Jealous of the couple dreamed suggests that there are very nearby enemies, perhaps in the same family. If you dream woman jealous of her husband, is mishaps announcement that will alter your peace of mind. In a marriage in which his and her jealous dream, suggests that both face problems in their own interests, which may be economic or sentimental….


A business person who dreams in a pottery shop or a glassware that are empty of all goods, is warning and announcement of bad business. When, on the contrary, appear shelves full of parts ready for sale, insinuates good business in the near future. Dreamed of traveling or watching calmly objects in a glass insinuates that is or must be carefully reviewing their affairs to avoid complications and probable losses. When a woman dreams of walking quietly glassware or pottery shop indicates that longs to have a good home with efficient staff at your service. When a woman dreams to an employee of glassware cleaning, adjusting and revising the pieces on the shelves hints that wants her husband (in the future or already present) is a careful man in his business and in everything you do. Dreaming ceramics containing clear liquid indicates that the prosperity we enjoy is due to the investment of other people honest. Dream broken and useless objects ceramics is warning of upcoming changes in health or economic hardship. Dreaming ceramics or plain clay, but empty, he hints that his misbehavior annoys those around you. Dreamed of drinking wine in a clay pot indicates good health and economic slack | but if drinking is unpalatable, then it is a warning that soon there will be setbacks. If a pot appears during sleep, with nothing to review, usually they predict that soon news of a loved one will be taken….


Dreaming pins suggests that there is and will remain for some time discomfort, friction, brawls | in short, all sorts of problems, including family and sentimental but nothing transcendent. When a woman dreams pins, he is warning that their behavior is not right with her boyfriend or husband or lover. A pin is gobbling dreamed announcement of an accident. Looking for a lost pin dreamed hints that inadvertently lose something of little value, but important to the dreamer. Dreaming pins rusty hints that are being neglected or abandoned important and probably dangerous matters. To dream that someone sticks a pin in the body indicates that suffer calumnies and intrigues irritating helplessly….


In dreams to a friend, but without speaking, implies that someone willing to help without conditions exist, but if you sleep away out of sight, and even worse if it is in the dark, suggests that the dreamer It has multiple projects and dreams, but no one offers help. When a woman dreams very depressed because it has very few friends insinuates that will not have immediate success in their economic aspirations, because there is none to help. When a woman dreams of many friendships hints that covets lead a comfortable, loose and even riches and luxuries life. If it is a young, unwed he indicates that you want to find a husband who is in opulence. Dreamed of talking to an old friend suggests that everything in the life of the dreamer goes well, without difficulty or ups and downs. Surrounded by joyful friends dreamed he suggests that soon there will be problems in personal and family matters. Dreamed embarrassed suddenly found an old friend suggests that the dreamer feels guilty about something you are doing or at least planning to unduly in real life and have begun to discover. Dreamed arguing loudly with someone who was supposedly his friend suggests that the issues themselves, both at home and in business or employment, are not going well, which produce unpleasant surprises. Dreaming healthy and happy friendships indicates tranquility and peace itself. Dream to friends dressed very dark colors indicates that they are in poor health or economic and that is reflected in the dreamer. Dreaming friendships that transform into animals indicates that more or less hidden enemies who try to break the friendly relations for selfish reasons. Dream that friends wear red hints that the dreamer is at risk of suffering losses due to the interference of certain friendships. Dreaming to a friend standing motionless in a high place suggests that the dreamer suffer a setback or loss will be without the support and help from his friends….


Dreaming water tanks of any type or size, for example laundry sinks, trays or basins for washing objects, suggests that problems or new interests that somehow affect the dreamer and others come close. Dreamed washing hands and face with clean water suggests that longs relate to new issues, business, etc. Dreamed washing hands and face with dirty water insinuates that you want to have illicit and dangerous liaisons either sentimental or business. To dream that someone is washing hints that something is coming to a stage, maybe dirty, problems and will soon begin another with hopes and new grounds. Dreaming of a laundress at work implies infidelity and illicit adventures of their own or of someone close (partners, friends, family, etc.). When a woman dreams as a laundress insinuates itself infidelity to her husband, lover or people you work with. Washing clothes dreamed own hints that will require great effort before achieving what you want. Dreaming young women washing clothes next joys insinuates due to new relationships. Dreamed washing clothes in a laundry indicates that a disease that has not been properly addressed will worsen….


