Lightning, lightning

Falling one over your home or near it means desolation, sadness, attack enemies. Near you or another person, indicates anger, quarrels, jealousies and violent fever. 93 – lightning, lightning – A lucky number of lightning, lightning dream – 93…


Dreaming means lightning successes and failures of short duration alternating. If one of the rays that produce lightning drop by shaking the dreamer, announces a stroke of good luck, but bad final results that will hurt others. Dreaming lightning, thunder and lightning in the sky, especially among storm clouds suggests that sadness and a slump approach….


 It is a sign of power creator and destroyer of divinity. When in sleep while there is lightning rain acquires a fecundador, cleanses and purifies power. -The Lightning with its blinding light makes us look inside ourselves….

Lightning rod

 The lightning rod is an effective aid that protects us from the unforeseen….