Dream of an empty tomb or a well, announced that they are taking unnecessary risks in what you are planning or doing. Dreamed of falling into a grave or pit announces misfortunes. Blowing down to a grave, grave, pit or hole in the floor means risking necessity, even against one’s will. Graves dream is always ad slump and losses. Dream destroyed a tomb presages own family sorrows and diseases o. Reading the plate dreamed of a funerary monument insinuates that will have to perform unpleasant tasks. If visiting a grave in a dream, he is foreshadowing of the near accident, not always fatal. View during sleep to a friend or known before a grave is an indication that this person may need us and we should come to their aid….


If during sleep we are having some kind of deal with a gravedigger or gravedigger, I always presage generally unpleasant and alarming news will be received. See a gravedigger in a dream foretells the proximity of cruel and painful moments….


If sleep is the same dreamer who appears as a gravedigger, symbolizing the need to close a stage of life that has already been finished and we should not continue to give attention. If the gravedigger is another person, according to some authors dream symbolizes the death of someone who receive an inheritance….


Loss of property, a nearby affection or death. 43 – Grave – A lucky number sleep Grave – 43…


Dream tombs besides being unpleasant is ominous, since it refers not just to death, but to poor health, bad business, bad luck, adversities, setbacks, etc. Dream announces new graves will be harmed by errors of others. When a woman dreams found in a tomb because it is the only place where you can rest, is a warning that soon receive disappointments and sorrows because of ingratitude on the part of faithful friends thought before. It also hints that will have difficulties and emotional problems. Dreamed of looking inside a tomb or crypt suggests that there will be multiple social conflicts, business or severe loss of friendships and dislikes. Dreamed of watching from a distance and partially destroyed an abandoned tomb suggests that soon there will be difficulties in the family and with friends, causing resentment and sorrow. Dreamed of visiting fresh graves suggests that there are several risks around against which must be prevented (a). Dreamed of walking between graves announces a death in the family or friends very close. Also it hints difficult and annoying between family situations. In the case of being in a marriage project, this will not be happy, at least in the beginning. Dreamed of looking at a person known inside a tomb covered with earth, except the head, implies that that person is in serious trouble and that for some reason the dreamer himself runs the same risk of suffering losses and failures, perhaps caused by the person he saw in the tomb. Dreamed of picking a corpse for burial, but then the body is no longer, is a warning that spy adversaries to harm the dreamer. Dreamed watching his own tomb is a warning that opponents try to create you avoid further damage to the already achieved successes. To dream that on an abandoned tomb there minutiae of joy, for example wild and fresh, or something to talk about a recent visit flower, hints that losing streak that is living will to lead to joy and hope, leaving the way new illusions. Dreamed of digging a grave and that bothers others it suggests that misconduct or indiscretions dreamer can create enmities. If the dream ends to make the grave, it may mean that simple enmities will become serious enemies. If all this appears in full sunlight it suggests that there will be solutions to the problem that was created. Dreamed of being a corpse inside a tomb may mean that it is going through a state of deep depression, sadness and hopelessness, which must be fought. Funerary monuments dream heralds disease and in some cases even death of a loved one. Dreamed inside a tomb is very close notice of own illness….


 If they are very repetitive these dreams may be a neurosis. -You Can also be the result of a recent duel. ‘In other cases it indicates that we are going through a period of uncertainty and doubt. -Añoranza The past….

Grave goods

 Augurs happiness….


 Announces multiple difficulties….


 Dreaming undertakers do not deal work presages death of someone you know who we bequeath their property….


See the graves in a dream means hidden aspects of himself, losses and debts. To dream that you see your own grave, it denotes a time of your life will end….


A young woman who dreams of going from a cemetery graves go to the temple to marry, it may mean that soon become a widow. An adult woman carrying flowers to the cemetery dream suggests that their luxuries and family are in good health and there is no reason to worry. A widow who dream of walking in a cemetery may mean that soon married again, this time running with better luck. Dreamed in a cemetery or pantheon may mean that dead loved ones who were supposed actually are not and soon you will hear from them. Abandoned and forgotten graves dream suggests that friends or distant relatives who already forgetting, soon will be present. Elderly who somehow dream of cemeteries is a sign of physical fatigue and who yearn for a true and prolonged rest….

