Dreaming of knives is a bad dream that always predicts and prevents against various hazards such as lawsuits, losses, accidents, etc., and always with little chance of success for the dreamer. The indicated is worse when the knives are sharp and pointed. Dream old and defective or rusty knives announces penalties, difficulties, and minor annoyances likely to be exceeded, for example in the sentimental, socially or employment that is playing. Dreamed wounded with a knife warns of serious household or family difficulties. In the case of a single person, he hints sentimental or worse break. Dreamed injuring someone with a knife reveals that it has an impulsive, difficult and aggressive character that will create serious problems….

Pocket knife

 If the penknife we ​​give is that we will be victims of a hoax. If we who deliver it portends a break….


 -The Razor involves the desire to put greater willingness and sincerity in the way we face the facts and problems we face. -The Knife and stab always presages violent ruptures and separations problems related to passion, jealousy, revenge and love deceptions….


Cut with a confirmation that you should be very careful with talking or comments with others. Shaving, means that you can solve their problems either short or long term. 52 – knife – A lucky number of sleep razor – 52…


 Always it is associated with ideas of revenge. It reflects hatred and fear. If it’s a table knife or kitchen augurs marital disputes can become violent….


 - Spoon = Predicts marital happiness. -if Stick indicates happiness despite poverty. If we lose a spoon will be innocent victims of a suspicion. – Knife = always is associated with ideas of revenge. It reflects hatred and fear. If it’s a table knife or kitchen augurs marital disputes can become violent. – Fork = Indicates that the envious try to challenge their feelings and place your home in a conflict situation….


If the steel is bright, it promises a success thanks to our own qualities and work, but if the steel is tarnished, says losses. If the steel belongs to a knife, dagger, sword or saber, it is an invitation to prudence, as we round a danger….


Dream firearms (the bigger and powerful worst is indicated) alteration of the nervous system suggests that the dreamer fears that a new war or an attack occurs personally. This dream is most common in young men who do not wish to participate in any war. Dreaming commonly used small arms indicates fear of being assaulted or attacked his enemies by surprise. When a woman dreams weapons, particularly firearms, he suggests that somehow it is relating to military. Weapons in general, and particularly the fire, indicate violence, brawls, quarrels, plots, unfair competition in the case of trade, envy, jealousy and betrayal. Dreamed wounded by a knife indicates that someone is betraying the trust of the dreamer. If firearm, the case can be severe and announce that someone close will die. Dreamed injuring someone with a gun warns that soon have problems of various kinds, including legal or judicial. Dreamed wounded by a firearm suggests that discomfort caused by rash, unpleasant or acting in bad faith, or people, that diseases that are already in the body, though not yet manifest will soon suffer will suffer. Dreamed owner of a gun, whatever, insinuates that has a bad temper, which can lead to complicated situations. Dreamed of shooting a firearm suggests that the conduct of (the) dreamer is leading to dangerous situations in many ways. Weapons dream is always negative….