See or hear a phone in a dream it means a message from your unconscious or some kind of telecommunication. You can force or face the issues that tries to avoid. Alternatively a phone can represent your communication and relationship with others. To dream that will not talk on the phone indicates a situation or a relationship that you want to end. Dreaming talking on the phone with someone means an issue you want to face that person….


That sounds insistently and does not answer: anxious state, afraid to face certain problems of life. That speaks for him: you receive a phone call that will give you a big surprise. 78 – telephone – a lucky number dream phone – 78…


Dream a phone is negative, then it announces dangerous liaisons with strangers or foreign people who only seek personal gain. When a woman talking on the phone dreams insinuates that is jealous because you suspect a rival….


Dream voices call by name, it is an alert to better monitor their business otherwise you will have setbacks. Listen in dreams the voice of a family member or friend who utters the name of the dreamer indicates that someone needs or need your help. There have been cases where the call is from someone dying or already dead. This type of dream occurs frequently in people living very isolated, as in the villages or far to the north, when during the winter are completely isolated and cut off due to heavy snow. It also occurs among young lovers who want to be together, especially if they have had a disappointment. Voice of someone dream it, either directly or by phone, knowing that that person is already dead, it is a warning for the dreamer care of your health, your work or business. On this issue of the voices, either in dreams or awake, many serious authors say that the dead can themselves be heard and they usually do when people, especially relatives, are asleep….


View a microphone in a dream suggests that you should do something to be more assertive. You must strongly express your opinions….


Using a megaphone dream indicates that you should be more expressive….


To dream that during our sleep we hear the melody of this musical instrument is usually a sign that someone wants to discredit us by hearsay that could come to affect our business negatively. In general, as long as it will not be accompanied by other symbols, saxophone represents the futile gossip, gossip and rumors of all kinds that probably hinder our affairs and relations with others….


 It symbolizes the sentimental and romantic relationships. If it is impossible to establish telephone communication we fear reveals the impossibility of such emotional relationship or it may break. If the communication is perfect equally good is the sentimental or romantic relationship….


 -To Dream with people who in real life have died and were dear to us it reveals dissatisfaction with our present life. If the dead accuser and vindictive acts it is a guilt complex linked with this person. If we dream of a loved one who has died and dies during sleep indicates that from that moment our soul ac beloved….


 Portends danger for us or for someone of ours….


 Disputes, disappointments and sadness….

Telephone booth

 You risk your intentions be used against them….


 A dead means bad omen, destruction, loss or ruin. Talking to a dead indicates impossibility or inability to resolve certain conflicts. See the death of a person who really is dead is a sign of excessive passion. Dead in a coffin represents difficult problems to overcome. Burying the dead, portends fatal events and adversities. 93 – Death – A lucky number sleep death – 93…


Fishing and dreamed of making at least one piece, meaning success in business affairs and, perhaps reflected in the form of money or securities, all in the immediate future | so it’s announcement of good luck. To dream that already has the fish but it escapes falling back into the water, is warning businesses that have between hands can fail. Network and dreamed fishing with other people doing the same thing may mean that there is very strong competition and risk in their business and affairs | in the case of love | warns of dangerous rivals, and in the case of businesses, there are competitors ready to fight. To dream that was caught plenty of network announces major successes and profits. Dreamed of eating delicious fish can mean that the dreamer everything is going well and will continue for a long time. Dream fish swimming in clear water is favorable for the immediate future ad | but if the fish turn up dead may mean that your affairs are bad and worse, causing losses. Dreamed angling, impatient because it has elapsed long time and can not catch anything, it suggests that in this situation are the business and affairs of the dreamer | maybe they are not really bad, but should not expect to improve in the short term. To catch fish swimming dreamed he reveals that enjoys good health and has the ability to succeed in what he undertakes. Dream fish in crystal clear, clean running water, suggests that if you have ability to approach wealthy people, the dreamer receive benefits. A woman who dreams this is announcement that will be courted by a distinguished man. Dreaming announces losses dead fish health or suffer some other calamity. Dream fishermen working in the water announces good times for the dreamer. Dreamed inside a fish even if you are not buying, it may mean having productive business and good social relations | but if the fish are in a state of decay, then it suggests various problems, among others, health….


Dream his mother, already dead, in their natural personality it indicates superior protection that will help you succeed. Dreamed talking with her mother insinuates that are coming good news about their jobs, businesses, etc. Dream his dead mother’s announcement of sorrows, frustrations, failures, etc. Dream the call from his mother indicates that the behavior of the dreamer is not entirely correct and will bring trouble. Dream his mother crying at home indicates that something is very wrong and no risk of shortages, disease and other ailments….


