Angered dreamed suggests that is temperamental and you should be careful because that hurts the matters being handled regardless of what type they are. To dream that other people are angered suggests that caution should be exercised in matters being handled to avoid failures and setbacks. A woman who dreams that her lover is angry, suggests that there are problems with your friends or lover….


Dreamed up a car indicates that a trip already has in mind will happen soon, but in different conditions as had been thought. Dreamed of a car down insinuates that what started out well is likely to end badly if not timely monitors the details. Dreamed of driving a car in a place or street where many people indicates success, but also envies trying to thwart what has been achieved. Dreamed of driving a car on a road where high mountains are seen in front indicates a desire to climb the ladder to reach important hierarchies, it is possible to do through hard work, perseverance and effort. The mountains are a symbol of effort. Many dream of moving cars suggests that in the immediate future will be made short trips and quickly issues that disturb the tranquility will be handled. Dreamed worried about losing their own car, but then found, indicates that these setbacks will soon. Odds and time that occur in the dream to find and retrieve the car are the same as mediate to solve their problems. Dreaming a new luxury car hints that longs to have one, though not luxurious. Also, they are coming very dear visitors, or will have to make a short trip to visit someone simply for affection and pleasure. Dreamed of driving a luxury car, especially if it is black, it insinuates disease careless health. This is actually a dream warning to avoid greater evils. Dreamed of driving a car simply it indicates that is restless (a) notwithstanding be living in nice condition. Also announced that soon there will be changes in matters being handled, in which case you should be very careful with their conduct and character, as any mistakes will bring dire consequences. Dreamed of driving a car accompanied by someone and produces an accident, he suggests that its affairs are going well and the risk of ending abruptly and run with negative results. Dreamed saved from being run over (a) by a car or hints that the dreamer must move away from situations or dubious business, light loves and rivalries of all kinds | in short, it is a warning to withdraw from anything that is not clear in the mind of the dreamer. Dreamed seeking or trying to get a luxury car indicates vaulting ambitions that could not be satisfied with the simple effort of work. I dreamed of traveling in an old and dilapidated car of any kind, it is an omen of bad luck in the immediate future (bad business, setbacks, illnesses, etc.)….


Dreamed of wearing gloves indicates that one must be cautious, mainly in money management. This is a warning to prevent legal problems. Dreamed of using dirty and broken gloves is warning to take precautions, as it may suffer losses even different values. To dream that you lost your gloves indicates that you should not rely on outside assistance and should plan to solve its problems by itself. Dreamed of finding gloves wedding is a probability or new business. When a man dreams of a woman’s glove in his hand indicates a woman who will try to dominate and blackmail. Dreamed of pulling off a glove hand suggests that businesses go wrong and if not addressed properly worsen….


When a woman dreams of money, especially in abundance, suggests that want to marry a rich man, or if you are already married, the husband longs to become rich. Dreamed of finding money lying on the floor or otherwise indicates shortage of it and also little worries, but later happiness because there will be changes in your life. Dreamed of paying money suggests that the business and affairs being handled will go from bad to worse. To dream that saves money and saves suggests the near future of prosperity. To dream that money was lost announces sad and difficult for the dreamer and home times. To dream that you are counting money and appear missing indicates concerns for inability to pay its debts. Dreamed of getting money without apparent cause is a risk of falling into the wrong and even dangerous attitudes. Dreamed of getting gold coins basically it states that in your life will be joys and perhaps prosperity. Finding packages dreamed legal bills, but once someone claims them, announces losses in the business and affairs being handled, due to the presence of unscrupulous women. This dream usually associated with people who lead a dissipated life and dishonorable which explains the losses. Dreamed of watching a lot of money, but not touching, or even desire it indicates self-confidence, and if you make an effort will have wealth and prosperity. Dreamed borrowing money is a bad omen, because that same thing could happen in real life, or your friends start to withdraw their support….


Dreaming an overflowing basket of food, and better if worn on the hand or arm, indicates that enjoys prosperity and will continue, perhaps better over time. Dream that takes in hand an empty basket, and worse if it is old or broken, indicates next failures and hardships that might lead to misery and sorrow….


