If we see a buggy hitched to horses predicts that the situation will be envied….


 If someone strikes us indicates professional or family concerns. If we hit someone indicates that we do not take the proper precautions to achieve our goals….


See or hear the rain in a dream it symbolizes forgiveness and tolerance. The rain means purification of feelings and desires to reach its highest form, goodness. Rain or storm indicates a clean life and clearance difficult situations. To dream that you get wet from rain symbolizes fertility and renewal your fersas and vitality. To dream that you are watching the rain from a window indicates that ideas and spiritual insights they bring to you knowledge. It can also symbolize fortune and love. Hear the rain hits the roof means that spiritual ideas and blessings come to you. On the other hand it indicates that you will receive much joy in your home life….


 If we avoid a danger in a dream portends an improvement. renewed and luck next hit….

Riding crop

 -Usarla Indicates that we are arrogant and misleading others. -Be Hit augurs that suffer outrages, shame and humiliation….


You’re at a stage where you want to hit bottom to get rid of your load but you have to pay attention to your health and your mind to not come down….


 Omen of conflict. -Usarlo With suitable projectiles hit the target is victory. -In Otherwise, disappointment and humiliation. -Being Hurt, danger….


Dreaming of a railing means a chance to get an object, or get a hit….


When in dreams we are taking a look at a balcony, it means that our merits be recognized and rewarded. If we look with another person, and depending on whether we are right or wrong with this company, it can be interpreted as fear or joy that comes to light a part of ourselves that hitherto was not known. Other authors believe that symbolizes the fear of rumors or slander our behavior in private life, in the event that the person who accompanies us on the balcony is of the opposite sex….

Snow thrower

Snowplow dream in a dream means that some unexpected solutions enable you to reactivate projects doomed to inertia. Hope next hit….


Usually it interpreted as a symbol of a physical or spiritual malaise that is going to hit, or it will manifest from within, like an infection. If when you dream of them, is not the time when they are in season, it can also be interpreted as a secret passion that can not confess….


See rubber in a dream represents adaptability and flexibility to different situations. To dream that is hitting someone with a rubber object indicates that circulate and bad things can get back to you….


…Being hit by one: obstacles and difficult problems to overcome. I torearlo indicates otherwise. 16 – toro – A lucky number sleep bull – 16…


See a mule in a dream represents stubbornness. Riding a mule dream denotes that you are doing hard work. See a fat mule in a dream means progress to achieve its sibilance, financial gain, success. See a skinny mule in a dream anticipated problems and difficulties of all kinds. To dream that a mule hits him with a foot provides disappointments in love and marriage. See a dead mule in a dream means broken promises. It is also an indication of your long sufferings….


Dream to one or more traders in action suggests that nature is very restless, maybe dynamic, but changing thinking, you need a constant exchange of ideas and plans with others | but none of that has been able to fully realize because it carries a life too sedentary or live in an unpleasant environment, all of which are demanding changes. Dreamed of acting in trade or finance or economic speculation it suggests that the dreamer feels capable and with enough self-confidence to perform various activities successfully, no matter what type they are….


Dreamed of wearing a new hint that soon will apparently still profitable business with strangers, but you should be careful to avoid tripping or belt failure. This dream is a warning to the effect that when the time comes, you must act intelligently and simultaneously soberly, without ever compromising the same….


Angered dreamed suggests that is temperamental and you should be careful because that hurts the matters being handled regardless of what type they are. To dream that other people are angered suggests that caution should be exercised in matters being handled to avoid failures and setbacks. A woman who dreams that her lover is angry, suggests that there are problems with your friends or lover….


Dreamed of eating alone, he indicates that he is suffering from depression, sadness, melancholy, nostalgia. Dreamed of eating in the company of several people hint that is in the path of prosperity in many ways. To dream that whoever is serving the table at mealtime carried a tray with all the food before serving, it suggests that the dreamer does not get along with his subordinates or others that somehow depend on it….


Dreamed of a career in sports competition indicates that self-improvement is sought. If in the dream win the competition, you’ll soon realize at least part of what you want, despite the difficulties presented….


Dreaming with flaming torches in bode well for everything, especially if the dreamer is a young person. If the dreamer carries a torch means it will be lucky in their love and in their companies, they triumph over their enemies and, in general, will do well in life. On the other hand, see the lighted torch in the hands of others means that others will discover the evil that has been done, and that the punishment will suffer, more concerned to avoid. If the torch is off it indicates otherwise….


