Dream of the devil is a distorted our conscience accuses us of some fault reflection that torments us. If it’s a scary devil this dream reveals to us that we tied to children’s fears and guilt complexes. If the devil is tempting reflects confidence in ourselves and fear our weaknesses. Conciliatory and friendly -the devil reveals our tendency or desire to lessen our guilt of our sins….


(See DEMON). 99 – Devil – A lucky number sleep devil – 99…


See a devil in a dream means that it will bring a very difficult time, many difficulties, sadness and melancholy, financial problems….


 Be eaten by a wild animal foreshadows torment and anguish….


You dream of hell beings generally interpreted as being against irrational terrors or guilt gnawing us internally. It is as if the dream were distorted our consciousness, with their real or imaginary fears reflection. It may also reflect the fear we have towards our own weaknesses….


 Dream of the devil is a distorted our conscience accuses us of some fault reflection that torments us. If it’s a scary devil this dream reveals to us that we tied to children’s fears and guilt complexes. If the devil is tempting reflects confidence in ourselves and fear our weaknesses. Conciliatory and friendly -the devil reveals our tendency or desire to lessen our guilt of our sins….


Dream demon first is not pleasant and secondly not announce anything good | this indicates that what you have in mind the dreamer is not good. Dreamed of fighting and killing the devil suggests that attempts to do something impossible will produce disorders and loss. Dream about the devil is smiling and friendly warning that engage in dishonest and dangerous affairs or business. If the devil is presented rich and powerful, is poverty announcement | if presented as a musician, is ad vice and degeneration. Dreamed front of a ghost image of devil insinuates that is taking an abnormal life, such immoral time. A woman who dreams this indicates that he is losing the appreciation of their friends for their bad reputation. It also indicates insidious gossip….


Depending heavily on religion and own beliefs dreamer, this dream is usually a good omen and announces profits, not necessarily economic in life. It is usually an indicator that you have the necessary conditions for our own life to develop smoothly and warns that we should not deviate from the current path is correct, and if this path is still our life will be filled with peace and free concerns. Sleep can vary widely depending on its meaning saint dream and the conditions and circumstances in which the saint or holy appear….


To dream that has a cyst, then you have something inside that oppresses and hurts. You need it out and fix it. You may hide prejudices, resentments, which hold some drama in your daily life, you are doing develop negative attitudes, which stores inside and reconcomen inside. That is bad for you. You need to know what those feelings and remove them. It would be interesting to see where it has stayed that cyst in his sleep and look up its meaning as well….


 It symbolizes the lower regions of consciousness and feeling of inferiority. If in the gorge we devise a waterway to the above meaning we can add the purification and regeneration. This dream warns us of the existence of a hazard that raffled happily see if deep water….


 - Blue = the color of the sky, feelings and religious thoughts, innocence. It is the color of devotion. – Green = color of nature, fertility, sympathy and adaptability. It is the color of sensation and perception. – Color Yellow = Sun, gold, generosity and light. It is the color of intellect. – Red = Color of war, blood, fire and passion. It is the color of feeling. – Violet = Color of memories, nostalgia and the border with the beyond. It is the color of devotion (blue) and feeling (red). – Grey = color dejection, inertia, indifference and ashes. It is the neutral color. – Orange = Color of pride and ambition. It is the color of intellect (yellow) and the (red) passion. – Rosa = Flesh color, sensuality and affection. It is the color of the limit and rebirth (white) and the (red) passion. – Gold = the sun symbolizes the mystical aspect. – Silver = symbolizes the mystical aspect of the moon. – White = symbolizes the limit and rebirth….


If the dreamer himself appears in the dream of a highly developed chest, it is a symbol of health and strength. Healthy chest dream presages soon propositions of a friend or relative who will support the development of the purposes themselves receive….


Often, if during sleep are signs, warnings or signs, such as traffic signals, the meaning is usually the same as the meaning in real life poster own or signal. It’s a dream warning of upcoming encounter difficulties security unless we change our own behavior. This also applies to other signals, such as indications given by someone, such as a traffic cop….


Dreamed as a mountain climber or mountaineer and you climb through difficult slopes, and finally reaches the top, it means you have ample capacity to overcome the obstacles that arise and soon success will be achieved, however, if the dream fails reached the top, the meaning may be the opposite. Dreamed of climbing a ladder to reach the top indicates success in matters being handled | but if for any reason can not reach the top or if the ladder breaks indicate the opposite and the risks will be greater. To dream that falls to go up, the higher the height of the fall, the more severe setbacks and failures. Verse rising during sleep is a symbol of the will to find the right solutions for tasks that must be met. The ease with which the set target will be achieved and the difficulties encountered are so many useful information to decipher the meaning of the dream….


