-The Gold jewelry warn us against pride. -The Silver portend benefits. -The warn us against false vanity and presumption. -Rotas Portend frustration. -Deslustradas Or dirty business problems. -Perderlas, Problems with our personal property. -Hallarlas, Dangerous temptations. -Comprarlas, Loss of money. If present us with them is a council not we pay or we borrow. -Llevarlas Put, backbiting. In a much higher level jewels acquire the meaning of spiritual truths, symbols of a higher knowledge. Dreams that the jewels are discovered in caves symbolize wisdom that there is hidden and ignored in our subconscious. (We can also look ” ear ”)….


Dreamed in a mine or elsewhere working with gold can mean that something is it covets what is not right, which will bring serious prejudices. Driving dreamed of gold, though not own, he suggests that it is on track to achieve success in their activities. Dreamed losing gold, especially in the form of coins may mean that, by his own fault, is at risk of significant losses. Dreamed finding gold in any form it suggests chances of success in what is proposed or want. When a woman dreams of receiving gifts of gold, suggests that in reality wants to marry a rich man, regardless of their background or reputation….


When a woman dreams of looking earrings without touching them, and the more valuable and beautiful best, indicates that a job or have important business in the future. If you dream that you are using and wearing, it indicates a serious risk of loss of prestige among friends, even if the dreamer does not give reasons for this. This same dream in a married woman announces problems at home, with spouse or family, particularly his. A woman who dreams of beautiful earrings of another woman who is looking, indicates that someone close is at risk of falling into various problems, including legal, that somehow affect the dreamer. A woman or a man who dreams broken earrings, indicates that you are at risk of falling into trouble, even legal, perhaps because of his recklessness….


 It symbolizes everything superior, light, knowledge, wealth, perfection and irradiation. Also the permanent and unchanging value of the goods and the supreme spiritual enlightenment. -To Dream we seek gold digging in the ground tells us that our desires were not implemented. If we look for the sands of a river it is that we are not sure of the goodness of our feelings. -To Dream that manufacture gold indicates that in life we ​​are wasting time in false utopias and ambitions rather than use it in things out. -Gastarlo Or lose announces that be cheated or robbed of our goods. -The Gold only bodes well when we find it, especially if it is in the form of a treasure….


That is gold is a sign of wealth, fortune in business and good preagio. Buying or selling means confidence. 45 – Gold – A lucky number of gold dream – 45…


Sign of sophistication and vanity. It is time that rvise its treatment of the people around you. 88 – earrings – A lucky number sleep earrings – 88…


 Sign of falsity and hypocrisy in their circle of friends….


You can talk about economic hardship and a lack of mineral salts. The dream tells us more dazzling and desire for wealth accumulation thereof….


 - Blue = the color of the sky, feelings and religious thoughts, innocence. It is the color of devotion. – Green = color of nature, fertility, sympathy and adaptability. It is the color of sensation and perception. – Color Yellow = Sun, gold, generosity and light. It is the color of intellect. – Red = Color of war, blood, fire and passion. It is the color of feeling. – Violet = Color of memories, nostalgia and the border with the beyond. It is the color of devotion (blue) and feeling (red). – Grey = color dejection, inertia, indifference and ashes. It is the neutral color. – Orange = Color of pride and ambition. It is the color of intellect (yellow) and the (red) passion. – Rosa = Flesh color, sensuality and affection. It is the color of the limit and rebirth (white) and the (red) passion. – Gold = the sun symbolizes the mystical aspect. – Silver = symbolizes the mystical aspect of the moon. – White = symbolizes the limit and rebirth….


Dream coins without determining their value, usually it indicates economic needs. Dreaming gold coins, and more if distinguishes its value, it implies that leads a comfortable life surrounded by fun, rides, parties, trips, etc. Dreaming silver coins without distinguishing their value implies dubious business, committed issues and family problems. Somewhat Improves indicated when silver coins appear new and shiny. A young woman who dreams that her lover gives him gold coins hints that their marriage will be economically filed. A young woman who dreams that her lover gives her silver coins, and worse if they are old, warns that must remain alert because, or is cheating or deceive soon. Dreaming several coppers indicates arduous drudgery and underpaid. Dream nickel coins or other metal poor he implies intense activity, hard work and constant business but very poor standard in every way. Dream small coins or old that no longer circulate suggests that their concerns are deteriorating rapidly, which soon lead to a very difficult both economically and health situation. Provides dreamed losing coins losses, frustrations and failures. Dreamed of finding in the ground coins of low value it suggests that plans or projects that do have future has begun. Checking or counting coins dreamed of little value insinuates that is well under way in business or relationships….


 Losing one button indicates waste of money. If you sew portends happiness at home. If they are metallic portend invitations. -of Gold or silver, excessive spending trend. -of Wood, much success after work. -of-Pearl, trips or unexpected pleasures. If fabric is lined warns us that we monitor our health….


The dream speaks of something that will come to us without us done anything to have it. So it will be very interesting to see in the dream some clue about the kind of legacy that we appear. Some authors interpret that if gold is coming family problems regarding economic issues. We can also be intuiting in the dream, the future call from a close relative….


