at a party, is the announcement of problems. A woman who dreams that her husband is killed because of another woman, indicates that you are at risk of divorce or have significant losses….


 Symbolize the plagues and devastating invasions and moral and spiritual torment. If we see a grasshopper portends only slight and insignificant discomfort. If the quantity we dream always advertised material, moral or spiritual disaster….


Dreamed holder and enjoying enormous wealth, it can mean living in hardship, so it must apply its maximum energy and ability to get to realize their aspirations expressed in the dream. often dream of wealth may mean that what you have, little or much, is not satisfied and is at risk of losing it. It is a warning not to venture into risky business. Dreaming others enjoying riches wealthy suggests that good friends will help in difficult times. Rich and dreamed that suddenly loses everything, it usually means that surprisingly (for example winning the lottery) will receive some economic benefits. Greedily accumulating wealth dreamed suggests that aspires to engage in uncertain adventures likely to make you more or less easy economic and social benefits. When a woman enjoying riches dreams can mean that subconsciously looking illusions, vanities and pleasures passengers. This dream suggests that you should be more aware of what is true love, family and home. When a woman dreams of somehow linked to rich and affluent characters indicates dissatisfaction with what you have, and that in real life is not always logical feeds great aspirations, but do you suppose that will soon find someone to meet. Dreamed on luxuries squandering wealth is a way to get even for the hardships they are living. Riches dream usually means fear of poverty. A young woman enjoying riches dream suggests that in real life rather trivial and inconsequential and you want to marry a rich man regardless of their behavior or appearance. Those who dream that will live with these illusions until reality awakens her. Dreamed only rich in money, suggests that self-improvement, you can achieve it in the immediate future with a little effort it covets. Dreamed outrageously rich and owner of valuable assets such as buildings, factories, estates, etc., it suggests that the dreamer too many ambitions not properly controlled, which is dangerous because it will create even legal problems….


To dream that suffer from mental retardation is announcement of failures, frustrations and losses. Dreaming children suffering from mental retardation suggests that home will be changes due to various problems difficult to solve….


Dream the father, especially if he looks calm and smiling, it may mean that family and friendly relations are excellent and will remain so. However, if the mad dream means the opposite. To dream that the mother is happy at home suggests that all is well, there is harmony | but if it appears angry, then it may mean that the dreamer is doing something wrong. When a woman dreams of arguing with her mother who is angry, he suggests that no family or friends to avoid problems….


All clock means time, and if the hands are moving, means active time, therefore suggests not death, as was thought at one time | by contrast, today is thought to suggest activity, movement, life. To dream that you see the time on a clock suggests that care should be taken against rivals already known. To dream that a watch is broken, it is threat of various losses in business or any other. To dream that falls from the hands of a clock crystal suggests enmities, false friends and own oversights that will cause losses. To dream that will steal your watch suggests danger enemies from the darkness shall prejudice the honor and tranquility of home. Self dream that flatters a clock suggests that tries to avoid difficult and uncomfortable situations and suffer attacks on their honor, dignity and reputation. To dream that you are moving clockwise suggests that something important is coming and that maybe time is being wasted instead of going in search of success. To dream that a wristwatch is, no matter what kind, suggests that it could achieve much more with more effort. It also suggests that there is a very intimate satisfaction with what has been achieved so far. Dream you see on any watch that the hands are moving closer together to get one over the other in the number l2 suggests that success is very close. When the dreamer is giving wind a watch, he suggests that all social relations will be favorable and that their interests will be favored. To dream that someone is giving you a watch suggests that they try to pass their problems….


If during sleep, it is the dreamer himself who is pescándolas, means that arise at home young family problems. If you dream that trout eat, usually it points to a wedding nearby….

Rats – mice

Dreaming rats or mice is never pleasant, especially when it occurs frequently. This type of sleep is a bad sign because announcing various diseases, among others, risks in their own health or that of loved ones. In some cases usually announces the start of infections. In any case, always it suggests problems at home, in the family, with friends or neighbors, business or employment. If he plays in politics or business complex, it means betrayals that can be dangerous, especially by those who are too obsequious and helpful. Dream pursued a mouse or a rat but escapes, it may mean that problems will persist, although under its control. To dream that kills a rat or a mouse means definitive triumph over their problems and enemies. When a woman dreams of rats or mice may mean that suspected enemies are hurting, perhaps taking advantage of evil arts as witchcraft. For a young woman who dreams of mice, it is a warning in the sense that it has free enemy who speak ill of her. A woman, and worse if you’re young, you dream a mouse on your clothes or dress, can mean that your honor is at stake with the risk of being involved in a scandal caused by artificial enmities. Dreaming rats or mice announces that hypocrites try to harm the dreamer and will cause neighbors or family problems. Dreamed of catching mice suggests has an advantage over enemies, who can not hurt. Dreamed killing rats or mice suggests that triumph over enemies. Dreamed in a mousetrap catching mice suggests that cease to be enemies, but if the dreamer who falls into the trap, then it may mean that will fall victim to attacks, robbery and intrigue. Mousetrap an empty dream may mean that the enemies actually assumptions are not or do not exist….


