Dreamed it indicates admired by several people known, or at least is supposed to have the sympathy of those around you, and that, consequently, improve their social relationships and work or business. This dream is a warning in the sense that the dreamer must take care of their prestige, perhaps as operating improperly. Dreamed admiring some of their friends or acquaintances, he suggests unwholesome purposes of the dreamer to try to influence someone or at least to ridicule him….


Dreaming one or more cameras unexpectedly announces that suffer an undeserved treatment. When a woman dreams of taking pictures with a camera insinuates that soon suffer the rejection of friends who appreciate and posed sincere….


Dream the joyful ringing of bells as a result of a party implies that finally triumph in matters which for the moment are in conflict or litigation. To dream that the sound of one or more distant bells is heard, especially if it happens to a very religious person, announces the death of a friendship that lies far. Dreamed hearing an alarm bell indicates anxiety, distress, worry….


A adultery, so that dream is a negative sign for the dreamer himself. Adultery dream to another or others suggests the dreamer nearby hypocrites who soon will cause difficulties to him or his family, although there is no justifiable grounds for doing so. Dreamed of committing adultery involves serious risk of legal punishment due to the commission of unlawful acts. It may also be that the dreamer has a sexuality repressed or unsatisfied for reasons beyond their control. When a woman committing adultery dreams he insinuates that his bad temper and intransigence, he feels he will not be able to keep the love of husband or lover, which in turn makes you think revenge. When a woman dreams of committing adultery with a friend of her husband suggests, among other interpretations, consciously or subconsciously you want revenge for inattention and indifference of the husband, which obviously can lead to delicate situations in marriage, therefore that dream is actually a warning to be resolved in time misunderstanding….


Dreamed of looking into the distance with a spyglass indicates that there will soon be disadvantageous changes to the dreamer. Dream a glass broken and useless indicates loss of friends and social prestige due to their misconduct….