Traditionally if what is gold melts symbolizes your questions about your investment capital if silver pleasant presage business, and if ice symbolizes the need to reach others through feelings….


 It is a symbol of purpose and achievement of absolute perfection which itself holds something sacrosanct. His corolla symbolizes the richness of the soul. -The Constitution and distribution of its petals, the highest perfection. -The Delicacy and variety of colors, the infinitude of feelings. -The White roses symbolize purity and innocence. -The red, passionate love. -The blue, the impossible and unattainable love. -The Pink gold, the absolute realization. -In A young girl dream that contemplates the roses but not daring to catch them for fear of thorns reveals fear of sex….


Dream that we drink in a place that reigns joy, especially if you drink wine, foretells that happy times ahead. Also the cup that you drink is important, because if it is gold or silver is also propitious fortune will we. But if we drink is bitter, it warns of a possible disease….


 -The Gold jewelry warn us against pride. -The Silver portend benefits. -The warn us against false vanity and presumption. -Rotas Portend frustration. -Deslustradas Or dirty business problems. -Perderlas, Problems with our personal property. -Hallarlas, Dangerous temptations. -Comprarlas, Loss of money. If present us with them is a council not we pay or we borrow. -Llevarlas Put, backbiting. In a much higher level jewels acquire the meaning of spiritual truths, symbols of a higher knowledge. Dreams that the jewels are discovered in caves symbolize wisdom that there is hidden and ignored in our subconscious….


 Symbolizes overcoming and triumph. -Corona Flower indicates pleasure. -of Orange blossom, betrothal. -Laurel, Triumph. -Pámpanos, Popularity or sensual pleasure. -Hiedra, Secure friendship. -Gold, Dignity. -Roble, Love of country. -Olivo, Sweetness of character. -Espinas, Suffering….


The colors in dreams have the same symbolism as are known in a common way, and so should understand when clothes dreams. Dreamed of hanging clothes on a clothesline and it is clean, it may mean that the intimate is considered a person responsible for his actions and who is not afraid of criticism. It also means prosperity, especially when clothing is golden yellow. Dreamed hanging laundry or driving means fear of something bad or at least criticism he has done, and if it comes to lingerie, the meaning worsens. Dirty and torn clothes means sadness, bad news, etc. When a woman dreams of running their own clean clothes suggests that his immediate future is positive. If they appear broken, suggests there may be sadness. If they are stained, it suggests that the dreamer is relating to people and not recommended friends. To dream that has abundance of clothing suggests just the opposite, that is, you want to have good clothes and lead a more comfortable life. Generally it means intimate dissatisfaction with life that takes, as it aspires to something better. Dream old, dirty, broken and washed down on the floor clothes, he suggests that soon there will be concerns and various problems, perhaps more or less temporary conditions. Dreamed of trying on any garment that belongs to someone else suggests intimate uncertainty, insecurity and hope that someone help you solve your problems. To dream that got the clothes inside announces the loss of friends and people who previously collaborated in any way with the dreamer. Dreamed of getting new and beautiful clothes soon receive suggests that any distinction or at least praise. This is especially true in the case of intellectuals, artists, etc. To dream that you have lost the clothes you want to wear, he suggests that it is losing not only material goods but perhaps mental and moral values. Dreamed dressed and feeling comfortable with a metal frame suggests that stimuli, praise, distinctions crave, and may try to enter high society or in important political circles | but the metal armor symbolizes being imprisoned in itself, so you will not get anything you want….


The rainbow has traditionally been a symbol of peace, love, blessings arrivals from heaven, therefore it is good advertisement of health and prosperity for adults and the elderly. One of the many old legends relating to the rainbow says that in places where the bow touches the earth is happiness, fountain of youth and great treasures with plenty of gold. All this usually played as symbol in dreams. For many people since ancient times the rainbow has been a symbol of peace and alliance of heaven and earth. Dream a rainbow with its colors notice of future happiness is usually a result of successes in what is being managed. This dream between lovers announces marriage….


