View a wedding in a dream symbolizes a new beginning or transition in your life today. Dreams involving weddings are often negative and highlight some anxiety or fear. It often refers to feelings of bitterness, pain and death. In addition, the wedding dreams reflect your edits on independence. To dream that remarries with your current wife / or represents truth and happiness. It can also mean a new phase (such as parenthood) of your life. If you are married and dreams of her wedding, indicates stress of organizing a wedding. Excessive wedding details, conflict, tension with family, fear of commitment and loss of independence may be the cause of anxiety produced by the wedding. Research has shown that 40% of brides dream with your ceremony and even though the preparations are going well. To dream that you are planning your own wedding, it is a metaphor that symbolizes the union of the masculine and feminine side. It represents a transitional phase in seeking some sort of balance between aggressive side and emotional side. If you are the person who marries means you will be very happy. If you attend a wedding is that, on occasion, want to make changes in your life. If you see a wedding without participating he is approaching death and bitterness….


If you get married means happiness at home. If you attend a sometimes indicates that longs to turn around his life. If a wedding is not participating in it means death and / or bitterness. 62 – wedding – lucky number dream wedding – 62…

Ring of weddings

See a wedding ring in a dream represents the fullness and eternal love. If this is married and a wedding ring can mean that your relationship has reached a new level. To dream that you lost your wedding ring means an unsolved problem in your marriage….


 -Attend A wedding = * For a single indicates promise of happiness close. * For a / a married / a, family concerns. -Attend Our own wedding = * If you are single, positive changes in your life. * If married, marital trouble. * If you are married and go marry your partner also marital difficulties….

Wedding dress

Wear a wedding dress in a dream indicates that you evaluate and determine your personal relationships. See someone put a wedding dress suggests that feels closed or unworthy….


 Receive an invitation reveals our desire for new relationships, new friendships and ambitions. The same thing happens when it is we who invite someone. This dream at the same time warns us that we should be cautious….


Overall it is shown with this dream, a desire for new relationships, or to extend our personal contacts. In particular, if we who received the invitation, the dream portends success in a new social environment, and if it is we who invite others, some authors interpret this as notice of new obligations and the need to be prudent in our actions against our social environment….


Dreamed invited to a meeting or simply visit indicates that soon receive unpleasant news of something that looked much interest. A young woman who dreams invited to a party or a simple gathering of friends, shows enthusiasm and joy passengers with bad results in the end….


See a marriage in a dream symbolizes a new beginning or transition in your life. Dreams involving marriage generally have negative and highlight some anxiety or fear. Often they referred to teardrop sensations, pain, or independence. To dream that you remarries with your current partner represents truth, happiness and highlights a strong relationship between you. It can also provide a new phase in your life. If in real life will get married and dream about your future wedding indicates stress of organizing the wedding and can be the cause of anxiety. On the other hand provides a happy and well-being era. Dream about planning your own wedding is a metaphor symbolizing the union of masculine and feminine side. Attending a wedding means changes and certain times in your life….

Bride and groom

A woman of any age who dream wedding dress without getting married, may mean that soon receive abuse and bad news, either family or friends highly appreciated. A young woman dressed as a bride dreaming and kissing some people, there is no indication that there will be wedding, but simply that in the future will have many friends and entertainment. When are friends who kiss the dreamer, it may mean that the groom, and after marriage, receive significant economic benefits. A young, unwed that dream wedding dress, happy and ready to get married, she doing it all your wedding preparations, may mean that soon receive substantial economic benefits and other. A young, unwed that dream as a bride, ready to get married but feeling uncomfortable, may mean that you will soon present unpleasant situations in their love and family relationships. When a woman next to marry dream that feels repulsed by the man who will be her husband, it may mean that soon there will be problems after marriage. This dream is a warning. Those who dream of kissing a bride in a marriage that looks sick or uncomfortable, can mean that the dreamer or soon see their interests affected and lose friends. The man who dream of leaving the bride being already married, can mean that you are losing human values ​​of various kinds that can no longer recover in real life, such as friends or family. The man who dreams groom dress ready to get married, can mean very soon have problems in your life, which can be from disease, at work or in business….

