When a woman dreams of looking through a crystal several men outside the husband or lover, suggests that their behavior is not very honest and that will produce disrepute. Dreamed of looking through glasses, usually it suggests that dislikes and hopes loss approach. To dream that in a glass or a mirror sees another side with itself, he suggests that the dreamer is leading a double life, which will cause problems. Dreamed of breaking glass, for example doors or windows, it suggests that its plans, intentions or projects fail. If in the dream appear broken glass, it is almost always a sign of news that fill us with dismay. Receiving dreamed objects of glass or cut crystal means coming successes, and in some cases tributes if you are involved in artistic activities. Regaling blowing glass objects or glass cut means self humiliation that lead to failure. Dreamed of looking through a crystal it suggests that people who work will get employment or businesses that are looking | but if the glass appears dull, dirty, etc., your chances decrease. Dreamed of driving flat glass, such as stained glass, he suggests that it is engaging in affairs or business aboveboard easy risk of loss. If in the dream the glass is broken, then it is warning of short-term losses. Dreamed of talking to someone through a glass indicates serious impediments to their short-term goals….


I dream of a glass, it is a harbinger next engagement or marriage bond. If the glass full of water appears in the dream, it usually means an increase in family. If the glass is filled with wine means comfort for our sorrows. If it is full of beer predicts a short trip. With liquor, indicates futile love affairs. Dreaming of a broken glass bodes well and is always a sign of happiness and fortune….


Dreamed of looking into the distance with a spyglass indicates that there will soon be disadvantageous changes to the dreamer. Dream a glass broken and useless indicates loss of friends and social prestige due to their misconduct….


To dream that is negotiated with skins means economic success in the immediate future. Dressed dreamed he suggests being protected from poverty and hardship skins. Dream high price skins or fur coats announces times of great prosperity for the dreamer. When a woman dreams of using or wearing thin skins suggests that want to marry a rich man. Dreaming skins of any kind, but much more significant when they are thin and expensive furs, it is announced significant progress in your life. A woman who dreams fur, can mean seeking luxury and success in society. Dreaming abundance of furs suggests ambition soar in society and possess wealth….


A business person who dreams in a pottery shop or a glassware that are empty of all goods, is warning and announcement of bad business. When, on the contrary, appear shelves full of parts ready for sale, insinuates good business in the near future. Dreamed of traveling or watching calmly objects in a glass insinuates that is or must be carefully reviewing their affairs to avoid complications and probable losses. When a woman dreams of walking quietly glassware or pottery shop indicates that longs to have a good home with efficient staff at your service. When a woman dreams to an employee of glassware cleaning, adjusting and revising the pieces on the shelves hints that wants her husband (in the future or already present) is a careful man in his business and in everything you do. Dreaming ceramics containing clear liquid indicates that the prosperity we enjoy is due to the investment of other people honest. Dream broken and useless objects ceramics is warning of upcoming changes in health or economic hardship. Dreaming ceramics or plain clay, but empty, he hints that his misbehavior annoys those around you. Dreamed of drinking wine in a clay pot indicates good health and economic slack | but if drinking is unpalatable, then it is a warning that soon there will be setbacks. If a pot appears during sleep, with nothing to review, usually they predict that soon news of a loved one will be taken….


 Usually this dream reflects our concern for health. If we see with wrinkles it reflects the fear of menopause and old age. -The Skin imperfections reveal sentimental, except concerns rashes or spots that are very obvious, in which case it is a warning about our health. If the defects observed in someone we know is that person to whom we attribute the meaning of the dream. If you do not know it reflect our own fears. -To Dream with the skins of animals indicates that their property will be increased in accordance with that symbolizes the animal whose skin have dreamed….


Empty, lost friendship. Full, happiness and abundance. 78 – glass – a lucky number sleep vessel – 78…

Magnifying glass

View or use a magnifying glass in a dream indicates that something in your life needs to examine and look closer. Appreciate the true value of each of the details that make your future projects….


Dreaming of your skin represents protecting your self….


