Stalking what dreams may mean sometimes, short separation of two lovers or temporary absence of the population where they live. Others change how to proceed in the particular matters. To dream that is lurking in the house is a harbinger of coming joys or pleasures….

Rival, foe, enemy, opponent

To dream that you have a (a) rival may mean that fears of failure in life and is looking to blame for it. A dream (a) rival insults may mean that you own guilt it is at risk for serious failures and losses. Dreamed as a rival triumphantly announces that success in what he longs ahead….


 If we are the haunted is that their interests will be jeopardized. If the other person is waylaid this dream indicates fears and anxieties about a situation that can not control….


The smoke usually indicates chimeras dreams, desires passengers wealth and ephemeral pleasures inconsequential. Smoke dreams have much to do with the dreamer’s subconscious, for example warning him that is in the process of respiratory disease. In dreams smoke coming from somewhere he insinuates that is leading a life of illusions and ephemeral pleasure craves. Dreamed of in smoke, without actually there in the room the dreamer indicates that you are startled by doubts and fears as a result of an intense nervous state. When the smoke dominates the dreamer, announces the serious danger of falling into traps sycophants who only seek to harm it. Dreaming fighting and finally overcomes smoke coming out unscathed from the accident, it indicates that the obsession begins to decrease, limitations, complex and illusions, until finally disappearing. Dreaming smoke emitted from a woodpile announces the presence of enemies that will try to harm the dreamer. But if the wood is burning intensely, then it indicates that the enemy will fail in their attempts. Dreamed of walking on burning wood or any other type of fire and burns feet, indicating that runs the risk of failures and losses caused by false friendships. However if it can walk on fire without burning, indicating that save all obstacles….

Snowfall, snowstorm, fall of snow

Dream snow is usually a negative dream announcing damage, especially in people who live in the countryside. Anyone in the city or country you dream it is snowing on a cloudy and gloomy day, suggests that will have to move to another city or country, which is usually for good. Dreaming a snow on a sunny day suggests that soon enjoy joys and eventually some successes that will make you forget past failures. To dream that a friend is suffering in a snowstorm, he suggests that an enemy fails in his attempt to harm the dreamer….


Announces poisoned dreamed warns that negative influences or try to harm you. Dreamed of trying to poison others warned that it is misjudging and unjustly to others, causing them harm. A young man who dreams of poisoning a rival warns that should clarify the situation with her boyfriend to avoid greater evils. Dreamed pulling down a poison announced that plans must be abandoned. Dreaming poison other people driving suggests that it is surrounded by (a) dishonest people trying to hurt him. Dream that relatives themselves are poisoned warns that damage strangers suffer. To dream that an enemy, rival or competitor’s ad poisoned serious problems for the dreamer. Dreamed poisoned, but achieving relief, it may mean that triumph over the problems, however serious. Taking poison dreamed medical description suggests that will go through hardships and failures before reaching the success….


Dreaming a family member or friend or just known to be hanged, it suggests that the dreamer can fall into difficult situations to resolve, affecting family and friends. A young woman who dreams that are strangling her boyfriend shows that her suitor’s promises are not sincere. Next to be hanged dreamed hints that damages for intrigues, lies and slander will suffer. Dreamed of saving someone from the gallows hints that will succeed in matters which are driving. Dreamed of strangling a known enemy insinuates that triumph over adversity or their enemies….

