Dream that someone is singing happily announcement good news of loved ones far away. Dreamed of singing between friendly and cheerful people is promise of prosperity and joy. If you sing sadly announcement is bad news. Dreamed of singing with modern music indicates extravagance, why will not achieve success in what he craves….


If we are inside a church, our dream foreshadows the realization of our hopes, but if we see the church in the distance and fail to achieve their entry, the omen is disappointment. In response to the beliefs of the dreamer, some authors interpret the churches symbolize protection and peace, or oppression….


View a church in a dream represents something important and sacred. Dreaming of being inside a church indicates a need for help, support that will allow you to follow the right path….


 -To Dream with a church augurs the realization of hopes and desires. If we see in the distance and we do not approach it announces disappointments. If we are in the church talking to other people without paying attention to what happens there warns us that our attitude to life is neglected and we can commit some imprudence….


…Enter sign of fidelity to the beloved. Build, strength of spirit. He prayed inside, you will receive the desired support, optimism and joy. 27 – Church – A lucky number sleep Church – 27…


(See SONGS) 91 – sing – A lucky number singing dream – 91…

Ball, dancing party

Dream of attending a dance indicates that receive a big surprise, joy and wonderful news….


 -Song In dreams reveals the existence of some secret sorrow. -oir Sing announces happiness unless a rooster that means there will be discord escape….


A woman especially if you’re young, you dream of beautiful plumage birds singing, it is always a good omen, as announced joys, a wealthy and perhaps riches life. Dream birds approach can mean that receive news. If the birds are singing, the news will be good | if you stand still, the news will be inconsequential, and if the birds are dark, the news will be bad. Dream birds dark, silent color, meaning sadness and bad economic situation in the immediate future. It can also mean that he is the victim of perhaps other powerful people. Dream a bird wounded and bleeding suggests that in the near future the dreamer will live days of misery. You dream flocks of birds in flight is announcement that the downswing that will soon pass through to make way for the prosperity of the dreamer. Dream that pursues and captures one or more birds means desires and ambitions of prosperity, which is a long time coming. Dreamed of killing a bird means business disaster in themselves, particularly if the dreamer is a farmer or business related to the field. Dreaming talking birds suggests the dreamer lack of skill and ability to manage their affairs. Birdsong dream is of good omen, since announces peace, joy, awards, sympathy and success. This applies particularly in the case of those working in the artistic and intellectual milieu. He dreamed of a singing bird died in the hands, is a symbol of failures nearby what more longs, and even more so if the artist. Dream that frees a songbird, it is a symbol that they are wasting opportunities. To dream that a songbird wing room comes the dreamer suggests is to come the long-awaited success that will allow you to lead a comfortable and distinguished life, what ultimately be detrimental to the dreamer. This is a dream warning, particularly for women, in the sense that no illusions or chimeras should be exhorbitant….


See people dancing in a dream I expected to have pleasant and exciting relationship with a cheerful person. To dream that is dancing indicates that is the subject of much admiration….


Blowing at a party is usually a good sign, especially if people dancing happily and dressed in decent or elegant way, as this implies prosperity for the dreamer. Dreamed sad at a party indicates that soon receive bad news, including the probable death of a loved one. Blowing at a party where there servitude implies infidelity in marriage losses in business or lawsuits jealousy between lovers. Dreamed drunk at a party with scandalizing indicates that the hypocrisy of some friendships will cause losses and other damages. Dreamed as a host at a party where there is disorder caused by wine, he indicates that will soon be the victim of ingratitude and calumny. At a party dreamed of healthy and happy children it indicates that you want to start a family and a happy home. When (the) dreamer is young and single (a) implies that want to enjoy entertainment, parties, field trips, etc. A cheerful holiday dream elderly, for example in a nursing home, suggests that business is good at the moment, but I think what conditions will reach that age. Dreamed of dancing at a party hints that expects good results in their activities. A woman who dreams of a party implies that awaits the return of a friend who was a rival, but not confident that this is done. Blowing at a party usually announces joys and benefits, but also indicates that it is indifferent to the reality of life | ie it is leaning for the fleeting pleasures, which give negative results. Blowing at a party where there is turmoil, discussions and lawsuits suggests that soon the dreamer or his family sick. Dreamed of coming late to a party hints that suffer humiliations and humiliations. also it indicates that the dreamer evades its responsibilities, preferring to rely on other wills….


