Every altar usually symbolizes repentance, contrition, need to sacrifice, and it is assumed that this is the spirit that acts | therefore, the dreamed before an altar, with or without a priest present indicates a certain self-reproach that will serve to review the conduct itself to ease their conscience. Dreaming an altar, with or without a priest officiating, it is a warning to the effect that the conduct of the dreamer is not as good as it should, so it is committing serious errors. Dreamed of building an altar announces joys, successes and benefits in business, employment or social relations. Dreamed of destroying an altar portends failures, pains, diseases, etc. Altar dream that a partial or completely destroyed for any reason is observed, indicating that the dreamer has or will soon have reason to suffer sadness, nostalgia, memories, all motivated by something that was never to return. Dreaming an altar before which a marriage is performed indicates reasons for sadness with friendships that will affect the dreamer. In some cases usually indicates the death of an elderly person. A dream officiating before an altar indicates that difficult situations, whether in employment, business or home, and soon will go through moments of anguish will be presented priest….


If a young woman dreams that you are leaving your home or your family, or your job or business, symbolizes that is uncomfortable in the environment in which it lives, so longs for a change. It also suggests various problems, including love life. The abandoned (a) dreamed indicates that there will be difficulties in planning a successful future, due to certain mistrust of others. Others dreamed of leaving insinuates that is facing difficult conditions and limitations to overcome. Dreamed leaving home indicates that family or money woes approach and be exposed (a) to suffer losses due to the involvement of people of bad faith. Dreamed of leaving girlfriend, boyfriend or lover it indicates that economic and various values ​​as personal affections, friendships, businesses suffer losses, etc. Dreamed of leaving the spouse suggests that surprise news such as an inheritance will be received, although this does not always mean having money or wealth, they may also be inherited debts or liabilities. If what is left is the religion that professes himself indicates disloyalty (a) for which there will be suffering and remorse for having insulted the faith of others who may be in a position to exert revenge. Dreamed of leaving children indicates that there will be setbacks and losses due to lack of serenity in judging matters are being handled and make decisions without meditate. Dreamed of abandoning the businesses themselves indicates that calamities and problems that can lead to lawsuits approaching misery. Dreaming a family member or friend on board an abandoned ship anchored indicates that complications in business or social relations approach. In the event that the person on the boat escape any way and finally reach the mainland, it indicates that despite the problems that arise, go free, and if there are losses, they will not be significant. Dreamed abandoned somewhere or unknown location indicates that moral punishment for ingratitude or resentments, grudges will be presented, etc….


 If appears in good condition bodes well, presages our marriage or an acquaintance. If he’s ruined it bodes ill, loss of consideration….


 -Saltar Bodes whenever you jump up, pole vault or not. Pole Vault indicates that receive help from others. When the jump is not sporty nature of the obstacles or dangers we will explained in the name of what jump. If we are forced to jump it means that we will be in a difficult situation. If we jump and do not dare to reveal our fear to commit an imprudence….


…Entering or leaving it means that some people hinder their projects. dangerous enemies. 11 – meter – A lucky number Subway sleep – 11…


…Great, opulence. Loose, bad business, material losses, leisure. He is leaving the womb of his mother, estrangement between family members. 0 – belly – A lucky number sleep belly – 0…


Emerald dream means that you are leaving the false and misleading world….


Maybe inside you you know you’re leaving too much to chance and dream refers you to the fear of losing for lack of foresight….


Dream shoes generally means your attitude toward life and convictions. also it suggests that you should put your feet on the ground. Dreaming changing shoes means they will change your behavior to new events or people. To dream that you forget the shoes indicates that tries to leave old prejudices. Dreaming losing your shoes means you’ll find what you want. Dreaming means not wearing shoes means you have lack of confidence and self-assurance. Dreaming of new shoes mean you should not be so sure of its success. Dream of wearing a new shoe indicates the approach of life. See old or worn shoes in a dream means that through diligence and hard work, you will achieve success. To dream that you are wearing the wrong shoes for the current activity indicates that your progress and path will be laborious. It may also indicate that targets the wrong direction and need to consider your goals. See baby shoes in a dream symbolizes purity, innocence, vulnerability, tenderness and desire for love. If you plan to have or already have a baby suggests that the baby puts your feet on the ground. On the other hand, a baby shoes indicate that most of the time on a site is rooted without possibility of leaving. See a wooden shoe in a dream means loneliness and sadness. View or wear sneakers in a dream suggests that goes through life with ease having small obstacles. It also denotes comfort and satisfaction of himself. Moreover, the dream indicates that you have an active life and is always moving….


