Dreamed of walking in the mud or mud is a warning that misconduct is being discrediting to his friends, which cause family feuds. Others dream about walking or splashing in the mud hints that something unpleasant will happen to your family or friends. Dreaming that your clothes are smeared with mud hints that his reputation is already in question | but if sleep is completely clean clothes, this indicates that the gossip will jaunty and intrigues against him….


See a mud in a dream suggests that you will be involved in a dirty, sticky situation. It may also suggest some internal cleansing. Dream walking in mud suggests isolation, difficulties, troubled relationships. Dream that your clothes are machada by mud means that your reputation is in danger….


 It symbolizes the impure, solvents and unfortunate circumstances. If when walking through mud soil ourselves feel fear indicates fear that our secrets are discovered. If walking on the mud it is very difficult exposes our excessive shyness….


 It symbolizes the impure, solvents and unfortunate circumstances. If when walking through the mud soil ourselves feel fear indicates fear that our secrets are discovered. If walking on the mud it is very difficult exposes our excessive shyness….


If the mud that appears in our dreams is the model used to and we are doing some work with him, it symbolizes our ability to create and bodes well for our ability to move forward with a project we have in mind. But if the mud of our dreams is formed through the streets after torrential rains is a warning about the danger of slipping because of our immoral tendencies….

Mud and acne

Barro and acne means that there should be fooled by appearances; true is the essence of being human. 1 – mud – A lucky number sleep mud – 1…


Walk on it, you must have extreme caution to not get into issues or dirty business. 18 – Mud – A lucky number sleep mud – 18…


 -In Case of modeling clay indicates that we will create excellent projects and triumph. -Should Be very liquid mud, that only dirty, portends fall into immorality although it is always possible to regenerate….


It symbolizes the most impure, obnoxious our personality or the circumstances in which we live aspects. If we are walking through the mud and feel much fear of getting dirty, it will be showing in the dream our fear that those parts of ourselves that we do not accept for their pettiness manifest….


Dreamed of walking or trying to walk into a quagmire, mud or swamp, is warning that suffer humiliations and insults | but then walks on clear, clean water, then it indicates that soon would be cleared (a) of the sustained attacks….


Dreaming of a mud and walk on it in a dream indicates that you should have a caution not to get into some business or dirty business….


Barro and acne indicates that should not under any circumstances be fooled by appearances of things or people. ….


To see water in a dream symbolizes the state of the unconscious and emotional mind. Water is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. It is also a symbol of spirituality, knowledge, healing and relief. Dreaming of boiling water indicates some emotional turmoil. It can also mean that feelings of unconscious are emerging to be recognized. See calm water clear, in a dream, it means that is consistent with your spirituality. Denotes serenity, peace of mind and rejuvenation. See muddy or dirty water in a dream indicates that it does not accept change your negative emotions. You may need to spend some time to clear your mind and find inner peace. It also suggests that this confusing. If you are immersed in muddy water, it indicates that it is immersed in a situation that overwhelms. To dream that your house is carrying water means struggles and overwhelming emotions. Hear running water in a dream denotes meditate and reflect on your thoughts and emotions. Dream of the rough seas or rough waters means misfortune, anger and many afflictions. Dreaming of calm and crystal clear waters is a sign that enjoys great peace of mind and your health is in very good condition. If a place where water is scarce appears in your dream it means you are going through a difficult and uncertain time. Dream stagnant, muddy and swampy water is a sign of illness or impending death. If you dream that throws or pours water is a sign that suffer loss or theft. Dream of walking on water is a sign that will be successful in companies intending to start. It also suggests that it has supreme and ultimate control over your emotions. It may also suggest that you must control your emotions. also symbolizes faith in himself. If, in the dream, jump a river or a stream of water is a sign that you are trying to get rid of certain situations that plague him. Dreaming drinking cold water means good events and joys approach. Dreaming drinking hot water means you will get upset and very bad news….