Rats – mice

Dreaming rats or mice is never pleasant, especially when it occurs frequently. This type of sleep is a bad sign because announcing various diseases, among others, risks in their own health or that of loved ones. In some cases usually announces the start of infections. In any case, always it suggests problems at home, in the family, with friends or neighbors, business or employment. If he plays in politics or business complex, it means betrayals that can be dangerous, especially by those who are too obsequious and helpful. Dream pursued a mouse or a rat but escapes, it may mean that problems will persist, although under its control. To dream that kills a rat or a mouse means definitive triumph over their problems and enemies. When a woman dreams of rats or mice may mean that suspected enemies are hurting, perhaps taking advantage of evil arts as witchcraft. For a young woman who dreams of mice, it is a warning in the sense that it has free enemy who speak ill of her. A woman, and worse if you’re young, you dream a mouse on your clothes or dress, can mean that your honor is at stake with the risk of being involved in a scandal caused by artificial enmities. Dreaming rats or mice announces that hypocrites try to harm the dreamer and will cause neighbors or family problems. Dreamed of catching mice suggests has an advantage over enemies, who can not hurt. Dreamed killing rats or mice suggests that triumph over enemies. Dreamed in a mousetrap catching mice suggests that cease to be enemies, but if the dreamer who falls into the trap, then it may mean that will fall victim to attacks, robbery and intrigue. Mousetrap an empty dream may mean that the enemies actually assumptions are not or do not exist….


Dreamed with an aura or halo over his head is a good sign announcing success and new friendships. The aura or halo on the head of any other person is an important sign, but if it is someone known as an enemy, he or she will surely triumph over the dreamer….


Dreaming alacranes (scorpions) suggests that about soñante there one or more people interested in causing problems and losses, either material values ​​or prestige. If in the dream are killed, they indicate triumph over enemies. If it does not kill the scorpions, there are several risks against which will have to fight. If they only see no reason for concern, because not attack nor the dreamer the battle, it suggests that there are latent enmities that move out of envy or some other cause always selfish attitude against which must remain alert. Dreamed surrounded by scorpions is warning opponents and the passive time, so it will not attack from the front or violently, but with hypocrisy, pretending friendship and waiting for the opportunity to attack. The number of scorpions in the dream suggests the number of adversaries, or at least those who are given more notice. Dreamed attacked by a scorpion is notice of a close and dangerous enemy against which must be very careful. Dreamed of killing a scorpion that attacked before is a good sign because it indicates that the dreamer easily deliver the problems facing. Dreaming repeatedly on different nights, the presence of scorpions, usually indicates that shyness dreamer produces many limitations that prevent you advance what you want to achieve, then shyly unresolvable problems and scorpions pose serious problems….


If you see someone bound with shackles in the dream, indicates triumph over an enemy. On the other hand, if the dreamer who is attached to the ring indicates clearly unavoidable commitments….


Learn an alphabet means you have a dream enemy sees an alphabet means that does not forget the friends speak of an alphabet indicates that you will love Write an alphabet to find something special…


Dream a deceased is usually a warning that something unpleasant is about to happen. If in the dream speaks with the deceased, though not remember the dialogue, you may be preventing you to take care of enmities, or more likely, to monitor their own actions, behavior and errors. In spiritualism it states that this type of dream is actually a direct communication with the dead | As such, if the person who appears in the dream is a known enemy, the risk is great | but if it did not know, then you should meditate on the case. For example, if a beloved family member (parent, siblings, etc.) then your approach can be interpreted in order to protect the dreamer from possible unpleasant events, but can also be simply a visit or amorous encounter of parents children, in which case it must give thanks. Obviously the indicated change when the words of the deceased or the full dialogue are remembered….


Dreamed attacked by a panther, tiger, lion or other similar feline suggests that the future is very uncertain, posing serious risks. Dreamed of killing one of these cats suggests that, despite the difficulties that arise, will ultimately triumph. These caged cats dream it may mean that the intrigues of the enemies will not succeed. Dreaming to these cats in their natural habitat, but fleeing suggests that own affairs improved through effort and attention. Dreaming skin of some of these cats suggests ingratitude of people who somehow favored. Dream of a black panther is always danger warning of obstacles and difficulties, particularly in the affective, as disagreements in marriage. Usually it announces further problems at work. Dreamed of killing a black panther, or at least dominating, it is a symbol of triumph over adversity. To dream that threatens a panther symbolizes that the enemies try to harm the dreamer. The simple roar in a dream is announcement of bad motivated by disloyalty someone news. It is always ominous dream of a tiger, it is often a warning that a powerful enemy, who had long not seen, will appear again….