The dream property, money, inheritance, etc., is common in people with economic problems | ie those dreams are a reflection of your needs. A woman mostly elderly, and having these dreams may mean looking husband, preferably rich, so that out of poverty and loneliness. When the dreamer is a wealthy person who does not depend on inheritance, this dream may suggest that unexpectedly advantageous and will offer business insurance….


Announces dreamed of eating mincemeat complex, annoying, disturbing situations and possible impairment of health. When a woman dreams she suggests that eating picadillo is or will be jealous of her husband and their children will suffer the consequences….


Dreamed in a fight may mean that you will have difficulties with partners or competitors or colleagues at work. Dreamed defeated in a fight risking too warns that if their interests and properties at risk of suffering serious losses. To dream that presence a fight suggests that he is wasting money and energy. A woman who dreams of witnessing a fight between men suggests that it is at risk of being maligned, especially if your boyfriend, lover or husband appears in the fight. They fight dream that men with guns announces dangerous difficulties in the immediate future….


Religious theme dreams are often related to facts and thoughts of daily life, so its explanation lies in the problems of conscience, same can discern only the dreamer. A young woman who dreams very attached to religion, so has frequent discussions, it may mean that soon have trouble with her boyfriend, lover or husband. A religious young man who dreams overly attached to religion is a sign basically vanity, it may mean that craves admiration, love and respect of others, which makes taking a forced behavior, which in view of the profane result unpleasant. It is a warning that should be moderated. Dream that religion itself is already in decline can mean that we are experiencing an emotional and psychological imbalance and the need to harmonize the conduct and reason over prejudice. Dreamed of abandoning one’s religion may mean that friends and co-workers and businesses are not agree with the thinking of the dreamer, and thus make a social vacuum around. Dream monks, nuns or religious reasons, especially when they are going through difficult moments, it may mean that soon receive some help, perhaps unexpected, at least moral. Dreamed discussing religious issues may mean that behavior is damaging his own personality, which will result in problems at work or in business….


Dreamed of eating vegetables is strange and surprising announcement situations. Dreaming vegetables (vegetables) announces wilted and stained chances of illness, bad luck and sadness. When a woman dreams preparing vegetables for food is warning of difficulties husband and family. If vegetables are grown in an orchard and healthy in sleep, are a sign of economic benefits and tenderness in relationships. If we cooked, portends fights and trouble in the family….


 If it’s a woman who dreams that her husband left mustache and actually does not, there are suspicions that is cheating. If we who see you with a mustache is that there is something wrong in our lives. If we dream that shave indicates that the time has come to be sincere….


When a woman dreams of looking through a crystal several men outside the husband or lover, suggests that their behavior is not very honest and that will produce disrepute. Dreamed of looking through glasses, usually it suggests that dislikes and hopes loss approach. To dream that in a glass or a mirror sees another side with itself, he suggests that the dreamer is leading a double life, which will cause problems. Dreamed of breaking glass, for example doors or windows, it suggests that its plans, intentions or projects fail. If in the dream appear broken glass, it is almost always a sign of news that fill us with dismay. Receiving dreamed objects of glass or cut crystal means coming successes, and in some cases tributes if you are involved in artistic activities. Regaling blowing glass objects or glass cut means self humiliation that lead to failure. Dreamed of looking through a crystal it suggests that people who work will get employment or businesses that are looking | but if the glass appears dull, dirty, etc., your chances decrease. Dreamed of driving flat glass, such as stained glass, he suggests that it is engaging in affairs or business aboveboard easy risk of loss. If in the dream the glass is broken, then it is warning of short-term losses. Dreamed of talking to someone through a glass indicates serious impediments to their short-term goals….


Dreamed somehow related to the nobility of a country, it suggests that the dreamer has exaggerated ambitions that will lead to failure. A young woman who dreams somehow related to the nobility of any country suggests that his vanity and ambitions make it prejudge people only by their outward appearance, without distinguishing the merits or the true personal value | even he accepts as husband to a rich man without love if convinces her outward appearance….


Dreamed of sailing on a calm sea suggests that soon enjoy modest but satisfactory joys and triumphs. Dream sailors working on the ship traveling suggests that long journeys by sea or land will be made. A woman who has this dream may mean that their relationship can undergo a final separation either your husband, boyfriend or lover….