Dreamed of bathing in clean and transparent water is success announcement, joy fun, etc. | conversely, if the water is dirty and worse if muddy, announcement is at least diseases or bad news. Dreaming children playing with clean water is a sign of future success and happiness in the family | but if they play with dirty water indicates the opposite. A young woman bathing in clean water dream suggests that their relations or honest desires themselves are likely to be formalized and reach a successful end. Bathe involves using water, and water in dreams, since ancient times is well known meanings: The crystal clear water indicates health, happiness, joy. Turbid water indicates discomfort, dislikes, disappointments. The muddy water indicates illness, misfortune, poverty, hatred. To dream that you want a good bath can indicate first that the body is in need, but when this is not the case, then symbolize that are living hectic moments, with much nervous tension and haze and tranquility desired. Not dreamed of bathing in clean water suggests a burning desire to meet and get along with a person of the opposite sex, this dream is common in women and young widows of marriageable age. Dreamed of swimming with others, for example in a pond or pool, is warning to avoid bad company that will make slander, libel and other damages, this dream is much more indicative if the water is dirty or muddy. Dreamed of bathing in very hot water is usually a bad sign, because it could happen that the body is entering fever, or that the atmosphere surrounding the dreamer is exceptionally hot. If not any of this, then it would indicate that the dreamer is overly worried about something. Dreamed of bathing in cool, clean and clear water is a clear announcement of improved health, and if the symbol sea water is much better. Dream white flowers in a bathroom indicates a risk of developing a benign disease such as a cold, if they are yellow flowers and not in a vase, should turn precautions. If flowers are dark (purple or black), the thing is serious, and maybe the disease is already in the body and is serious. A young man who dreams of a bathroom insinuates that has natural tendency to frivolous and unsavory amusements. Bathing dreamed indicates intimate satisfaction of himself, so it can take a chance on important issues or businesses such as social relationships, business, etc….


Dream a pond with clear water bodes well. Dream a pond with water murky and still suggests that he craves is hampered and will remain so for some time. Dream a pond of dirty water, and worse if muddy, hints that his business go from bad to worse and has more enemies than friends. If water escapes the pond, you notice that someone is abusing the trust that the dreamer will have. If you are trying some business, then it indicates that you are stealing. An empty dream pond is a symbol of failures, material losses and friends, which will produce grief and anguish. Dream a half-empty pond with muddy bottom, it indicates that its affairs are falling into dirty and dangerous complications. In dreams, the water dirty, muddy and worse, are always a bad omen that serves to prevent the dreamer….


The dirty, stagnant water, even if current, indicates evil, corruption, larceny. Dreaming clean, clear water in any form, it is always good omen of joy, zest for life, prosperity, tranquility etc. When dirty water dreams, in whatever form it appears and worse if muddy, suggests poor health or unpleasant events, undesirable and hypocritical friends. Dreaming clean, fresh water that falls on the face or head of the dreamer, it is announced that the illusions of love are going well. When the water is clear, clean and seems still or perhaps with gentle undulations and reflecting the sky, is a reflection of the cosmic, it is quiet meditation. Dreamed of playing with clean water or walking on it announces that there will soon be pleasing illusions, which is more indicative if ornamental plants and aquatic flowers appear. Fresh and exquisite dreamed drinking water is the forthcoming announcement of their wishes and desires. Dreaming a beautiful waterfall or a beautiful fountain that spreads the water, portends that soon the dreamer receive a wide and deserved reward for their efforts, and there will be health. When this water appears in some places in hectic stream, portends honors, social successes, etc., particularly when it operates in an appropriate medium such as the intellectual. Dreamed carrying clean water for domestic use hints that his business prosper and will soon reach new goals with success. Dreaming happy people, who spend bringing clean water for domestic use, it suggests that its affairs are on track and will soon yield significant gains that allow you to enjoy amusements, rides and other benefits have been wanting. Dreaming dirty water, mud is supposed pestilent and move appears worse if a storm is announced risks, dangers, griefs | in short, it is about a slump in everything you are doing. If that dirty water floods your home, it symbolizes the dreamer is surrounded by more or less hidden enemies that will try to harm. If the dreamer is trying to get this water, but whose level is still growing, mounting him by the feet, indicating diseases, very near ruin, personal misfortunes and family. In reality, this dream is a warning to be more careful in their activities at work, business or social life. Dreamed sinking in dirty water or drinking it indicates that you are falling into serious mistakes and soon begin to suffer the natural consequences. It will be worse if dreams drowning in the dirty water….


Rivers in dreams symbolize the slide of life to be. When a woman dreams of swimming or simply bathing in clean, transparent and glides water, it can mean that you feel pleased with herself, enjoying good health and sincere love of a man and the sympathy of several people, which could give social prestige. Dream any stream of clean, clear water, it is announcing new opportunities, perhaps at work, in business or in love. Pipe dream or a stream, or any other stream of dirty, muddy, stinking water, announces various diseases and illnesses that are being developed in the dreamer. In some cases they may be bad people trying to harm you. Dream a river of clear water is announcement peaceful, quiet and successful life that promises a nice future. Dream a turbulent river and dirty or muddy waters means the opposite. Dreamed of sailing on a river of calm waters in some places and fast in others, it is announcement of ups and downs in matters being handled, or social or emotional life. Dream a dry river is a negative sign which means failure in what is planned, diseases, etc….


