The colors in dreams have the same symbolism as are known in a common way, and so should understand when clothes dreams. Dreamed of hanging clothes on a clothesline and it is clean, it may mean that the intimate is considered a person responsible for his actions and who is not afraid of criticism. It also means prosperity, especially when clothing is golden yellow. Dreamed hanging laundry or driving means fear of something bad or at least criticism he has done, and if it comes to lingerie, the meaning worsens. Dirty and torn clothes means sadness, bad news, etc. When a woman dreams of running their own clean clothes suggests that his immediate future is positive. If they appear broken, suggests there may be sadness. If they are stained, it suggests that the dreamer is relating to people and not recommended friends. To dream that has abundance of clothing suggests just the opposite, that is, you want to have good clothes and lead a more comfortable life. Generally it means intimate dissatisfaction with life that takes, as it aspires to something better. Dream old, dirty, broken and washed down on the floor clothes, he suggests that soon there will be concerns and various problems, perhaps more or less temporary conditions. Dreamed of trying on any garment that belongs to someone else suggests intimate uncertainty, insecurity and hope that someone help you solve your problems. To dream that got the clothes inside announces the loss of friends and people who previously collaborated in any way with the dreamer. Dreamed of getting new and beautiful clothes soon receive suggests that any distinction or at least praise. This is especially true in the case of intellectuals, artists, etc. To dream that you have lost the clothes you want to wear, he suggests that it is losing not only material goods but perhaps mental and moral values. Dreamed dressed and feeling comfortable with a metal frame suggests that stimuli, praise, distinctions crave, and may try to enter high society or in important political circles | but the metal armor symbolizes being imprisoned in itself, so you will not get anything you want….


Dreamed stolen, or see that others are stealing something, he suggests that bad times will pass in many ways, by his own weakness of character. Dreamed accused of stealing without being truly free announces that slander enemies suffer. Dreamed of stealing from family or friends it can mean it is not true to himself. A young woman who dreams of a pickpocket steals it indicates that it is the victim of unjustified jealousy….


Dreaming water tanks of any type or size, for example laundry sinks, trays or basins for washing objects, suggests that problems or new interests that somehow affect the dreamer and others come close. Dreamed washing hands and face with clean water suggests that longs relate to new issues, business, etc. Dreamed washing hands and face with dirty water insinuates that you want to have illicit and dangerous liaisons either sentimental or business. To dream that someone is washing hints that something is coming to a stage, maybe dirty, problems and will soon begin another with hopes and new grounds. Dreaming of a laundress at work implies infidelity and illicit adventures of their own or of someone close (partners, friends, family, etc.). When a woman dreams as a laundress insinuates itself infidelity to her husband, lover or people you work with. Washing clothes dreamed own hints that will require great effort before achieving what you want. Dreaming young women washing clothes next joys insinuates due to new relationships. Dreamed washing clothes in a laundry indicates that a disease that has not been properly addressed will worsen….


The colors in dreams suggest the same symbol as they are known in life, therefore, they can be applied to the suits and dress or clothing in general. The characteristics of the clothes are what make the meaning of the dream, as it can be of various shapes, colors and materials and may appear in many different situations. When a man dreams of a suit to measure, or if female, dress, success means close, if it appears clean. But seeing it broken or dirty is a warning about the presence of enemies who want to harm him (a). Dreamed dressed in many colors suggests that soon will change fortune. Black dress suggests dreamed nearby lawsuits, difficulties, misunderstandings and generally annoying and difficult to resolve situations. Dream elderly people dressed in white suggests that the dreamer or a relative are in poor health. Dreamed dress (a) totally unsatisfactory white suggests coming changes and may even be harmful, all related to health. Unfashionable dreamed dress and ridiculously suggests that the dreamer is reluctant to modern ideas and customs, ie, which is very conservative. I dreamed fashionable dress is a good dream, it means good friends, win-win situations, and unrequited love healthy, successful businesses, etc. Dreamed of buying or premiering new clothes and good presentation either man’s suit or dress woman, means upcoming changes in the life of the dreamer. When the color of the clothes are black or dark gray means unfavorable changes (sadness, poverty, disappointments, etc.). If it is white, the change will be to no serious or dangerous diseases. When it appears in one or more, especially bright green, bright colors means joys and successes, particularly social. The blue color in clothing means change toward the spiritual or intellectual, always seeking high levels. If red means energy, change in business or work, etc. When a woman dreams she’s wearing a defective clothing, rags or spotting may mean that receive ill-treatment due to misunderstandings with people who esteem, if, on the contrary, has a beautiful dress, it stands next successes, especially in social relations depending on the medium in which it unfolds. When the dress is white, announced for promising young women and for women over love sincere and affectionate friends. If the dress is black, and even worse if it’s ugly and poor quality, it suggests that there are jealousies and selfishness around. If it appears with many colors or color spots suggests upcoming changes and ups and downs, that is, some people will express their estimate while others attack. Much of the above also applies to men….


