Dreamed praying or others are doing, it is the announcement of bad times, disappointments, failures and losses. A priest praying dream suggests that one’s behavior is not very straight and that will create problems in the immediate future….


When a woman dreams of harvesting cobs, or baby corn, indicates that soon come to the position that longs if continues to work with enthusiasm. Cobs dream is positive, it announces good times, good news and plenty of food. Dreamed in a field corn field and seeing how it has germinated, ie, the green plants and rise above the ground, indicating firm hope that what you are doing in daily life will produce good results at a not very long term. Instead, seeing wilted plants indicates bad news. Dreamed of shaking the reeds they already have ears suggests that the dreamer is too eager to see the results of their work, which is not good. This dream is a prevention against exaggerated impatience. Starting dreamed floor maize plants indicates that it is applying a wrong criterion and work in their affairs, which will produce bad results. Cutting dreamed cobs directly from the reeds and field announces success in the very near future. Dreamed removing the leaves to the ears indicates that you are on the right track to achieve success. To dream that others defoliate cobs hints that have or will soon have a social or family relationship with important and successful people. A farmer who dream in a corn before the harvest, but in which beautiful ears abound, indicates good year in the field and good harvests. In city people and business, this same dream indicates favorable business and prosperity in the near future. Young people who dream of a field of ears, they announced a pleasing future. When wilted pods are little grown or destroyed for some reason in a dream, it indicates losses, illnesses and in some cases real disaster. Dreamed shelling corn cobs for hints that what you are doing in daily life is wrong and soon suffer the consequences. Dreamed eating stewed tender or ears indicates satisfaction and self-confidence, which will give back good results….


Dreaming a chapel, but without entering it, it is a sign of caution because their businesses are bad. It is equivalent to the council praying that aid gets him out. Dreamed in a small chapel that lacks religious figures insinuates that is disenchanted with their activities and you want to change jobs in a less isolated place. People who dream of a chapel imply that their romantic relationships are not firm, they are only temporary, but they are confused with true love….


To dream that he is praying means some need to dump a certain matter. The dream may also indicate that you have to forgive someone….


Dreamed in a coffin always advised revise own behavior, as the coffin announces various losses, including the death of someone close. This symbol is especially important if the dreamer is praying beside the coffin. Dream a coffin covered with flowers, especially if they are white, inside an illuminated temple, suggests that soon there will be a wedding in the family, but that marriage will fail. Dreamed lying inside a coffin, without details, it indicates long life for the dreamer. Dream of a coffin moving by itself suggests a serious illness in the family or marriage if he is married dreamer. In case you are to marry, sleep can announce impediments for the wedding. Dreamed of using a coffin as a seat inside the carriage that transported him to the cemetery announces major disorders and disease a relative or friend. Watching dreamed up a coffin to a hearse is announcement of serious problems at home, as well as frequent brawls in marriage or dating….


Similarly you can interpret dreams in which religious buildings appear, but in this case they reveal is the existence of doubts or intellectual, moral, or spiritual concerns. How important sleep is our attitude to the abbey, which reflect the intensity and motivation of these inquietudes.Así, for example, if we go to the abbey, but without entering it, it means that our inquitudes are not yet well defined, nor on track, but is an indication that we already envision where we should direct them. but if we are also praying at the abbey there is no doubt that the concern will soon become certainty and happiness….


When a woman dreams dressed and acting as a priestess or at least as a religious, but not seriously, hinted that feels love, admiration, compassion and respect towards nature in all its manifestations, which leads her to believe in God. Dreamed as a priestess but in vain and attitude of superiority, suggests that you have a difficult and contentious nature that produces frequent clashes and problems around them. This dream discovers an unstable and temperamental person. Dreamed as a religious or priestess absently lighting a fire or praying, equally distracted, suggests that it is contradictory in his views, which causes trouble in even grudges because of a stubborn fanaticism….


Dreamed front of a temple watching may mean that your problems are so distressing and therefore seeks refuge. Dreamed of entering a temple it can mean that impotence recognizes itself to solve the problems that are going through what help is sought. Dreamed praying inside a temple may mean that their problems are being resolved, for prayer means dialogue with someone who can help you effectively….


Seeing us playing on a chessboard, either chess or checkers can be interpreted as the feeling of being immersed in a situation where, as in the game, in addition to our decisions, chance intervenes and actions of others. It indicates uncertainty, insecurity, but nonetheless for the correct interpretation will be very interesting to observe the sensations we have while we dream, and the person we face in the game….


If we are dancing, or dance are seeing a desire to participate, many authors interpret that is the sign of our desire to establish new directions, or move some aspects of our lives that are stagnant. It may be the intuition of new possibilities in the immediate future….