 Caer indicates fear. If we fall and then got up we indicate that soon recover confidence in ourselves. If we got up, danger of material loss. -Resbalar Falling or tripping from very low altitude only warns us not to have oversights. Caer in the mud, disappointments. Caer in water, potential disease hazard. -From An elevated site means adversity. If a fall occurs in a deep place very bad omen. -See Fall to someone else, someone possibly be ruined and we had a lot to do with it….


 muddled affairs….


Hear the waves in a dream indicates sweetness and relaxation. It also means positive feelings of sensuality and sexuality. Dream that catching a wave of the sea means the strength of your emotions. See muddy or violent waves in a dream means that a fatal error has made an important decision….


View a maze in a dream means that will be involved with complicated situations that are absolutely intolerable. Dreaming that you are in a maze of wooden vidro means or an unexpected turn of happiness, where despair and loss were anticipated. Sounding a labyrinth ingica a mistake and detachment from reality. It reflects troubles and difficulties of all kinds safe. In each case to save themselves from this type of situation finds an unexpected solution that will not let you work out a muddled affair. It also indicates the ability to react to the absurd. Dreaming that you are in a maze of night or darkness indicates a grave situation bitter or illness….


 Announces a complex and muddled situation….


 Always announces messes and muddles, unless the thread is silk, in which case our good qualities enable us to solve all problems and achieve wealth sooner or later….


 Almost always it reflects a real need. If it not so symbolizes a burning aspiration of mystical or religious unless we are forced to drink muddy or hot water, in which case reveals disappointment, disappointment or resignation to the inevitable….


 It symbolizes our existence. If low gentle symbolizes wealth and prosperity. If overflows and furious devastates everything in its path portends misfortune and hunger. If the waters are crystal symbolizes purity and happiness. -Turbias And muddy portends impure feelings and causes grief. When the river flows it indicates that a current of energy and feelings also flows through us. If we just see how the river flows it reflects that we are leaving lose the energies and feelings without use of them….


 Water symbolize feminine, its dangers and brought from lakes, rivers and streams mud. In dreams we warn of deadly spells of love and of abandon uncontrollably against the seductions of pleasure….


Dreamed of flying, especially at high altitudes, he suggests, for married people, problems at home, trying to evade them. Dreamed of flying very low and distressed by obstacles to flight, it means disease, instability in the affairs themselves, which the dreamer will recover. Dreamed of flying over muddy water is a warning to remain vigilant regarding the matters themselves, that is, to not rely much on others, because their enemies are waiting for their chance to hurt you. Dreamed of flying over a rocky, steep and difficult terrain suggests that it is going through bad times. Dreamed of flying over a green forest suggests that soon realize their wishes. Dreamed of flying towards the sun as a goal suggests that not satisfied with the achievements you have in your life, and you want more. Dreamed of flying in the cosmos to other planets may mean that he is fleeing serious problems that can not solve. Dreamed of flying with large black wings means complications own affairs. If in the dream feels that falls to the ground, it means next failures that could be dangerous. If in the fall awake, it may mean that all your problems will have, although not immediately satisfactory solution. often dreamed of flying but with white wings, and better if it happens on a green forest, it means success in their objectives, business profits and satisfaction in love. When a woman dreams of flying to distant sites suggests that receive false propositions, perhaps business or love. This dream warns the dreamer to be cautious in order to avoid problems in their family and social relationships and about their health. When a woman gunshot wound or otherwise while flying dreams can mean that opponents are attentive and ready to hurt her as they present the opportunity | therefore, you must be very careful in their daily behavior….


 It symbolizes the unconscious, error and detachment from reality. Or it reflects portends troubles and difficulties of all kinds except if we get out of it, in which case indicates that we will find an unexpected solution that will allow us to go out with either a muddled affair. It also indicates the ability to react to the absurd….


In dreams, any bridge means a change into the unknown and unpredictable, usually subject to risks and even dangers such as slander, intrigue, betrayal, hypocrisy and fraud. Dreamed passing over a bridge of any kind suggests that soon have bad news. If the bridge is weak, close to collapse, it may mean that someone will try to harm the dreamer or his family. If the bridge is hanging and mobile, he announced that soon a secret that can be harmful to discover dreamer. When under the bridge calm, clean water circulating means a beneficial change in life, heralding prosperity in the near future | however, when the water is dirty, muddy and turbulent, it is clear announcement of a disaster for the dreamer….


Scrabbling dreamed suggests that in everyday life tries to hide something, creating psychic and mental fears. Dreaming that being dug from the ground is something bright, though not identified, indicated that according to the commitment with which you are working will get good or bad results. To dream that is digging mud being announced poor results in matters being handled, and worse if the sludge is pestilential. Dreaming that being digging a mine of clean water emerges is close harbinger of success | but if the water is dirty, it indicates failures….

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