To dream that publishes something represents your social interactions and relationships. It can also symbolize your need to relax and soothe….


See a urinal in a dream means disorder in your personal relationships. Urine is a symbol of having or lacking basic control in your life depends on the situation. See urine in a dream means a rejected feelings. Urinating dream symbolizes a cleansing and release of negative or repressed emotions. Urinating in public dream symbolizes a lack of privacy in your affairs, or your need to make a public confession….


To dream that leaves suddenly means work on a computer. It also denotes its aspirations to become a soldier or a public office holder. See people who leave in a dream denotes your desire to approach the public people….


…You lose the reason or incoherent acts performed in public, it indicates great feelings of sadness hidden. This and subsequent disgrace. 15 – insanity – A lucky number sleep madness – 15…


Upload, job promotion. Public recognition. Bring it down, purposes and desires that can not perform. Falling from a loss of friendly ties. 62 – Ladder – A lucky number sleep staircase – 62…


Publicly indicates dreamed delusions of grandeur, should be more humble and accept their own mistakes. 7 – acclaim – A lucky number acclaim sleep – 7…


Theft or victim, potential losses inadvertently. His personality will win public sympathy in certain meetings. 5 – theft – A lucky number sleep theft – 5…


The dreams that involved a bus, subway, or any other means of public transport, involve an upcoming change in our lives, a change that will surrounded by the very world around us, amid habits, and hobbies, and family, social, etc. conditions So it will be important to see who form part of the dream and our reactions to those events dreamed….


 In many cases when you dream noon have prophetic significance. ‘In other cases it refers to events in the past or as end events of his private, loving, professional or public life, but always existing and culminated, never emerging or future….


The dreams that involved a bus, subway, or any other means of public transport, involve an upcoming change in our lives, a change that will surrounded by the very world around us, amid habits, and hobbies, and family, social conditions, ect … so it will be important to see who form part of the dream and our reactions to those events dreamed….


Dream of working in your office indicates that likes her job and does not want to leave. Alternatively symbolizes the state of accomplishments and your place in the world. Dreaming holding public office suggests that accepts the consequences of your actions and take responsibility for what he does….


You’re trying to close you in yourself or trying to hide a situation or idea that can embarrass you made public. Sleep in fear and need for external protection is reflected….


See a zipper in a dream it implies sexuality and innuendo. See a broken zipper in a dream it means frustration of not being able to resolve a situation or a problem. You may have difficulty in maintaining calm in a public situation….


Other naked people dream symbolizes that you want to have illicit pleasures. It may also suggest that some of your friends are not recommended and will entail problems. When a woman undressing dreams and if he does in public worse, warns of the risk of falling into the scandal and disrepute because of intrigues and slander. This dream can be a self-reproach that conduct which will produce negative situations. To dream that suddenly sees his own nakedness insinuates that is falling into a negative, contrary to the normal rules of conduct dreamer. When a woman dreams of admiring his own nakedness suggests that longs to have relationships with men. If in the dream sees his body is deformed, suggests that a victim of gossip with the consequent loss of prestige because of their misconduct. If you dream swimming naked, he suggests that it is falling into the wrong relationships. A woman who dreams of naked men swimming hints that wants to be admired by men without aspiring to nothing formal….


Dream died a relative, who still lives, is announced future setbacks and sorrows. This type of dream is common in people who have suffered failures in real life, for example the frustration of illusions, hopes, passions business, etc. Those feelings of defeat are those who become body shape, indicating that the hopes and dreams die. In these cases, what you should do is find a solution to their problems rather than assuming that a family member will die. Dreaming the body of a known person indicates that the dreamer is blaming the other person of their own problems, and that hides a desire for revenge. Dream corpses usually also the result of negative influences in everyday life, such as the abundant news of wars, crimes, assaults or reading publications of terror or revenge | or when they have received threats, that is often the explanation for this kind of dreams. Dream a covered corpse flower announces sadnesses | Weep if you are red or dark, mean that approaching problems in your life. Especially if a woman is young, when he dreams he is accompanied by a carefully dressed, shaved, hairstyle, etc. corpse, he suggests that feels weak to fall into moral corruption that is in love affairs. If the dream is fondling the corpse’s face and in doing so falls head insinuated dangerous and hidden animosities that will make everything possible to jeopardize intrigue. These dreams usually reveal that exists in the dreamer a deep longing for peace, tranquility, accommodation problems that affect the desire for a change of employment, business environment, all because he feels surrounded by hostility, envy, although in reality this is very relative. Anyone who dreams of kissing a corpse indicates that bid farewell to something very dear. This is definitive loss, but also the beginning of a new form of life. To dream that on a corpse offensive objects are placed, for example money, especially on the face, mouth or eyes, it indicates that will approach little or no honest and dishonest people you mistakenly deposited their trust, and they will try to rip you off , leaving little chance to recover what was lost. If in the dream hesitates to put these objects on the body it indicates that either there shall be no fool, or that achieved recoup some of the scammed. When the personality of the corpse out to be a family member identified in the dream, suggests that death may be near that person or other close relative. View a corpse dressed in black suggests failures and problems in business and other activities being undertaken. It also indicates that a person can die who is much esteem and also announces misunderstandings in the family, which can cause significant material losses. See a corpse in his coffin announces immediate problems. It refers to something very dear that is lost, as friends, business, jobs, property, etc. View bodies during sleep it indicates distrust of the business and affairs being handled and that there will be sadness at the absence of loved ones. This dream occurs mainly in young people when they suffer or they fear a disappointment. See the dream a covered corpses battle insinuates wars, battles, disasters that seriously affect many people, including the dreamer. See the body of one or more animals indicates that not enjoy good health or business matters and not leave themselves satisfactorily….


