Dreaming of her legs means that security has recovered and will again assume control your life. To dream that my legs are weak means that feels vulnerable from the emotional point of view. To dream that has wounds on your legs, or can not walk, it represents the lack of balance in your life or independence. To dream that has three or more legs means that in real life encompasses too many actions. It is better to do a few things well rather than doing too badly….


If we are in the dream legless it will mean that we lack of knowledge or qualities necessary to carry out the project that we are planning. If we are in the dream inability to move the legs for a while and then we go to walk, it symbolizes that we will go through a period in which we overwhelm the concerns, but that this situation will be temporary and will take ownership of the situation….


…Strong legs indicate problem solving, happiness and health. or broken legs amputated mean death or a relative or a person close disease. weak legs are a sign of distress, sorrow and hardship. Presage swollen legs luck in gambling, I dinesro unexpected or wealth. 21 – legs – A lucky number sleep legs – 21…


As in everyday life, the sidewalk is an area of ​​relative safety, though in a dream this security is always provisional and depends on what we see us doing it. If we dream that we jumped on the sidewalk it is that we have gained some seguridd in life or a career ladder that we must consolidate as soon as possible if we are not to lose. If we walked down the sidewalk is that we feel very confident in our current position, regardless that everything can come crashing down in a moment of carelessness. But if we go down the sidewalk is that despite everything looks the same as always, we are about to lose that position that gave us confidence, and we must strive to think that there is in us, or we have done or not done that you can get in trouble….

Walk, go, go around, go about, hang around

Dreaming that walks with firm step denotes an instruction that will be helpful. Walking between stones is indicative of pain and suffering. Dream that goes back often harbinger of loss and trouble. Dream that goes to and fro aimlessly means it will be the victim of a hoax. Walking on water is a sign of triumph, success. Walking night’s announcement of annoyance and sadness….


Walking down a sidewalk both dreams and in real life means in principle be within appropriate limits for the visitor but will have to see what we’re doing on that journey. If in the dream we are up to the curb may indicate uploading in a ladder, either professional or hierarchy of some kind, and if we dream that we are going down the sidewalk, will mean the opposite. It can be a good starting point for analyzing everyday actions in which we operate and how we deal with them….

Legs and feet

 If we are legless without this cause us pain means that we lack enough knowledge to bring to fruition what we are planning. If we see another person without legs indicates that we are wrong with that person, we have valued wrong. If the loss has been painful legs means we can not continue our purposes….


 If we got on the sidewalk we have achieved some security in life. If we walk through it we feel confident in our position. If we go down it indicates that we can lose this situation gives us security….


…Fast, security and firmness in their ideals; Slow, timidity and fear. 45 – walk – A lucky number of walking dream – 45…


Dream walking easily represents your behavior in life and progresses towards the goals. To dream that trudges indicates hesitate to come forward to a certain situation. It may also indicate a reflection of your current situation and the obstacles you overcome….


