Chess or checkers

…To dream that play chess or checkers that the signal will have to put everything on your part and move with great cunning and finesse to solve that problem or problems that plague. If you know your opponent, be cautious with your comments because it is a sign of dispute with him. If your opponent is an unknown, it indicates possible disease. 25 – chess or checkers – a lucky number sleep chess or checkers – 25…

Chess or checkers

To dream that you are playing chess or checkers is a sign that will have to make every effort and take all your cunning and finesse to solve the problems that plague much right now. If, in the dream, know your opponents, you should be very cautious and careful in your comments, as they can cause a very serious problem. If the person you dreamed is unknown, it means you can get sick….


Seeing us playing on a chessboard, either chess or checkers can be interpreted as the feeling of being immersed in a situation where, as in the game, in addition to our decisions, chance intervenes and actions of others. It indicates uncertainty, insecurity, but nonetheless for the correct interpretation will be very interesting to observe the sensations we have while we dream, and the person we face in the game….

Ladies, checkerboard

 This dream is a reflection of our attitude towards life….


 -Recibirlo Announces a favorable transaction. -Entregarlo, Money constraints….

Counterfeit notes

Dreamed paying with counterfeit currency of any kind implies that their plans are not correct, and that to carry them out will bring difficulties even legal rate. Dreamed receiving as payment currency or counterfeit checks it indicates that it is surrounded by hypocrisy and threats to their integrity….


Dreaming announcement cards is close discomfort. If you are urgent or telegrams suggests that economic hardship or bad health news in the family or approach the dreamer himself. Dreamed receiving anonymous letters suggests unfounded jealousy or envy at the success of others. Dreamed with a letter in hand, but can not read it suggests that the dreamer is no mental confusion that prevents you from solving your problems. Dreamed of receiving a letter from a loved one, to which he is not paying attention, he suggests that in everyday life is acting improperly by giving preference to trivialities. Dreamed of receiving a letter about mourning announcement is bad news or illness in the immediate future. Anonymous dream of any kind and in any form is notice of fears and problems that can be serious. A woman who dreams of a letter or urgent telegram announces the presence of a rival in their romantic relationships, work or business. This dream honeymoon in the case indicates mutual suspicion of cheating and infidelity….


In dreams, visits symbolize the bond that links us with others, so that almost always these dreams reveal the need to relate to other people, the feeling of being intimately isolated, lonely too. When a check is received or dreams you visit someone, it is very important to remember the dream, let’s check if we have recognized with the person in question, because if so it could be a premonition, even if it is only so rare occasions….


Dreamed of receiving a gift means next success in their affairs, business, sentimental claims and family relationships. Dreamed of sending a gift he suggests that will have bad luck in social relations or business. When a woman dreams of her lover receiving a luxurious gift, suggests that want to formalize their relationship and marry a rich man….

Good bye

Dreamed in the beginning of a journey and receiving farewell goodbye is a bad omen. Dreamed saying goodbye to someone’s hand while receiving goodbye suggests it will be a short absence, either the dreamer or another person. Dreamed saying goodbye to an unpleasant person to the dreamer, or other people do the farewell indicates that disappear or at least diminish the problems facing the moment the dreamer. Dreamed of saying goodbye to many people feel a very popular or even famous person suggests that the dreamer is not satisfied with mediocrity or the environment around you and you want to relate important to improve their social, political and economic conditions people….


To dream that you are getting help from someone indicates that family and friends are willing to provide the help that the dreamer required. Dreamed of helping someone suggests that in reality that is receiving help somehow the dreamer himself. Dreamed receiving compassionate help someone to achieve success and self-aggrandizement in the social and economic indicates a failure that will make you suffer. Dreamed of helping others indicates that benefits will be received soon. Dreaming friends or close people in ordinary life placed so that if they could help the dreamer and his family, intimates dreamer envy the success of others….


Dreamed of studying an almanac symbolizes that there will be discomfort and ups and downs in their own affairs. It is a dream that warns of various dangers for some time, but then there will be a change. The warning is not to fall into despair and start blaming mistakes that prevent success. Reviewing an almanac in dreams is like checking one’s life looking for the causes and effects of the evils that are living….


To dream that play chess or checkers with a colleague indicates a next quarrel with this person, and the result will be the same as the game you dream to be playing….