To dream that a handful of hair turns gray and falls, it indicates trouble and even problems and diseases. To dream that will start to get gray hair, it indicates taste, joy, pleasure and even fortune for all of your future life. To dream that sees tangled, messy, uncombed hair, it indicates upcoming marriage difficulties or with family and friends. To dream that hair itself is envaneciendo indicates the death of someone close, whether relative or friend. To dream that her hair grows soft, supple and rich, announces significant success and happiness, but should not be interpreted in a strictly economic sense. Sonar that the hair is cut close to the scalp, it indicates excessive generosity towards a friendship that can end up with a bad result. Dream that someone cuts your hair, involves various problems and difficulties in the immediate future. Dreamed flowers as if they were his hair suggests problems and difficulties that disturbed his mind, but when they occur, will not seem as severe as they were considered. To dream that beautiful hair, well maintained and groomed, announces next improvement in their affairs is. Dreaming that your hair turns white in one night, although his face is still young, he announces upcoming calamities, pains and various sufferings. When a woman dreams that indicates serious risk of losing the loved mainly due to a sudden illness, which may well have originated indiscretions of the woman herself. If you are a young student who looks gray or brown hair, either their own or another head, indicating hesitation to choose a career or trade. When a woman dreams which compares a white hair (graying) with black hair taking his head, he insinuates that will be torn between two offers of probable fortune and eventually take the option that suits you less, indicating losses. which has difficulty combing, she suggests that for their bad manners (disdain, arrogance or misconduct) may lose the friendship and favors a man of good social and economic position. which he is dropping his hair and is balding, it announces to be prepared, because its future portends poverty and hardship. which your hair turns white and shaped like flowers, it indicates various problems that affect, but it will be less difficult to resolve if she faces energy, patience and intelligence. which he has a beautiful hair and is combing, states that nature is careless in their personal affairs, which puts her at risk for losses due to negligence and distraction. – (If young woman) who sees several women with gray hair, announces the presence of rivals in interests and loves. When a man dreams which the bride has red hair, it indicates infidelity and that will be discovered by the woman he loves. Red hair usually indicates movement, changes, etc. which she caresses the hair of a woman | He insinuates that enjoy the affection and trust of an important woman in your life even if it produces social criticism. which sees a woman with golden blond hair suggests the likelihood to engage in an affair with the wife of a friend, which involves various dangers. He has curly hair which indicates that disappoint people who visit his home, and every woman to trust him. This same dream indicates that a woman is exposed to seduction. which it is covered with hair preaches indulgence in vices to end away from society and all decent attitude. This same dream in a woman (or she discover their own long hair) indicates desire for independence to satisfy their impulses away from the rules of morality. which is covered with hair she suggests that due to an excess of generosity end up poor, both in material goods and health, which will produce distressing concerns….


A young man who dreams buttons sticking to a military uniform reveals that craves love, but thinking of a prince. When a young man dreams of hitting a military uniform buttons reveals that aspires to join the military and become a hero to receive honors. An adult who dream married sticking to your clothes buttons implies that there is love and peace in your home. Dreaming gold and silver buttons indicates that acts driven by ostentation and waste both time and money. Dream of a button wearing clothing that indicates that lives in a climate of anxiety and possibly unwarranted anxiety is lost. Old and faulty handling dreamed buttons indicates poor health and various problems, including economic….


When a woman dreams of money, especially in abundance, suggests that want to marry a rich man, or if you are already married, the husband longs to become rich. Dreamed of finding money lying on the floor or otherwise indicates shortage of it and also little worries, but later happiness because there will be changes in your life. Dreamed of paying money suggests that the business and affairs being handled will go from bad to worse. To dream that saves money and saves suggests the near future of prosperity. To dream that money was lost announces sad and difficult for the dreamer and home times. To dream that you are counting money and appear missing indicates concerns for inability to pay its debts. Dreamed of getting money without apparent cause is a risk of falling into the wrong and even dangerous attitudes. Dreamed of getting gold coins basically it states that in your life will be joys and perhaps prosperity. Finding packages dreamed legal bills, but once someone claims them, announces losses in the business and affairs being handled, due to the presence of unscrupulous women. This dream usually associated with people who lead a dissipated life and dishonorable which explains the losses. Dreamed of watching a lot of money, but not touching, or even desire it indicates self-confidence, and if you make an effort will have wealth and prosperity. Dreamed borrowing money is a bad omen, because that same thing could happen in real life, or your friends start to withdraw their support….


Dreamed in a bank and that no employees who attend the windows is a sign that own the business or affairs are bad. Dream a closed bank is a symbol of disease, particularly nervous also indicates carelessness or lack of protection of health and in some cases loss of money or trouble to get it. simply dreamed as a spectator in a bank is a recommendation to turn businesses precautions are made, also it indicates that there is a complete nervous or health control. Dreamed in a bank when employees are delivering gold coins is a symbol of neglect | if on the contrary, they are getting, announced successes in business. Dreamed in a bank and are visible large amounts of silver coins indicates that success in social and economic development is ensured in the immediate future….


…Copper danger of illness or death. Silver, long life. Gold, Greed and extreme ambitions. 10 – Currency – A lucky number sleep currency – 10…


Coins dream means money worries and some inesperables expenses. See gold coins means success and wealth. Silver coins represent spiritual values ​​and your own sense of self-esteem….


Dreamed in a chemical laboratory suggests that you are spending time and energy on inconsequential matters unnecessarily when there are other more useful and productive purposes. Dreamed as a chemical (a) trying to discover how to make gold suggests that the dreamer is dominated by chimerical and overflowing ambitions that lead to failure. A woman who dreams this indicates that it is in economic difficulties, why seeking money in any way, or it may be that covets stand out in society without knowing how….


Break (the) perform certain unexpected expenses, financial loss. With food means wealth, opulence and comfort. Gold or silver, portend trouble or fights. 25 – dish – A lucky number plate sleep – 25…