Dreaming several horses trotting calmly indicates hopes of reaching the desires that have not materialized. It also tends to indicate that highly valued friendships are suffering some pain, for example by failures in business or disease. Dreaming one or more horses in passive attitude bodes well, as insinuated quiet days, no worries. Dream a quiet and grazing white horse is a symbol of strength to succeed and health to enjoy life, which speaks of a good future. If riding on that white horse indicates broad prosperity and important friendships. Dream a black horse suggests bad temper and brutal mistreatment and even to respectable people, but such behavior will not be an impediment to succeed in their business. This same dream in a married woman suggests that there will be problems with the husband. When the horse is brown, suggests the two above listed symbols. Dream a stallion, he suggests unfulfilled sexual desires. Dream a hurt, injured or sick horse suggests that early difficulties in matters being handled or a friend needs your help will be presented. Dream a horse pulling a plow or implies that a vehicle must work hard to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. Dreamed of riding a horse of any color other than black and other than a skinny or sick animal, he intimates successes nearby. If the horse is white, fat and healthy, suggests a prosperity that will allow you to travel and enjoy comforts and material values. If this is a racehorse, suggests frivolity or precipitation of the dreamer, which is exposed to significant losses. Crossing a river dreamed mounted hints and important gains next horse. If the horse falls and the dreamer is coming out of the water and ground, he suggests that all the difficulties that arise will be overcome. If the horse walks into a slope and sliding dangerously insinuates that dreamer affairs are going very badly, so it should require greater attention. Dream a horse riding not let rejections indicates that there will be serious in all matters being handled, even family or emotional. If you manage to saddle and ride the horse suggests that the problems are not serious and will be overcome advantageously. Dreamed of killing a horse hints that (the) dreamer is hurting the sensitivity of people who have trusted him (her). Dreamed of attending horse races suggests the desire to lead a dissipated by having some ephemeral successes life. Dreamed of putting new shoes on a horse most likely it indicates that in everyday life is thinking or planning business not very honest but they redituarán representing significant profits, even knowing that it will also bring problems. This is a dream warning to avoid falling into dangerous temptations. When a woman dreams of riding and carrying on haunches suggests a man who wants a marriage proposal from a suitor who knows. But if you feel scared to go riding, then it indicates that in real life does not rely much on that pretender (in doubt). Dream wild horses grazing peacefully nearby insinuates success in being worked | but if the horses are skinny and very poor pasture and generally the countryside is sad, then it indicates otherwise. Dreamed of riding slowly insinuates that their affairs are going well, but require streamlining, otherwise the long run you will not produce good results. If instead will gallop, it may indicate that by ambition, he is losing control of its affairs….

Magnifying glass

 Appreciate the true value of each of the details that make their future projects….

Magnifying glass

Magnifiers dream, especially if they are much increased, it insinuates that do not have a clear idea or security in what you are wanting. When a woman dreams of one or more magnifiers insinuate that want to excel in society, but does not know how….

Stained glass

 If we see the window of a church means introspection, meditation and inner peace….


 If full vacuum means abundance and poverty….


 We warn us about our health….


Dreamed of wearing glasses in real life when you do not use indicates difficulties in the environment in which it operates or antipathy to people who call themselves friends, but they are just hypocrites. Young woman dreaming her suitor using lenses without necesitarles suggests that soon there will be difficulties and even break relationships because she suspects insincerity of her lover. According as they appear in the dream glasses, this is how you are watching or judging everyday matters, whether personal or other | for example, if they appear broken, it suggests that matters should be reviewed carefully | if lost, they suggest that the problems they face are not understood, etc….


Dreamed broken any part of the body or injury is a warning that self-blame is running the risk of serious setbacks and losses to matters being handled. This dream, especially if repeated several times, warns that there are problems at home or mental instability who dreams (hesitations, changes of opinion, etc.). Breaking dreamed own or other furniture, it may mean that there are constant fights at home, caused by jealousy. Dreamed of breaking glass objects, especially cups or glasses, it is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Breaking dreamed clothing can mean complaints and lawsuits in the home and family that may end very badly….


Crystal dream no matter the form, usually it bodes ill. Dreaming glass objects placed in a insinuates that their affairs are inactive order, which are fragile and are waiting for something that may be unpleasant. If objects appear in disarray and some are broken, it is announced that bad times are approaching, their business affairs and soon suffer disorders and even losses. A woman who dreams furniture and crockery, all glass, is warning that should not rely much on some of his friends because predominates envy and hypocrisy….