It is the meaning of this dream often depends on the state of the upholstery as it appears in the dream, if the upholstery is in good condition or if you are in a place dedicated to this profession, it is a sign of constant satisfaction for the progress of your business and the results obtained, on the other hand, if the upholstery is dirty or is in poor condition, the meaning is usually the opposite….

Precious stones

 Symbolizes the transmutation of the opaque transparent, perfectly imperfect and darkness into light. It is the best symbol you can imagine the human soul. Each gemstone has its own meaning. If found strung in our dream we will look at the meaning of ” jewel ”….


Generally speaking, dream about the tarot, is a clear sign that you have many concerns about destiny, which we would like to solve. There is no prediction in most cases and is only a phone call not despair, do things right and have patience. Dreaming of a specific tarot card usually gives no indication unless the dreamer is not profane in these matters, in this case, the meaning of the letter in dreams usually the same usual meaning to that letter in a tarot reading either….


 It symbolizes the rhythm and the passing of our lives as the clock, so its meaning is the same. -see In a dream portends a stopped clock that has stopped our evolution or its owner was finished rope, it ie their lifetime. If the delayed clock warns us to accelerate our pace of work if you do not want to see ourselves overtaken by events. If delayed indicates that we should take things more calmly if you do not want to see threaten our health and our lives. If madly rotate the hands or dream you constantly look at the clock reveals our anxiety about the pace of life we ​​lead. If it works well and called our attention when pointing the dream’s meaning it depends on the context and the appointed time. For example = If we believe it’s all over for us and we see the clock ticking noon tells us that a new stage begins full of opportunities because we have a lot of life ahead….


They reflect a state of transition, perhaps the destruction of mental debris that had become an obstacle to our personal development….


Maybe you’re intuiting an interesting discovery to development itself, but can also be interpreted as the need for you to stand and observe more the little things of everyday life….


Like all fruits full of seeds, it symbolizes fertility and may be referred to the ideas or projects that have to develop….


Sometimes the dream meets a real need that can be caused by fever, etc … but it is not the case the dream symbolizes a burning need for personal evolution, often spiritual or mystical type. Some authors are very sensitive to that kind of water we got to quench that thirst in our sleep, because if it is cloudy or dirty liquid consider harbinger of deceptions or disappointments on the way we choose to achieve this development….


They reflect a state of transition, perhaps the destruction of mental debris that had become an obstacle to our personal development. harbinger of betrayal and pain and cruelty….


To analyze our dreams with fire, we must observe the shape of the flames. A devouring fire, opposite the flame brightening, symbolizes the exalted passion. A small but well lit fire, smoke, represents the desire and tenderness, our need for human warmth. A fire burning can hardly talk of betrayals or problems, omens that concern both the body and the spirit. Feel threatened in sleep, by the flames, he speaks of an intuitive to see us overcome by a company that holds any fear disloyalty or failure….


It is the color of mystery, transcendence and beyond. But some authors also relate it to the submission and obedience. It is generally interpreted as a dream in which an inner growth is sensed, an increased sensitivity to mystical matters, and in some sense a universal compliance with laws. It is a mixture of devotion (blue) and feeling (red)….


Symbolize the potential for creativity and will depend on what the seeds of our dream happen, as where the sow and development, sense of prognosis. Creativity can refer to children, business, new feelings or personal creations, that is all that is born and grows from the dreamer….


Usually it interpreted as loneliness and helplessness, but also often interpreted as a lack of emotion and sharing of feelings in our lives. It may also be the harbinger of a stage in our development, whether looked at from the point of spiritual or psychological….


 Relatives or friends need your help. upcoming developments….


See each landing in a port may indicate approaching and we are already unconsciously sensing the end of a stage, or a project that we are developing. It will depend on the feelings to surface in dreams to this fact, that end we are going to experience how happy or unhappy….


Say some authors who dream of cypresses portends death, misfortune, or distress and hardship, whether referring to the dreamer or projects and businesses that are developing. But it also interprets the dream is reflecting a lack of energy, and the feeling of the dreamer that it has reached an end point in your life and can not find new motivations….