Dreaming fingernails or toes, own or others, it means too much work and effort comparatively to the reward received, that is, that there is an intimate discontent. Dreaming defective and painful fingernails suggests that soon there will be major health conditions or failures in matters being handled. Dreamed nails tearing means danger of serious illness that can even lead to death if not, take the proper precautions. Dream white, own or others’ nails, he suggests that soon there will be various problems both at home and in business. Preening dreamed fingernails suggests that enter into business dealings and apparently honorable, but can be very productive. To dream that own nails are cut means that we will incur taxable debt with high interest rates and also will have certain drawbacks in the family environment, while if the nails others are cut, announces that others cause us serious damage and we should have some caution, since the risk of illness that requires some care is run. Dreaming own or other nails too short suggests that their concerns go from bad to worse and will face setbacks and even failures with losses. Another dream nails too elongated suggests that the dreamer will be treated with indifference and did not recognize its merits. Dreaming own nails too elongated may mean that it is offending others by adopting attitudes of self-conceited. When nails are jagged it may mean that your health is not good….


Storm dreams are always alert calls subconscious. They are symbols used to warn the dreamer who comes more or less harmful or dangerous against which the dreamer should be forewarned, starting with reviewing and settle their outstanding issues, it does not always know where the storm will come, although men business do know, because supposedly have their affairs under control. To dream that the threat of a storm warning is heard often a dangerous disease that affect your home or there will be other adverse issues such as anger and even alienation from family and friends, as well as some unforeseeable misfortunes. Dreamed in a house that is shaken or even destroyed by a storm he suggests serious disturbances in daily, same life that may force him to change domicile, employment and perhaps city. To dream that others are suffering in a storm and that some of them die, he suggests that you should immediately make an examination of conscience to have at least an idea of ​​how close the dreamer to suffer the same as witnessed in the dream. To dream that a destructive storm passes and returning sunlight and the general tranquility, it may mean that all penalties are taken at the time of sleep will be inconsequential and passing and then comes the calm….


Just as in real life, in dreams, a roof symbolizes protection, not only of possessions and property, if not, more importantly, the safety of family and home. A roof in good condition means that the management of affairs will take place under favorable circumstances and forecasts tranquility in family affairs. A roof in poor or crumbling predicts a serious illness, a death in the family, or the loss of a loved one….


Dreamed of walking on a mat indicates that all is well and soon the good results will be rewarded. Dreamed of buying rugs indicates that prosperity smiles and should use it to keep it that way. Insinuates selling rugs dreamed wishes of fun and pleasure trips, but without having to leave the business. When a woman dreams of beautiful rugs may mean that yearns to enjoy a good life in a beautiful and comfortable home. Dream a dirty and broken carpet, indicates the imminent risk of an already chronic disease, but will worsen, particularly the nervous system. If the dreamer is mending or cleaning said carpet, it is a sign that should visit the doctor as soon as possible….


Dream his mother, already dead, in their natural personality it indicates superior protection that will help you succeed. Dreamed talking with her mother insinuates that are coming good news about their jobs, businesses, etc. Dream his dead mother’s announcement of sorrows, frustrations, failures, etc. Dream the call from his mother indicates that the behavior of the dreamer is not entirely correct and will bring trouble. Dream his mother crying at home indicates that something is very wrong and no risk of shortages, disease and other ailments….


Death, since ancient times, has been interpreted and understood only as a change of life | perhaps a difficult life, test and intensive work to one of peace and tranquility. Whether true or not, that is precisely one of the symbols of death in dreams: the change of life. For example, the disappearance of earthly ambitions and egos to be prosecuted to the spiritual. Dreaming death somehow suggests a major life change longs, for example, economically, at home, in employment, business occupations | finally, a renewal of life. Dreaming of death may also be a consequence of extreme fatigue and physical exhaustion, which among other things produces melancholy and disappointment over little things in everyday life. This dream also usually happens after living with great enthusiasm by false optimism and high hopes, but all failed | therefore symbolizes death only fleeting pessimism and depression that will lead to new illusions and hopes. Dreamed in agony he implies that suffering and effort in your life will allow you to enjoy a better life in the future. To dream that someone is dying at the moment suggests that some relatives or friends are going through a streak of bad luck, which can affect the dreamer. Dreamed about to die, not exactly dying, he warns that its affairs are worse, including health. Wild animals dying dream suggests that the evils that are somehow affecting the dreamer soon end. If that is a pet dies, then it indicates that the problems will worsen, which is a warning….


Dreamed wandering anywhere, whether in the countryside or in the city, indicates a depressed state, annoyance, sadness and perhaps nostalgic to think of past times were better than the current ones. This dream at a young suggests that seeks to establish their own home. Dreamed wandering generally announcement poverty. Several vague dream is unpleasant announcement that some people will visit the dreamer. Protecting dreamed vague suggests, more than anything else vanity and exhibitionism useless….