Dreamed of wearing gloves indicates that one must be cautious, mainly in money management. This is a warning to prevent legal problems. Dreamed of using dirty and broken gloves is warning to take precautions, as it may suffer losses even different values. To dream that you lost your gloves indicates that you should not rely on outside assistance and should plan to solve its problems by itself. Dreamed of finding gloves wedding is a probability or new business. When a man dreams of a woman’s glove in his hand indicates a woman who will try to dominate and blackmail. Dreamed of pulling off a glove hand suggests that businesses go wrong and if not addressed properly worsen….


 If in real life does not use glasses and we are with them in dreams it indicates that our view of things is distorted. If the glasses are not colorless, color tell us more about this vision. Losing glasses warns us about our lack of attention to others. -Verlas Indicates that our words will be misinterpreted. -Romperlas Generally bodes economic damage….


Dreamed drinking water in a glass to drink wine itself indicates that it is making dangerous mistakes in their activities, which ultimately will produce negative results. Old style glasses dream suggests that the dreamer probably receive attention and perhaps favors him strange people. When a woman dreams of giving drinking water to a man in a glass insinuates wishes of illicit pleasures….


See a mule in a dream represents stubbornness. Riding a mule dream denotes that you are doing hard work. See a fat mule in a dream means progress to achieve its sibilance, financial gain, success. See a skinny mule in a dream anticipated problems and difficulties of all kinds. To dream that a mule hits him with a foot provides disappointments in love and marriage. See a dead mule in a dream means broken promises. It is also an indication of your long sufferings….


Dreamed of wearing glasses and even worse if they are dark hints that aims to hide or escape for wearing a reprehensible behavior or social relations, which will produce many prejudices, including the economic aspect. When a woman dreams of wearing glasses suggests that risks being duped mainly because of their misconduct….


Cows are a very ancient symbol in dreams. Suffice it to recall the biblical passage about the seven fat cows and seven lean cows, dream of an Egyptian pharaoh played by Joseph, one of the sons of Jacob. Thus this ancient symbol and today is considered traditional bode well. Fat kine dream and the dreamer suggests that all is well and will continue at least in the immediate future. This dream a woman can mean that your wishes are carried out. Dreaming milking cows healthy and fat suggests that their affairs are going well. Dreaming lean on poor pasture fields symbolizes the opposite. Dream a stampeding cows ato suggests that their affairs will go from bad to worse due to the lack of control and threatening to cause significant losses. Dreamed milking cows means longing for profit, get rich quick, fun and pleasures | but if the cow in any way or strip wasted milk and milked, means imminent risk of failures in its activities. An artist or intellectual who dreams of young cows means a promise of significant improvement in their affairs (in society or economic successes in the near future) | but if the cows despite being young, are skinny and sick, the meaning is the opposite. Dreaming black, dirty, skinny and sickly cows not bode well. White and healthy cows dream is always promise of prosperity for the immediate future. When you see one or more calves in a dream it is a warning that a cruel disappointment by a person who is very estimated will be received….


A woman who dreams that are shaving can mean that because of its nature, behavior and character are too masculine, which annoys men with whom about. When a woman dreams to a man shaving off, it may mean that by its very nature sexy easily fall into illicit pleasures. When a man dreams that someone is shaving, warns that disappoint dishonest people try to somehow morally or materially. Shaving off dreamed indicates its commitment to manage their own affairs at work and home, although a woman of bad character will create difficulties. The man who dreams of skin soft, smooth and without shaving face, may mean that soon have moments of joy and that his conduct has been blameless before his family and friends. When a man dreams of rough skin, wrinkled and damaged face means close setbacks and misunderstandings in marriage. When a man dreams shaving off, but the razor hurt him due to lack of edge or other defect, it may mean that because of his bad behavior to others and in their private lives receive criticism from his friends. When a man dreams of a graying beard and means self-criticism for its lack of justice to judge others….