Dreaming one or more paths, usually it indicates that the dreamer a constant concern due to dubious conditions found his affairs, business, love, etc., which produces a constant desire to make changes in your life . The chances of these changes almost always appear in the same dream showing the difficulties or facilities to do so. For example: A large, long and clean, easy to navigate, way indicate that all is well in your life and will remain so for some time. On the contrary, a narrow, muddy, rocky and difficult to navigate way indicate abundance of problems, indicating that longs the change will not be easy or immediate. A path that appears suddenly blocked by a wall or other obstacle as it would be a huge rock, or simply ends, indicate that one should not expect speedy victory in the change longs, because the problems are greater and perhaps insurmountable. Such a dream implies change tactics, purposes and possibly to the reasons, so it should make a general review of their affairs, which usually requires time and patience. Dreaming several paths that cross indicates no self-confidence and that will prevent you from seizing opportunities that are presented to overcome. Dreaming one or more paths, sidewalks, roads, etc., indicates upcoming trips. Dreamed of walking or observing one or more unknown paths it indicates that soon will have to address new issues, namely, that certain actions that will miss the time without appreciable utility will start. Blowing on a road fenced with beautiful trees and flowers indicates that the dreamer is approaching success in what he has undertaken. Dreamed in a beautiful way of several people accompanied it indicates joy and prosperity at home. If the dreamer, man or woman, is to marry, it indicates happiness with spouse. Dreamed lost in an unfamiliar way indicates that they are making mistakes that endanger what has been achieved, yet there may be serious failures and losses. Dreamed of walking on a narrow, stony path is announcement of problems and difficulties to be solved, require a lot of dedication and work. To dream that has lost its way suggests mental confusion, which explains the problems that are going through. Dreamed of walking down an easy path, lined with green grass and abundant flowers, hints that all his affairs are going well and will soon reach the success. Dreamed of walking on a dark night by an unknown way indicates that he is intervening in risky affairs and that can lead to serious problems. When a woman dreams of walking briskly hints that yearns for something difficult to acquire, but eventually get it. Walking along a path or narrow path usually means that illicit love with a married person shall be taken….

Tightrope walker

Dreamed as a tightrope walking on a tightrope is a symbol that soon there will be fluctuations in matters being handled, but ultimately triumph. Dreaming others trudging on a rope suggests that the dreamer will result benefited from others’ mistakes. Dreamed of jumping rope to how boxers suggests that the dreamer like the extravagant and sensational, no matter the risks….


Dreaming of little annoyances health or infirmity, it may indicate that actually ahead so it is indicated to be attentive to our health or visit the doctor. But some authors indicate that if in sleep, the ailment is not unpleasant omen of wealth that will bring us greater responsibilities….


Dreamed in a beautiful garden (orchard) with plenty of flowers, quiet, no noise or disturbance, indicates that the dreamer is at peace with himself. Dreamed in a flowery garden, walking accompanied the beloved, happiness and success next insinuates thanks to the success that is managing his affairs. Dream a limp, little flower garden, as usually happens in winter time, it insinuates that will soon pass moments of sadness because of illness or loss. If you are lost it is ad unlucky and failures in everything we undertake. When a woman dreams of a garden has flowers instead of vegetables, insinuates that if you act wisely you can achieve success in the social environment. Dream flower gardens it is good, as always announces a quiet, happy, optimistic, surrounded by honest, friendly and caring people future. Dreamed of walking in a beautiful flower garden and announces joy and probability of success in what you are driving. Dreamed in a wedding party held in a garden, announces successes and benefits nearby. A young girl who dreams in a garden waiting for someone, be granted hints that what craves | but if the garden appears gloomy, dirty, neglected, without flowers, then it indicates that your wishes will be frustrated. Dream vipers (snakes or rats) in a insinuates that jealousies, intrigues and evil intentions of adversaries not be allowed to succeed in their goals garden. Dreamed of walking in a garden is holidays announcement, joys and successes. If you walk in the company of a loved one, suggests upcoming marriage | but if the garden appears dirty, neglected, sparsely vegetated, then it indicates the opposite….


Dream a beautiful and clean baby is a sign of happiness in the soul and suggests that the dreamer is willing to give and receive affection with family and friends. Dreaming clean and healthy babies always indicates next rejoicing. If sleep is shown next fall and hurt failures in their affairs. Dreaming one or more babies crying insinuates that have very unpleasant problems that continue to rise for some time. Dream a little boy (baby) walking alone, with no one around to protect him, he suggests that the dreamer longs for independence. When a woman dreams that are caring for a sick baby indicates that he trusts the disappointed, particularly if the man has loving relationships. Dreaming one or more babies sick with a fever is negative, it indicates many concerns that affect you in your immediate future. Dream a newborn hints that soon will be received welcome news baby. A young single mother who dreams of being a newborn suggests that someone is plotting a slander that hurt. To dream that a baby is on the water hitting her with hands and legs happily hints that dreamer or soon will be released from the undesirable compromises that affect them….


