The salt in dreams is always unpleasant situations announcement in the near future (eg lawsuits, intrigues, slander, doubts, failures, losses). Dreamed of eating something salty or chewing salt can mean that you have little or no chance of overcoming their problems. A young woman eating salt dream or something very salty can safely assume that soon break their romantic, friendly or employment relationships, and perhaps even family….


 In dreams we dream of salt we advised that to be truly happy we must cherish are spiritual goods. -To Dream with an express how barren salt extension of our inner world, like when salt is spilled. -Provide Or receive salt means that we have strong friendships and effective support….

Salt Shaker

 If we drop the salt shaker is leaving the sterile salt spilling express our inner world….


In some ancient traditions offer salt was a symbol of indestructible friendship for the symbolism of incorruptibility involving the saline element, so in dreams offer or receive salt is interpreted as a good omen, since it predicts that we have effective support for our projects and businesses or with strong friendships that will comfort us at all times….


Make use of it: new adventures, unexpected events, casual encounter. 4 – salt – A lucky number sleep salt – 4…


 -Saltar Bodes whenever you jump up, pole vault or not. Pole Vault indicates that receive help from others. When the jump is not sporty nature of the obstacles or dangers we will explained in the name of what jump. If we are forced to jump it means that we will be in a difficult situation. If we jump and do not dare to reveal our fear to commit an imprudence….


You can talk about economic hardship and a lack of mineral salts. The dream tells us more dazzling and desire for wealth accumulation thereof….


 Dreaming of a salt marsh provides information about our emotions. -A Marsh surrounded by lush vegetation increases the meaning of life and sentimentality and indicates the desire to express love and emotions and passions live. If the banks are arid they indicate the fear of not able to realize our amorous desires. If the water is clean it confirms that our feelings are well founded. If the waters are troubled or agitated by the storm portends difficult loves. -what Say or do people join us we inform you about your true personality. -Pescar In the marsh indicates our desire to find partners. If the marsh is very cloudy and dead fish is dry or indicates failure of sentimental hope….