When a woman dreams that her husband beats her, suggests that family relationships will be affected by bad faith intrigues and slander. A man who dreams his wife in their normal behavior indicates that the dreamer understands what is life in all its facets, which gives peace and tranquility. Dream the kindest wife and understandable than normal suggests that the dreamer will soon receive benefits in employment or business you are driving. The dream man arguing bitterly with his wife, suggests that there are misunderstandings at home, in the family or in business. To dream that the wife is unfaithful suggests that soon there will be difficulties at home, work or business | it is a warning to avoid such problems blowing time leaving the wife or concubine suggests that the dreamer seeks to achieve easy money (eg buried treasure or illegal merchandise that will produce a lot of money)….


Dreamed packing clothes in a trunk hints that soon made a pleasure trip. Dream a thrown or broken trunk and watered content indicates disorder in one’s life or forced journey that will cause discomfort. Dream indicates an empty trunk unnecessary trouble at home. Others dream trunks announces travel mainly for business or studies, but with bad luck. Dreamed of trying to force a trunk to open it implies that covet riches, regardless of the means to achieve them. In this dream a young suggests looking for a rich husband….


Dream suggests a book publisher and literary ambitions hopes and making long trips to relate to many people. A woman who dreams that her husband is book editor indicates that it is or will soon be jealous of any rival alleged. To dream that you write something with the ambition to be edited, but is rejected by the editor, is the announcement of mental type and eventually economic | but if the document is accepted, then it is successful earnings announcement and joys, but always after much work involved….


Dream any food flour indicates a comfortable life. A woman who dreams flour on her dress such insinuates that is too subject to the will and whim of the husband. To dream that traded with flour indicates that somehow be affected by speculation and ambitions of others….


Dream medals hints that work efficiency, business, behavior, etc., will produce good results, and in some cases up honors. He lost a medal dream that provides frustrations and failures. Dream a neck hanging someone medallion has indicated mainly for women, for example: A young woman who dreams medallion in the man she loves, suggests that will be presented several admirers and suitors. A young man wearing a medallion dream suggests close marriage | but if you lose sleep, it is warning that loving relationships are at risk of breaking or be disease among family members. A young man who dreams returning a medallion to his love symbolizes the act of returning an engagement ring. A young woman who, being to marry, dream that breaks or loses a medallion, is a notice that her suitor not be a good husband and that should end it….

Playing cards

Dreamed of playing cards suggests lightness and superficiality in handling their own affairs. Dreamed of playing money cards is to notice that you’re risking as at least and finally considerable losses and problems suffer. Dreamed of playing cards with several people, but no money involved but just for fun, suggests good social relations. Losing dreamed of playing with cards announces the presence of adversaries waiting for the opportunity to attack the dreamer, even legally. A young woman who dreams that her fiance is playing cards, is a warning that is not the man for him for husband, for only looking for fun. The cards in dreams usually have the following meaning: CLUBS: difficult and complicated marriage. DRINKS: Love, fidelity, marriage acceptable but not very happy. SWORDS: Widowhood in a short time, many failures, misfortunes. OROS: Business, moving money, many successes….


When a woman dreams of a military field indicates that soon will have problems and even breaking up with a boyfriend or husband, if any. Dreaming of a military lieutenant graduation usually announces an upcoming trip that will be beneficial and fruitful for or dreamer. However, should I be careful with gossip that could harm you….


Dream age, no matter who it is, it suggests that problems will arise soon. Dream age itself indicates that the slanders of wicked people will create problems even with one’s family. When a woman dreams that indicated older than it actually is, shows that has negative and hypocritical friendships that will eventually damage it. When a woman dreams older than it actually is insinuates that soon suffer an illness, or if you are young, you will have difficulties with her boyfriend, lover or husband. A woman who dreams his older than it actually indicates that he is at risk of losing lover. Trying dreamed kindly elderly is a sign of good feelings, which pay off in a sincere affection from others. Dreamed of lying about it indicates falsehood and loss of prestige in business, employment age itself, affection, etc….


The streams are in most cases of bad omen dreams, because if the person who dreams he falls, is likely to be presented to various dangers. It is worth noting the difference between dreaming a married and a torrent, the symbolism is different, dream a beautiful waterfall or a beautiful fountain that spreads the water, portends that soon the dreamer receive a wide and deserved reward for their efforts as well as there will be health….


