Dreaming announcement cards is close discomfort. If you are urgent or telegrams suggests that economic hardship or bad health news in the family or approach the dreamer himself. Dreamed receiving anonymous letters suggests unfounded jealousy or envy at the success of others. Dreamed with a letter in hand, but can not read it suggests that the dreamer is no mental confusion that prevents you from solving your problems. Dreamed of receiving a letter from a loved one, to which he is not paying attention, he suggests that in everyday life is acting improperly by giving preference to trivialities. Dreamed of receiving a letter about mourning announcement is bad news or illness in the immediate future. Anonymous dream of any kind and in any form is notice of fears and problems that can be serious. A woman who dreams of a letter or urgent telegram announces the presence of a rival in their romantic relationships, work or business. This dream honeymoon in the case indicates mutual suspicion of cheating and infidelity….


See a marriage in a dream symbolizes a new beginning or transition in your life. Dreams involving marriage generally have negative and highlight some anxiety or fear. Often they referred to teardrop sensations, pain, or independence. To dream that you remarries with your current partner represents truth, happiness and highlights a strong relationship between you. It can also provide a new phase in your life. If in real life will get married and dream about your future wedding indicates stress of organizing the wedding and can be the cause of anxiety. On the other hand provides a happy and well-being era. Dream about planning your own wedding is a metaphor symbolizing the union of masculine and feminine side. Attending a wedding means changes and certain times in your life….


Legally accused dreamed announces that is at serious risk of falling into legal problems, or at least in various conflicts. Lovers who dream of accusing each other means that their differences of character, conduct and interests are so strong that their relationship can not move forward. It is a dream of warning, if sleep is seen or heard his accuser, right or wrong, invited to be prudent. If someone is accused of a crime in the dream indicates torment, restlessness. If the dream is accused by a man it means success. If instead it is accused by a woman it is bad news. Accused dreamed dreamer’s own death is good news….


Dream that someone is singing happily announcement good news of loved ones far away. Dreamed of singing between friendly and cheerful people is promise of prosperity and joy. If you sing sadly announcement is bad news. Dreamed of singing with modern music indicates extravagance, why will not achieve success in what he craves….


Dressed in pajamas dreamed suggests that it is falling into a disease requiring bed, reason must be addressed promptly. Others dream pajamas suggests that soon unpleasant news about loved ones missing will be received. The news may relate to no serious illnesses or problems in business….


Dreaming butterflies in a green garden adorned with flowers indicates prosperity for a long time but warns that inconstancy harmed. When butterflies fly near the dreamer is announced that will soon receive good news of loved ones. The same for a young, especially if it is of marriageable age, indicates that her love wishes are very close to done. The white butterfly symbolizes purity of thought. The butterfly symbolizes various colors fickleness, emotional and mental instability. Black Butterfly is ominous, since it provides problems and bad news….


Blackberries are always an indicator of good news. If the same dreamer who dreams of eating blackberries, is a harbinger of glad tidings that will fill you with joy you will be received. Blackberries state is a good indicator of the type of news that will be received, although even in a state of putrefaction usually bode well….


Mending or darning dreamed something old and dirty suggests that it is trying to correct mistakes late but if you are patching is new and clean, then it suggests that errors will be corrected promptly, which will produce the desired success. Dreamed of wearing clothes mended suggests little delicacy of the dreamer himself and to others. Others dream of wearing clothes announces botched poverty, sadness or bad times for the dreamer. A young woman who dreams mending her new dress is warning that difficulties precisely when it is waiting approaching an era of prosperity. If in the dream trying to hide the patches, then it may mean that it is developing a bad character that much harm. If you see someone who sews clothes, socks, etc. in sleep, it can mean the triumph of a family member or close friend in a company that has undertaken….