Mending or darning dreamed something old and dirty suggests that it is trying to correct mistakes late but if you are patching is new and clean, then it suggests that errors will be corrected promptly, which will produce the desired success. Dreamed of wearing clothes mended suggests little delicacy of the dreamer himself and to others. Others dream of wearing clothes announces botched poverty, sadness or bad times for the dreamer. A young woman who dreams mending her new dress is warning that difficulties precisely when it is waiting approaching an era of prosperity. If in the dream trying to hide the patches, then it may mean that it is developing a bad character that much harm. If you see someone who sews clothes, socks, etc. in sleep, it can mean the triumph of a family member or close friend in a company that has undertaken….


When a woman dreams that marries an elderly man, he suggests that soon will have several problems, including some painful illness. If during the marriage the groom looks in an attitude of anger, he indicates trouble with friends great esteem. Anyone who dreams that are in the presence of a marriage and suggests good news coming joys | but when she marries and those attending the ceremony appear dressed in black, he suggests that the dreamer will suffer disappointments and sorrows. In some cases indicates death of someone very dear, whether relative or friend. When the dreamer is making application to marry indicates bad news. If the dreamer is in a wedding party but as a relative of the parties, indicates estimated by other people, so their business affairs and prosper. If in the dream a misfortune occurs during the marriage ceremony, it indicates that soon there will be no disease or perhaps death within the family. When a young, unwed dreams that is the bride in a marriage, but not happy with it, indicates very close frustrations in love relationships (if any) or disease or adversaries and hypocrites who try to harm him as revenge for the conduct of the person who dreamed it. (This dream suggests that the dreamer proceeded wrong in something, hurting someone, and during sleep your subconscious is doing know.) Blow present at the wedding of others suggests that parties and joys approach, especially during sleep colors, ornaments and colorful clothes are abundant | but if there is no bright colors and guests wear dark or black clothes, then it indicates that in the immediate future the dreamer will suffer sorrows and hardships. Dreamed as a legal witness in a marriage he implies that enjoy true estimate of friendships and society. During a marriage dream that something unpleasant happens hints that the dreamer bad times await you with unpleasant surprises or diseases. A young woman who dreams being the contracting girlfriend in a marriage, but is indifferent to the ceremony and everything that is happening, suggests that by nature is a depressed person or is at risk of a dangerous disease. It may also indicate that their conduct in daily life leads to harmful gossip….


Dreamed of walking in the mud or mud is a warning that misconduct is being discrediting to his friends, which cause family feuds. Others dream about walking or splashing in the mud hints that something unpleasant will happen to your family or friends. Dreaming that your clothes are smeared with mud hints that his reputation is already in question | but if sleep is completely clean clothes, this indicates that the gossip will jaunty and intrigues against him….


Dream clothes desire elegance indicates, notoriety and success, in short, wants to excel by our appearance. We must also consider its symbolism as an element of self-protection against the other and the existence of a shyness in front of others. Much will depend on the sensations that produce our clothes in the dream, to interpret his message as a dream symbol….


Dream grime or dirt of any kind, and worse if it is surrounded by green and flowering plants in a garden meadow, still it indicates that the environment in which he lives is bad and inappropriate, why he is upset. The council is trying to change. Dreaming own clothes or dirty clothes, stained, filthy, it is a warning to stay away from bad influences, contagious patients or persons who by their activities outside the law can involve him in dangerous situations. Dream that someone throws something dirty, mud or manure for example, suggests that people or adversaries hypocrites try to harm the dreamer….

Ironing Board

Ironing clothes dreamed indicates that family and social relations are good, so business will continue to thrive. When a woman dreams ironing and burning hands, he suggests he is jealous and can get sick. If you burn the clothes in the dream, then suggests that suspect or know of the existence of a rival. If the iron is cold, then the problem will go without consequences….