Dreamed facing a huge and hideous spider it indicates the end of a losing streak and the beginning of better times. However, if the spider manages to bite the dreamer losing streak will continue. Dreamed of running away from a big spider suggests that there will be losses and discomfort as a result of lack of energy and character to address their problems. Dreamed of killing a spider involves chance of success | but if the spider revives and attacks, although not to itch, announces the presence of dangerous enemies. One or more spiders dream indicates that if you have sufficient care in its activities, will achieve significant benefits. Weaving its web spiders dream indicates that you are safe and happy in their environment. Dreamed of killing one or more indicates spiders family or with friends or business associates rifts. Dreamed bitten by a spider announces the risk of being a victim of intrigues and slander and leak. Many spiders hanging from the ceiling around the dreamer is a symbol of favorable conditions in their affairs, although there are opponents waiting for an opportunity to harm. just dreaming a spider involves the probability of entering business dealings or relationships or when you must exercise caution. A large spider and a small one to walk towards the dreamer is coming announcement and notable successes | but if one of the two bites the dreamer, then it will be quite the opposite. Dreaming is a poisonous spider announcement that adversaries or friends hypocrites seek to harm the dreamer, but if he kills her, triumph over enemies….


One or more squirrels dream is certain that soon money will be obtained by a very thrifty person signal. It is also a warning that we must be careful with money not spending it on trivial and unnecessary things. You could approach a great opportunity that must be seized and it would be better to keep all possible money saved….


One or more crosses dream is warning that suffering come for various reasons, not necessarily caused by the dreamer (eg natural disasters, fire, etc.). Dream to one or more persons carrying a cross, perhaps to take her to a cemetery, he suggests that soon someone will approach for help. Dream a crucifix is ​​a symbol of approaching problems that affect several people, including the dreamer. With respect dreamed kissing a crucifix he suggests that in the immediate future will be supported with resignation the problems that arise. When a woman possessed of a crucifix dream indicates that you accept calmly the life he leads, which attracts him understanding and affection of his friends….


Dreamed betting money is warning that must be cautious in their dealings or business with strangers. also announces that opponents seek the opportunity to harm the dreamer. The same indicates the betting in casinos dreamed or simple table games: a warning against carelessness and waste. Dreamed betting money in any way suggests that in everyday life comes without reasoning, adventure and dishonestly, which will lead to problems the dreamer. Dreamed losing bets announces setbacks in matters being handled, but if it appears winning, then it indicates the win….


Company or business people, professionals or technicians who plan to participate in a contest, if they dream that their projects or ideas have been approved indicates that should carefully review their work, because it is incomplete. This dream seems a warning rather in the sense that there is still something that is not working properly….


Dreamed in a convent or monastery indicates that you can be quiet and carefree, for all his affairs or business is good. Dreamed of entering a convent or monastery and closes the passage indicates that a priest can not enjoy rest nor tranquility because their business affairs or go wrong, and you have to devote more attention and effort. A young girl who dreams in a convent indicates your personality and honesty are suffering deterioration due to malicious gossip and intrigues of other women….


Dreamed arrested by the authorities is a self reproach because it is not properly addressing their issues. Dreamed of witnessing the apprehension of persons of very respectable appearance suggests the desire to make changes in your life, but not performed by unfounded fears of failure. In the event that the affected resist arrest, it indicates that the dreamer must reject their fears and try to carry out your wishes….


Dreamed of wearing glasses in real life when you do not use indicates difficulties in the environment in which it operates or antipathy to people who call themselves friends, but they are just hypocrites. Young woman dreaming her suitor using lenses without necesitarles suggests that soon there will be difficulties and even break relationships because she suspects insincerity of her lover. According as they appear in the dream glasses, this is how you are watching or judging everyday matters, whether personal or other | for example, if they appear broken, it suggests that matters should be reviewed carefully | if lost, they suggest that the problems they face are not understood, etc….


Any dream of agony and death is very painful and annoying to the dreamer or, as it makes the imagination shake | however, in reality only rarely announces death, because usually refers to significant material losses depending on what is driving the dreamer, but always with a probable solution. Interestingly and often it refers to full health as sleep, that is, the elements it contains. This is because many of the dreams indicate precisely the opposite of what could be understood naturally. Dreamed in agony, he indicates that he is living with uncertainties and more or less imaginary fears, but they are almost always unwarranted. However, this usually announces itself or any loved one disease, but is not no care. This dream is common in people squeamish. Dreaming a woman in agony insinuates that is escaping from the hands of a dreamer or a good business heritage or important opportunity to improve employment….


Dreamed acquitted of any offense, although not serious, he indicates that will soon be in possession of the benefits has been wanting, but that would entail some problems and risks that must be managed carefully. The larger the values ​​you crave, the greater the risks, including legal. To dream that others are acquitted of a crime or accusation suggests that the dreamer will soon receive some benefits that the same can be expected that unforeseen….