 If we keep money in a bank or jewelry in a safe it indicates a need for protection of the dreamer. If we get money it indicates that despite the difficulties we have to face energy problems. If the bank denies us the money we must accept that we are in a difficult situation. -only Leaving the bank with the money slightly favorable….


 It symbolizes our existence. If low gentle symbolizes wealth and prosperity. If overflows and furious devastates everything in its path portends misfortune and hunger. If the waters are crystal symbolizes purity and happiness. -Turbias And muddy portends impure feelings and causes grief. When the river flows it indicates that a current of energy and feelings also flows through us. If we just see how the river flows it reflects that we are leaving lose the energies and feelings without use of them….

Salt Shaker

 If we drop the salt shaker is leaving the sterile salt spilling express our inner world….


 This dream warns us that we are leaving drag by events without doing anything to control them….


Dream tombs besides being unpleasant is ominous, since it refers not just to death, but to poor health, bad business, bad luck, adversities, setbacks, etc. Dream announces new graves will be harmed by errors of others. When a woman dreams found in a tomb because it is the only place where you can rest, is a warning that soon receive disappointments and sorrows because of ingratitude on the part of faithful friends thought before. It also hints that will have difficulties and emotional problems. Dreamed of looking inside a tomb or crypt suggests that there will be multiple social conflicts, business or severe loss of friendships and dislikes. Dreamed of watching from a distance and partially destroyed an abandoned tomb suggests that soon there will be difficulties in the family and with friends, causing resentment and sorrow. Dreamed of visiting fresh graves suggests that there are several risks around against which must be prevented (a). Dreamed of walking between graves announces a death in the family or friends very close. Also it hints difficult and annoying between family situations. In the case of being in a marriage project, this will not be happy, at least in the beginning. Dreamed of looking at a person known inside a tomb covered with earth, except the head, implies that that person is in serious trouble and that for some reason the dreamer himself runs the same risk of suffering losses and failures, perhaps caused by the person he saw in the tomb. Dreamed of picking a corpse for burial, but then the body is no longer, is a warning that spy adversaries to harm the dreamer. Dreamed watching his own tomb is a warning that opponents try to create you avoid further damage to the already achieved successes. To dream that on an abandoned tomb there minutiae of joy, for example wild and fresh, or something to talk about a recent visit flower, hints that losing streak that is living will to lead to joy and hope, leaving the way new illusions. Dreamed of digging a grave and that bothers others it suggests that misconduct or indiscretions dreamer can create enmities. If the dream ends to make the grave, it may mean that simple enmities will become serious enemies. If all this appears in full sunlight it suggests that there will be solutions to the problem that was created. Dreamed of being a corpse inside a tomb may mean that it is going through a state of deep depression, sadness and hopelessness, which must be fought. Funerary monuments dream heralds disease and in some cases even death of a loved one. Dreamed inside a tomb is very close notice of own illness….

Neglect, abandon

It is a fairly common and countless sleep matices.En must first distinguish ourselves from leaving us abandoned and someone or something. When the left’s self, is typically a bad dream, unless we see abandoned by powerful people, indicating the possibility of freeing their domain, which gives hope for a better life. Also when we abandons dreams or lover may mean such a release. In other cases always portends problems and dificultades.Asi if who leaves us is the mother, it will be difucultades materials, | if it is the father who lack the will to undertake and carry out what you want | if the spouse, are difñiciles material circumstances that are occurring because of our own actions. When we ourselves who give up something or someone, it means that we are living tied to principles or habits and periclitados, or maybe we live trapped by the environment, family or friends who are cutting our best possibilities. Quie abandon him in this dream we will clarify which of these causes holds us prisoners, and therefore what debmeos oliberarnos or at least significantly change. What dreams of abandonment can also be a warning that our health leaves something to be desired in some aspect, so the first thing to be done before such a dream is a medical examination that will clarify if that fails is health or our attitude to lifetime….


It is a warning that you do not focus well know situations and you can be fooled by leaving the senses. Be alert….