Dreaming portfolios or suitcases suggests that craves a long journey, or a change in their lifestyle and employment or business. The possibility of realization of that desire depends on how you see the suitcase (new and nice, old and ugly, broken, etc.). If the luggage is lost or disappears, it suggests there will be frustrations and little chance of success desired. Walking with a portfolio in hand suggests that soon make a trip. Dreamed with a bulky and heavy portfolio he suggests that is overworked and commitments, which are looking for a change of pace in your life. Dreaming a suitcase of any kind, full (of whatever), it means prosperity. Verla is empty warning against future losses and failures. This dream suggests that savings should be sought, avoid waste prevention bad times….


Dreamed of walking or trying to walk into a quagmire, mud or swamp, is warning that suffer humiliations and insults | but then walks on clear, clean water, then it indicates that soon would be cleared (a) of the sustained attacks….


To dream that you are walking indicates peace and security. To dream that you are walking with a person means a good relationship. To dream that you are mounting an animal or a vehicle for a walk symbolizes the path and direction in your life….


Some authors agree that if the beach is very busy and we walked through it, the dream shows our need for lucirnos and have new social relationships, and if the beach is empty, our desire for peace and serenity shown. If the beach is dirty and have difficulty to walk through it, represents the need to manage our mind and our feelings to enjoy the peace to which we aspire….


The crabs dream indicates that is managing his affairs illogical and wrong way, contrary to right sense, all of which, of course, will create many problems of varying severity | consequently, it is a dream warning. In the case of young people, in love or not, the dream indicates crabs frequent arguments and even break in relations. Crabs have a peculiar way of walking, and even is said to walk backwards, and precisely that is its symbol in dreams….


The smoke usually indicates chimeras dreams, desires passengers wealth and ephemeral pleasures inconsequential. Smoke dreams have much to do with the dreamer’s subconscious, for example warning him that is in the process of respiratory disease. In dreams smoke coming from somewhere he insinuates that is leading a life of illusions and ephemeral pleasure craves. Dreamed of in smoke, without actually there in the room the dreamer indicates that you are startled by doubts and fears as a result of an intense nervous state. When the smoke dominates the dreamer, announces the serious danger of falling into traps sycophants who only seek to harm it. Dreaming fighting and finally overcomes smoke coming out unscathed from the accident, it indicates that the obsession begins to decrease, limitations, complex and illusions, until finally disappearing. Dreaming smoke emitted from a woodpile announces the presence of enemies that will try to harm the dreamer. But if the wood is burning intensely, then it indicates that the enemy will fail in their attempts. Dreamed of walking on burning wood or any other type of fire and burns feet, indicating that runs the risk of failures and losses caused by false friendships. However if it can walk on fire without burning, indicating that save all obstacles….


 It symbolizes the impure, solvents and unfortunate circumstances. If when walking through mud soil ourselves feel fear indicates fear that our secrets are discovered. If walking on the mud it is very difficult exposes our excessive shyness….


When a woman dressed as soldier or dreams among soldiers, it may mean that your wishes are not very healthy and that as a result of their actions will fall into disrepute in their social environment. The man who sounds like triumphant soldier in a battle suggests that his wishes will soon begin to be realized. Seeing a soldier in service, as a sentinel, it suggests that the dreamer must self discipline to achieve your goals. Dream of a soldier in full rest, he suggests that the dreamer suffers physical ailments and mental disorders or such time as a result of improper behavior. See soldiers in combat insinuates that will soon face their own to overcome diseases struggles. If you see them victorious in battle, it may mean that the problems will be passengers. Dream soldiers on parade and gala tinsel he suggests that the dreamer is falling into excesses that must be controlled to overcome self and thus achieve real success in your life and the enemies that are attacking. If you go just walking in groups and chatting it is a sign of coming hardships because of false friends to wait betrayals. Dream walking soldiers on parade or in small groups, but wounded and returning from a battle, he suggests that love ones suffer problems and losses, which require your understanding and support. One or more soldiers dream suggests that there will be separation from loved ones for reasons beyond their control. The soldiers, no matter what attitude they appear in dreams, are always a symbol of death, destruction, misery and loss of values, emotions and love….


