If they are beautiful and thick symbolize a love game. If shaven predicts appear mourning for an acquaintance….


Dreamed with unshaven indicates that their affairs successfully walk. Dreamed with well-groomed beard and that he combs or stroke, is a clear sign of male vanity that annoys other producing negative effects | but if it is cutting or shaving, it is warning that the dreamer feels hurt, wounded in his vanity. Dreaming someone with a beautiful blonde and very long beard in the manner of the prophets, it suggests that the dreamer is not acting properly and must seek and accept advice. To dream that someone is shaving suggests that the health of someone close to deteriorate. If sleep is a woman being shaved indicates another person mourning disease and even possible, if the woman is pregnant, she suggests that the unborn child is male. Dreaming a person known black or red beard announces setbacks, if it appears white indicates disappointments, particularly amorous, if the beard is graying she suggests brawls. Dreaming known someone with a vulgar and unkempt beard indicates that should not have dealings with that person and avoid business because they can not get along because that person will always try to impose their will and their personal interest. Dreamed that someone with a beard and pulls it insinuates that are running serious risks with likely material losses. A young, unwed you dream admiring a man’s beard suggests that she has the desire to get married soon, but for the hastiness risk an unfortunate marriage….


If we are concerned personally portends something not come to a successful end and that we will be afflicted by cruel disappointments. If we are aborting a woman and help realize the fear is that we reach an acute illness or suffer an injury or accident. If we just see it, but totally oblivious to it, confining ourselves to be spectators, it is that our projects will be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances….


 sudden and unforeseen event that upset….


 If we beat other competitors promises material benefits and personal success. If our competitor in our career is an animal means victory, but we have to see the meaning of the animal to know about that we win. If we take a person portends unforeseen events. If several people are disputes and quarrels portends. If they are armed announces insurrections, riots or wars….


Hear them in dreams symbolizes the fear of gossip about you | but if you’re the one who whispers may indicate sexual orientation or romantic relationships you want to keep secret. If you dream that someone whispers something in his ear but do not understand the message is considered a harbinger of an unforeseen but important support for the success of your projects….


 If someone in a dream challenge is that there are unforeseen obstacles. If the challenged we are we take a courageous decision….


A dream involving large amount of water always represents emotions, and in the case of the pool symbolizes a well-defined part of our life and therefore must be seen in the dream that people are with us and our own attitude toward them. If the waters are clean it indicates good hopes for our feelings, but if they are dirty predict tough love….


Especially if seen in a dream, a very thick quilt, comfort and warmth, you can indicate a tendency to seek protection and a certain difficulty in facing difficulties independently….


Dream that we use gas in a domestic service means that our plans will go as planned, but if we try to turn on the gas and we can not, this dream warns us that unforeseen that will hurt us in its resolution. This symbolism even be stronger if what we see in the dream is a gas explosion, because in that case what is advertised is a disaster because of a lack of foresight….


In older texts about dream interpretation it can be read to be seen in dreams churning butter presages an inheritance or a birth in the family. See the butter in sleep, show your confidence and trust in your financial situation, but if you sleep you eat it, your subconscious is telling you that you must prepare for a great physical effort….


 unforeseen circumstances predictably alter the evolution of their projects….


Symbolizes our experiences and our destiny. Therefore many authors interpret that if we lose meek by its channel indicates tranquility and little chance of unforeseen projects ahead, but if we see overflow may be a harbinger of misfortune, and a notice that tells us we will not be able to contain the force of some events in our life, and we may be harmed arrival. Some authors translate this dream in reference to sentimental sorrow….


 unforeseen circumstances that will be more painful if the explosion causes havoc….


 -Be Kidnapped indicates bad luck in business. -Raptar To an unknown person, close danger to their activities. -Raptar A loved one, success in the affective domain. -Attend Kidnapping, unforeseen events will surprise you….


 Portends a future solution of its difficulties and an improvement in their major and unforeseen condicionescieros….