See a wolf in a dream states that have relations with a false or bad feelings person. also it represents hostility and aggression. On the other hand it may reflect an uncontrollable force or situation in your life dream that fight with a wolf indicates an implacable enemy, and serious problems difficult to overcome obstacles. Dream that is bitten by a wolf is a sign of moral damages and resentments. To dream that kills a wolf indicates betrayal and secrets revealed. See a white wolf in a dream symbolizes beauty, solitude, mystery, self-confidence and pride. You can keep your calm a variety of social situations and can blend in with any situation with ease and grace. The white wolf also means courage and victory, has the ability to see the light even over your darker sides….

Wild boar

 The boar symbolizes the courage and the irrational anger that can even lead to suicide. Always represents a dangerous enemy to be avoided….


 It symbolizes physical strength and endurance. If health is strong forecast. If it’s weak, illness. If we are back with curved augurs penalties and premature aging. If it’s a friend’s misfortunes will be for him. If it’s an enemy it indicates that is powerless to harm us….

Foreign languages

 Dream that we speak in a foreign language is that we feel concern and distrust who speaks to us, we consider it a real or potential enemy. You can also reveal a lack of communication with those around us. Or that frightens us incommunicado detention, in which case both can hear us speak in a foreign language such as us who speak it, even without understanding what we say….


 It is a symbol of the father, teacher, judge and ruler. Symbolizes success and maximum success. The Lion in dreams can represent an admirable being or to an unbearable tyrant who must be feared. The dream is good or bad depending accompanying feelings and behavior of the lion. -To Dream with a family of lions portends joy and family togetherness in which each of its members knows his place and fully assumed. -To Dream with a lion symbolizes a powerful protector or a fearsome enemy, depending on their attitude towards us. -Godlike Grandeur -Mastering, domesticate or beat a lion foreshadows our superiority over our opponents and reach the desired position….


 Symbolizes bravery, ferocity and the warrior skill. It reflects the aggressive and domineering aspects. Always attacks betrayal. It also symbolizes an enemy who, jealous of all women have to fear him. In other cases symbolizes sexual desire always associated with fear. In these cases the panther is the violator or rapist who has violently, and may even sadistically….

Jaguar, jaguars

If in the dream you are, according to ancient traditions have warrior soul even though you have not been demonstrated. It can also be interpreted as intuit the arrival of a difficult enemy

Jaguar, jaguars

If in the dream you are, according to ancient traditions have warrior soul even though you have not been demonstrated. It can also be interpreted as intuit the arrival of a difficult enemy….


…You have relations with a false or bad feelings person. Fight him, serious problems and difficult obstacles to overcome; implacable enemy. Being bitten by one, a sign of moral damages and resentments. 47 – Wolf – A lucky number wolf sleep – 47…


Dreaming of a fox means that there is an enemy or rival among your friends. If the dream involves the killing of a fox will overcome a threat and will end up triumphing….


In many treated this animal is interpreted as a symbol of the enemy. If we identify with him in the dream, we believe will represent well prepared to confront those who threaten us. If the vulture remains alien to us, the dream also tells us times of struggle and adversity, but only as a warning to be prepared for implacable enemies….


…Skidding or sliding is a sign of dishonor, loss of health, lack of self-confidence, possibility of enemy attack or suffer envious people. 45 – skate – A lucky number skating dream – 45…


Some authors point out that what you see trapping sleep, you have to mind your prisoner. So if you catch an enemy, is that deep down you feel overpowered by it and if you catch insects, symbolize that some matter or control of any problems you are getting out of hand….


Generally it is a symbol of loss, sadness and end of something. If we dream that the body is us, we tell us that we try to escape from a situation or problem. If we see an enemy who died in sleep, it will symbolize an uneasy conscience, and attend the wake of a corpse is indicating that we finally end up with some old grudges….


 -To Dream with a church augurs the realization of hopes and desires. If we see in the distance and we do not approach it announces disappointments. If we are in the church talking to other people without paying attention to what happens there warns us that our attitude to life is neglected and we can commit some imprudence….


 -To Dream with a monastery au approached the announced disappointments. If we are in the monastery talking with others without paying attention to what happens there warns us that our attitude to life is neglected and we can commit some imprudence….