Dreaming ghosts in white robes and cheerful attitude, or at least friendly, announces further success and realization of long-cherished wish, including benefits and material gains. Young people who dream frequently dressed in black ghosts should monitor their behavior in general, but particularly in the sexual aspect, as it goes through its future. Dreaming the ghost of one or more acquaintances and still living is a sign that he has not put due attention in their activities, such as social relations and business, which hurt the dreamer. To dream that suddenly appears one or more ghosts dressed in black and then disappear announces upcoming calamities which are important play materials and in some cases even life interests. Dreaming the ghost of a parent when they are already dead hints that seeks protection from exposure to unknown hazards, or in doubt when entering dealings with strangers. Dreaming the ghost of a dead friend announces unpleasant trips. To dream that a ghost speaks directly warns about the risk of becoming a victim of people who act in bad faith. To dream that you encounter a ghost insinuates that the dreamer may be some mental disorders or, more often, which will soon receive unexpected surprises, pleasant or unpleasant….


Generally speaking, dream about the tarot, is a clear sign that you have many concerns about destiny, which we would like to solve. There is no prediction in most cases and is only a phone call not despair, do things right and have patience. Dreaming of a specific tarot card usually gives no indication unless the dreamer is not profane in these matters, in this case, the meaning of the letter in dreams usually the same usual meaning to that letter in a tarot reading either….


 It symbolizes the sacrifice, patience, work and strength. If we see the gloss and good antler predicts abundance of material goods. Without horns portends poverty. If he’s furious disease. Sleeping, or very thin, poverty. Dead,, misery and misfortune….


 -To Dream with a herd of sheep or grazing quietly lustrous portends that we will have powerful fortunes and possessions. -Take A ram represents immediate fortune. If we shoulder the fortune will be very important. -oir A sheep bleating portends that we will have very effective protection and assistance. If the herd comes to us and we put the rams between the legs it indicates that achieve success but with difficulty. If the rams are dead bodes bad news. I -Verlo lost, doubt and uncertainty in our affairs….


 They represent a dead-end affair. The color of the ribbons will help us understand something else….


 If we dream that bury someone portends victory over our enemies. If bury us alive reveals that someone does his best to hurt us. If we bury dead portends a long and happy life besides an increase in our assets. If we buried in a tomb and not in a niche it indicates that we become owners of a house or a farm….


 -To Dream with a herd of sheep or grazing quietly lustrous portends that we will have powerful fortunes and possessions. -Take A lamb represents immediate fortune. If we shoulder the fortune will be very important. -oir Bleating like a lamb portends that we will have very effective protection and assistance. If the herd comes towards us and put us lambs between the legs it indicates that achieve success but with difficulty. If the lambs are dead bodes bad news. I -Verlo lost, doubt and uncertainty in our affairs….


 -A A person of the opposite sex unless it portends unfaithfulness is our partner, in which case announces good fortune. If it is a dear person announces his departure. If we kiss someone of the same sex without affection we will benefit from it. If we do the same but with affection she will be benefiting from us. -Besar Land portends penalties. -A Dead, next inheritance….


 Pack animals reflect the animal part of the person. If the donkey is strong and healthy they are a symbol of success and wealth. -A Weak or sickly ass augurs losses. If he is dead he tells us that we are in ruin. If we buy a donkey, increase our means. -See Several donkeys portends altercations with colleagues or subordinates. -The Violence against ass are affronts we receive or do ourselves. If the donkey is loaded it is a symbol of success and fortune. -Being Persecuted by one, rebellion or treason. -Vernos Loaded as a donkey is that we are already victims of our lower personality. If we mounted on the donkey we are on the right path. As we intend to achieve. If the ass is white it indicates joy and optimism. If it’s red, passion and anger. -Gray, Sadness and betrayal. -Black, Funeral and pessimistic….


Kissing in the dream to a person of the opposite sex and is not our partner, means harbinger of infidelity, but kiss your partner on the other hand, it indicates that good times are coming. Kiss the ground, it is a sign of feeling humiliated or scared to arrive penalties. Some authors add that seeing us in a dream kissing a dead, is harbinger of inheritance. Also in this dream must take into account that can estarse showing sexual tendencies repressed….


With his father, he indicates great responsibilities that will have to face. If your father is dead and you dream about it, portends a misstep of which one will succeed. Live with her father is a sign of security and good news. 86 – father – a lucky number sleep father – 86…


It symbolizes protection or the power of our own strength that will enable us in any case success. If we see it from a large size and with a lot of foliage indicates that the benefits and quality of protection will be great and plentiful. If we dream puny without foliage or dead it indicates the loss of a protector or weakness of our character….


 If live is a favorable omen. Success in their businesses. If reproaches appear alert you that you could make mistakes. If they’re dead you can receive sad news. Know listen to their advice. If they are sick they augurs concerns and difficulties….


 If they’re alive and scuttling present us with an opportunity that did not count. If they’re out of water or dead it indicates that we have not taken advantage of opportunities….


 Dreaming of a pond provides information on our emotions. -A Pond surrounded by lush vegetation increases the meaning of life and sentimentality and indicates the desire to express love and emotions and passions live. If the banks are arid they indicate the fear of not able to realize our amorous desires. If the water is clean it confirms that our feelings are well founded. If the waters are troubled or agitated by the storm portends difficult loves. -what Say or do people join us we inform you about your true personality. -Pescar In the pond indicates our desire to find partners. If the pond is very murky and dead fish or indicates failure of sentimental hope is dry….