Fossa, I pit

 It symbolizes problems and difficulties often created for ourselves and for our behavior. If we see the pit in time it indicates that we are still able to avoid the looming danger. If we jump over all the difficulties we succeed save. If we fall into fail in our company. If the grave is inscribed headstone and carries our name or our company indicates that we should give up the fight and take a new direction, changing our attitude so far wrong….

Locust (insect)

 Grave threat of ruin and desolation….


 If the dream well stocked and orderly reveals the good economy and forecasting home owners. If is empty it reveals the lack of foresight and economy. If the refrigerator sinks or is destroyed it is that family finances are in grave danger….


 Water in the language of dreams is very significant, symbolizes life, feelings, ie, the inner life of people. When the water is clear and clean announces such a long and happy life as our feelings = * The mineral water symbolizes convalescence, health improvement. Physical and spiritual health * Holy water. If the water is dirty or stagnant forecast evils and misfortunes of moral character usually = * If water comes bitter, cloudy or yellowish predicts disease. * Tainted live with rabies in the body. * Hedionda, ill-gotten goods. * Estancada, loss of freedom. * Blackish unhappy marriage. -Receive Water in a container indicates health. -Receive Without drinking water and store indicates greed. If we bring water to another home receiving money actually we are selling our honesty and purity. ‘If we uncollected shows piety and religiosity. -The Rainwater abundant harvest forecast unless soak the earth and disappear quickly, then indicates loss of property and humiliations. If fall leaks in a house without it raining announced mourning in this house. If a leak is just what it says are suffering and danger for the dreamer. If the water, no matter their origin, runs through the house is a bad omen. If we see the walls well water indicates mourning relatives or friends. -See A water flow inside a property of the dreamer announces great material prosperity accompanied by good feelings. -Walk On water tells us that we are going through a dangerous period. If we sink we run grave danger. -See Much water stirred by strong waves portends penalties reflect clearly indicates that we will achieve wealth and if we reflect most beautiful of what we are in reality find love in others. -Drink Cold water and hot portends health disease. -Bañarse In cold water bodes incomprehension. Happiness warm and very hot separation or divorce….


Dreaming sand for construction or construction waste insinuates that are being made futile efforts to achieve something greater than one’s own merits due to lack of natural ability. If you dream sand or dirty, muddy gravel, then failure will be complete with dramatic consequences. Dream that wanders by a sandy indicates that soon will be a long and fruitless journey: if the sand is scorched by the sun, it will return the trip with poor health….


If the dream is the dreamer himself who looks in the mirror of a dressing table is a clear warning that exist or grave danger, even death, to someone close to the dreamer, possibly a family member or friend will be presented….


View a grave in a dream suggests that it will overcome difficulties and problematuicas situations….


View a maze in a dream means that will be involved with complicated situations that are absolutely intolerable. Dreaming that you are in a maze of wooden vidro means or an unexpected turn of happiness, where despair and loss were anticipated. Sounding a labyrinth ingica a mistake and detachment from reality. It reflects troubles and difficulties of all kinds safe. In each case to save themselves from this type of situation finds an unexpected solution that will not let you work out a muddled affair. It also indicates the ability to react to the absurd. Dreaming that you are in a maze of night or darkness indicates a grave situation bitter or illness….


Dreamed of attending the funeral and burial of a very dear person or a family member suggests that all is well in the family and that soon there will be a wedding. In some cases this dream reveals the deep desire of the dreamer of someone dying. If it rains indicates tears during the funeral, in which case it is expected to happen something bad, such as illness, bad business or an unfortunate accident. Dreaming an epitaph suggests that bad news will be received soon, or at least very unpleasant. Dreamed alone in front of a tomb epitaph reading the announcement is very close disease. Dreamed of writing an epitaph indicates loss of a friend that he has great esteem. Dreaming burial oneself sometimes implies that in real life is giving much self-gratification, self tolerance, self-pity, without trying to correct their mistakes, but hide them. This dream is usually a warning that they are making serious mistakes that will eventually bring problems including legal type. If sleep time is taken from the grave and the coffin, he suggests that serious penalties will suffer, but ultimately all will be well and recover its prestige dreamer and tranquility. Dreamed of witnessing a funeral is unfortunate announcement marriage or disease in the dreamer. Dream the funeral of an unknown person close announces concerns. If the funeral is for a child, or parent, usually it indicates serious problems of various kinds that affect the whole family, without involving death. Black dress dreamed of attending a funeral of a relative insinuates widowhood or at least conditions of the nervous system, reason why fear death….