…View a wedding in a dream symbolizes a new beginning or transition in your life today. Dreams involving weddings are often negative and highlight some anxiety or fear. It often refers to feelings of bitterness, pain and death. In addition, the wedding dreams reflect your edits on independence. To dream that remarries with your current wife / or represents truth and happiness. It can also mean a new phase (such as parenthood) of your life. If you are married and dreams of her wedding, indicates stress of organizing a wedding. Excessive wedding details, conflict, tension with family, fear of commitment and loss of independence may be the cause of anxiety produced by the wedding. Research has shown that 40% of brides dream with your ceremony and even though the preparations are going well. To dream that you are planning your own wedding, it is a metaphor that symbolizes the union of the masculine and feminine side. It represents a transitional phase in seeking some sort of balance between aggressive side and emotional side. If you are the person who marries means you will be very happy. If you attend a wedding is that, on occasion, want to make changes in your life. If you see a wedding without participating he is approaching death and bitterness….


Dream tombs besides being unpleasant is ominous, since it refers not just to death, but to poor health, bad business, bad luck, adversities, setbacks, etc. Dream announces new graves will be harmed by errors of others. When a woman dreams found in a tomb because it is the only place where you can rest, is a warning that soon receive disappointments and sorrows because of ingratitude on the part of faithful friends thought before. It also hints that will have difficulties and emotional problems. Dreamed of looking inside a tomb or crypt suggests that there will be multiple social conflicts, business or severe loss of friendships and dislikes. Dreamed of watching from a distance and partially destroyed an abandoned tomb suggests that soon there will be difficulties in the family and with friends, causing resentment and sorrow. Dreamed of visiting fresh graves suggests that there are several risks around against which must be prevented (a). Dreamed of walking between graves announces a death in the family or friends very close. Also it hints difficult and annoying between family situations. In the case of being in a marriage project, this will not be happy, at least in the beginning. Dreamed of looking at a person known inside a tomb covered with earth, except the head, implies that that person is in serious trouble and that for some reason the dreamer himself runs the same risk of suffering losses and failures, perhaps caused by the person he saw in the tomb. Dreamed of picking a corpse for burial, but then the body is no longer, is a warning that spy adversaries to harm the dreamer. Dreamed watching his own tomb is a warning that opponents try to create you avoid further damage to the already achieved successes. To dream that on an abandoned tomb there minutiae of joy, for example wild and fresh, or something to talk about a recent visit flower, hints that losing streak that is living will to lead to joy and hope, leaving the way new illusions. Dreamed of digging a grave and that bothers others it suggests that misconduct or indiscretions dreamer can create enmities. If the dream ends to make the grave, it may mean that simple enmities will become serious enemies. If all this appears in full sunlight it suggests that there will be solutions to the problem that was created. Dreamed of being a corpse inside a tomb may mean that it is going through a state of deep depression, sadness and hopelessness, which must be fought. Funerary monuments dream heralds disease and in some cases even death of a loved one. Dreamed inside a tomb is very close notice of own illness….


To dream that you are being accused by another person means that fate holds an event that will fill you with absolute happiness. If you are a woman who accused then it indicates that you will receive very unpleasant news. Try to be very careful. It also indicates bad news or unpleasant slurs. To dream that you have proved your innocence means overcoming obstacles….


A man or a woman dreams when he lost his hat, hints that will soon feel dissatisfactions and losses in its business, including business. The dream man wearing a new hat hints that will soon see changes in the affairs or business that is handling, with odds of broad improvement. To dream that the wind insinuates his hat flies soon suffer setbacks and losses. It is said that as a man treats his hat, and treats his wife. When a woman dreams of wearing a new hat and beautiful hints that soon will have economic and social privileges to amenities….


Dreamed of receiving an announcement is bad news or news that soon will be received telegram whose solution will demand an immediate and effective intervention. Dreamed of sending a telegram is a sign of own difficulties that may be disease or bad economic streak, so it will require urgent assistance. Dreamed in a telegraph office, either as a visitor or as an employee (a), suggests that the risk of complicated and unpleasant mixed in running affairs….


