Dreaming of a means that will steadfastness of purpose and strong will ring. To dream that gave him a ring means that feel strongly tied to the problems and circumstances of life. To dream that you are the person who gives the ring means you have confidence in your family. See a ring on her finger in a dream means the prize for effort. It also indicates loyalty to your ideals, responsibilities and belief. See a broken ring in a dream means an attack on your loyalty. It is indicative of disappointments and separation. To dream that loses a ring or that someone has stolen your ring suggests you lose something or someone near and dear. Receiving a dream denotes that her suspicions and concerns about the lover will end ring….

Ring, rings

…Buy or accept: willpower or strength in their relationships and firm goals. Give away or sell: unrequited love. Happy marriage and happiness in the home. 20 – ring, rings – A number of lucky ring, rings dream – 20…


Rings and rings mean superiority and power. Dreamed of using rings suggests that in the immediate future undertake new tasks successfully. Dream rings in others it indicates prosperity in others with some impact on their own interests. Dream a broken or defective ring suggests that difficulties, jealousies and misunderstandings are coming home. When that dream is between lovers hints that will break in relations. A young man who dreams getting a ring as a gift from a man, suggests that her lover will soon propose marriage. If self receives a ring as a gift, it is a sign of well-being and happiness. If given away to someone else means that soon will have to provide assistance to a family member or friend….


Dream shoes generally means your attitude toward life and convictions. also it suggests that you should put your feet on the ground. Dreaming changing shoes means they will change your behavior to new events or people. To dream that you forget the shoes indicates that tries to leave old prejudices. Dreaming losing your shoes means you’ll find what you want. Dreaming means not wearing shoes means you have lack of confidence and self-assurance. Dreaming of new shoes mean you should not be so sure of its success. Dream of wearing a new shoe indicates the approach of life. See old or worn shoes in a dream means that through diligence and hard work, you will achieve success. To dream that you are wearing the wrong shoes for the current activity indicates that your progress and path will be laborious. It may also indicate that targets the wrong direction and need to consider your goals. See baby shoes in a dream symbolizes purity, innocence, vulnerability, tenderness and desire for love. If you plan to have or already have a baby suggests that the baby puts your feet on the ground. On the other hand, a baby shoes indicate that most of the time on a site is rooted without possibility of leaving. See a wooden shoe in a dream means loneliness and sadness. View or wear sneakers in a dream suggests that goes through life with ease having small obstacles. It also denotes comfort and satisfaction of himself. Moreover, the dream indicates that you have an active life and is always moving….


Dream turtles suggests that the issues themselves are moving very slowly, but the speed producing something unexpected benefits. Dreamed of eating a turtle stew hints that engage in intrigues of competitors but without suffering damage. Although East the turtle is given a cosmological symbolism of extraordinary wealth and is elevated to sacred animal among Western, turtles symbolize longevity and protection for their long life and their ability to fall back within herself and fleeing from all dangers….


 Symbolically fingers associated with relatives. If a finger or hurts us is that someone is wounded family fall ill. -A Finger cuts foreshadows discussions and family feuds. -Soñarnos With a burnt finger indicates jealousy issues. If we lack a finger announces a tragic event in the family….


…economic gain or raise. If a finger is hurt, avoid discussions of any kind. More than five fingers, new emotional concerns. 11 – fingers – A lucky number sleep fingers – 11…


 If we find a silver bullion or silver metallic predicts that get a significant benefit over a woman. If the ingot or silver object are blackened represents the possibility of serious losses because of what they symbolize that object, and if it has meant the loss is attributed to a woman. If we dream of silver coins we will look at the meaning of ” money ”….


Dreamed of wearing glasses and even worse if they are dark hints that aims to hide or escape for wearing a reprehensible behavior or social relations, which will produce many prejudices, including the economic aspect. When a woman dreams of wearing glasses suggests that risks being duped mainly because of their misconduct….


 It symbolizes the life force of man and of all beings. The dreams in which a spring highlight our hopes for regeneration, purification or initiation into the mysteries of life appears. If the spring is dry dream it is that all hopes are vain. If we are prevented from drinking at it is that we still have to wait some time before they become reality. If we can drink from the spring and the water is clear and fresh it is that all our needs are met. If the water flows murky moral ruin threat or material. If the spring is born in our garden it is the best symbol of prosperity in every way….


