Dreamed with unshaven indicates that their affairs successfully walk. Dreamed with well-groomed beard and that he combs or stroke, is a clear sign of male vanity that annoys other producing negative effects | but if it is cutting or shaving, it is warning that the dreamer feels hurt, wounded in his vanity. Dreaming someone with a beautiful blonde and very long beard in the manner of the prophets, it suggests that the dreamer is not acting properly and must seek and accept advice. To dream that someone is shaving suggests that the health of someone close to deteriorate. If sleep is a woman being shaved indicates another person mourning disease and even possible, if the woman is pregnant, she suggests that the unborn child is male. Dreaming a person known black or red beard announces setbacks, if it appears white indicates disappointments, particularly amorous, if the beard is graying she suggests brawls. Dreaming known someone with a vulgar and unkempt beard indicates that should not have dealings with that person and avoid business because they can not get along because that person will always try to impose their will and their personal interest. Dreamed that someone with a beard and pulls it insinuates that are running serious risks with likely material losses. A young, unwed you dream admiring a man’s beard suggests that she has the desire to get married soon, but for the hastiness risk an unfortunate marriage….


A woman who dreams that are shaving can mean that because of its nature, behavior and character are too masculine, which annoys men with whom about. When a woman dreams to a man shaving off, it may mean that by its very nature sexy easily fall into illicit pleasures. When a man dreams that someone is shaving, warns that disappoint dishonest people try to somehow morally or materially. Shaving off dreamed indicates its commitment to manage their own affairs at work and home, although a woman of bad character will create difficulties. The man who dreams of skin soft, smooth and without shaving face, may mean that soon have moments of joy and that his conduct has been blameless before his family and friends. When a man dreams of rough skin, wrinkled and damaged face means close setbacks and misunderstandings in marriage. When a man dreams shaving off, but the razor hurt him due to lack of edge or other defect, it may mean that because of his bad behavior to others and in their private lives receive criticism from his friends. When a man dreams of a graying beard and means self-criticism for its lack of justice to judge others….


Dreamed with a long beard and bushy life in general indicates a cheerful and carefree. If the beard is white means entering a peaceful old age. If the beard is black it is a sign of distress and torment. If shaves his beard is premonition that should take extreme caution with his actions and his words. If you dream of a woman with beards he indicates distrust and jealousy. 60 – beards – A lucky number sleep beards – 60…


Dream with a long beard and bushy is your life in general is cheerful and carefree. If the beard is white it means that your old age will be completely happy. If the color of the beard is black is that live afflictions and torments. If shaves your beard is to be extremely prudent in all your actions and words. If a woman with whiskers in the dream is a sign of distrust and jealousy….


 If we shave his beard indicating that it is time to start strong and direct action. If who shaves is another person, the situation in which we are strong and resolute action required. If we are bearded tell us to tone down our lust for power and money. If people appear bearded it indicates that what we do should prevail imagination and ingenuity to achieve our goals. most beautiful and dark -How much greater are the chances of success. If it’s white, which will win prestige and dignity. If there is little or weak will be little chance of success. -Teñirse Beard, we will be tempted to conceal. -Lavarsela Sign of anxiety. If a barber reveals major collaboration and help people displayed….


When we shave the beard dreams can mean that it is time to undertake a direct and willful action on an issue that concerns us. And when we let dreams grow a beard, it is a warning to tone down our excessive lust for power and honors. If the dream involves a barber we can expect cooperation and support of important people in our projects….


 It will be deceived by friends or relatives….


Dream oneself shave or be shaved is a sign of loss of goods, honors or health….


 This fish dream portends a loss without pain….


 It indicates immaturity….


Cut with a confirmation that you should be very careful with talking or comments with others. Shaving, means that you can solve their problems either short or long term. 52 – knife – A lucky number of sleep razor – 52…


Dream of a barber at work tells vulgar jokes, vulgar stories, gossip, slander, all around the dreamer. Dream of a barber is shaving indicates that soon will be involved in gossip, lies and slander….


Dreamed mustache in real life when not in use, is warning of vanity and selfishness own that will produce different, especially emotional and social problems. When a man dreams of shaving off his mustache suggests that yearns important changes in all aspects of his life. When a woman dreams of admiring the mustache of a man is warning the risk of falling into unlawful conduct….


 If shaving announces family conflicts….


 It is a sign of virility long as it is in some parts of the body such as the chest, arms and legs and in due proportion. -The Excess hair in women manifests an instinctive and sensual life. -Be Beardless is an indication that we are showing excessive weakness of character….


(See BEARD) 60 – Whiskers – A lucky number sleep mustaches – 60…


 It is a sign of virility long as it is in some parts of the body such as the chest, arms and legs and in due proportion. -The Excess hair in women manifests an instinctive and sensual life. -Be Beardless is an indication that we are showing excessive weakness of character….