Dreamed facing a huge and hideous spider it indicates the end of a losing streak and the beginning of better times. However, if the spider manages to bite the dreamer losing streak will continue. Dreamed of running away from a big spider suggests that there will be losses and discomfort as a result of lack of energy and character to address their problems. Dreamed of killing a spider involves chance of success | but if the spider revives and attacks, although not to itch, announces the presence of dangerous enemies. One or more spiders dream indicates that if you have sufficient care in its activities, will achieve significant benefits. Weaving its web spiders dream indicates that you are safe and happy in their environment. Dreamed of killing one or more indicates spiders family or with friends or business associates rifts. Dreamed bitten by a spider announces the risk of being a victim of intrigues and slander and leak. Many spiders hanging from the ceiling around the dreamer is a symbol of favorable conditions in their affairs, although there are opponents waiting for an opportunity to harm. just dreaming a spider involves the probability of entering business dealings or relationships or when you must exercise caution. A large spider and a small one to walk towards the dreamer is coming announcement and notable successes | but if one of the two bites the dreamer, then it will be quite the opposite. Dreaming is a poisonous spider announcement that adversaries or friends hypocrites seek to harm the dreamer, but if he kills her, triumph over enemies….

Dreams and monsters

 The Chimera is a mythological monster lion’s head, goat’s body and tail of a dragon. His head symbolizes the dominating tendencies that corrupt the whole human relationship. His body symbolizes the capricious and perverse sexuality. His dragon tail, spiritual perversion of vanity. This dream denotes that have a disproportionate and uncontrolled imagination can become dangerous….


 If we see in dreams presage dishonest loves goats. Lust….

Dreams and monsters

Chimera is a mythological monster lion’s head, goat’s body and tail of a dragon. your head symbolizes the tendencies of domination that breaks relationships. your body symbolizes capricious and perverse sexuality. your dragon tail means spiritual perversion of vanity. This dream denotes that you have excessive and uncontrolled imagination that can be dangerous….


Dreaming aircraft in flight suggests future success in all matters being handled. Dream a parked plane, and worse if it appears broken, torn or falling to the ground, indicating future failures that can be dangerous to the dreamer….


Dreamed preparing sweets with hands indicating that achieved the success they crave, but with hard work and perseverance. Sweet dream you eating any particularly pointed social successes. In young people are love and love affairs. In adults are success and satisfaction. In the old people it indicates memories of times gone by. A young person receiving sweet dream indicates love as a gift, but also in some cases adulation and hypocrisy of false friendships. Dreamed of giving away candy indicates afraid to fail in its objectives….


Dream a solar eclipse it indicates that soon there will be some problems, but not durable in matters being handled, and that passing the downswing everything will go well….


Unripe peaches dreamed cutting is a symptom of decay, various pains and sorrows, particularly memories of old times and and missing persons. Green dream that peaches are cut and eat them hints illness in the family and other problems. To dream that the tree itself eats one of ripe and juicy peaches indicates joy of living, reasonable profits in business or work that will result in peace, harmony and home health. To dream that only peaches are on the tree announces diseases of relatives or discomfort by having to handle business matters or unpleasant prevent you enjoy rides and amusements. When peaches are in the tree with a lot of foliage indicates that, with effort, you will achieve your goals. Dreaming peaches in the beginning of its growth in the tree indicates that the achievement of its objectives is still very distant and mediate even work, problems and sadness. Dreamed of eating unripe peaches indicates that penalties approaching from ahead of events. Others dream of eating peaches indicates that some family members or friends suffer setbacks and hardships. Dreaming a person known eating peaches that are not yet mature hints that person is acting wrongly and wasting their time in trying to achieve forcedly. Dream peach or apricot trees with their beautiful and mature fruit is a good sign, although there will be some problems indicates that before reaching the desired success. Dreamed tasty and ripe peaches contend indicates that the success you want is very close….