Daisy flower

…News and invitation for a wedding. Marital happiness and peace. 15 – Daisy – A lucky number sleep margarita – 15…


If a box appears during sleep, usually it means that soon receive notification or an invitation to an upcoming wedding….

Fish, fishing

…Sign of peace and harmony in the home, peace of mind. Catch big fish indicates that you fall into a lie or secret. Minnows means lawsuits and coming dangers. Invitation to a wedding. 43 and 11 – fish, fish – A lucky number of fish, fish dream – 43 and 11…


On the one hand it may be showing your desire to assert yourself more in your reality through ritual, as the fire appears as a symbol in many traditional festivals, but also can be interpreted as an invitation to your unconscious to burn those situations, memories, ect … which they are a drag to take new paths in life. It would be an invitation to purification on those levels necessary to intuit….


Dreamed before a clean and beautiful tablecloth bodes well, because it indicates that at least in the immediate future will enjoy prosperity in your life. A clean tablecloth indicates the desire and the likelihood of soon receive an important invitation. Dreamed removing from the table a tablecloth to keep it indicates that either there will be such an invitation, or if any, the dreamer can not attend. Dream a tablecloth dirty, old, stained and broken dining indicates you have problems increasingly upset with his subordinates at work or with their children or relatives (usually with people who are economically dependent dreamer) | this can occur after having enjoyed pleasant situations like parties or trips….


Dreamed in a coffin always advised revise own behavior, as the coffin announces various losses, including the death of someone close. This symbol is especially important if the dreamer is praying beside the coffin. Dream a coffin covered with flowers, especially if they are white, inside an illuminated temple, suggests that soon there will be a wedding in the family, but that marriage will fail. Dreamed lying inside a coffin, without details, it indicates long life for the dreamer. Dream of a coffin moving by itself suggests a serious illness in the family or marriage if he is married dreamer. In case you are to marry, sleep can announce impediments for the wedding. Dreamed of using a coffin as a seat inside the carriage that transported him to the cemetery announces major disorders and disease a relative or friend. Watching dreamed up a coffin to a hearse is announcement of serious problems at home, as well as frequent brawls in marriage or dating….


When a woman dreams that marries an elderly man, he suggests that soon will have several problems, including some painful illness. If during the marriage the groom looks in an attitude of anger, he indicates trouble with friends great esteem. Anyone who dreams that are in the presence of a marriage and suggests good news coming joys | but when she marries and those attending the ceremony appear dressed in black, he suggests that the dreamer will suffer disappointments and sorrows. In some cases indicates death of someone very dear, whether relative or friend. When the dreamer is making application to marry indicates bad news. If the dreamer is in a wedding party but as a relative of the parties, indicates estimated by other people, so their business affairs and prosper. If in the dream a misfortune occurs during the marriage ceremony, it indicates that soon there will be no disease or perhaps death within the family. When a young, unwed dreams that is the bride in a marriage, but not happy with it, indicates very close frustrations in love relationships (if any) or disease or adversaries and hypocrites who try to harm him as revenge for the conduct of the person who dreamed it. (This dream suggests that the dreamer proceeded wrong in something, hurting someone, and during sleep your subconscious is doing know.) Blow present at the wedding of others suggests that parties and joys approach, especially during sleep colors, ornaments and colorful clothes are abundant | but if there is no bright colors and guests wear dark or black clothes, then it indicates that in the immediate future the dreamer will suffer sorrows and hardships. Dreamed as a legal witness in a marriage he implies that enjoy true estimate of friendships and society. During a marriage dream that something unpleasant happens hints that the dreamer bad times await you with unpleasant surprises or diseases. A young woman who dreams being the contracting girlfriend in a marriage, but is indifferent to the ceremony and everything that is happening, suggests that by nature is a depressed person or is at risk of a dangerous disease. It may also indicate that their conduct in daily life leads to harmful gossip….


When, during sleep, drums are in a military or sports parade it is an omen that possibly an invitation to a party is to meet a nice person will receive, although it is possible that person reaches not think so same. If, in the dream, it is self who plays the drum, it is a sign that will be involved in gossip and backbiting….