…Dreaming of a ring means firmness of purpose and willpower. If you give away a ring it means feel tied to the problems and circumstances of life and if you are the one who flatters is a sign of confidence in his family. 31 – Ring – A lucky number of sleep ring – 31…

Tortoise, turtle

unsuccessful business, long and cumbersome procedures, laziness and stubbornness. 89 – turtle, turtles – A lucky number tortoise, turtles sleep – 89…


Symbolically they associated with relatives, so some authors indicate that if any injured or wounded finger appears in the dream can be interpreted as a harbinger of disease in a close relative. If we see it with your finger scratches or bumps will mean harbinger of family discussions. A burnt finger announces jealousy or emotional problems disappointments with our partner….


…See your fingers indicates financial gain or a salary increase. See 5 more fingers states that are new sentimental concerns. See an injured finger indicates strong discussions of all kinds. See your toes in a dream represents life you deal with a lot of tolerance and balance. On the other hand toes may represent some minor details to you. To dream that your toes are growing indicates an extension of your desires. Dreaming that you mourns a toe, it means anxiety to overtake something. Dream that someone kissing your toe indicates that the problems will be reassuring….


Dreamed with dirty or injured fingers and blood suggests that many sufferings are approaching. Dream fingers clean floury hand and hints that soon someone will require the help of the dreamer. Dreaming fingernails or cut and clean feet properly indicates that the risk of material losses caused by the intervention of opponents run….


Silver bars dream is a warning that should not depend solely on money to get slack, tranquility and happiness in life. Dreamed of finding silver coins casually suggests that there is poverty in others, without there necessarily wealth of the dreamer. Dreaming silver utensils, dinnerware for example, is next announcement concerns, frustrations and various hassles….


 The ring is a symbol of continuity while protecting and isolates. If it’s a wedding band indicates a promise of marriage. -In Case of a seal is a symbol of power. If you have precious stones it joins the meaning of the stone of the ring. If it breaks an alliance announces the breakdown of the marriage. Losing a ring disputes portends who gave it. -Ponerselo Another person indicates our desire to dominate….


 The ring is a symbol of continuity while protects and insulates. If marriage is a partnership deF indicates a promise of marriage. -In Case of a seal is a symbol of power. If you have precious stones it joins the meaning of the stone ring. If it breaks an alliance announces the breakdown of the marriage. Losing a ring disputes portends who gave it. -Ponerselo Another person indicates our desire to dominate….

Ring of weddings

See a wedding ring in a dream represents the fullness and eternal love. If this is married and a wedding ring can mean that your relationship has reached a new level. To dream that you lost your wedding ring means an unsolved problem in your marriage….


Dreamed suffering insinuates that there is too much concern about trivialities, easy inconsequential issues and commitments to resolve. Others dream is suffering notice that they are making mistakes that can become serious problems. Blow suffering because of someone else suggests that the dreamer will impose tasks or activities that will be very unpleasant. This dream usually announces a disease that has already begun to manifest and that is why sleep….


Turtles dream may mean that it will progress in life slowly but surely. Another interpretation suggests turtles sleep with protection and security….


…Buy, risk of being bribed. Find, will have an unexpected encounter with a certain person. Sell, discovered secret signal. 40 – Silver – A lucky number sleep silver – 40…


(See SHOE) 72 – FOOTWEAR – A lucky number sleep footwear – 72…


Dream a coat of any kind implies that setbacks and humiliations by my enemies will suffer. Using a borrowed coat dreamed announces that outsiders will hurt by intrigue and slander. Dreamed of wearing a new coat, though not luxurious, it suggests that all is well in their affairs and that soon the results will be good. You wear a coat dream may mean that is hiding the true personality under a protective layer of appearances. If another person who wears the coat is there around you someone who hides under pleasant appearances selfish intentions….


Watch a spring means fulfilling your wishes. To dream that you are in a spring suggests that it will have a new phase of life or progress….


 If the cord hangs above symbolizes a means of ascension. If we’re hanging from a cord portends that we will soon reach a higher position. If we’re going up the line indicates our desire to move up. If we’re down or we fall we portend a decline position, the frustration of our hopes. If the string is on the floor, on furniture or in our hands is a warning about the state of our business. It has the same meaning if we acquire or receive a string….

Steering wheel

Verte gripped the steering wheel of the car shows your need to address the situation for fear or take a desired direction. If you see striking in sleep to another handling the steering wheel, it is interpreted as fear of your stay in the background. It is important to address the emotions in the dream, such actions cause you….


If eaten herring in the dream, it is a sign of disdain by one loves. If the dream is the dreamer herring fishing, it is a sign of hard work and little profit….


See the silver in a dream symbolizes the moon, intuition and feminine aspects….


Make one, strong obligations and commitments. tense situations. Disease. Penalties for love. 85 – swear – A lucky number swearing dream – 85…