Dreamed a dance announces upcoming holidays, fun, joy, sentimental conquests and materials, etc. Dreamed in a dance with clothes of the century, with soft, romantic music, waltzes for example, suggests that we are living very restlessly and longs regain their mental and emotional balance. Dreamed in a costume ball or carnival masks and indicates that you are looking for pleasure, fun, and you’ll soon find, but as a natural consequence ends in headaches and other problems, especially if the dreamer is a woman. A man indicates trouble in matters handled costumes and masks have always indicated lies, deception, fraud, losses blowing in modern dance, with loud music and outlandish clothes, suggests that the dreamer lives or works in an unpleasant environment it is unbalancing psychic and emotionally symbolizes that wants to get out of that situation blowing at a dance where women dress provocatively and men show a patibulario face indicates vice, eroticism, degeneration is a warning not to fall into excesses dream that is dance teacher, the main attraction at a party, suggests that it is neglecting the really important so frivolous and inconsequential a young woman who dreams her suitor or lover as dance teacher insinuates that does not have full confidence in the seriousness of her suitor | but if you dream of dancing with him, he indicates that neither seriously sees the future….


Dreaming brushes for various uses indicates lot of work but well paid. Dreamed hastily brushing his clothes hints that soon receive rewards and satisfactions for their work. Dream clothes brushes several hints that soon will increase the job, but not the salary. Old and worn brushes dream announces diseases, bad business and various other problems, but only passengers and no gravity. Combing dreamed with an old toothbrush hints that will soon have many problems, including the economic aspect….


Dream a pond with clear water bodes well. Dream a pond with water murky and still suggests that he craves is hampered and will remain so for some time. Dream a pond of dirty water, and worse if muddy, hints that his business go from bad to worse and has more enemies than friends. If water escapes the pond, you notice that someone is abusing the trust that the dreamer will have. If you are trying some business, then it indicates that you are stealing. An empty dream pond is a symbol of failures, material losses and friends, which will produce grief and anguish. Dream a half-empty pond with muddy bottom, it indicates that its affairs are falling into dirty and dangerous complications. In dreams, the water dirty, muddy and worse, are always a bad omen that serves to prevent the dreamer….


Generally dream of a theft means lost, problems, worries, obstacles. To dream that you have stolen denotes that you are in a crisis and suffers a lot. Dreaming that you are stealing, denotes fiscal or legal problems. Alternatively, it may mean unfulfilled goals….


To dream that is mountaineer or alpinist and squeezes through difficult slopes, but it finally reaches the top, indicates that it has ample capacity to overcome obstacles that are submitted and will soon achieve success, but if you sleep fails to reach the top, the meaning is the opposite. Dreamed of climbing a ladder to reach the top indicates success in matters being handled | but if for any reason can not reach the top or if the ladder breaks indicate the opposite and the risks will be greater. Dreamed of climbing a wall or other means to enter through the window of a house indicates that you want to experiment, usually illegal, like stealing or having loving relationships dishonest dangerous adventures. Dreamed of climbing a slope indicates that you must make a greater effort to achieve their goals. The higher you get in sleep, the greater the chances of success. To dream that falls to go up, the higher the height of the fall, the more severe setbacks and failures. Blowing down a slope implies that their business will go worse each day if does not pay more attention. Dreamed of fleeing from danger by a slope suggests that the risks to be postponed and perhaps even eliminated. Blowing out, choking with the effort to climb a slope, he insinuates that is accepting more work and responsibilities necessary or appropriate to achieve success. Dreaming a broken or useless hand ladder indicates no chance of success in what you are planning. Dreamed of passing under a ladder indicates that taking unnecessary risks. Dreamed falling from a ladder next insinuates failures. Dreaming stately stairs and luxury is an invitation to work hard to be worthy to use them as their own. Dreamed of sitting on some steps in the dreamer debts hints about their ability to achieve what you crave….

Ironing Board

Ironing dream expects that aims to find domestic order. Dreaming ironing clothes and burning represents your uneasiness, or jealousy….


View a painting in a dream represents your need for expression. The painting is a symbol of intuition and inner realizations. Painting dream home means you’ll find success in a new project. Consider the color of paint to determine additional significance. For example, red paint can involve your pent up excitement. Painting dream that has stained your clothes means that you criticize too much and hurt….