… Beautiful woman means enduring friendship, mutual love. A fair-skinned woman means possibility of receiving an unexpected money, good news. Dark-skinned woman, a sign of sadness and grief. Pregnant woman foreshadows changes in your emotional life. Nude woman represents deceptions. 34 – woman – a lucky number dream woman – 34…


A young to dream a beautiful bracelet placed on his arm suggests yearning for marriage, likely to be realized. A woman who has lost her dream bracelet, indicates that soon will have serious trouble with her boyfriend. A man or woman who dreams of finding a bracelet, indicates that soon improve their business of all kinds | but if the bracelet appears broken, damaged, old, etc., it indicates that what craves, no matter what the case, it will take a long time to complete. To dream that a bracelet is received, no matter why or how, indicates that some of his friends to help if needed, however, if the bracelet is a gift, but appears broken or badly treated, it is hypocritical friendships nothing will help….


Beep any lock, suggests that they are neglecting issues that require urgent attention. Dreaming some kind of lock hints that the dreamer feels or is confused, disoriented, not knowing what to do or say. Dreamed of opening or at least moving a lock, it suggests that through effort will overcome or eliminate the wiles of malicious people who seek to harm the dreamer, the same as in business relationships. To dream that you can not operate a lock to open hints that will be very difficult to overcome obstacles that arise in their daily lives. Dreaming a lock or damaged or broken plate hints that are neglecting their health or that of their loved ones. Lock keys dream announces surprises and changes in your life. Dreamed of looking for the keys to a door lock indicates that it is not yet time to achieve what you want. But if you find the keys will soon be successful in business and in family, social relationships, etc. Dreaming keys battered, broken locks or the dreamer the lost is negative, it implies that soon have family or business problems. A woman who dreams have lost the keys of small objects such as chests, jewelry boxes, etc., announces upcoming difficulties at home or sentimental. A woman who dreams of a key attached to lock your door and it appears open, suggests that want the presence of someone. Dreamed of looking through the keyhole and undue indicates own indiscretion which can lead to unpleasant situations. Dreaming people who are peering through the keyhole suggests that there are about you hypocrites and dishonest people who can hurt you….


To dream that you will fall teeth indicates that it is already anticipating that receive humiliations and attacks on his pride and vanity, which will lead to failures and sorrows for fear of hunger, misery, ruin and sadness. Dreaming does not own healthy and beautiful teeth indicates good friendships. Dreamed admiring the own teeth because of their whiteness and protection is a sign of vanity, but also satisfaction because they are made by their desires. Dreaming dirty teeth hints that other people have problems with other people and maybe some diseases. Dreaming dirty, chipped or broken teeth indicates own affairs or business interests are bad and require your full attention. This announces diseases. Dreamed brushing her teeth hints that should make a maximum effort to regain lost time and values ​​for their lack of dedication. Dreamed with defective teeth from birth, that is, crooked teeth and outside the right place, it’s a bad dream, it suggests that health and all its affairs, business, interests and emotions go from bad to worse and will remain so if not It gives them immediate attention. Spitting out his own teeth dreamed suggests an imminent risk of disease, either your own or a loved one. Dream that pulls out, start and lost a tooth and feel the cavity with the tongue suggests that is about to enter or business matters without being to your liking, you should take into account seem advantageous, but ultimately will have to refuse. Teeth are pulled by force always they indicate the dreamer fears, all unpleasant. To dream that by a stroke or other violent cause broken teeth he announces misfortunes and in some cases even near death or at least heavy disappointments, large losses, catastrophic business, etc. To dream that someone else tear his teeth announces bad news that can be personal or family misfortunes, or acts of false friendships that harm the dreamer. Dreaming the dentist extracted teeth symbolizes the dreamer bad news and losses | for example, that their enemies await the opportunity to hurt him somehow. Dreaming the top dentist chopped the dreamer suggests that soon recover affections or missing values. To dream that the dentist makes cleaning the teeth of the dreamer and yet it remained dirty, chopped, etc., indicates that even if you think your affairs are going well, in reality they are very bad, and this misinterpretation serious hazard . Dream dentures hints that soon will get very serious and difficult problems can not ignore or neglect. Dreaming dog teeth is a symbol of sincerity, loyalty and good friends, including love. Dandelions dream tiger or insinuates that has full physical, mental and psychological self-control, allowing you to quickly achieve their goals in life….


Cups in dreams usually symbolize the pleasures of home. View a cup in a dream is a sign of mutual understanding and happy relationships and family. However, if the cup is broken or are broken cups it is always a bad omen for emotional relationships, home and family during sleep….