Dreaming bloody beef (red) suggests that soon diseases that could be dangerous and will present various kinds, so caution should be exercised particularly with food and visiting the doctor for a checkup. Dreamed of eating beef cooked hints that will soon require assistance in their activities, mainly in regard to health. Dreamed in a party that served delicious and well seasoned beef own hints that matters are going well but they should be monitored to avoid unexpected problems. If the dreamer is eating the meat, increase good omens….


It contemplates a dream that simply suggests building high ambitions, but not always fulfilled the commitments, which would entail various problems. Dream a building in detail noting that it is beautiful, he hints that he is acting well in relation to what you are doing. Dream of an old building in the destruction process itself implies carelessness, negligence in their affairs | therefore, it is best to check whether it is aware of its debts and commitments. To dream that has an elegant house, like a real building, it indicates that soon there will be significant favorable changes in its business that may force him to change his home. Dream big and stately buildings surrounded by green and flowery gardens indicates a long and pleasant life, with fun and travel. Dreamed of building a building or a house implies changes in the affairs themselves. If it is a building, the changes are important, and if a house be small. Dream many houses of any size, old and destroyed, it indicates deterioration of one’s health and risk for a disease that somehow affect your whole family. It is also an indication that there will be material losses of importance….


Dreamed hungry indicates that the issues themselves are at risk of failing, however much seeking success. To dream that other people are hungry indicates that the risk of failure for the dreamer is very close. Dream hunger or poverty or misery in any form is always a bad dream, it implies that their activities or their health is deteriorating. Dreaming enemies or competitors suffering from hunger or poverty suggests that the dreamer will triumph over them. If you dream of hunger, first check if it is feeling stomach | not to be the case, then it is bad times and announcement of economic and family problems. For lovers who dream this will be the announcement of a marriage at risk of dissolving in a short time….


To dream that you authorize something in a dream indicates you involved with some matter or important decision. Consider the type of authorization. If you are a search warrant, you should check your motives and actions. If a restraining order, you should stop what you are doing and take a different course of action….


If you dream you have a fever you may really have, so check your health. It could also indicate some alteration in your affective states….


See it in the dream indicates the fear that you indicate and judge you. You should check your sense of independence and security in yourself….


 To dream that an inspector comes to check our work or our accounts denoting fear that a secret or a weakness of our personality is discovered….


Accident dream can be a warning against possible accidents in the future. Maybe your mind is telling you to be careful. Maybe it’s a good time to slow down, face your fears and doubts. Do you have control over your life? Do you feel guilty about something? It also indicates that your views, lifestyle and ambitions collide with someone else. When an acquaintance dies in a car accident it indicates to check or recover your relationship with this person in real life. If you dream of a plane crash, it may show that the objectives have been set too high. Or you might really not believe yourself to be able to perform….


To dream that is fighting means grappling with some problems in your personal or professional life and worrying about the ideas and habits that need to be checked again with much attention….


Dreaming is a thermometer announcement disease, bad business or family difficulties. Dream a broken thermometer announces that the issues being addressed go from bad to worse until the disaster. Applied dreams a thermometer to check the temperature of the body is next harbinger of disease….


Dream coins without determining their value, usually it indicates economic needs. Dreaming gold coins, and more if distinguishes its value, it implies that leads a comfortable life surrounded by fun, rides, parties, trips, etc. Dreaming silver coins without distinguishing their value implies dubious business, committed issues and family problems. Somewhat Improves indicated when silver coins appear new and shiny. A young woman who dreams that her lover gives him gold coins hints that their marriage will be economically filed. A young woman who dreams that her lover gives her silver coins, and worse if they are old, warns that must remain alert because, or is cheating or deceive soon. Dreaming several coppers indicates arduous drudgery and underpaid. Dream nickel coins or other metal poor he implies intense activity, hard work and constant business but very poor standard in every way. Dream small coins or old that no longer circulate suggests that their concerns are deteriorating rapidly, which soon lead to a very difficult both economically and health situation. Provides dreamed losing coins losses, frustrations and failures. Dreamed of finding in the ground coins of low value it suggests that plans or projects that do have future has begun. Checking or counting coins dreamed of little value insinuates that is well under way in business or relationships….