Sometimes when we dream we are foreseeing fire some kind of danger but in reality it manifests itself in a very different way. It is also interpreted as violent passions that seized us and if the fire is dreamed of in the form of fire, can speak of an intense desire to end past issues. There are also interpretations categorized it as a symbol of purification and instincts of destruction….


Sleep may be the answer to a feverish real state or being overly warm. If this is not the case, it means being and good time to expand our projects and businesses. In the case of seeing in the dream giving warmth to others, it can be interpreted as our need to offer affection or as the harbinger of our work will be recognized positively….


If we whistle the ears in the dream it is manifesting fear or intuition of gossip and criticism of our actions. If we are covering our ears we symbolizes not want to recognize our emotional dependency on another person or situation. Some authors consider placing pending seeing in our ears or someone else, the dream speaks of possible marriage or sentimental alliance….


To dream that the day approaches, is to see approaching clarity, then this dream is all an optimistic omen because it indicates that our subconscious is already foreseeing a time of greater light and the end of some conflicts that leave room for our hopes….


If we are the soldiers, the dream brings us to our caution in a difficult situation with which we suspect will fight, so we are preparing. If in the dream we see soldiers around us symbolize the obligations and duty to society constrains us. It implies that we are seeing under some duress from which want to be free, so the kind of uniform of the soldiers can give us some clues about the origin of this repression….

Star or stars

In the world of dreams, seeing them means looking at our destination or current projects. If we see that shine bodes well and we will move forward successfully, but if they’re covered with clouds, or show a faint light can expect difficulties in reaching our goals. Some authors suggest that if flicker show disease problems or duels….


Symbol of authority is so if we see that in the dream breaks can think about problems of command. If another person who uses it, it will be pressures we are seeing subject….


Kissing in the dream to a person of the opposite sex and is not our partner, means harbinger of infidelity, but kiss your partner on the other hand, it indicates that good times are coming. Kiss the ground, it is a sign of feeling humiliated or scared to arrive penalties. Some authors add that seeing us in a dream kissing a dead, is harbinger of inheritance. Also in this dream must take into account that can estarse showing sexual tendencies repressed….


 Seeing them indicates hopes will not be realized….


 When dreams stare down into the eyes of those before us reveals the fear to betray something we want to keep hidden. -Sentirnos Looked insistently but without seeing the eyes that look at us denote guilt complexes. If we dream we blind or blindfolded is indicative of an illogical fear of being cheated or persecuted or can also reveal our powerlessness over the circumstances of real life. -To Dream that we suffer from sight without wearing glasses shows a lack of courage that prevents us look straight facts. If we go to an eye doctor it indicates the desire to find one we can to involve our problems and help us….


 When dreams stare down into the eyes of those before us reveals the fear to betray something we want to keep hidden. -Sentirnos Looked insistently but without seeing the eyes that look at us denote guilt complexes. If we dream we blind or blindfolded is indicative of an illogical fear of being cheated or persecuted or can also reveal our powerlessness over the circumstances of real life. -To Dream that we suffer from sight without wearing glasses shows a lack of courage that prevents us look straight facts. If we go to an eye doctor it indicates the desire to find one we can to involve our problems and help us….

Political / policy

 Seeing them indicates hopes will not be realized….

Loan shark

 Announces opposed to their hopes that support will look forward to seeing people who are failing in their activities circumstances….


 The first thing to do with this dream is disposed question of fear of seeing a movie or information that leads us to this fear. If it does not refer to a real insecurity or fear of something that concerns us. If dreams of fear are very common, it would be advisable to consult a specialist as it may reflect nerve imbalances that certainly can be treated properly….


 Symbolizes the character and value. Seeing someone with a different front which has actually reflects its true character. If we dream of a high forehead is serious, intelligent person we can trust. If it is elusive it is a wicked person who will try to rob. If is covered with patches it is that try to betray shamefully….

Lose weight, thinness

Seeing us lose weight in a dream is a warning that we must care for the health, as we round the disease. If we dream that we are very thin it is that the risk of disease is very close, and the thinner the higher we see the importance of it….


 Indicates fear of seeing their ideas rejected….

Chop up

 Damaged justified fears of seeing their financial resources….


Symbolically we announce prosperity and wealth, but perhaps in the form of employment and work, so you should be aware of these issues. However, seeing us attacked by bees can also mean complications with our colleagues or partners and some interpretations agree to translate a bee sting in a dream, as a danger to our reputation because of backbiting….


Related dreams dresses, tell us about the image we are looking forward to offer to the outside or how we’re seeing within ourselves. If we are poorly clothed in relation to the making or the color of the suit, it is social maladjustment. Depending on the type of dress, we can analyze whether it is a lack of adaptation referring to work, the environment, age, etc. If the dress is dirty or broken, then it is the remorse we feel for an act that does not agree with our intimate moral code….

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