God helped dreamed hints that matters and business being handled do not go well and will remain so for some time, until I have a good performance, because overconfidence in itself will produce serious disorders, loss, etc. The relative dreams tradition says that the presence of God in dreams is common in people knowing that their behavior is wrong, continue to act wrongly, which is a subconscious self-reproach | however, for those who lead a correct behavior and have nothing to reproach himself, is very rare that dream to God. Also, the dream of God is common in people of markedly religious ideas which does not happen with intellectually developed people. God seems to be dreaming more than anything else a car reproach for not being properly acting | however, there are other interpretations: When a man dreams of looking at God insinuates vanity, pride and incomprehension unfounded himself, that is, it feels overly important problems facing all kinds. A man married to a very religious woman who dreams to God, indicates that tries to break free from the constraints of women (this is a kind of escape). God speaks dream is a warning that everything will go wrong, even affecting their health, because their behavior is not correct….


Dreamed at any time of disaster is warning that the risk of serious losses, either material or health values, prestige, credit, runs etc. A young, unwed that dream suffering the consequences of a disaster of any kind, suggests that it is at risk of dying or being abandoned by her lover or you die a very close and dear relative. Dream of a disaster at sea indicates a serious danger if performed soon a trip on any transport, but especially if traveling by boat. This type of dream is particularly indicative for marine or people somehow live in the sea. Dreamed in a marine disaster, but being rescued, it indicates that despite all the problems will eventually triumph. As a spectator dreamed of a railway accident hints that something very unpleasant will happen to your family or friends. Blowing in or affected by a disaster suggests that rail is in imminent risk of loss in business or matters being handled….


Aridity dream foretells that in a love that is reciprocated and can solve your problems if you take the time and effort to them. Dream a field that must be sown it appears silent, wilted and dry, it may mean that only the dreamer hard work to achieve appreciable benefits. It is also signal that there has not been enough dedication to work. Dream a little large, arid land without vegetation, it may mean that for the moment do not have friends or accounting support as advisors to solve problems, affairs or business being handled….


If you see someone bound with shackles in the dream, indicates triumph over an enemy. On the other hand, if the dreamer who is attached to the ring indicates clearly unavoidable commitments….


If sleep is to arrest another, it means daring robbery, on the other hand, if the dreamer who is arrested indicates his lack of love of work….


These are weapons that suggest an aggressive character, perhaps because of serious problems difficult to solve for the dreamer. When in sleep these instruments broken, damaged, dirty, etc., will be losses for mistakes appear. Dreamed of carrying or handling a dagger indicates that it is afraid of something and think of revenge. To dream that the dagger falls to the ground indicates disability, inability to solve their problems and, at the same time to carry out any revenge….


Dreamed a dance announces upcoming holidays, fun, joy, sentimental conquests and materials, etc. Dreamed in a dance with clothes of the century, with soft, romantic music, waltzes for example, suggests that we are living very restlessly and longs regain their mental and emotional balance. Dreamed in a costume ball or carnival masks and indicates that you are looking for pleasure, fun, and you’ll soon find, but as a natural consequence ends in headaches and other problems, especially if the dreamer is a woman. A man indicates trouble in matters handled costumes and masks have always indicated lies, deception, fraud, losses blowing in modern dance, with loud music and outlandish clothes, suggests that the dreamer lives or works in an unpleasant environment it is unbalancing psychic and emotionally symbolizes that wants to get out of that situation blowing at a dance where women dress provocatively and men show a patibulario face indicates vice, eroticism, degeneration is a warning not to fall into excesses dream that is dance teacher, the main attraction at a party, suggests that it is neglecting the really important so frivolous and inconsequential a young woman who dreams her suitor or lover as dance teacher insinuates that does not have full confidence in the seriousness of her suitor | but if you dream of dancing with him, he indicates that neither seriously sees the future….


Dreamed with dirty or injured fingers and blood suggests that many sufferings are approaching. Dream fingers clean floury hand and hints that soon someone will require the help of the dreamer. Dreaming fingernails or cut and clean feet properly indicates that the risk of material losses caused by the intervention of opponents run….


Dreamed of waking up sometimes it manifests as a feeling of flying, but almost always with many difficulties and limitations, which implies that the subconscious or spirit, being linked to the physical body, does not enjoy the freedom and independence that would have | also it indicates that the matters being handled presents many difficulties, and this is the reason for the concern. If during the flight passes over a beautiful green fields or forests, it suggests that even if they are suffering some setbacks, better times will come soon….