To dream that is entered through a door may mean that there will be calumnies from enemies of those who tried to flee. If the door is the house of his childhood days, then it means joy in the immediate future. An open door dream suggests triumph in love. If the door of a mansion suggests economic successes. If a garden, announces parties and outings. To dream that someone tries to lock the door where the dreamer is going and that it is clear from its hinges and falls suggests that someone needs your help, but you can not give you even looking forward to it. Dreamed of opening a door suggests that soon new activities will be undertaken successfully. Dreamed of painting an old door partially destroyed it suggests that yearns for a life change aimed to amass a fortune on the basis of effort and work. To dream that other people cross a door without difficulty means frustrations because the issues themselves are not going well. If it is a politician who dreams means unfavorable changes. For an artist, inventor or writer may mean that your work will not be accepted, which advised to check what all that has been done. When a door appears closed and the dreamer can not open, it suggests that is probably not on the right track, causing difficulties both in family and in business and with friends. When the dream is the dreamer collapses or breaks a door, suggests that soon will have several problems, including with authorities. Dreaming is heard behind a door what happens on the other side, it suggests that certain enemies are conspiring against the dreamer, or that he, meanwhile, is thinking of doing something wrong. To dream that is trying to cross a door and it is clear from its hinges hurting someone, it may mean that their advice and recommendations can seriously hurt who receive them, so you should think very carefully before handing them. If a woman dreams that during a rainy night passing through a door may mean that at least intends to experience objectionable adventures. If a man dreams above, it means vices and reprehensible conduct. According to Freud, when a man dreams of a door is a sexual symbol, ie not satisfied impulses and sexual desires. Dreamed of going through a door, no matter what shape or size suggests that soon receive news, perhaps unpleasant, relating to matters being handled. Dreamed swinging on an open door suggests lack of seriousness and honesty in their activities. Dreaming a closed and difficult to open can mean that opportunities have been wasted can no longer recover door. Dreamed of seeing a broken door, and worse if it appears fall, suggesting no chance of getting what you want, so it is better to look for other options. Dreamed of trying to force a locked door to go through it may mean that there is no probability of success in what you want….


Dreamed annoying (a) by the intrusion of some people indicates that you know someone who is creating problems at (the) dreamer. In some cases it happens that someone through telepathy or magic is trying to produce some damage. Usually, checking this dream and symbol is found in a very short time….


 Receiving this title suggests that new charges will be confident….


 Water in the language of dreams is very significant, symbolizes life, feelings, ie, the inner life of people. When the water is clear and clean announces such a long and happy life as our feelings = * The mineral water symbolizes convalescence, health improvement. Physical and spiritual health * Holy water. If the water is dirty or stagnant forecast evils and misfortunes of moral character usually = * If water comes bitter, cloudy or yellowish predicts disease. * Tainted live with rabies in the body. * Hedionda, ill-gotten goods. * Estancada, loss of freedom. * Blackish unhappy marriage. -Receive Water in a container indicates health. -Receive Without drinking water and store indicates greed. If we bring water to another home receiving money actually we are selling our honesty and purity. ‘If we uncollected shows piety and religiosity. -The Rainwater abundant harvest forecast unless soak the earth and disappear quickly, then indicates loss of property and humiliations. If fall leaks in a house without it raining announced mourning in this house. If a leak is just what it says are suffering and danger for the dreamer. If the water, no matter their origin, runs through the house is a bad omen. If we see the walls well water indicates mourning relatives or friends. -See A water flow inside a property of the dreamer announces great material prosperity accompanied by good feelings. -Walk On water tells us that we are going through a dangerous period. If we sink we run grave danger. -See Much water stirred by strong waves portends penalties reflect clearly indicates that we will achieve wealth and if we reflect most beautiful of what we are in reality find love in others. -Drink Cold water and hot portends health disease. -Bañarse In cold water bodes incomprehension. Happiness warm and very hot separation or divorce….


 The scratch is doing harm to someone who wants to, while receiving the scratch will be harmed….


A dream in which we are receiving a gift portends favorable changes in our situation. Is important to analyze the person in the dream gives us the donation. Some authors consider that if a man will be what we will receive good advice that will help us prosper, and if it is a woman, we will receive the benefit through the help of friends….

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