In dreams bread color has its own meaning: White bread symbolizes profitable food and health. The black bread symbolizes poverty. Sweet bread and colors symbolizes celebrations and joys. The old, moldy, bread means disease. Dreamed of eating white bread means good health. Eating black bread dreamed it may mean that soon will be suffering and hardship. A woman with children who dream of eating stale bread and old, can mean that lurks hunger and misery. This dream actually shows the intimate fears of the dreamer, especially if female. Dreamed of eating bread with others is a symbol of friendship and ability to solve their own problems, supported by sincere people. If the bread is damaged, for example fungi, the symbol is opposite….


Having nightmares of any kind, usually mainly reflects a health problem, and in many cases indigestion by abusing food consumption. The nightmares of hideous monsters or ghoulish figures are (when it is not a health problem) suggests that to control difficult situations approach. A woman with this kind of nightmares suggests that soon will have setbacks, family problems and his friends….


Dreaming extensive beet or beet crops suggests that there is inner peace and tranquility in the dreamer. Dream that serve as food betabel dirty, muddy, like fresh out of the land and served in an improper fret, it may mean that someone wants to hurt the dreamer by intrigue and slander….


Dreamed of giving up something (employment, business, food, social relations) suggests that difficulties will soon become major problems that will force him to make decisions approach….


You cold certain foods, entanglements and gossip. Eat some fried, physical discomforts, sorrows and dejection. 4 – fryers – A lucky number frying sleep – 4…