Dreamed of making any arrangements with one or more known enemies hinted that soon the dreamer will face various problems, including diseases. Instead, dreamed rejecting those enemies suggests that serious problems will not be resolved easily and when they arise. Dreamed maligned (a) it indicates that by some adversaries are seeking the dreamer suffers setbacks and failures in employment, business, etc. However, if in the dream dominates these enemies, then you can expect to have complete success in the immediate future. Enmity or rivalry dreamed someone, though not identify the person, suggests that there will be problems and uncomfortable situations due to improper handling of their affairs….


Dreamed of working at a desk indicates bad luck and futile efforts. If money appears on the desktop, then it indicates hardship, poverty and various other problems. Dreaming something written but incomplete hints that what is being handled in real life requires more attention. In the event that the work appears complete and clean, it indicates that all is well and in order. Dreamed of writing something it implies that you have doubts and fears of failure | but if you feel satisfaction in sleep by what he wrote, he indicates that their fears are unfounded. Lost dream that insinuates a written neglect what is being done, which will cause various annoyances. To dream that you just typed is burning insinuates success in life….


Dreamed of stylists she suggests visiting soon to be disturbed (a) by indiscretions concerning the opposite sex. When a woman dreams that her hair paint announces that happen distresses for gossip in the social environment to which it belongs. If in the dream you manage hair and strikingly exotic suggests that the dreamer is inclined to frivolity and uses dishonest means to make others obey his whims. Dreamed hands covered with hair, like a monkey, it may mean that you are slandering innocent people, which will win enemies. Losing hair blowing announces the risk of serious damages, losses and failures….


Dreamed holding in his hand a bayonet or other similar weapon is a bad sign that warns not get carried away by anger or dominate. Dreaming one or more bayonets or other weapon such indicates that about soñante no evil enemies against whom must be careful and fight….


Dream a beautiful and clean baby is a sign of happiness in the soul and suggests that the dreamer is willing to give and receive affection with family and friends. Dreaming clean and healthy babies always indicates next rejoicing. If sleep is shown next fall and hurt failures in their affairs. Dreaming one or more babies crying insinuates that have very unpleasant problems that continue to rise for some time. Dream a little boy (baby) walking alone, with no one around to protect him, he suggests that the dreamer longs for independence. When a woman dreams that are caring for a sick baby indicates that he trusts the disappointed, particularly if the man has loving relationships. Dreaming one or more babies sick with a fever is negative, it indicates many concerns that affect you in your immediate future. Dream a newborn hints that soon will be received welcome news baby. A young single mother who dreams of being a newborn suggests that someone is plotting a slander that hurt. To dream that a baby is on the water hitting her with hands and legs happily hints that dreamer or soon will be released from the undesirable compromises that affect them….


Asparagus harvesting or handling dreamed indicates that your affairs are going well and will continue to improve, always with the collaboration of friends or employees. Suggests eating asparagus dreamed that soon the success or progress that has in this will stop. Dreamed contemplating a field of asparagus announced successes in the immediate future, but if the sembradío is destroyed, for example by hail, ice, drought or other cause, then it indicates that business will go from bad to worse. This is a warning dream. Loading dreamed asparagus hints desires, loving particularly susceptible performed favorably….


Dream swords of cards (deck) is warning that in the near future there will be difficulties can be very serious and dangerous. This dream is much more explicit when the dream sword is the Ace of Spades, and in this case, in real life must proceed very carefully. Wielding a sword dreamed military suggests the desire to reach a command post, likely to get it. To dream that you remove the sword from his hand announces that fail in its objectives. To dream that others wield swords is ad that will encounter various obstacles before achieving what you want, to the extent of exposure to dangerous situations. Dream a broken sword announces failure and other complications….


Scrabbling dreamed suggests that in everyday life tries to hide something, creating psychic and mental fears. Dreaming that being dug from the ground is something bright, though not identified, indicated that according to the commitment with which you are working will get good or bad results. To dream that is digging mud being announced poor results in matters being handled, and worse if the sludge is pestilential. Dreaming that being digging a mine of clean water emerges is close harbinger of success | but if the water is dirty, it indicates failures….