Dream white goats suggests that soon succeed in your goals and you will receive good news. Dreamed attacked by an angry goat he suggests that there are nearby enemies who seek to hurt in some way, such as theft, slander, espionage, forgery of documents, etc. Dreamed dominated by the horns to a goat or goat insinuates that is near full success in their business, as well as enemies or competitors will be defeated | but if you sleep goat or goat defeats in the struggle with the dreamer, it indicates that it should take maximum precautions regarding their enemies, they are known or not. Dream a herd of goats grazing quietly insinuates that reach achievements and economic and health benefits. When the field is barren or very poor pasture in this dream and therefore the herd is thin, suggests that poverty is about the dreamer. Dreaming black goats indicates that there will soon be suffering, sorrows, misfortunes, losses, etc. This dream is a bad omen. Dream a dead goat, and if black worse, suggests that the dreamer feels unable for many activities and who is sexually impotent mentality that naturally leads to failure in everything it undertakes. This phenomenon is usually only subconscious, that appears in dreams. A woman who dreams drinking goat milk indicates wants to marry a wealthy man, not caring neither love nor the future. A woman especially if you’re young, you dream of riding a goat suggests unfulfilled sexual desires. This dream is a warning that, if not repressed, suffer public disrepute….


Dreamed of sitting on a bench in a public place and talking to strangers it indicates to avoid indiscretions and not easily trust strangers. This is a warning that normally receive indiscreet people….


Dream books always indicates intense work. Dreamed of studying in a book insinuates that soon receive great satisfaction and eventually money. An author who dreams that his work is about to be printed indicates that the job should review before delivering it, because the author doubts that is accepted by the reading public. Dreamed of studying in a book, but with great effort to answer questions and difficult problems, indicates that eventually will be compensated with honors and awards. Dreamed surrounded by old, abused and neglected books it suggests that the dreamer is surrounded by lies and evil. However, if the books are in good condition and well accommodated, it indicates that there will be a long and peaceful life. Dreaming children studying with books in hands happiness at home indicates the dreamer….


View a ladder in your dream, it symbolizes a change in your life. Dream falling from a ladder means you will lose some friendly ties, difficulties and risks or failures. Dream of climbing up a ladder means you will reach a new level of achievement and higher knowledge. The dream indicates prosperity, job promotion and public recognition. To dream that you are walking down stairs represents your repressed thoughts. Also it refers to the setbacks that you will experience in your life and that are difficult to be realized. To dream that someone raises scales means that you will find success and rise to prominence with the help of others. See a broken ladder in your dream indicates consistent failures in your business….


A young woman who dreams who admire her new shoes, be careful with new friends, especially men, when approached with unusual familiarity, as they can be hypocritical sycophants. Dream shoes without any other detail means changes in the immediate future. If the shoes are new, it suggests that soon there will be some gains. If there are old and broken, it means poverty. If you are working on shoes, he suggests that someone is betraying the dreamer. Shining shoes dreamed own upcoming suggests improvement in the affairs, business, love, etc., all of which will give you satisfaction. Dreamed with broken, dirty and old shoes can mean that the dreamer makes enmities easily because of its character and caustic criticism. Dreamed shoes that squeeze may mean that there will soon be annoying situations with friends and family, for example, that public ridicule by scathing and offensive criticism. Dreamed with shoes tied or glued to each other various lawsuits and losses it means that the same may be material or health. To dream that your shoes or lost someone stole indicates losses of various kinds with little chance of recovery. If sleep has other spare shoes, it may mean that losses will not be final and will be replenished in business, perhaps with profit. Dreamed of wearing shoes of the opposite sex may mean that the name and personality of the dreamer are being slandered and discredited. To dream that someone else is using your shoes warns that there is (a) rival in love. Dreamed of using new shoes is success announcement and improvement in matters being handled, employment or business. Shoes dream warns of the risk of acquiring dangerous compromises, for example, a relationship with little accounting people. A woman who dreams that her shoes or sneakers are very attractive and admired by others, is warning her coquetry, which if not controlled will cause headaches and disrepute….


Dreamed in a tavern among people who are drinking is always a bad dream that always announces problems in the near future and disrepute for misbehavior. Drinking dreamed inside a tavern may mean that the enemies are waiting for an opportunity to attack somehow. Do not accept commitments. Also announced problems in the future especially if the dreamer is under the influence of alcohol. You should avoid lawsuits. Also dreamed in a tavern announces that the dreamer will suffer shame, moral guilt with relatives, disappointments, failures in business or employment, etc. Serving as publican dreamed drinkers may mean that one’s conduct leaves much to be desired and that leads him to have anything recommended friendships that can lead to very serious problems and damages….


To dream that loses reason or make incoherent acts in public indicates large hidden feelings of sadness and subsequent disgrace. To dream that you are diagnosed with mad madness means that it is a trouble or a loss. Also it indicates that behaves in an inappropriate way in a new situation. See other people suffering from insanity means a melancholy end to prospects and hopeful….