Bard, fence

Dreamed of climbing or jumping a fence or near any kind indicates success in what you are doing, which will give good profits. Dreamed trying to jump a fence or fence and finally falls to the ground, indicating that fail in their plans or projects, due to lack of capacity. Dreamed of sitting on a wall or fence or palisade, in the company of others and the wall collapses above all, he hints that a family member or friend is prone to a serious accident. Dreamed of eating on a fence or near insinuates that the dreamer is not using the appropriate means to succeed. Dreamed of tearing down a fence or close and then move to the other side it insinuates that has enough energy and ability to achieve the desired success. Dreamed of building a fence or near insinuates that you want to have what it takes to live comfortably in the future. A young woman who sleep above implies that yearns to be a happy home, but if you take that building will collapse, in which case indicates that your wishes will not be made in the immediate future. Dream of a wooden fence, it is sure sign of money. If the gate is forecast to iron obstacles that you have to save your correct behavior you will be presented….


It can be interpreted as the intuition of obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals. The dream invites you to seek alternative routes that reach your goals. If the dreamer who is within a fenced plot can be interpreted as the need to protect against interference from outsiders….

Fence, paling

View our dreams for a hedge or living fence of bushes or shrubs usually it means that we will present small obstacles, and that if we put effort into it, we can successfully overcome. If you dream that the hedge is around the house itself, usually has the meaning of being received protection in all our efforts and actions, it is to remember that the house usually symbolizes the same dreamer and the hedge, in this case, It represents that protection….


 Sign precursor of annoyances and worries….


 -See Indicates that a hedge will have to go through some difficulties. -Podarlo Or cross it indicates that he will propose appropriate solutions….


Dreamed jumping for no apparent reason it may mean that you have enough energy, capacity and enthusiasm to succeed in what is undertaken and thus achieve prosperity and a comfortable life. Jumping dreamed objects with a degree of difficulty implies that you have the ability to triumph over the problems arising | but if the jump falls to the ground, indicating risks. Dreamed of jumping from a height you can mean lost if you risk too much on what you are driving. When a woman dreams of jumping from a height or a difficult obstacle, it may mean that prevail in what is proposed….


Jumping dream means you are willing to risk in real life to achieve your. It represents a decisive capacity to help you succeed. To dream that will make a jump, but is unable to do so indicates that is afraid of uncertainty. To dream that you are jumping on an object means to achieve your desires and goals after some efforts. Dreaming jumping over a rope means that too manisesta your emotions to friends. Dreaming with children jumping on a rope means is selfish and arrogant….


Dreaming one or more paths, usually it indicates that the dreamer a constant concern due to dubious conditions found his affairs, business, love, etc., which produces a constant desire to make changes in your life . The chances of these changes almost always appear in the same dream showing the difficulties or facilities to do so. For example: A large, long and clean, easy to navigate, way indicate that all is well in your life and will remain so for some time. On the contrary, a narrow, muddy, rocky and difficult to navigate way indicate abundance of problems, indicating that longs the change will not be easy or immediate. A path that appears suddenly blocked by a wall or other obstacle as it would be a huge rock, or simply ends, indicate that one should not expect speedy victory in the change longs, because the problems are greater and perhaps insurmountable. Such a dream implies change tactics, purposes and possibly to the reasons, so it should make a general review of their affairs, which usually requires time and patience. Dreaming several paths that cross indicates no self-confidence and that will prevent you from seizing opportunities that are presented to overcome. Dreaming one or more paths, sidewalks, roads, etc., indicates upcoming trips. Dreamed of walking or observing one or more unknown paths it indicates that soon will have to address new issues, namely, that certain actions that will miss the time without appreciable utility will start. Blowing on a road fenced with beautiful trees and flowers indicates that the dreamer is approaching success in what he has undertaken. Dreamed in a beautiful way of several people accompanied it indicates joy and prosperity at home. If the dreamer, man or woman, is to marry, it indicates happiness with spouse. Dreamed lost in an unfamiliar way indicates that they are making mistakes that endanger what has been achieved, yet there may be serious failures and losses. Dreamed of walking on a narrow, stony path is announcement of problems and difficulties to be solved, require a lot of dedication and work. To dream that has lost its way suggests mental confusion, which explains the problems that are going through. Dreamed of walking down an easy path, lined with green grass and abundant flowers, hints that all his affairs are going well and will soon reach the success. Dreamed of walking on a dark night by an unknown way indicates that he is intervening in risky affairs and that can lead to serious problems. When a woman dreams of walking briskly hints that yearns for something difficult to acquire, but eventually get it. Walking along a path or narrow path usually means that illicit love with a married person shall be taken….


