Dreaming about a policeman in a threatening manner, while the dreamer knows innocent of any wrongdoing, it may mean that someone is cheating on him, putting his honor and property. If the dreamer feel guilty of wrongdoing, then that dream is a warning and a self criticism of the conduct in daily life, which must be corrected. Dreamed threatened arrest by a police officer or hypocritically he approaches may mean that false friends try to defraud the dreamer. It also suggests that the dreamer longs to soar, but has failed for lack of preparation or the necessary capacity. Dreamed of calling a police insecurity suggests itself (a). Dreamed guarded by a policeman suggests are making mistakes that can become serious and dangerous. Dream suggests that a strong police failures, attacks of enemies or moments of bad luck and life changes are coming. Dreamed as police suggests the likelihood of being involved in a delicate matter that will question their honor and prestige. Followed by a policeman dreamed it may mean that you are participating in illegal and dangerous affairs or business. Dreaming police is always a bad dream, it suggests that soon there will be many problems, but not cause the dreamer. Dreamed arrested (a) by a policeman accused of a crime he is innocent, he is announcing that happen penalties, but eventually will triumph. Dream a parade of police indicates serious changes in the life of the dreamer, if this is not a cop. Dreamed arrested by police for wrongdoing is a self accusation to be acting dishonestly detriment of others….

Acrobat, acrobatics

See an acrobat doing his exercises or see ourselves doing acorbacias ne prevents us from real life that we are entering an unstable situation whose outcome will correspond with sleep. When we perform acrobatics dream gives us a nice feeling and also perform them successfully, auguira that in real life we ​​will be strengthened in relation actula at the same time have served to strengthen our independence and security. If instead the sensation is unpleasant to us or we fail them it is feared that we do not go with either of the current situation of instability, and that what awaits us is the failure or economic position and lost….

Approve, approval

see an acrobat doing his exercises or see ourselves doing stunts warns us that in real life we ​​are entering an unstable situation whose outcome will correspond with sleep. When we perform acrobatics dream gives us a good feeling and also perform them successfully, we predict that real life to come out stronger from the current situation at the same time have served to strengthen our independence and security. If instead the sensation is unpleasant to us or we fail them it is feared that we do not go with either of the current situation of instability, and that what awaits us is the failure or economic and position losses….


When a woman dreams of harvesting cobs, or baby corn, indicates that soon come to the position that longs if continues to work with enthusiasm. Cobs dream is positive, it announces good times, good news and plenty of food. Dreamed in a field corn field and seeing how it has germinated, ie, the green plants and rise above the ground, indicating firm hope that what you are doing in daily life will produce good results at a not very long term. Instead, seeing wilted plants indicates bad news. Dreamed of shaking the reeds they already have ears suggests that the dreamer is too eager to see the results of their work, which is not good. This dream is a prevention against exaggerated impatience. Starting dreamed floor maize plants indicates that it is applying a wrong criterion and work in their affairs, which will produce bad results. Cutting dreamed cobs directly from the reeds and field announces success in the very near future. Dreamed removing the leaves to the ears indicates that you are on the right track to achieve success. To dream that others defoliate cobs hints that have or will soon have a social or family relationship with important and successful people. A farmer who dream in a corn before the harvest, but in which beautiful ears abound, indicates good year in the field and good harvests. In city people and business, this same dream indicates favorable business and prosperity in the near future. Young people who dream of a field of ears, they announced a pleasing future. When wilted pods are little grown or destroyed for some reason in a dream, it indicates losses, illnesses and in some cases real disaster. Dreamed shelling corn cobs for hints that what you are doing in daily life is wrong and soon suffer the consequences. Dreamed eating stewed tender or ears indicates satisfaction and self-confidence, which will give back good results….


See a mule in a dream represents stubbornness. Riding a mule dream denotes that you are doing hard work. See a fat mule in a dream means progress to achieve its sibilance, financial gain, success. See a skinny mule in a dream anticipated problems and difficulties of all kinds. To dream that a mule hits him with a foot provides disappointments in love and marriage. See a dead mule in a dream means broken promises. It is also an indication of your long sufferings….


To dream that has malice toward others means that others will look very bad. You need to control your temper. To dream that others have malice toward you denoting false friend and working on doing harm….


Night dreaming occurs and indicates some major obstacles in achieving your goals setbacks. There are some tough issues in your life you are doing and that are not clear. Editions should put aside to clear them in your head. Alternatively night is synonymous with death, rebirth and new beginnings….


Stay, great disappointments and reversals of fortune will suffer. See one, be less dreamy and put your feet on the ground doing a retrospective analysis and seeing what are its limitations. 7 – blind – A number of blind luck of sleep – 7…


Walking down a sidewalk both dreams and in real life means in principle be within appropriate limits for the visitor but will have to see what we’re doing on that journey. If in the dream we are up to the curb may indicate uploading in a ladder, either professional or hierarchy of some kind, and if we dream that we are going down the sidewalk, will mean the opposite. It can be a good starting point for analyzing everyday actions in which we operate and how we deal with them….


