See a watermelon in a dream represents the emotions of love, desire, lust, and burning passion. It also indicates pregnant women, or women on the edge of your menstrual cycle. Alternatively watermelons signify your desire to rest and relaxation summer….


To dream that your house burns indicates a danger, disease, or death. To dream that burns a commercial establishment means economic losses. To dream that a part of your body burns is a signal infortunidad and inability to engage in work. To dream that burns a piece of furniture or a part of your home bodes affray and family conflicts. A dream means big trouble brewing building burns. Dreaming that something slow burning fire presiga instability in your relationships….

Ironing Board

Ironing dream expects that aims to find domestic order. Dreaming ironing clothes and burning represents your uneasiness, or jealousy….


To analyze our dreams with fire, we must observe the shape of the flames. A devouring fire, opposite the flame brightening, symbolizes the exalted passion. A small but well lit fire, smoke, represents the desire and tenderness, our need for human warmth. A fire burning can hardly talk of betrayals or problems, omens that concern both the body and the spirit. Feel threatened in sleep, by the flames, he speaks of an intuitive to see us overcome by a company that holds any fear disloyalty or failure….

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