Dreamed front of a theater wanting to enter, but with many impediments or is dark, suggests that those same obstacles will be presented in matters being handled. However if it is lit up and the doors are open, the meaning is the opposite, that is next successes and joys. Dreamed of leaving a theater hints that soon suffer disappointments and sorrows. Dreamed inside a theater witnessing a performance suggests that soon receive good news in the company of family and friends. Between racks dreamed of a theater it can mean that certain confidences, perhaps unpleasant will be received. Dreamed excited inside a theater a result of the work that is being represented insinuates that are wasting energy on inconsequential pleasures. Dreamed inside a theater catches fire or other disaster happens, such as a collapse and trying to escape, suggests that it is engaging in risky business affairs and will likely cause failures and losses. Dreamed of being an actor is a play scene may mean that soon receive satisfactions and joys, though fleeting and inconsequential. It also implies that you want to be the center of attraction in the environment in which it operates, but must take care not to overdo it so as not to cause poor in others. Dreamed as a businessman (a) or administrator (a) a theater low profile suggests it is in serious risk of substantial losses as a result of own waste, which can be simply energy, or plans or related ideas matters are handled are not very clear in mind. Dreamed as an administrator (a) or manage (a) of a large theater where plays are performed serious, it may mean that if your wishes are carried out….


Dreamed prisoner indicates that lives in unpleasant environment because their enemies constantly attacking him and try to harm you. To dream that others confined in a fortress or prison suggests that the dreamer has the ability and energy to dominate the competition and achieve success in their business or employment. Dreamed with weapons in hand defending a fortress suggests that some enemies try to damage the dreamer, but fail in their attempt. Dreamed successfully attacking a fortress indicates that overcome enemies and obstacles that come your way. This dream, in the sentimental aspect, indicating probable marriage, and married people indicates reconciliation. A young man who dreams that her lover is in jail implies that the guy is not a reliable person and has already begun to disappoint. When a man or a woman dream when locked in prison indicates that they feel surrounded by extreme limitations, and in some cases suggests various dangers around them that can be consequences of a wrong or conduct intrigues of enemies. Dreamed of leaving prison hints coming successes in its activities, in spite of his enemies. Others dream in prison indicates loved ones who suffer due to their inability to avoid it. Dreaming a prison in any form usually implies that the dreamer is surrounded by limitations and problems, especially moral situation that makes it constantly craving a release and at the same time a shift away from himself. Limitations and problems may well be real or just mental, that it must analyze and decide the dreamer. Imprisoned dreamed indicates that there may be problems associated in some way with dishonest people. Dreamed of escaping from prison indicated the desire to break away from matters little or not recommended and finally get it. Dreaming a jailer hints that something bad is plotting against the dreamer, with the intervention of women. Dream a riot of inmates who try to force bars to escape is a symbol of evil against the dreamer | perhaps in the case of maneuvers to try to satisfy it….


Banquet dream is a good sign, especially when it develops in a healthy and joyful time, this dream implies that important people will encourage and help selflessly or bad intentions. Dreamed of eating at a banquet expensive delicacies and fine wines is success announcement in the near future | therefore, it is an appropriate time to do business, this dream indicates that the long-cherished wish finally be made in case of pleasure or entertainment, will be ephemeral and without leaving traces pleasant. Dreamed in a messy feast, with several empty seats diners and sickening face, it indicates that it is not the right time to undertake new or complicated time business or other activities, as there is risk of failure for lack of support….


Dreamed in a front office employees who review documents or packages indicates that competitors are aware of what is doing the dreamer to take advantage of it. Dreamed feted by the staff of a customs insinuates that soon receive remuneration for their actions. Dreamed of leaving a customs insinuates that are living or soon failures and losses are not necessarily live on the economic side….


Dreamed in an alley indicates that any affairs, business, etc., have stagnated, marching not as planned, which means that require further attention. Dreamed in an alley with plenty of trash and dirt he warns that if not properly serves its affairs, will soon have legal problems. Dreamed in a clean and lit alley indicates that the current problems will soon pass away, leaving him in a satisfactory condition. This dream is hope. Dreamed in an alley and not found although you can flight departure indicates his anguish and incomprehension at what is living, and the desire to escape from their problems. When a woman dreams of an alley, and worse if it happens at dusk, it indicates that it is losing prestige among friends and be the victim of slander and defamation. Every dream related to an alley, and the more narrow, dirty and dark appears in the dream, the greater the warning from various dangers. This dream usually refers to unmet sexual needs that lead to dangerous situations….