Point out

To dream that points to another person, is an indicator that our way of proceeding is not correct and we should correct our behavior and our way of being and acting, especially towards others. It is an invitation to restrain our impulses or otherwise we run a great risk of losses, disappointments and difficulties. If we notice during sleep that someone else tells us, it is usually indicative of a complex of guilt, conscious or unconscious about something that we have done wrong or something we think we should have done and did not do. Generally, what we want to say the dream is that whatever was the reason for it is no longer possible to do anything and we should forget and bury forever….


If you dream of enemies adversity indicates joy, satisfaction. Dreaming of adversity itself is an invitation to courage….


If we have a telescope during sleep or using binoculars, it usually is a warning dream to mean that our customs and habits are moving away from the reality of our own affairs. It is an invitation to take care of self and a warning that participate in outside interests can be detrimental to manage own business activities….


Dreams pillows or cushions are an invitation to be more circumspect, indicate the existence of ambushes. If the pillow or cushion are soft, indicates weakness | conversely, if they are hard, they indicate strength of character. If it is an embroidered pillow, it indicates greatness, senior….


To dream that is mountaineer or alpinist and squeezes through difficult slopes, but it finally reaches the top, indicates that it has ample capacity to overcome obstacles that are submitted and will soon achieve success, but if you sleep fails to reach the top, the meaning is the opposite. Dreamed of climbing a ladder to reach the top indicates success in matters being handled | but if for any reason can not reach the top or if the ladder breaks indicate the opposite and the risks will be greater. Dreamed of climbing a wall or other means to enter through the window of a house indicates that you want to experiment, usually illegal, like stealing or having loving relationships dishonest dangerous adventures. Dreamed of climbing a slope indicates that you must make a greater effort to achieve their goals. The higher you get in sleep, the greater the chances of success. To dream that falls to go up, the higher the height of the fall, the more severe setbacks and failures. Blowing down a slope implies that their business will go worse each day if does not pay more attention. Dreamed of fleeing from danger by a slope suggests that the risks to be postponed and perhaps even eliminated. Blowing out, choking with the effort to climb a slope, he insinuates that is accepting more work and responsibilities necessary or appropriate to achieve success. Dreaming a broken or useless hand ladder indicates no chance of success in what you are planning. Dreamed of passing under a ladder indicates that taking unnecessary risks. Dreamed falling from a ladder next insinuates failures. Dreaming stately stairs and luxury is an invitation to work hard to be worthy to use them as their own. Dreamed of sitting on some steps in the dreamer debts hints about their ability to achieve what you crave….


Stilt dream indicates warning and an invitation to be prudent in our own behavior, to avoid mistakes that could create serious situations….


If the steel is bright, it promises a success thanks to our own qualities and work, but if the steel is tarnished, says losses. If the steel belongs to a knife, dagger, sword or saber, it is an invitation to prudence, as we round a danger….


See us in the figure of the teacher represents our sense of intellectual superiority and will be interesting to analyze carefully the subject being taught and who are the people who appear in the dream. If we, on the contrary, those who sleep are getting advice from another teacher, it will be interpreted as recognition of the unaware know more about this topic and the invitation to seek that knowledge in a particular place….


Whether the bottom of a bottle, a pool, a hallway, etc … the dream tells you that a good time to research, study in depth your environment, a particular problem, or yourself. It is an invitation to know the true motivations….


 Losing one button indicates waste of money. If you sew portends happiness at home. If they are metallic portend invitations. -of Gold or silver, excessive spending trend. -of Wood, much success after work. -of-Pearl, trips or unexpected pleasures. If fabric is lined warns us that we monitor our health….


 A door opened in dreams is an invitation to cross it. The landscape is perceived through it will tell if the crisis we spend is for better or worse. An open door is like a light in the darkness. If the door is very low, very narrow and have difficulty passing through it indicates that the solution to our crisis requires some sacrifices. If the door is closed and will not open when we called is that it has not yet reached the time of the final solution….


 In dreams faculties providing gymnastics apply it to the personality, ie, the body, the spirit, mind and emotions. -To Dream that portends gymnastics practice long, healthy and pleasant as long as we keep our body, mind and spirit. If we dream of a gym, it is an invitation in the same direction….