 -A Church organ whose character prefigured ceremonies will be indicated by the musical ear piece and circumstances of hearing. If untreated organ of a church indicates favorable news and events or not depending on the music performed….


 If dancing is costume indicates that to be successful with our partner we must be honest. If we dance with your loved one it indicates a strong connection. If we fall as we dance warns us that we are not so arrogant / as. If the dream is unpleasant denotes fear in our relationship….


In the dream, to see us dancing has sentimental connotations so it is important to remember our feeling. If it was nice to be a good omen for our amorous successes, and much more if you share with the person we love. But if we fall during sleep, or we stumbled, we take it as a warning to wrong attitudes in our relationship. If the dream as a whole unpleasant We can think of a conflict between what we want and what we fear….


Dreamed a dance announces upcoming holidays, fun, joy, sentimental conquests and materials, etc. Dreamed in a dance with clothes of the century, with soft, romantic music, waltzes for example, suggests that we are living very restlessly and longs regain their mental and emotional balance. Dreamed in a costume ball or carnival masks and indicates that you are looking for pleasure, fun, and you’ll soon find, but as a natural consequence ends in headaches and other problems, especially if the dreamer is a woman. A man indicates trouble in matters handled costumes and masks have always indicated lies, deception, fraud, losses blowing in modern dance, with loud music and outlandish clothes, suggests that the dreamer lives or works in an unpleasant environment it is unbalancing psychic and emotionally symbolizes that wants to get out of that situation blowing at a dance where women dress provocatively and men show a patibulario face indicates vice, eroticism, degeneration is a warning not to fall into excesses dream that is dance teacher, the main attraction at a party, suggests that it is neglecting the really important so frivolous and inconsequential a young woman who dreams her suitor or lover as dance teacher insinuates that does not have full confidence in the seriousness of her suitor | but if you dream of dancing with him, he indicates that neither seriously sees the future….


If we are dancing, or dance are seeing a desire to participate, many authors interpret that is the sign of our desire to establish new directions, or move some aspects of our lives that are stagnant. It may be the intuition of new possibilities in the immediate future….


In the dream, to see us dancing has sentimental connotations so it is important to remember our feeling. If it was nice to be a good omen for our amorous successes, and much more if you share with the person we love. But if we fall during sleep, or we stumbled, we take it as a warning to wrong attitudes in our relationship. If the dream as a whole is unpleasant, we can think of a conflict between what we want and what we fear….


…(See CHURCH) 40 – Temple – A lucky number sleep temple – 40…

Stained glass

 If we see the window of a church means introspection, meditation and inner peace….


…A building, or it appears you try to be a different person from their “” true. A church, false repentance, lie and deception. 43 – facade – A lucky number facade sleep – 43…


 If wood is indicated that the proposition that made us is misleading. If the bank is stone the proposal must be taken into account. If iron is anger proposition accompanied by a gift. Distrust. If the bank is a church marriage proposition will. Then we trust in her. If the bank is a school indicates that we still have much to learn….

Daisy flower

Dream a bunch of wilted daisies indicates sadness. Surrounded dreamed (a) of a field of beautiful daisies indicates that enjoys good health as well as your family. When there are birds singing it is also announcement of prosperity. In the sentimental affairs it provides joys and successes, and as for the lovers provides forthcoming marriage….


 If we hear singing crickets dream portend domestic happiness, peace and tranquility….


Singing, problems and dislikes. Fighting, posibiliada of serious conflicts with someone else. 3 – gallo – A lucky number sleep gallo – 3…


See larks flying in a dream symbolizes high aspirations. If they fall during flight, then it indicates that appear desperation among your pleasure and joy. Larks singing heard in a dream it indicates foresees success in business. You will find happiness in a changing environment. See a wound or dead lark in a dream denotes sadness and gloom. To dream that kills a lark means loss of innocence….


A woman who dreams sweet music of a guitar, but without seeing the musical instrument, indicates that if not firm and strong, can easily fall into illicit love or at least be deceived by false loves. This is what is meant by siren. If you see the guitar with broken strings, he suggests that soon lack the harmony around and even be sentimental breakups. A man who dreams of a guitar music insinuates that is likely to be driven by easy love that ultimately create problems. If you dream singing and playing a guitar or other stringed instrument, but against a woman he indicates that their claims can be reciprocated love. If you are also accompanied by friends who also play instruments and sing hints that soon return to their missing loved ones side. Any person who dreams pressing a guitar, although know not to touch, suggests that craves harmony and love around, perhaps for lack of it….