Watch or take a laxative in a dream suggests that you need to stop doing emotional damage to himself. It’s time to clean your body without any fear….


Dreaming of her legs means that security has recovered and will again assume control your life. To dream that my legs are weak means that feels vulnerable from the emotional point of view. To dream that has wounds on your legs, or can not walk, it represents the lack of balance in your life or independence. To dream that has three or more legs means that in real life encompasses too many actions. It is better to do a few things well rather than doing too badly….


Dreamed as a victim of a negative act, for example slander, it is ad or warning that someone is plotting to harm, not only personally but also the family of the dreamer. Dreamed of doing something wrong against others suggests that benefits and covet riches whatever means to get it….


He insinuates chairs dream breach of obligations and wasted opportunities. Dreaming a friend sitting in a chair and remains there quietly, it can mean bad news will come soon. To dream that someone is doing or repairing a chair may mean that soon there will be problems at work or in business. A swivel chair dream suggests that covets a seat of important executive or expected to excel in society. Dream a ringmaster sitting quietly in front of large audiences timely hints that fair compensation to the effort will be received. Dreamed as emcee in front of a large audience may mean that they are already taking into consideration the merits and values ​​of the dreamer….


Dream of an empty tomb or a well, announced that they are taking unnecessary risks in what you are planning or doing. Dreamed of falling into a grave or pit announces misfortunes. Blowing down to a grave, grave, pit or hole in the floor means risking necessity, even against one’s will. Graves dream is always ad slump and losses. Dream destroyed a tomb presages own family sorrows and diseases o. Reading the plate dreamed of a funerary monument insinuates that will have to perform unpleasant tasks. If visiting a grave in a dream, he is foreshadowing of the near accident, not always fatal. View during sleep to a friend or known before a grave is an indication that this person may need us and we should come to their aid….


Dream the father, especially if he looks calm and smiling, it may mean that family and friendly relations are excellent and will remain so. However, if the mad dream means the opposite. To dream that the mother is happy at home suggests that all is well, there is harmony | but if it appears angry, then it may mean that the dreamer is doing something wrong. When a woman dreams of arguing with her mother who is angry, he suggests that no family or friends to avoid problems….


Dreamed of committing an act of revenge is a sign that you have a weak character and that to suffer insults, just think about revenge, but doing so treacherously and finally daring to do anything. In some cases it is a warning that befall lawsuits and court cases that may harm the dreamer in your current lifestyle. To dream that others exert revenge on the dreamer indicates that you are living in fear, but without being able to define or explain….


To dream that you authorize something in a dream indicates you involved with some matter or important decision. Consider the type of authorization. If you are a search warrant, you should check your motives and actions. If a restraining order, you should stop what you are doing and take a different course of action….


Maybe it is opening a new space in your life, or you’re trying to get to the bottom of an issue that still do not see very clear, especially if in your dream you see yourself doing that hole. But if you suddenly stumble with a hole or you fall into it, you will think that you who are putting obstacles to any progress in your life….


To dream that you are doing indicates tickle need for humor and laughter in your life. Perhaps he takes things too seriously….


If in the dream, you see the lace made in a garment it indicates fear that others from abusing your trust, and if you see yourself doing the fit you, then it may indicate that you take advantage of the patience of others….


 It symbolizes the end of a test of obedience, a job and whatever we are doing….


 This dream warns us that we are leaving drag by events without doing anything to control them….


 -Darlos Or receive them in dreams or discussions announces break with friends. If they ask us advice portends success in what we are doing….


 The scratch is doing harm to someone who wants to, while receiving the scratch will be harmed….

Ink, Inkwell

 If you are doing work with ink it is attributed a sense of prosperity. If we get dirty with ink or spill the ink it is a sign of misfortune and obstacles in our work….


 The anvil means the passive principle against the hammer that is the active ingredient. When an anvil appears in a dream right now is that our attitude in life can only be passive, we are forced to endure the blows of fate without doing anything to avoid them….


 Symbolize all those beings without consistency or self-they will yield to all external impulses. We are driving us if we puppets is that in real life are manipulating or wanting to manipulate others to our desires to fold. If we who dream turned us into puppets it is that someone is doing the same with us….


 We know we are doing wrong….


 It is a warning that we are doing wrong….


Dreaming that are fishing sardine unsuccessfully, announced failures in various fields. Dreamed sardines with fishing net and others doing the same thing may mean that there is very strong competition and risk in their business and affairs | in the case of love | warns of dangerous rivals, and in the case of businesses, there are competitors ready to fight. To dream that was caught plenty of network announces major successes and profits. If the dreamer is married or has a permanent relationship, sardines are usually an indication that there are unjustified jealousy by the dreamer….