Dream thunder storm may mean that the issues themselves are going wrong and worse if they are not given immediate attention and wise. The problems will worsen if the dream receives rain storm without having to protect himself. Thunder dreams portend problems and predict events or the arrival of news trastocarán making us doubt our plans in the resolutions that we must take, especially in the business world. You may go through a confusing time also with regard to family relationships. The good news is that, as in real life, thunder are fleeting and all these problems will be overcome in a short time, and not to lose hope….


Scary dreams are often a reflection of the state of mental health of the dreamer | for example, organic disorders due to poor digestion after a heavy meal, a disease that is constantly worrying or timidity own to prevent its development to success, so the dreamer should begin by analyzing these factors before seeking another interpretation. Scary dreams usually have an interpretive indicated when they occur in the morning, waking aware that there is none of the above problems. When a woman dreams of fear because a dog is attacking indicates that some friends are betraying the or at least pretend to. Dreamed fear in any activity or business trip, indicates that face different problems and failures. This is a warning dream. Others dream possessed by fear indicates that people you trust is in trouble and that could eventually affect adversely the dreamer….


 To dream that teeth are lost symbolizes frustration, castration or failure. -For A man reflects fear of the loss of virility or defeat in life. -For A woman also means your fear of aging and in case of pregnancy, fear of a difficult birth. Also it depends on the tooth we fall. -The Incisor teeth are figurative. They symbolize the outward appearance, popularity, celebrity and beauty. -The Dogs symbolize fierceness and aggressiveness. -The Molars symbolize stubbornness and perseverance….


 To dream that teeth are lost symbolizes frustration, castration or failure. -For A man reflects fear of the loss of virility or defeat in life. -For A woman also means your fear of aging and in case of pregnancy, fear of a difficult birth. Also it depends on the tooth we fall. -The Incisor teeth are figurative. They symbolize the outward appearance, popularity, celebrity and beauty. -The Dogs symbolize fierceness and aggressiveness. -The Molars symbolize stubbornness and perseverance….


When a woman dreams dressed and acting as a priestess or at least as a religious, but not seriously, hinted that feels love, admiration, compassion and respect towards nature in all its manifestations, which leads her to believe in God. Dreamed as a priestess but in vain and attitude of superiority, suggests that you have a difficult and contentious nature that produces frequent clashes and problems around them. This dream discovers an unstable and temperamental person. Dreamed as a religious or priestess absently lighting a fire or praying, equally distracted, suggests that it is contradictory in his views, which causes trouble in even grudges because of a stubborn fanaticism….


Dreaming clean handrails of any kind suggests that you have free passage into their plans and projects, with the probability of success. Dreaming dirty, broken or old railings is a warning that the people you have to negotiate oppose stubborn resistance….


Dream a bird nest empty affairs and suggests that businesses themselves are not going well and that currently is not possible to improve. Dream a nest with eggs it suggests that the business and affairs own promise good dividends in the short term, but should not take from the rooftops, but wait patiently. Dreaming newborn baby birds in their nest and suggests that the dreamer will make a trip as a result of successes that lead to prosperity. It may also mean that the family will soon increase. Dream cast into adult birds nest with sickly looking announces the dreamer coming setbacks and perhaps material losses, or at least deterioration of their health or that of a family member. If birds are black, it can mean mourning. To dream that clearly is a swallow’s nest warns that you should not leave out or dominate by memories. Dream a nest of snakes is clear warning that the enemies seek the opportunity to harm you and who friends say could betray him. Dreaming rude welcome news announced pigeon and wish-fulfillment….