Bees dream bodes well, because it indicates success nearby at work and on all matters being handled. Dreamed of killing one or more bees hints that will have various setbacks. Dreaming angry bees that attack augurs conflicts with partners, or who are leaving the job because of the pursuit of pleasure, which can bring misfortune and final ruin. Stung by bees dreamed hints that suffer damages from someone who has trusted and appreciated. Dreamed of eating honey present and future prosperity hints. Surrounded by bees flying dreamed peacefully indicates being surrounded by people of good behavior. Dream wasps instead of bees indicates being surrounded by negative people who are plotting how to hurt those who dream. Dreaming bee on a flower is a symbol of a nascent love. Overall, bees dream bodes well, since it represents the work and industriousness….


Dream died a relative, who still lives, is announced future setbacks and sorrows. This type of dream is common in people who have suffered failures in real life, for example the frustration of illusions, hopes, passions business, etc. Those feelings of defeat are those who become body shape, indicating that the hopes and dreams die. In these cases, what you should do is find a solution to their problems rather than assuming that a family member will die. Dreaming the body of a known person indicates that the dreamer is blaming the other person of their own problems, and that hides a desire for revenge. Dream corpses usually also the result of negative influences in everyday life, such as the abundant news of wars, crimes, assaults or reading publications of terror or revenge | or when they have received threats, that is often the explanation for this kind of dreams. Dream a covered corpse flower announces sadnesses | Weep if you are red or dark, mean that approaching problems in your life. Especially if a woman is young, when he dreams he is accompanied by a carefully dressed, shaved, hairstyle, etc. corpse, he suggests that feels weak to fall into moral corruption that is in love affairs. If the dream is fondling the corpse’s face and in doing so falls head insinuated dangerous and hidden animosities that will make everything possible to jeopardize intrigue. These dreams usually reveal that exists in the dreamer a deep longing for peace, tranquility, accommodation problems that affect the desire for a change of employment, business environment, all because he feels surrounded by hostility, envy, although in reality this is very relative. Anyone who dreams of kissing a corpse indicates that bid farewell to something very dear. This is definitive loss, but also the beginning of a new form of life. To dream that on a corpse offensive objects are placed, for example money, especially on the face, mouth or eyes, it indicates that will approach little or no honest and dishonest people you mistakenly deposited their trust, and they will try to rip you off , leaving little chance to recover what was lost. If in the dream hesitates to put these objects on the body it indicates that either there shall be no fool, or that achieved recoup some of the scammed. When the personality of the corpse out to be a family member identified in the dream, suggests that death may be near that person or other close relative. View a corpse dressed in black suggests failures and problems in business and other activities being undertaken. It also indicates that a person can die who is much esteem and also announces misunderstandings in the family, which can cause significant material losses. See a corpse in his coffin announces immediate problems. It refers to something very dear that is lost, as friends, business, jobs, property, etc. View bodies during sleep it indicates distrust of the business and affairs being handled and that there will be sadness at the absence of loved ones. This dream occurs mainly in young people when they suffer or they fear a disappointment. See the dream a covered corpses battle insinuates wars, battles, disasters that seriously affect many people, including the dreamer. See the body of one or more animals indicates that not enjoy good health or business matters and not leave themselves satisfactorily….


Dreamed aboard a boat in calm waters hints coming successes, happy moments and satisfactions, if instead the waters are murky and choppy, choppy and threatening, indicates that soon there will be problems against which must be alert. Dream away a boat out to sea hints that there are too many illusions that the dreamer must control. To dream that a ship sailing towards a storm suggests that the dreamer is wrong in its affairs, business, work, family and soon will increase the problems due to intrigues and slander. Dream boats anchored in the harbor and stevedores loading is the announcement of personal gain, prosperity, change of life, etc. If boats are still without moving around, indicating the same in the affairs and business of the dreamer. To dream that some people shipwrecked without the dreamer can help hints that the dreamer will soon have to help someone who is in disgrace, and they are losing faith in one’s ability to correct errors. Dreamed of leaving a ship sinking and attempt to reach land by swimming, suggests a serious confusion in the dreamer concerning matters that are driving, which involves risks, but if the dream fails to reach solid ground indicates that although difficulties soon will resolve satisfactorily their affairs, business, romantic relationships, etc. To dream that other people talk about the clash between two boats or a shipwreck suggests that the issues themselves are bad because of neglect, and perhaps by the intervention of women (when the dreamer is a man) or men (in the case of women soñante). Dreamed of dying in a boat anchored in the port it indicates that damage due to intrigues and slander | but if the boat is in motion, all problems will be solved and the future will be less uncertain. Dreamed aboard a boat in a storm and hints that it is intervening in dangerous issues that end up with negative results. Dreamed in a boat sailing in calm waters is the announcement of important achievements at work, business or sentimental issues. Dreaming several large ships sailing in convoy formation or hints that soon there will be major changes in your life can also indicate news of international conflicts….