Horseshoes clean dream suggests that all matters go well, including the emotional aspect. Dream broken, rusted, old or dirty shoes just hints that unfortunate situations as failures and illnesses approach in the dreamer or his family. Dreaming a horseshoe hanging on a fence suggests that soon there will be a marked improvement in your life, perhaps higher than desired. Dreamed in a desert field suggests that finding a horseshoe soon receive a surprise unexpected benefit….


See a wall in a dream means obstacles and limitations. There is a barrier that hinders progress. You are too accustomed to your old habits and ways of thinking. Dreaming jumping over a wall suggests a strong will overcome obstacles to succeed. Dreaming demolishing a wall indicates that it will break barriers and overcome some limitations. See a wall crumbles easily indicates that raises problems and overcome your barriers. Dream of building a wall represents a bad relationship. On the other hand indicates that it will accept its limitations dream that is hidden behind a wall suggests that it has embarrassed by relations. To dream that you are throwing through a wall indicates some means to break barriers and constraints….

Tightrope walker

Dreamed as a tightrope walking on a tightrope is a symbol that soon there will be fluctuations in matters being handled, but ultimately triumph. Dreaming others trudging on a rope suggests that the dreamer will result benefited from others’ mistakes. Dreamed of jumping rope to how boxers suggests that the dreamer like the extravagant and sensational, no matter the risks….


Distant dream monkeys usually refers to distant relatives or friends who are in a difficult moral situation and soon will ask for advice or help. Dreaming little monkeys, fidgeting nervously, climbing trees, suggests that there are hypocrites enmities near the proposed dreamer hurt or at least annoy him. Dreaming monkeys nearby, shouting and moving, jumping, heralds upcoming disappointments because of gossip and intrigue by obviously hypocrites and envious friends. Quiet and indifferent dream monkeys indicates that the dreamer suffers a growing depression. Monkeys dream catching something, they take it running and then eat it, it is clear warning that the dreamer may be the victim of a robbery. Dreaming monkeys looking attentive to the dreamer, is like looking in a mirror and suggests that the dreamer does not have enough self-awareness (inferiority complex), which is causing problems. This dream is a warning that should be reevaluated and self made….


Dreamed front of a wall that prevents you keep walking suggests that will have serious difficulties in matters that are driving and that will require a lot of work to avoid failures. Dreamed of jumping a wall or wall suggests that, through intense effort, the dreamer overcome their problems. Breaking dreamed of a wall to continue their way suggests that easily dominate their problems and succeed in their activities. Dreamed totally collapsing a wall, partition or suggest that their problems will be solved soon and eliminated their enemies or competitors wall. Dreamed of building a wall or partition wall announces that it will succeed in their projects and plans….


If during sleep, the dreamer himself is jumping a wall is usually a sign that their convictions are firm and should not be discouraged by obstacles that come up to achieve the desired purpose….


If in the dream we are jumping up will be a good omen that we can improve our situation, either in our own strength or with some aid to come represented in the dream by the support they give us momentum for the jump. But if the jump is down or circumventing a pit, ect … and feel fear, it can be interpreted as our fear of facing a difficulty that will soon occur, so it is important to note that as just jump in sleep….