 Portends that cause unforeseen difficulties that their projects will not be realized….


 -Be Kidnapped indicates bad luck in business. -Secuestrar To an unknown person, close danger to their activities. -Secuestrar A loved one, success in the affective domain. -Attend Kidnapping, unforeseen events will surprise you….


 The first thing to do with this dream is disposed question of terror have seen a movie or information that leads us to this fear. If it does not refer to insecurity or a real terror for something that concerns us. If dreams of terror are very frequent, it would be advisable to consult a specialist as it may reflect nerve imbalances that certainly can be treated properly….


 -Be Kidnapped indicates bad luck in business. -Raptar To an unknown person, close danger to their activities. -Raptar A loved one, success in the affective domain. -Attend Kidnapping, unforeseen events will surprise you….


 unforeseen circumstances that will be more painful if the explosion causes havoc….

Witch, witch

It represents a manifestation of our deepest desires, and shows us that we would be prepared to use not honest or unfair means to make such wishes are fulfilled seen. But other authors consider a dream that just bodes good or bad luck, depending on whether the character in the dream conveys serenity or fear you respectively….


 Concerns about money. significant and unforeseen financial constraints….

Cigarette lighter

 unforeseen and unpleasant news….

Lightning rod

 The lightning rod is an effective aid that protects us from the unforeseen….

Lock up

 -Be Locked announces unforeseen obstacles. -Encerrar Indicates that a person will find the means to neutralize his opponents….


…Suffer it, a sign that will make you a hard time. unforeseen events that mourn him. Mourning. 92 – insomnia – A lucky number insomnia sleep – 92…


To dream that wears armor is a warning that should be prudent for success. If the dreamer dreams of being removed armor usually indicates danger. If seen in the dream armor means that difficulties must be overcome will be presented….


Dreamed in a state of repentance he suggests that in everyday life they are suffering the consequences of their misconduct and improper behavior, an attitude that could also take someone very close, friend or relative. In many cases also it expresses incomprehension of the problems that are affecting you or your family and other loved ones, such as children. As easily seen, many of the dreams are also a self accusation, self-criticism….


Dreamed up a car indicates that a trip already has in mind will happen soon, but in different conditions as had been thought. Dreamed of a car down insinuates that what started out well is likely to end badly if not timely monitors the details. Dreamed of driving a car in a place or street where many people indicates success, but also envies trying to thwart what has been achieved. Dreamed of driving a car on a road where high mountains are seen in front indicates a desire to climb the ladder to reach important hierarchies, it is possible to do through hard work, perseverance and effort. The mountains are a symbol of effort. Many dream of moving cars suggests that in the immediate future will be made short trips and quickly issues that disturb the tranquility will be handled. Dreamed worried about losing their own car, but then found, indicates that these setbacks will soon. Odds and time that occur in the dream to find and retrieve the car are the same as mediate to solve their problems. Dreaming a new luxury car hints that longs to have one, though not luxurious. Also, they are coming very dear visitors, or will have to make a short trip to visit someone simply for affection and pleasure. Dreamed of driving a luxury car, especially if it is black, it insinuates disease careless health. This is actually a dream warning to avoid greater evils. Dreamed of driving a car simply it indicates that is restless (a) notwithstanding be living in nice condition. Also announced that soon there will be changes in matters being handled, in which case you should be very careful with their conduct and character, as any mistakes will bring dire consequences. Dreamed of driving a car accompanied by someone and produces an accident, he suggests that its affairs are going well and the risk of ending abruptly and run with negative results. Dreamed saved from being run over (a) by a car or hints that the dreamer must move away from situations or dubious business, light loves and rivalries of all kinds | in short, it is a warning to withdraw from anything that is not clear in the mind of the dreamer. Dreamed seeking or trying to get a luxury car indicates vaulting ambitions that could not be satisfied with the simple effort of work. I dreamed of traveling in an old and dilapidated car of any kind, it is an omen of bad luck in the immediate future (bad business, setbacks, illnesses, etc.)….

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