Dream a cane announces the probability of relationships with people who could help you solve your problems, but could also harm. Dreamed of walking and using a cane is a warning for advice and maybe even helps another person to solve the problem at hand. Dreaming beautiful canes and intend to stay with them any hints that are thinking of leaving their interests in the hands of others (partners or employees), but this will give bad results….


Dreamed of leaving one’s employment, business or property, it suggests that the dreamer feels upset about the difficulties around them, many of which were caused by him and are now affecting. Dreamed of working intensely complicated business is an announcement that will soon come good news and affairs will improve. If in the dream discovers that triumphs in business, it can refer to a success when entering any partnership or marriage. If questions arise in the dream, it is that there is some risk in what is being done, as reflected in the subconscious. Businessman dreamed as big or as an industrial important suggests that it is a dynamic person seeking self overcome to achieve an outstanding social and economic position likely to get what they crave. A young man sleep with these characteristics, suggests that will have a happy marriage….


Small children or babies dream is always a good symbol that suggests good things for the dreamer in the immediate future. Dreamed of playing with children is good symbol because it may mean that all matters unfold satisfactorily dreamer. View on the floor happy children playing or studying means success in many ways in the immediate future. Dreaming children crying after suffering a punishment can mean that the dreamer will soon receive disappointments of friends who believed sincere. A mother dreams that her children are sick without you are in real life, it may mean that is concerned about several issues herself and her home. To dream that a small child is ill or dead or suggests that the dreamer is very concerned (a) because they fear bad news. Dreamed of leaving children to their fate may mean that the risk of losing all won by committing follies and errors run. Dream girls or very young, healthy and happy women, suggests that home queen joy, health and prosperity. If these young girls appear sick or in sleep (weak, thin and sad) then the meaning is the opposite. The man who sounds like girl or young woman, suggests that it has intimate inclination to homosexuality….


Medicines dream suggests that something is affecting your body and thus warns that it needs. Dreamed of taking medicine suggests that there is at least mental or emotional distress for something that is affecting the body. Dreamed of giving medicines unpalatable to another person indicates that tries to create problems for someone who has relied on the dreamer. Dreamed of giving medicines palatable to someone insinuates that soon will succeed in matters undertaken (business, employment, love, etc.). Dreamed of taking medicine palatable indicates that their problems or difficulties soon pass away. Dreamed of taking medicines that tells you loathe soon have difficulties, sorrows and other problems that will soon pass away, leaving only an unpleasant memory….


Dreamed inside of a hospital, nursing home or hospital is a sign that you are suffering from a disease that has not been addressed or that in business and other matters has been falling in situations every day more critical, perhaps for lack of care or clear reasoning of the problem, by disturbances in the nervous system, for example, also suggests fatigue from being subjected to stress and an intense desire to rest. Dreamed of leaving a clinic or hospital indicates that the problems will be less each day….


When a woman dreams that her husband beats her, suggests that family relationships will be affected by bad faith intrigues and slander. A man who dreams his wife in their normal behavior indicates that the dreamer understands what is life in all its facets, which gives peace and tranquility. Dream the kindest wife and understandable than normal suggests that the dreamer will soon receive benefits in employment or business you are driving. The dream man arguing bitterly with his wife, suggests that there are misunderstandings at home, in the family or in business. To dream that the wife is unfaithful suggests that soon there will be difficulties at home, work or business | it is a warning to avoid such problems blowing time leaving the wife or concubine suggests that the dreamer seeks to achieve easy money (eg buried treasure or illegal merchandise that will produce a lot of money)….

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