Dream lamps, lanterns or any handheld device that serves to illuminate the walk and it’s on, suggests that in real life the dreamer is aware of its own affairs, including consciousness, which redound to their benefit. Dreamed that lighting a lamp indicates successful start is handling matters. Dreaming lighting objects, but off, hints mental confusion, so we do not know which way to go | but if dim light appear next to extinction, it suggests that whatever is desired for lost and must work hard to avoid it, correcting errors. Dreamed with a lamp in his hand and falls to the ground, and even worse if destroyed, indicates serious risk of failure when it craves. Conversely, if the lamp intensity increases, it indicates certain success in the immediate future. Cleaning dreamed a lantern, flashlight, etc., it indicates that soon will have the expected success, but on condition that you carefully review the way they work. Dreamed of buying a lantern or flashlight suggests that there will be good business or improve those already being treated. A young woman who dreams illuminating the face of her lover with a flashlight suggests that doubts that is the man for you. If the flashlight indicates romantic relationships break off. Dream lamps, flashlights, torches, etc., is announcing a near future successes in matters being handled. Dreamed with a flashlight or torch in hand, lighting the floor where you walk, he insinuates that is looking for ways to auto overcome or at least accommodated advantageously in their activities….


 It symbolizes the impure, solvents and unfortunate circumstances. If when walking through the mud soil ourselves feel fear indicates fear that our secrets are discovered. If walking on the mud it is very difficult exposes our excessive shyness….


Dreamed of walking in the mud or mud is a warning that misconduct is being discrediting to his friends, which cause family feuds. Others dream about walking or splashing in the mud hints that something unpleasant will happen to your family or friends. Dreaming that your clothes are smeared with mud hints that his reputation is already in question | but if sleep is completely clean clothes, this indicates that the gossip will jaunty and intrigues against him….


A young woman dreams of walking on garlic are wanting to marry for interest and not for love. Dreamed of walking on a field of garlic hints that the slump experienced so far is ending and soon will begin a new era of prosperity. Eating garlic dreamed indicates that problems are faced with realism and not ideally or illusions….


Dreamed of walking with crutches or canes, indicates that depends a lot of other people feel worthless and that makes the dreamer, which will produce bad results. Dreaming people walking on crutches indicates that soon someone will approach for help….


Ice dream indicates that opponents try to harm the dreamer. Dream ice floating in clean water, suggests that envy and hypocrisy surrounding the dreamer what hurt if you do not take precautions. Dreamed of walking on ice suggests that they are taking risks by putting stability and tranquility itself in trivial matters at stake. When a woman dreams of walking on ice, he suggests that because of their behavior is exposing serious disrepute. Ice dream hanging in homes, suggests the risk of falling into poverty and even misery and disease….


Dreaming one or more fishing nets suggests that soon enjoy small pleasures and profits. If appears hung or rolled, it means mishaps and dislikes. Dream fishing nets announces various problems requiring immediate attention to avoid complications. Covering dreamed something with a suggests that he is acting improperly, hurting others network. Dream an old and dilapidated network suggests that own affairs and business go from bad to worse and that can not be remedied in the short term. Dreamed of walking on networks without any difficulty announcement prosperity is due to win over the enmities | but if there are setbacks for example tangling feet on the network, then it means the opposite. A young woman who dreams of walking in networks, announces that it will have several suitors without her knowing which one to accept. Dreamed entangled in a network of any kind suggests that envious competitors or enemies are trying to harm the dreamer. A young woman caught in a web dream, suggests that as a result of their conduct will suffer loss of prestige among his friends, as well as frequent trouble with their families….