Dress up

Dressing dreamed difficulties may mean that a person or some unavoidable reason you are getting in the way, preventing him from enjoying the fun or relaxation you are looking for. It is essential that the impediment is someone bad faith | it may simply be beyond the control of the relevant circumstances. When you dream you as are to be wearing is late to start a trip, it can mean neglect or carelessness of others you will cause various disorders and discomfort, which can also mean that should help himself to attend to their own affairs. Dreamed of wearing silk clothes suggests that there are too many ambitions money, power, business. It also reveals vanity and pride. If silk clothing is dirty or stained, it means disappointment, sadness and failures. Silkworms dream may mean that get very advantageous work or business | but if the worm turns up dead, then it is quite the opposite….


To dream that you hear or dance a waltz is an indicator that they are living the last moments of happiness away and that nostalgia be kept for a long time. Dreamed in a dance with clothes of the century, with soft, romantic music, waltzes for example, means that we are living very restlessly and longs regain mental and emotional balance….


Dreaming repairing something means you are going through a period of recovery. Dream symbolizes repairing clothes that will improve some complicated situations….


See a mud in a dream suggests that you will be involved in a dirty, sticky situation. It may also suggest some internal cleansing. Dream walking in mud suggests isolation, difficulties, troubled relationships. Dream that your clothes are machada by mud means that your reputation is in danger….


If what we are torn apart in the dream, are documents or papers, it symbolizes our desire for forgiveness and forgetfulness, a fault for which we have a feeling of guilt. In the case that we are tearing our clothes is a warning of the danger to our reputation, or the person who owns these tissues….

Dry cleaning/laundry

If you dream that suits themselves are sent or clothes to the dry cleaners for cleaning or dyeing, means that it should be more responsible in the way they act and proceed with friendships, lest they see us as vain and inconsequential, if that and they do not….


 Dream clothes reflect desires of elegance, fame and success with the opposite sex. If a garment strongly draws our attention arousing a feeling we will have to analyze it with the color of the garment. If we dream underwear opposite sex certainly it has sexual connotations. If undies are of the same sex = * In men reveals timidity or fear of the consequences of auto-eroticism. * In women the same can be taken as a pledge more dressy, as reflect timidity, fear of sex or desire or fear of motherhood….


 If we tear clothes suffer the reputation of the person to which they belong. If we tear augurs documents or forgetfulness and forgiveness of faults committed papers….


Except when breaking Deun glass or other container filled with oil dreaming, which bodes Unfortunately, the oil always promises success and prosperity, even when the oil is dirty or smearing papers, clothes or other objects, in which case such prosperity get with bad arts. The best sleep is said is that we pour oil on the head, which means that we will be elevated above our fellowmen….

Ironing Board

Ironing clothes, you will be able to make fatal mistakes if you do not pay more attention to their actions or work. 68 – ironing – A lucky number ironing dream – 68…


Dreamed of witnessing a murder or crime is a bad dream and at the same time warning that can get to know in which dangerous secrets should not intervene. To dream that you see someone talking to a murderer and one or both have clothes stained with blood, he suggests that the dreamer is in danger of suffering hardships because of their own recklessness. Dreamed of committing a murder indicates that there is a feeling of guilt for having done something wrong, and it may be affection of trouble with family and friends or romantic disappointments….


Dreamed packing clothes in a trunk hints that soon made a pleasure trip. Dream a thrown or broken trunk and watered content indicates disorder in one’s life or forced journey that will cause discomfort. Dream indicates an empty trunk unnecessary trouble at home. Others dream trunks announces travel mainly for business or studies, but with bad luck. Dreamed of trying to force a trunk to open it implies that covet riches, regardless of the means to achieve them. In this dream a young suggests looking for a rich husband….


When a man dreams of a move by the wind flag will overcome all the difficulties that will arise and will soon receive good news dream that is worn on the clothes a banner distinctive way implies that soon receive awards and honors in some cases. Dreaming a fall and wrinkled flag indicates loss of honor and prestige, and in some cases material values ​​dream a gray or black flag indicates that sad days approach due to failures in their aspirations. To dream that greet with pride wing national flag (the dreamer) indicates pride itself because it is known with ability to succeed in life, which promises future welfare. Dreaming a broken and dirty flag indicates failures and losses dream only one flagpole indicates no precise ideas in mind of what you want. A woman who dreams of a flag indicates that soon will change their behavior and thus achieve surmountable, it indicates that receive good news. Dream own country flag blazing with the wind, but in days of war, suggests that there will be a victory when sleep occurs in days of peace, then he insinuates that will succeed in their activities. A woman who dreams his own flag implies that it affects all military and may have romantic relationships with a member of the army or the navy. Dreaming foreign flags, generally it indicates various problems either in the family or with friends….

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