A woman, especially if it is young and unmarried, who dreams of a sunset, should analyze, first, their concerns by age and by economic means available for both the present and the future, because if normally have concerns about these causes, that is the logical explanation of sleep. When a man or woman dream of a beautiful sunset indicates that this weather is nice and the immediate future will be nice for favor them in many ways | for example, will receive demonstrations of affection from family and friends. Dreaming about a cloudy or rainy evening suggests future discomfort and not just serious, but time-consuming difficulties….


One or more cots dream is always joy promise. If the crib is occupied by a beautiful baby, then it is success announcement to be achieved through hard work. Dreamed cradling a baby in her crib symbolizes work and happiness. This dream woman is a serious warning of what to expect when she married, why should remain alert to their immediate future….


Dreamed in a coffin always advised revise own behavior, as the coffin announces various losses, including the death of someone close. This symbol is especially important if the dreamer is praying beside the coffin. Dream a coffin covered with flowers, especially if they are white, inside an illuminated temple, suggests that soon there will be a wedding in the family, but that marriage will fail. Dreamed lying inside a coffin, without details, it indicates long life for the dreamer. Dream of a coffin moving by itself suggests a serious illness in the family or marriage if he is married dreamer. In case you are to marry, sleep can announce impediments for the wedding. Dreamed of using a coffin as a seat inside the carriage that transported him to the cemetery announces major disorders and disease a relative or friend. Watching dreamed up a coffin to a hearse is announcement of serious problems at home, as well as frequent brawls in marriage or dating….


God helped dreamed hints that matters and business being handled do not go well and will remain so for some time, until I have a good performance, because overconfidence in itself will produce serious disorders, loss, etc. The relative dreams tradition says that the presence of God in dreams is common in people knowing that their behavior is wrong, continue to act wrongly, which is a subconscious self-reproach | however, for those who lead a correct behavior and have nothing to reproach himself, is very rare that dream to God. Also, the dream of God is common in people of markedly religious ideas which does not happen with intellectually developed people. God seems to be dreaming more than anything else a car reproach for not being properly acting | however, there are other interpretations: When a man dreams of looking at God insinuates vanity, pride and incomprehension unfounded himself, that is, it feels overly important problems facing all kinds. A man married to a very religious woman who dreams to God, indicates that tries to break free from the constraints of women (this is a kind of escape). God speaks dream is a warning that everything will go wrong, even affecting their health, because their behavior is not correct….


Dreamed with unshaven indicates that their affairs successfully walk. Dreamed with well-groomed beard and that he combs or stroke, is a clear sign of male vanity that annoys other producing negative effects | but if it is cutting or shaving, it is warning that the dreamer feels hurt, wounded in his vanity. Dreaming someone with a beautiful blonde and very long beard in the manner of the prophets, it suggests that the dreamer is not acting properly and must seek and accept advice. To dream that someone is shaving suggests that the health of someone close to deteriorate. If sleep is a woman being shaved indicates another person mourning disease and even possible, if the woman is pregnant, she suggests that the unborn child is male. Dreaming a person known black or red beard announces setbacks, if it appears white indicates disappointments, particularly amorous, if the beard is graying she suggests brawls. Dreaming known someone with a vulgar and unkempt beard indicates that should not have dealings with that person and avoid business because they can not get along because that person will always try to impose their will and their personal interest. Dreamed that someone with a beard and pulls it insinuates that are running serious risks with likely material losses. A young, unwed you dream admiring a man’s beard suggests that she has the desire to get married soon, but for the hastiness risk an unfortunate marriage….


To dream that is plaguing someone means for married find peace in your marriage, for singles usually means happiness in love. Dream that strikes a lover means that their privacy will not last long….


When a woman dreams of looking earrings without touching them, and the more valuable and beautiful best, indicates that a job or have important business in the future. If you dream that you are using and wearing, it indicates a serious risk of loss of prestige among friends, even if the dreamer does not give reasons for this. This same dream in a married woman announces problems at home, with spouse or family, particularly his. A woman who dreams of beautiful earrings of another woman who is looking, indicates that someone close is at risk of falling into various problems, including legal, that somehow affect the dreamer. A woman or a man who dreams broken earrings, indicates that you are at risk of falling into trouble, even legal, perhaps because of his recklessness….