Dreamed front of a temple watching may mean that your problems are so distressing and therefore seeks refuge. Dreamed of entering a temple it can mean that impotence recognizes itself to solve the problems that are going through what help is sought. Dreamed praying inside a temple may mean that their problems are being resolved, for prayer means dialogue with someone who can help you effectively….


…(See CHURCH) 40 – Temple – A lucky number sleep temple – 40…


See a temple in a dream represents your thinking, meditation and spiritual growth….


Dream a monastery or temple ruins indicates that your wishes and plans are at risk of failing, mainly due to lack of honesty, either their own or others. When a girl dreams of entering a temple, and worse if it appears in ruins, indicates a more sensitive the more dilapidated building sleep disease appears. Dream a lonely monastery or temple and gloomy usually suggests the probability that the dreamer dies a loved one….


 It symbolizes the separation between two worlds, between two stages of life. Portends that we are approaching a crucial point of our life in which change the orientation of our desires and ambitions. -Detenernos On the threshold of a house or temple if reach cross indicates the desire to adhere to the rules and the people who govern and live there but we have not yet decided to do so. -Detenernos Under the threshold or equal to cross ourselves under the protection of the master of the house or temple….


If the dream is about a prince or great lord, it indicates vanity of little avail. If on the other hand, in her dream, a king is approaching, it is a harbinger of a possible misfortune….


 We can apply to any religious temple. Dream about it means spiritual, moral or intellectual concerns. If we pray inside it is a sign of happiness….


 Being -Suele feelings, ideas and lived circumstances that are already dead but we produce melancholy. If it’s a monument, a temple or a city of antiquity that dreams appears to us in perfect condition portends immortality for our ideas or our works….


In some cultures it is customary even, remove their shoes to enter the temple or at another person as an indication that we are at the disposal of the owner of the dwelling. The shoe represents us, and let it out as a symbol that we do not claim any personal authority. Hence some dreams shoes indicate a desire to possess the shoe owner. But shoes are way up and symbol. To dream that you have shoes on but dirty and neglected, it can mean guilt. If in the dream we are walking barefoot can symbolize fear to see us under the circumstances to unwanted situations of humiliation. If in the dream we shoes are not comfortable, they are reflecting a situation in everyday life that makes us uncomfortable, perhaps freedom of action or authority we need to impose our judgment….


Dreaming hide beetles is announcement of poverty or poor health, particularly in the family. To dream that a beetle is up to the body is warning that serious problems particularly health approach. Dreamed of killing a beetle is a sign of self-restraint on the problems that may arise. Dreaming beetles climbing over the wall of a beautiful building or temple symbolizes prosperity….


A young woman who dreams of going from a cemetery graves go to the temple to marry, it may mean that soon become a widow. An adult woman carrying flowers to the cemetery dream suggests that their luxuries and family are in good health and there is no reason to worry. A widow who dream of walking in a cemetery may mean that soon married again, this time running with better luck. Dreamed in a cemetery or pantheon may mean that dead loved ones who were supposed actually are not and soon you will hear from them. Abandoned and forgotten graves dream suggests that friends or distant relatives who already forgetting, soon will be present. Elderly who somehow dream of cemeteries is a sign of physical fatigue and who yearn for a true and prolonged rest….


Dreamed in a coffin always advised revise own behavior, as the coffin announces various losses, including the death of someone close. This symbol is especially important if the dreamer is praying beside the coffin. Dream a coffin covered with flowers, especially if they are white, inside an illuminated temple, suggests that soon there will be a wedding in the family, but that marriage will fail. Dreamed lying inside a coffin, without details, it indicates long life for the dreamer. Dream of a coffin moving by itself suggests a serious illness in the family or marriage if he is married dreamer. In case you are to marry, sleep can announce impediments for the wedding. Dreamed of using a coffin as a seat inside the carriage that transported him to the cemetery announces major disorders and disease a relative or friend. Watching dreamed up a coffin to a hearse is announcement of serious problems at home, as well as frequent brawls in marriage or dating….