Dreamed with unshaven indicates that their affairs successfully walk. Dreamed with well-groomed beard and that he combs or stroke, is a clear sign of male vanity that annoys other producing negative effects | but if it is cutting or shaving, it is warning that the dreamer feels hurt, wounded in his vanity. Dreaming someone with a beautiful blonde and very long beard in the manner of the prophets, it suggests that the dreamer is not acting properly and must seek and accept advice. To dream that someone is shaving suggests that the health of someone close to deteriorate. If sleep is a woman being shaved indicates another person mourning disease and even possible, if the woman is pregnant, she suggests that the unborn child is male. Dreaming a person known black or red beard announces setbacks, if it appears white indicates disappointments, particularly amorous, if the beard is graying she suggests brawls. Dreaming known someone with a vulgar and unkempt beard indicates that should not have dealings with that person and avoid business because they can not get along because that person will always try to impose their will and their personal interest. Dreamed that someone with a beard and pulls it insinuates that are running serious risks with likely material losses. A young, unwed you dream admiring a man’s beard suggests that she has the desire to get married soon, but for the hastiness risk an unfortunate marriage….

Plant, seed

 It symbolizes alternating rhythms of life and death. The seed is the power and plant life is to convert the potential into achievements and made manifest. Seeding is always a good dream of creativity that can refer to the children of the dreamer its property, business, personal creations, feelings and how to be a creation or something that is born and must grow….


See an ox in a dream represents the balance of energy and masculine strength with feminine mystique part. Consider also the familiar metaphor ” as stubborn as a mule. ”…


 Symbolizes the cycles of life, dependency, indirect knowledge, mobility, growth, imagination, the subconscious, the psychic and everything that is receptive and impressionable. In dreams it relates to all things female and fruitful, especially with love and romance. The phases of the moon will indicate the degree of evolution than forecast. -To Dream a landscape illuminated by the moon indicates love and romance. If the moon is new he speaks of harmony, a love that is born. If is crescent it is a burning love that grows at times. -The Full moon indicates the culmination of love. -private Is waning mature love that stimulates the wishes of parenthood. The moon surrounded by a halo portends penalties. -a Lunar eclipse indicates love problems that can reach the complete break….


 It symbolizes the life force of man and of all beings. The dreams in which a spring highlight our hopes for regeneration, purification or initiation into the mysteries of life appears. If the spring is dry dream it is that all hopes are vain. If we are prevented from drinking at it is that we still have to wait some time before they become reality. If we can drink from the spring and the water is clear and fresh it is that all our needs are met. If the water flows murky moral ruin threat or material. If the spring is born in our garden it is the best symbol of prosperity in every way….


…Effectuate one: be borne hazards. Salvation of obstacles and difficulties overcome. 11 – jump – A lucky number to jump dream – 11…


Symbolize the potential for creativity and will depend on what the seeds of our dream happen, as where the sow and development, sense of prognosis. Creativity can refer to children, business, new feelings or personal creations, that is all that is born and grows from the dreamer….


It found in trouble is never good, even in dreams. Dreamed in trouble may indicate a waste of money, it indicates that false news will be received. excessive ambitions….


Dreamed related in some way suggests that personal issues are neglecting to pay attention to less important and unimportant issues, which obviously produce prejudices and losses ads. Dreamed of announcing something in the depths indicates that there is deep concern that something is wrong, not knowing how to correct to avoid probable losses and own illness or family. Dreamed placing ads of any kind implies that in the depths no satisfaction with what you have, why you want a speedy change that improves their life even at the risk of making it worse. Reading ads dreamed suggests that someone is scheming to harm the dreamer and the communication of bad news. Starting dreamed announcements of any kind anticipates that the dreamer has suspicions of infidelity in the sentimental or business….


Rings and rings mean superiority and power. Dreamed of using rings suggests that in the immediate future undertake new tasks successfully. Dream rings in others it indicates prosperity in others with some impact on their own interests. Dream a broken or defective ring suggests that difficulties, jealousies and misunderstandings are coming home. When that dream is between lovers hints that will break in relations. A young man who dreams getting a ring as a gift from a man, suggests that her lover will soon propose marriage. If self receives a ring as a gift, it is a sign of well-being and happiness. If given away to someone else means that soon will have to provide assistance to a family member or friend….